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Thursday, June 29, 2006

moss and stone

moss and stone, originally uploaded by freestone.

moss and stone
tallahassee, florida usa.

moss on a cement wall, a study in textures.

Note the ferns to the left.

Here is a plain concrete wall next to a sidewalk, in the city. See how Life colonizes even this barren looking spot; moss and ferns!

Uploaded by freestone on 28 Jun '06, 9.12am EDT.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

the "forbidden path"!

the "forbidden path"!, originally uploaded by freestone.

the "forbidden path"!
tallahassee florida usa

the forbidden path, that mysterious alley that has other pictures taken of it, like of the rotten wood photo next to this photo, the shed is hidden to the right, nearly eaten up by the vegetation.

the Mood fits the blurry focus of the distance, as several inches of rain has fallen an hour ago, and the temperature is cooled down to maybe 80 degrees with a 90% humidity. Think: the Amazon rainforest, a humidity that will mush a brass doorknob! Even that "treated" fence, on the left, is showing signs of rot and Decadence!

Uploaded by freestone on 28 Jun '06, 9.12am EDT.

the spellchecker's nightmare!

the spellchecker's nightmare!, originally uploaded by freestone.

the spellchecker's nightmare!
tallahassee florida usa.

Here is a sign that fronts the tallahassee parks department
restored plantation mansion, where they have their headquarters.

Note the seal where the line at the bottom reads
"In God we Trus"
no "T"!

a mis-spelling!

[ I brought this their attention a year ago, and the secretary says that the signpainter back at the shop had ALREADY replaced this sign, as back at the shop they found another error of spelling! ]

Every time that I see this sign, I am reminded of several people's
"put down' of the city of tallahassee, and of the surrounding countryside where the Put Down is that this area of the country is filled with Rednecks without any intelligent mind at all!
[ the nearby county regularly has all of it schools from K to 12 get
a "D" or "F" grade. ]
the illiteracy rate here, by report by the council for Reading, is about 30 to 40 percent!!
I have met at least one person, in their 20s, who did not know their left from their right! I once asked for a chocolate doughnut hole, at a doughnut shop, and she gave to me a plain white Hole: she did not know chocolate was dark colored!


----I have found that the ability to Love, and to be loved, is far far far more important than of a good mind! I have met many Northern
men who were very Intelligent, but were heartless and could not feel, or express their feelings, at all! many non-feeling people are the Flamers of the internet.
the south used to have a saying about some Northerners, calling them "dammyankees"! I agree with this saying, these are
Northern people from the northern usa cities who are pushy and abrasive and tell you what is real and true and what you should do with your life, without a shred of compassion for *your* side of the story! Yes, many of these people spell perfectly! And i want these people just to Go away! They have no feelings, no Visions, little imaginations!

Uploaded by freestone on 28 Jun '06, 9.12am EDT.

happy singing

happy singing, originally uploaded by freestone.

happy singing
Tallahassee, florida, usa.

At Georgia Belle, where I live, the Independant living center for seniors, there was a small church singing and message service, a service that I only partially attended, as I was outdoors taking evening pictures after a three inch rainfall, after a long drought.
[ Tallahassee eats three inches of rain like it is nothing! Got to rain 6 inches at a time to give problems! ]
I came back to see one of the church visitors, after their service, sitting down at the piano and singing a very very good voice, playing a hymn. Some of these visitors are also seen in the mirror.
The older lady was very very impressed. There were about 30 people attending, even late at night after a first hour-long service.
[ many people go to bed and are in bed, by 7 PM!! ]

there are many such from-outside services here, from several churches and one church in particular comes with many of their regulars. Plus the sings, plus the usual in-house church services.

why so much "church"?!
---the Bible belt south.
---the older traditional way of life from the 20s and 40s.
---the Interest: when you see that Tombstone just ahead, on your life-path, you cannot deny any longer your Mortality! The ambulance comes several times per week, and everyone knows that someday it might well come for them! Get right with God, now.....thus many do that!

Uploaded by freestone on 28 Jun '06, 9.13am EDT.

Monday, June 26, 2006

a storm

a storm, originally uploaded by freestone.

a storm
tallahassee florida usa.

to the west, at suset, seen from the 7th floor.

A storm lurks. Not as serious as it looks, and it died soon, no clouds came.
But the shape looks nice.

Uploaded by freestone on 26 Jun '06, 9.49am EDT.

Friday, June 23, 2006


my vision, how civilization will end!

hi all....

Well, the other day, I recalled a Vision that I had, years ago, one of those "indigestible" dreamvisions, a dream that gave to me no real way to date or to imagine when this event will happen. Thus I let this vision sink back into forgetfulness!

I was hospitalized, with Empyma/pnumonia in late 1993, I was in the hospital for about 20 days and I barely survived. About the third day in the hospital, i had this rather short dream, a dream with just one large image, with a "voice" speaking, sometimes.

What I saw in my Vision, was what appeared to be a kind of "shaft" of lighter material running from the ground to the sky, an area of "interest" about twenty feet in diameter.
I noted that at the bottom of this area there was a circle about 20 feet across and the ground looked as if the ground was transparent to a degree such that I, the on-looker, could see deep down under the ground.
Strange what I saw, I saw what looked to be random animals like of Florida manatees or Whales swimming in water, as if i were in a helocopter about 400 feet above the ocean surface. I could see that these critters were alive.

then i heard the Voice speak!
----I cannot recall the exact words, but he, a man's voice, told of how these animals are partly non-material, Astral, beings, that they are maybe 80% "non-material" and that they live 100 to 300 miles under the surface of the earth! [Thus they swim about, in the semi-liquid magma, above their "surface" of their "earth", the inner core of the planet, I suppose. but even if one were to appear on our surface, we could not see it, as they are only slightly appearing in our vibration plane of the material earth!]

Then I looked above the column to see yet a second 20 foot hole
into yet another reality. "up there", i could see an image of a young Boy, maybe 12 years old, sitting on a bench. There was a Cobra snake
wrapped around one of his arms! There was a brahma bull standing near him, a tropical plant framed the bench behind him. he had a Trident in his other hand!
[upon awakening, I recognized this whole thing! This was a Painting!
In India, in the 1800s, there were few paintings of the Hindu Gods, they were mostly statues. A, I think, german visitor, stayed in India for years; he was a painter and he painted a picture of the Hindu God SHIVA. This painting became very very instantly popular. probably by now there are millions of copies of it, and of similar variations, all over India.]

Then this Voice continued to speak.....
it told of how this Personage on the bench was Shiva and that he will end the world, end civilization when He chooses. He will end
civilization by giving the orders and the Influences down to these Astral
entities that are 200 miles under the earth's surface. These beings affect the molton magma and these beings can only be influenced by High beings like of Shiva.
Shiva will order the critters to have many of the volcanoes all over the earth to erupt all at once, and earthquakes will occur, too, everywheres!! Never-ending volcanoes and earthquakes will occur, in short succession.
---end of vision!

yes, i can well imagine how just 3 to 5 of the super-volcanoes, plus about 40 of the "regular" volcanoes, erupting for ten years, will ruin the air, the land, the water, making for a volcanic winter", and that many many earthquakes will bring out utter ruin to many structures. Then add the bird flu and aids, as all of the survivors scramble all over the world, with nuclear missiles to force food and shelter with: bad bad scene!!

the Hindu people see this Figure to be called "Kalki", and it is to be a
manifestation of the Creator/destroyer manifestation of the Hindu
Trinity, in this case Shiva.
He will come, they say, wearing a robe of red, riding a white horse, bearing a rod or a sword in hand, to end this age and to begin the next age!
[where oh where is that same figure described?!!
--the book of revelations!]

no date.
no time.

thus I can guess it will NOT be a astroid, nor wwIII, that will ruin our civilization; just 40 volcanoes going off at once, mixed with earthquakes!

[an aside from me!
I read an anthropologist's article, years ago, where he pondered the 'why" of why the ancient Toltec/mayan/Olmec/Aztec people's had the same EXACT Gods as does India?! only the names were different. he pondered a cultural infusion from India.
I read later of a psychic who wrore of this same idea, only that the similar India-culture of these new world peoples was brought by the Founding entities from the heavens and that these Entities were the same as from India! Thus "Quetzalcoatl " ,who founded the beginnings of the Toltecs and he was responsible for the setting up of the Timeclocks of their ages, was the Entity that began also the classic India civilization!]


if mr Q ans Shiva is the same entity, then 2011/12 is a good guess for
the Timing of my vision!! It was He that began the counting calander of the Long Count, and this count is to come to an end!


Monday, June 19, 2006

the critic.

---comment letter to a mod-maker for neverwinter nights who was tired of people tearing apart his mod!


well this is Freestone again, later in the day I had more comments that I thought of, to add.

In a sense, R...., you are a 'victim' of the very creative Times that we all now live in! What I mean is....That since the late 60s, here in America, at least, the way of individualism has occurred where people have been encouraged to express their own true selves and to "let it all hang out" as the 70s hippies sung!

thus the very Western freedom that gives to you, the freedom to create such a module masterpiece, also gives the very same freedom to all of the "kids", the angry, the urban hip-hoppers, to express their true self souls! There is little social suppression or oppression today about self-expression so that people now a days will express *exactly* their feelings about something like of a work of art and they will sometimes express this in very bitching terms if they see nothing good in the art!

nothing good for THEM, in this art that they see!

probably 90% of the world could care less if your mod disappeared forever! Another 9% have seen it and for them the mod mucks big time and they will not be gentle in expressing their naked souls!
[you are appealing to a very *very*
small group of people with this mod!!]

in the "old days" where civilization was still dominant, still in force, then people were "afraid" to express themselves openly and thus there was a layer upon layer of "politeness" to any critic's review.
this went away around the early 70s.

If you want "civilization' where the group mind is larger than the individual, and the citizen adopts TO
the way of life in force, yes adopt to, become, the way of life of the mass is more important than one individual's thinkings, then you should do this:
yes there is a major way of life that exists in the world where civilization is greater than the person's own beliefs and they are indeed afraid that the West will overwhelm them.
You could move there and join up with them! However, hardwired in this way of civilization is the need to convert the rest of the world to their religion and terrorism is a Tool for to accomplish this!

[note that there has been hardly any movie, book, play, video game made in the last 300+ years, in the Muslim countries! Not good to do, there, they see that as not needed in one's life!]
yes, move to Iran, Algeria, wherever the Taliban has requiting offices and then sign up! Then have your wife cook and clean for ya and wear that veil!

thus R... I have to admit that I *highly* approve of all of the bitchers
complaining about your mod! If they truly believe, in their hearts, that it is 'crap" then they should express this outrightly! Even the more so!

but be aware that a 1 Meg pixel digital camera will have such a low resolution that no amount of "photoshopping"
will ever get a good image from this camera, the res is just not enough: same with most of the critics of your mod! They have not the education, the experience, the Soul, for the Mod!
[you can show a Picasso painting to a flock of crows and all you will get for review is a "Caw" or three!]

So that is the paradox, R..., the more abuse these people heap upon your module, the more freedom of expression there is in the world for these people to express their views on!

just think, R..., back in my hometown in upstate new York, in the early 1950s, a young man would find the first job that he could get and stick with it as long as the factory was in business, why I once met a man, in Rochester, NY, who worked in THE SAME ROOM FOR 60 YEARS!
then, the "psychology of adjustment" was the self-help book in vogue. Women went to college in order to find a man.
you settled down to go to church every Sunday and valued "stability" over all, for all of your lifetime!
no games.
no mods.

so this sword has two very very sharp edges and cuts both ways, *must* cut both ways!
the freedom you have must also be the same exact freedom your critics have!

may they really really go at it, in mod-criticism, in the future!!


going for the Gold

going for the Gold, originally uploaded by freestone.

going for the Gold
tallahassee florida usa.

here are several of these scattered about the city, probably painted and sprayed all in one month. then the person must have Moved On.
The grafitti-removers soon paint over some of them.

That is why most of us are Here, probably....going for the riches and the Stuff.

Uploaded by freestone on 19 Jun '06, 9.17am EDT.

the Watchers and protectors

the Watchers and protectors, originally uploaded by freestone.

the Watchers and protectors
tallahassee florida usa.

An older skyscraper, maybe about seven floors tall. Built, I think, around the late 30s.

Yes gargoyles and protective angels surround this whole building and look down upon the street. I wonder how many people know that they are even there?!

Uploaded by freestone on 19 Jun '06, 9.17am EDT.


smile, originally uploaded by freestone.

tallahssee florida usa.

a tee that stands in a lot where the house was removed. most of the lots had older black people's houses removed: urban renewal. This came along with desegregation as the blacks then moved all over town. the 'shacks' were then removed.
Now this area is being built up again, probably soon this lot too.
Plants reclaim land quick here in North florida, the city mows.

So someone painted the smilyface.

Uploaded by freestone on 19 Jun '06, 9.19am EDT.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

the oxygenated wheelchair

the oxygenated wheelchair, originally uploaded by freestone.

the oxygenated wheelchair
tallahassee, florida, usa.
Georgia belle Apartments, for Independant Living, for seniors.

I live right next door to this man, the next room over.
So here, in this blurry photo, is a testament to a man who can sort of get around on foot, but if he wants to really go anywheres, he has to use this wheelchair. There is a tank of oxygen behind the back of the chair, and then there is that breathing tube that you can see on the seat. he has to use this to breath, often, he needs that extra oxygen.

A younger person might say, "oh how said that his life has come to this, 70+ years old and he must use this chair to get around and he is tethered to an air tank"!

An old person might say, on the other hand, "Oh how wonderful modern technology is, here is a man who can live Independently
and not be in a end-state-nursing home, gasping for breath at every second, with the least bit of exertion! Slowly sufficating."

that is....is the cup half full, or half empty?!

Thus this chair is a testomony to this man and of his currant life, behind that door, to your left.

Uploaded by freestone on 17 Jun '06, 11.19am EDT.

the tree of "suffering"!

the tree of "suffering"!, originally uploaded by freestone.

the tree of "suffering"!
tallahassee florida usa.

here is a camphor tree in a vacant lot, looks weird.
The vacant lot used to have Afro people living here, as once all of the properties did, as this area of the city used to be the "blacktown" in 1950 segregation days![Tallahassee, a southern city]
In the 50s many southern cities had it where a black man was not supposed to be downtown, in the business district, unless he had a written slip of paper on him, from his employee, saying that he has a reason to be here! After all....the blacks had their OWN shopping district!

So I "dedicate" this twisted tree to the sufferings of the black people during the segregational days in the south! The tree itself looks to have "been through the fire" of sufferings and pains, but now it grows tall and lush, high above the trunks that are visible here!

Uploaded by freestone on 17 Jun '06, 10.49am EDT.

Friday, June 16, 2006

St. John's Episcopal Church Bookstore

St. John's Episcopal Church Bookstore
St. John's Bookstore
St. John's Episcopal Church

tallahassee, florida, usa

I like the style of Architecture of this bookstore. i think that this building comes from the late 30s, the "Miami style" of 30s

Welcome to the St. John's Bookstore, operated on a continual basis by volunteers, and managed from inception by Barbara Hodge. After the opening of our new Parish Hall & expanding the St. John's facility, the bookstore has seen tremendous growth in both the depth & breadth of products. Books, Baptismal gifts, decorative note cards, and stunning hanging wall crosses can all be purchased at the St. John's bookstore. The bookstore is open Sundays from 9:30am

--the inside, at night: real spooky!!

Uploaded by freestone on 16 Jun '06, 10.28am EDT.

1880 store sign

1880 store sign, originally uploaded by freestone.

1880 store sign
tallahassee florida usa.

On main street, a building was torn down to make room for a new highrise condo and the space between the porperties was all of about six inches. Ehen the wrecking crew removed the north wall of the old building, the side windows appeared from the building next door, apperently they had long long ago walled up the three or so windows on the side ot their building.
Around 1860 to 1900, or so, Gilt lettering was the fashion for large windows to advertise their businesses. If I recall the Democrat article right, this store was once a hardware store and this part of a word, "chase" was part of a longer sentence.

I cannot get more of this, the 5 to 6 inches is too too small and dark!

Uploaded by freestone on 16 Jun '06, 10.28am EDT.

by the playground

by the playground, originally uploaded by freestone.

by the playground

tallahassee florida, usa.

A sidewalk next to the Episciple church sunday school playground.
When the concrete was wet, someone grafitti the cement.
I belive that this was here since the late 70s!

Uploaded by freestone on 16 Jun '06, 10.28am EDT.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

swarming Fire ants!

swarming Fire ants!, originally uploaded by freestone.

swarming Fire ants!
tallahassee, florida, usa.

fire ants!
here in this city there is a fire ant nest about every 300 feet. This time of year the queen has the females swarm out with their wings and then they all take off to be mated with the drone males. they come out of their holes at the top of the nest and then find a blade of grass to take off on.

This bed of ants is about 200 feet from the main downtown intersection of two six-lane streets!

this "bed" of ants maybe is two feet across, probably as many ants in this colony as there are people in the city of tallahassee!
And every 200 to 300 feet, and that is just the fire ant species, the number of nests! Then you add all of the other nests of the other species.

do your math, ants Rule!

Uploaded by freestone on 15 Jun '06, 6.19pm EDT.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

storm Alberto, a rainband

storm Alberto, a rainband, originally uploaded by freestone.

storm Alberto, a rainband
tallahassee, florida, usa.

Tropical storm Alberto in action, an 8 am rainband with the usual
"foggy" skies due to the heavy tropical rain. One sees this a lot on the "Weather Channel" every summer, in various levels of intensity!
The wind whips the trees, but only at 20 mph.

Taken from my window on my 5th floor apartment

In the South, the farmers call hurricanes, "dought breakers", and tallahassee is up to ten inches under the rainfall for this time of year and everything looked SO dry and dissicated, until Alberta came along!

Uploaded by freestone on 13 Jun '06, 9.28am EDT.

hurricane alberto sunset

hurricane alberto sunset, originally uploaded by freestone.

hurricane alberto sunset
tallahassee, Florida usa.

Tropical storm Alberto.

Looking to the North northwest, from my 5th floor Apartment stairs landing, about sunset, the sun just about to set, and I took this photo of the cloudcover of Alberto. The cloud shield extends to the horizen and then the sun shone under it, here, now, the first rains are beginning to fall, but over to the NNW, still clear, where the sun is.
That is.....the edge of the huge rainshield, of this tropical storm Alberto, has come Northward to where it has covered all of the sky except near the NW horizon, and the sun sets in the clear sky and shines under the shield and illuminates it from below.
here, light rain has begun to fall.

Looks omenious and dangerious, the light portends interesting Times to come, for all who live under this approaching cloud shield!

Uploaded by freestone on 13 Jun '06, 9.26am EDT.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Smuts church

Smuts church, originally uploaded by ginnia64.

Smuts church
One of three orthodox churches in the vicinity of Smuts, Saskatchewan. Oddly enough, Smuts is a total ghost town, with only one farm located beside some rundown buildings. Yet there is still the Smuts sign on the highway, and the Smuts road, which is close to where we live.

freestone says, in the comment section:
oh I grew up on a high hill prairie in upstate ny! oh that open Space!
I love it!
I always have been mystified by the canadian prairie states, there are so many ethnic eastern europe people there, i read.

I may use this one for my blog, gives to me a feeling of my own County, but now i live next to "Alberto", next to the Gulf of mexico, and the tropic rain season, hopefully, will soon begin!

There was a spiritual teacher, in 1972 Ithaca, ny, who quoted someone about how "seeing far vistas make for having far visions"

Uploaded by ginnia64 on 10 Jun '06, 6.34pm EDT.

a little bit of Alberto tropical storm

a little bit of Alberto tropical storm

.....Alberto, the tropical storm,

and or hurricane, if it gets that strong, eventually.

tallahassee florida, usa.

Here is a shot of some of the outer rain clouds of that Alberto tropical storm. the very very Northern area of it, no rain yet. Tallahassee is in North Florida, just north of the storm.

taken from my 5th floor window, looking due north, about 6 PM.

Uploaded by freestone on 12 Jun '06, 9.17am EDT.

alberto clouds

alberto clouds, originally uploaded by freestone.

lberto clouds
tallahassee florida usa

A bit of cloud from the very *very* outer edge of the Alberto storm.

Taken about 5 PM Sunday the 11th, the storm was then in the Gulf

Uploaded by freestone on 12 Jun '06, 9.17am EDT.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Interlaken, my home town

Interlaken, my home town, originally uploaded by freestone.

Interlaken, my home town
My hometown of Interlaken


Also doch: Interlaken liegt nicht nur zwischen Brienzer- und Thunersee, es liegt auch zwischen Cayuga- und Seneka-Lake. Diese lang gezogenen Seen im Staate New York, hart an .......

A german tourist perhaps took this photo on his trip, the cars look a bit old. "Black and white", how fitting, a memory of the past, my past, at that.
Every ten years they build one house here, they had just finished a house when I moved back there for 1993...1998.
600 people. real small.
The post office near that flag at the upper left, why this building is about 400 feet from a cornfield!
what you see here is about 1/5th of the town!
Look at all of the traffiic! That road runs for miles and miles in a straight line, just look at all of the traffic!

Some of the buildings are over 130 years old.

this town *IS* the home of the Twilight Zone, yes it is and this is "for real" as Interlaken is the home of the twilight Zone.

from www.amazon.com
----This tape has Serling's classic episode "Walking Distance", November 14, 2001
Reviewer: Lawrance M. Bernabo (The Zenith City: Duluth, MN United States) - See all my reviews

In Rod Serling's classic episode "Walking Distance," Martin Sloan (Gig Young) leaves his car at the gas station and walks into his hometown, where suddenly everything is just as it was when he was a child. In fact, he encounters his younger self (Michael Montgomery), and has to come to terms with the fact that he has not been happy with his life for a long, long time. The episode, directed by Robert Stevens, is one of Serling's best evocations of nostalgia, with a cast that includes Pat O'Malley and young Ronnie Howard. "Kick the Can" was George Clayton Johnson's final script for the series, and was the episode adapted by Steven Spielberg in "Twilight Zone the movie.
---there were, in the 50s, when Rod Serling wrote this, two gas stations and two soda shops, you can one gas station and one location of the soda shop.
Martin Sloan meets his 10-year old self, i think, by the merrygoround, and this item was not in a park, it was behind that high school
[see pic]. i played on it often, in the 50s, as well as having soda in both soda shops, and later getting gas from both stations!


Subsequent to The Twilight Zone, Serling moved onto cinema screens.

Years of stress and heavy smoking caught up with the writer in his final years. In 1975, the 50-year-old Serling suffered two heart attacks before entering a Rochester hospital for heart bypass surgery. He had another heart attack during the operation and died the following day. He is interred at the cemetery in Interlaken, New York, a part of upstate New York featured prominently in episodes of The Twilight Zone. By the same ironic token, cigarettes are featured in many episodes.

---Serling had his summer home on the lake about a mile away and he often came to town to buy his supplies, like in the IGA to the left.
many of his Twilight Zone stories had this town as a setting.
Thus, Interlaken is the home of the twilight zone!

30 to 100+ inches of snow per year and the "secret" about the weather is that one does not put the winter coats or blankets away, in June, you might need them before the end of August!

In the very German-liking Finger lakes, there are many wineries and many wonderful views and trails.

1200 miles away from where I live now, in tallahassee, florida.

"walking distance": but i DID go home again, and i lived right in the town for about four years. I did not meet my 10 year old self, the soda shops are gone, the merrygoround is gone, but the town and its people remain, as well as Rod Serling's grave in lakeview cemtary, what do you know, i did not know here was buired in Interlaken until I googled a bit for Serling info!
Buired in the Twilight Zone.

maybe I did not meet my 10-year old self as i seem to carry this Twilight Zone around with me where ever I live!


Uploaded by freestone on 7 Jun '06, 10.37am EDT.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Mount Rushmore, the line of US presidents [a cloud image!]

Mount Rushmore, the line of US presidents [a cloud image!]
tallahassee florida usa

a sunset onto a cloud makes this cloud glow orange. some rain fall under this, makes the lower part of the cloud look hazy.

I have not "photoshopped" this image at all!

this is "Mount Rushmore", the Shape suggests, that rock-carved mounument of the United states presidents, there in the black hills of South dakota! see the line of presidents in the clouds!



I just placed this photo of mount rushmore along side of my cloud photo, the exactness is UNCANNY!
Here I had two windows open, side by side, my photo and the "real" mt Rushmore photo, on my monitor, and the exactness was to me, very very Disturbing!

---my seeing a tv-image of this mt Rusmore, the next day, was even the MORE unsettling!

here is a letter that I wrote, to a prophecy forum, about my cloud photo....

hello everyone.

I first posted this in the "anything goes" section, and the post sunk like a rock, no replies and hardly read!

but I feel that this event should get much *much* more attention!

Here I was, outdoors with my camera and taking pictures of the pretty sunset storm clouds, and I took this one.


Later, i lookedat the flickr.com uploaded image and low and behold the cloud had a familiar look to it! why the top of the cloud looked quite like that group of carved presidents atop mt rushmore, there in South Dakota!!
I went to look up in flickr a photo of these presidents and Amazing, the outline is *EXACT*!

---is where this photo is to compare. I would suggest taking and opening each link two a separate window so that two windows are side by side and the cloud's outline and the rocky outline are the same.

The next day I was walking through the best Buy store and then I passed by those 60-plus tvs, that row of televisions and they all were getting the same cable feed, and there were reviews of movies, apparently.
But right this moment was an image, up close, of the Mt Rushmore presidents! I do not see this everyday, these presidents!

Suddenly, all of the tvs had the same image, the faces coming
apart in an earthquake and cracks in the ground sent lava flowing out all over the parklands.

I later found out this movie-preview was a preview for a made-for-tv move called....

"10 05 apocalypse "




I'm a sucker for a good disaster movie. I will watch anything that involves unthinkable cataclysmic environmental disasters showcased in highly stylized fashion. If the script is good and the actors are committed to the far-fetched scientific jargon they're forced to spew in order to support the occurrence of unlikely gargantuan atrocities, I can stomach just about any type of monstrous global weather plot.
Apocalypse's theory that a gigantic earthquake centered in Los Angeles could somehow reverse and speed up the movement of the tectonic plates beneath the earth's surface causing a new fault line the Midwestern fault to tear the United States right down the middle from North Dakota to the Gulf of Mexico. But I didn't.

That's not to say that Apocalypse didn't try to win me over. Going for the jugular with whole cities disappearing into sink holes, boats being devoured by tidal waves and people being engulfed by volcanic ash, the miniseries embraced every possible disaster scenario.

too too Coincidental for me to ignore, this synchronism!!

the red flag has been thrown down onto the playing field, snychronsim Alert!

---may take to 2008...2012 to fulfill!

what spiritual mechanism, I wonder, would evoke this cloud to have this image imposed upon it, then have me take a picture of it? Then have me see a movie preview?
A preview of a movie about a fault line ripping through the whole north american contenent, essentually blowing up mt rushmore.

a symbol of the ruining of america finacially or politically?!
*the* apocalypse?!

----maybe the movie is a Prophecy in and of itself! has anyone seen this movie, or the tv program?! is the Tiltle, the "10 05" numbers prophetic.
is there some hidden meaning, inspired by Angels or Guides, in this movie?


All i know is that I have a cloud that looks like mt rushmore and a tv-image of mt rushmore falling down, in a large earthquake, with firey lava at the base of it!



too coincidental, the images.

but for me to say that this whole event, the sychncronism of the tv-movie preview, in Best Buy store, portends the upheaval America; is having me stick out my long long neck!
So i will let you all, who are the Prophets and the psychics, to ponder if this is true or not, i will just, here, submit the photo!!
YOU make the judgement call.....

mt rushmore in the sky........


Uploaded by freestone on 30 May '06, 10.09am EDT.

the line

the line, originally uploaded by freestone.

the line
tallahassee florida usa.

from the 8th floor, view east at sunset, see how the upper air is slow moving so that the surface clouds move onwards, leaving the high clouds behind.

Uploaded by freestone on 5 Jun '06, 9.57am EDT.


stormcloud, originally uploaded by freestone.

tallahassee florida usa.

taken from my 5th floor window, looking North, about 2 pm.

A thunderstorm. Summer is here, the rainy season will soon begin.

Uploaded by freestone on 5 Jun '06, 9.57am EDT.

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