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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

sunset tower

sunset tower, originally uploaded by freestone.

sunset tower
tallahassee florida usa.

the western sunset shines onto a cloud. note the sunrays coming upwards from the clouds.

Uploaded by freestone on 30 May '06, 10.09am EDT.

sunset onto cloud

sunset onto cloud, originally uploaded by freestone.

sunset onto cloud
tallahassee florida usa

a sunset onto a cloud makes this cloud glow orange. some rain fall under this, makes the lower part of the cloud look hazy.

Uploaded by freestone on 30 May '06, 10.09am EDT.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

my high school in Interlaken ny. I graduated in 1960. about 29 kids in my graduating class, the largest class to date. All 400 high school kids from 8th to 12th, under one roof.

those were the days, a good education, corn fields out back, could walk home from school and one mile away, where i lived, was rural.

real windows that opened. no AC, but in upstate ny, who needs that! real food prepared by real people, no chemicals in the air, wall lockers.

no feeling of being in jail, no wonder the kids of today wear their pants down low as that is what new jail inmates wear as they have to have their belts removed, i read, so that they will not use them to kill or to commit suicide and as *every* kid just feels nowadays, that schools *ARE* jail and that they are inmates, not pupils!

so guaze upon a school that does not exist anymore, even ICS now has been "super-consolidated", for political reasons, of course

[why oh why do the kids ALWAYS come last?!!!]


oh so pretty

oh so pretty, originally uploaded by freestone.

oh so pretty
tallahassee florida usa.

the evening sunset shone upon these clouds and Oh My!

almost like of a swan bird being Illuminated!

Uploaded by freestone on 30 May '06, 10.09am EDT.

the hole

the hole, originally uploaded by freestone.

the hole
tallahassee, florida, usa.

evening storm clouds gather and the Swirling clouds opened up this hole to the sky. Nearly sundown.

Yes, as a far off storm sent its frontal coulds over tallahassee, the swirling clouds spun around a sort of circle and a hole opened up to show the dark blue sky, as the sun had just set, and the glow of the set sun just dimly illuminated the clouds above the hole.

Uploaded by freestone on 30 May '06, 10.09am EDT.

Friday, May 26, 2006

the lady's dog

the lady's dog, originally uploaded by freestone.

the lady's dog
here at georgia belle, Tallahassee, florida, usa, the senior center apartments for independant living, people can have cats and small dogs.
[there used to be a cat on each side of me]
Of course the daily time comes to walk the dog and this lady is getting ready to enter the elevator with her small dog on the shelf of her Walker.
or do the dogs walk the people? she might never ever get outdoors if it were not for her dog!

Uploaded by freestone on 26 May '06, 9.57am EDT.

japanese maple

japanese maple, originally uploaded by freestone.

japanese maple
tallahassee, florida usa.

A japanese maple in front of the georgia bell apartments, where I live.
I see no seniors at the benches, the nice rain that just fell must have scared them off. The hazy sky gives the late afternoon sun a reddish cast.

Uploaded by freestone on 26 May '06, 9.57am EDT.

summer storm

summer storm, originally uploaded by freestone.

summer storm
tallahassee, florida usa.

from my 6th floor vantagepoint, looking west about 6 PM.
A small thunderstorm with anvil

Tallahassee has 80+ thunderstorm days a year, tis the time of year the tropical clouds appear, i hope to post many more cloud photos!

Uploaded by freestone on 26 May '06, 9.57am EDT.

Monday, May 22, 2006

events at Georgia Belle

events at Georgia Belle, originally uploaded by freestone.

events at Georgia Belle
I live at Georgia Belle, a senior independant living facility, in tallahassee, florida, usa.

here in the evevator, is a calandar of the monthly activities for the month of May.[difficult to get a straight shot in an elevator!]

There are about 150 residents here, and many take part in some activity. hidden in this building is a library, a meditation room, a grocery store, a computer room, a beauty shop, an art studio.

Lots to do.
There are some people, though, who do little here, and not because they are "negative". some of the "younger" residents, 62 or so years of age, live "centered" to the outside world. many many of the activities, here, are centered around the mindset of the 1950s person! [there are people here over 90 years of age!]
cards...bingo....prayer groups...knitting.

but something for all....

But still, there are people here who sit around bored and depressed, and gossup, sometimes, about the people here.

a city to itself.
There are Romances, intrigues, hugs....never too old for marrage. there are several married couple here that fell in love after they moved in, married in their late 70s.

Uploaded by freestone on 22 May '06, 10.02am EDT.

Friday, May 19, 2006

the Haunted house

the Haunted house, originally uploaded by freestone.

the Haunted house
tallahassee florida usa

the Knott House.
To enter the Knott House is to step back in time. This 1840s home is decorated in Victorian splendor. Unlike most house museums, all of the furnishings are original to the house when the Knott family took possession. Poems written by Luella Knott hang from the items of furniture, just as she left them, giving the building its nickname, "the house that rhymes." Explore what life was like in the 1930s, when Luella's husband, William, served as State Treasurer. The kitchen, complete with vintage electric appliances, is a special treat. An upstairs gallery features exhibits on Tallahassee history and development. The gift shop offers books on local history, as well as period toys, tins, and postcards. Volunteers provide guided tours on a regular basis.

The Knott House was built around 1843 for Thomas and Catherine Gamble Hagner, possibly by free black builder George Proctor who built some of Tallahassee's finer homes of that era. Originally, the house was about half its current size, with six rooms and a side hall. Catherine Hagner added six more rooms in around 1853, bringing the house to close to its current layout. Union General Edward M. McCook occupied the Knott House at the end of the Civil War, reading from its front steps the Emancipation Proclamation that freed the slaves of North Florida. May 20th is still celebrated as Emancipation Day in this area. In 1883, physician George Betton purchased the Knott House from Catherine Hagner, reportedly conducting his practice from an office in the basement. He sponsored the training of Dr. William Gunn, the first African-American in Florida to graduate from medical school. In the early twentieth century, three Florida Supreme Court Justices and their families lived in the Knott House in succession: Frances Carter from Pensacola; Charles Parkhill from Tampa; and T.M. Shackleford from Tampa. The Knott family acquired their Park Avenue home in 1928, adding the Classical Revival portico to the front of the building. They also decorated the home with Luella's Victorian furnishings. She wrote poems about many of the pieces in the house, attaching to the furnishings with satin ribbons. William V. Knott had an active political career. He served as State Treasurer twice (1903-1912 and 1928-1941), State Comptroller (1912-1916), and ran unsuccessfully for Governor in 1916, against Sidney J. Catts. Luella and William's three children went on to make their own marks in Florida history: J. Charles Knott was general counsel to the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles; Mary Knott Bazemore was the second woman in Florida to receive her medical degree; and James R. Knott served as circuit court judge in Palm Beach. Luella and William lived in the house until their deaths, within a few days of each other, in 1965. Luella was 93 and William was 101. Son, J. Charles Knott inherited the house and lived there until his death in 1985. The Historic Tallahassee Preservation Board accepted the house to operate as a museum in 1986. After a $900,000 museum quality restoration, funded by Florida Department of State Historic Preservation Grants, the Knott House opened to the public in 1992. It is currently operated as a museum by the Florida Department of State, Museum of Florida History.


Brief History: Build 1840, the owners are rumored to still be haunting it.

Someone took a photo in the library room, and when the picture was developed, there was a ghostly person in it, you could see the books right through him. Others have reported ghostly activities here too.

They hold a "special" museam tour around halloween, here, they call it "the REAL ghost house tour"!

Yes many people have reported cold spots in the rooms, and other ghostly expereinces here.

With the Spanish moss and live oaks framing the picture, this photo surely is the summation of any Gothic Southern scene!!

Uploaded by freestone on 19 May '06, 9.08am EDT.

the magnolia

the magnolia, originally uploaded by freestone.

the magnolia
here at tallahassee, florida, usa, the magnolias grow Wild!

the Southern magnolia. The Indians says that if someone were to sit down under a tree in flull bloom, they would fall asleep from the strength of the sweet perfume flowers.
This one flower is SO white that apparently the color overwhelmed my camera a bit! The flower is about five inches across! The tree is evergreen. They begin to bloom, here, about the middle of April.
I have discovered that one can plant them in places far far removed from the subtropics, like in England.

So along the Gulf coast of America, they grow wild, one can find small trees along hedgerows and in woods.

Ah...the mystery of the American South is wrapped up in this flower.
10,000 books, many many movies, and many romances, are linked to this flower.

Uploaded by freestone on 19 May '06, 9.08am EDT.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

tallahassee city park

tallahassee city park, originally uploaded by freestone.

tallahassee city park
tallahassee, florida, usa.

the downtown city park at about 5 pm. this park is about one block wide and aboutseven blocks long. very inviting to sit on the benches. subtropical folage is everywheres, live oaks, spanish moss, flowers. a nice city to live in weather wise. but ya gotta love the heat. 100 days a year of 90 degrees.

one would never ever know from this photo that this park is surrounded by streets and that streets cut through the park.
Also, one might not know that the business section of downtown is on the next block!
note the "airferns" growing on all of the limbs of the live oak trees!

Uploaded by freestone on 16 May '06, 6.19pm EDT.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Walker Library

The Walker Library, originally uploaded by freestone.

Tallahassee, florida, usa.

The old library, one of the first in florida, organized by plantation women and the currant Governor, then.

taken about 5 pm in the afternoon.

[quote] Springtime is a civic organization dedicated to the promotion and preservation of Tallahassee history. The home and meeting place of the Springtime Board of Directors is the David S. Walker Library built in 1903. David S. Walker for whom the library is named was the founder of Tallahassee's first library and Governor of Florida from 1865-1868. The Walker library was a functioning library until 1976 and then was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. Springtime members raised the funds necessary to restore the building. The library remains open for the public to see Monday through Friday

this building is where the Sprintime tallahassee headquarters now is.

I used to walk inside, in the 1970s. About as deep, in the back, as it is wide. lots and lots of very old books, a time warp to about 1920!
Often i would wander in, and an old aristrocratic lady would be sitting at the counter. most of the books were from about 180 to about 1940. Most of the fpatrons were also from that era, as I say, a time wrap.
Many of the books now reside in rare book collections.

A LOT ot 1970 tallahassee felt like 1920, or earlier.

Uploaded by freestone on 16 May '06, 6.19pm EDT.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

old house and subtropical trees

old house and subtropical trees, originally uploaded by freestone.

old house and subtropical trees
tallahassee, florida, usa.

the historical district, houses built about 1820 to 1880.
the one inch of rain last night revived the airferns on the trees. then there is the spanish moss, another airplant.
Live oaks complete the picture.

I live one block from here.

Uploaded by freestone on 9 May '06, 6.29pm EDT.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

tv warmed the cat

I had written this up, a year ago, for an autism support group post. Just the sort of stuff that some image-orientated autistic people might notice.

the tv set warmed the Siamese!

hello everyone!

here is a small story to warm your day, with....
i find that there are SO so so many of these here
amazing occurrances, in life....well worth the
experiencing and rememberings of them...


when i was in high school, about 1958, there was the
usual living room tv set. my mother had a siamese cat,
it loved warm temperatures, being a siamese cat. in
upstate new york... where summer is often over BEFORE
labor day...warmth is a precious thing.
this cat discoved the evening television. i mean
the warmth of the top of it, after it had been on for
a while. in those days, TUBES were used , about 30
tubes per tv. they would burn out at least once
perweek it seemed, in those days tubes did not last,
the tv repairman was a usual fixture in the
so about 7pm, the siamese cat would Hold Court atop
the tv, absorbing the heat like a siamese cat should!
once in a while it would discover the motion of the
actors on the screen, below, and would reach down and
try to swat or catch the moving images!
one day, i the middle of september, when the first
fall cold mornings had arrived, i was getting ready to
go out of the door to the 7;30 am bus that would pull
up on the road. the furnace was not yet on, as the
coal furnace was SO hard to get lighted, thus the
temperature was about 50 degrees in the house. so as
i was putting on my coat, i heard a PITIFULL meow
sound coming from the living room. i went into the
room to see the siamese cat pacing around and around
on top of the tv set! it was very agitated!!
----as if it were asking..."where is the warmth when
i need it the most?! this tv has ALWAYS given to me
the warmth that i need...WHERE oh where is it, i need

i turned the tv on, just as i left for the day.
...to warm a siamese.
probably left on all morning...to warm a siamese.
not its purpose, this tv...but it did its second job,
to warm a siamese cat!


a lot of life, i find, is like of that!
something has a Primary purpose....but often there are
Secondary porpuses too...often not in any way
connected to a "common sense" use of this something!


Monday, May 08, 2006

autism: two disibilities


hi all...

here is my second newtopic of today, being new to the forum.


a new autism forum, mostly for adult with high level autism

I have seen Autism whether aspergers or high level functioning, in adults, to be the "second condition" of the person, and the "first condition"
I have found, is affecting the person WORSE than the autism!!

what is this second condition?
---why it is the "poor self image" that comes from being put down, from childhood onwards, from everyone around you and then you internalize
this self-image and then you begin to belive it and then you live your life from then on believing it!
Anyone who walks a different path, is like that fish in a school of fishes that swims at different angles to the rest of the fish.

an ice cream shop where there is a line of teen age kids. all of them have only a choice of vanillia or strwberry, thus the clerk ends up in a loop routine of saying the same things over and over and he ends up fanticizing while dishing out ice cream.
*then* the 1q140 Aspergers teen comes up. he asks whther this vanillia
is "natural" and also what is in it. the clerk is angry that his train of thought is interrupted. the kid picks up this anger like of a shock wave coming at him. thus the kid ends up feeling that it is his fault that the clerk is angry. he cannot take it anyways from anything that this anger is directed at him and he is the One that is the odd man out.
repeat this scene about 500 to 5,000 times a year, in every single social action, or sports clumseynesses!!
soon he belives that there is something wrong with him.

---thus even if there is some "theraphy" that might actually help this person become more "functioning" in the world, a theraphy that is "kind" to autism people, the issue of the poor self image has YET to be addressed and this issue will then become the real "killer" for his higher functionings after theraphy!
For as long as he feels that he is "not right", or that "it is my fault", his self-functionings will be imared!

Thus i feel that maybe this image-issue should be addressed not only first, but made to be of more important, in the counselings of the autistic person, or in his teachings as to how he could have a higher level functioning!


Tallahassee street after rain

Tallahassee street after rain, originally uploaded by freestone.

Tallahassee street after rain
Tallahassee, Florida, usa.

Alive Oak lined street with old "historical" houses lining the street, in the Historical district: now-a-days only lawyers can afford to keep them up, most of these houses are now law offices. Yes, Spanish moss drapes from these trees, 60+ inches of rain per year, here in what I have read is America's only Subropical rain forest, here and just south of Miami.

here about 6 Pm, after a rain, look to the North, a local tree lined street. the "deep South" all right. So many airplants, so much vegetation, why I learned at my forest ranger school, just before it burned down [another story], that a tree grows here in 7 years as much as a tree in Michigan grows in 21 years. "Planted Pine Trees" are here considered a farm crop!

There are many many streets like this here in tallahassee.

Ater a rain, like of today, every plant is lush and green. Yes, for those from other places, in the world, this here Tallahassee area might seem to be
"paradise on earth", where maybe you, the reader of this, might be living in some northern climate where the sun has yet to warm the leaves to come out, my Aunt writes to me how up in my upstate new york hometown the leaves are still in bud-form and the temp still goes to freezing at night.
---at a Cost, of course! On a sunny day the temp will go to 90 degrees far., of course. Then there are the times when the "shooting gallery" is active: the hurricanes!!

Uploaded by freestone on 8 May '06, 8.18am EDT.


ambulance, originally uploaded by freestone.

On a rainy Sunday evening, an ambulance visits the Georgia Belle Independant Living Apartments, where I live.

The ambulance comes about once per week and everyone here just knows and accepts that someday it will probably come for them!

They carried out some lady, I do not know yet who it is, at 7:30 Pm I am about an hour from bed, myself, so I never found out who it was.

One cannot deny much longer "Mr Death", he is just around the corner, in fact a number of seniors, here, over the two years that I have lived here, have been found dead in their rooms!

the local firestation is about three blocks away, and the response time for both fire and medical is very quick, they do this well, here in Tallahassee.

Uploaded by freestone on 8 May '06, 8.08am EDT.

after the Sunday service.

after the Sunday service., originally uploaded by freestone.

after the Sunday service.
here at Georgia Belle senior apartments, there are many many church services, Bible study hours, and sings.
Several ministers in attendance. well attended by many.

Many of the attendees are women, just as with other church activities.
This 6 PM service, maybe 30 to 40 attended.

Many seniors, here, read their Bibles devotedly, they grew up in more religious times, and that too, they see their "end of their life-path" ahead of them!

I cannot attend very well, comfortably, as my MCS, my Multiple chemical sensitivities does not handle perfume very well, and ooooh they perfume themselves so much these days!
[secret: perfume = "cleanse onself from Evil", an Ancient symbol; one perfumes well before meeting the Lord in church!]

The Sunday minister, the Preacher, gives very very good sermons, I caught the end of tonight's service sermon, where I learned very well the Bible difference between Sin, and "sins"! Jesus saves somone and He saves the person from Sin, the sin-nature of the human races, whereas a saved person still can, and does, has his "sins", the things that he...she continues to do, in the old mindset of "pre-salvation", the things of the "earth" that partake of that original Sin [nature]. Thus it is an never-ending
mission, for a saved person, to overcome those old sins-habits of the past!

too much a task to try to take a picture of 30 seniors and the preacher, here, too too much "confidentuality" issues!

Uploaded by freestone on 8 May '06, 8.08am EDT.

Friday, May 05, 2006


shuffleboard, originally uploaded by freestone.

Shuffleboard court in the garden behind Georgia belle apartments, where I live. Tallahassee, florida, usa.

Yes I live here, on the fith floor, overlooking the other side. People come out all day long to sit in the garden. there are about 160 people living here, from 62 to 90-something; some people have lived here for over 15 years.
I read that the large shuffleboard court club, in st. pete, fla, is having a revival! Most newcomers are 18 to 25 years old!
this game is actually a cut-throat game!

People do not play this game so much here, but the scene looks so "old fashioned", anyways.
It takes someone who is interested in starting this game, and here nowadays, no one is interested.

Otherwise, "they say", the residents, that this is one of the better "family feeling" places to live as a senior, in tallahassee. Lots of hugs, lots of friendly people. No one here is really "bitter", "closed up", like some seniors are. There are many ativities, a library, a store, a computer room, meals several days a week, sings, church services....


but the amubulance comes for someone about several times per month and eveyone here has more or less accepted that someday this ambulance will come for them!

Uploaded by freestone on 10 Jun '05, 9.52am EDT.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


waiting, originally uploaded by freestone.

the entrance of Georgia Belle senior independant living facilities, where I live. Tallahassee, florida, usa.

Empty seats, the smokers and "porch sitters" are not here now.
Many retirees seem to sit half the day, waiting for the Sun To Go Down, on their lives.
Note how the shadow of one of the ceiling lights casts over one of the seats by the behind sun!
Then *that* shadow is again casted a second time onto the door glass, creating a reflection of it! This gives the peacefull scene a kind of sense of Mystery, almost supernatural! All three lights, or the shadows of lights, make an equal-sided triangle! A fantastic arrangement indeed!
[almost like the "holy Trinity"!]
Thus there are a whole group of these light globes, where there is a reflection from a refleaction!!

here is a late afternoon at the Independant living senior home, Georgia belle, where I, myself, live, at now 64 years old. Once in a while I sit here too, but i love to take walks, why there are several residents, here, that walk for miles every day. i do not sit here much because this also is the place where the smokers sit! I react to that smoke, my lung damage....

rarely empty of people, but on this day there is no one here. The sut and watch the world go by, and smoke their cigs and gossup about those who are not sitting here, perhaps

Uploaded by freestone

Monday, May 01, 2006

well I have started a lttle fourm at


to have people discuss SATHYA SAI BABA.
personal experiences.
pro and con.

There are over 30 posts, by now, time to publicize this List more.

one reply:
I agree with much of what you say. Just wanted to comment on the following points you made, freestone:

"I essentually side with both sides of the baba controversy! I began this
forum mostly to feel out what people today think and feel about baba.

the "real" baba forums seem to be filled with young devotees that are as fervently pro-baba that they are as "fundamentalist" as any chrasmic christian at their worst! they do not wanna hear a bit about their god
might also have a bowel movement once a day or so!! kill ya for mentioning anything anti-baba." <<

You are right about this. It has also been my experience to receive the foulest of abuse simply for pointing out something "negative" about Sai Baba that is plain as day for all to see. For example, if I point out the fact that Sai Baba is starting to show symptoms of Parkinson's Disease - based on eyewitness reports by devotees as well as official ashram video evidence - I'll immediately get a long and abusive email about how I bring God down to my human level by pointing out material faults in him, and also the old and tired rebuttal about how God suffers human ills when he takes a human form.

As far as I have seen, those Sai devotees/admirers who take it upon themselves to defend Sai Baba do not appear to show even a pinch of the love and compassion that Sai devotees are supposedly well-known for. It would be something if I was a completely ordinary bystander or something, but the fact that I am an ex-devotee really seems to get their goat.

>> and the anti-baba people often are so full of anger, even if rightiously so.

I am offically "neutral". there are people who post here who have had, they day, terrible experiences with baba and they call him a Cultist.
There are others who love baba.

Lots of namecalling and rants, to be expected.

but some real inteligent posts.


the world of the ants

the world of the ants, originally uploaded by freestone.

the world of the ants
close up of Tallahassee, florida, usa, ant "beds". "beds" is the word for ant cities, in the South. If you look closely to the left of the large leave-tip, you can see an ant.

Uploaded by freestone on 1 May '06, 9.52am EDT.

Embracing life: accepting the Endtimes

Hi all.....

Well just now I checked the predictions two sections, the "earthchanges" and other sections where there are often prophecies that might acually be in the Predictions section, thus maybe unread.

all are Deeee-pressing to read!

why there was one that I found, the other day [I think that the poster must have removed it, I could not find it now] that was twice as long as any Giaia man's postings, pages and pages of gloom and doom, just about every volcano in the world erupts and death to everyone!

I grew up in the Civil defense era, where by the late 50s there was serious consideration that all of us could die immediately and that the survivors might well envy the dead! A huge "cloud" over everyone's head, a mushroom cloud.

by the middle 60s, though, I read of some strange "trend"! Many young couples were moving back to the big cities and moving into those ground zeros where one could turn to ash in .0001 seconds from a bomb blast!
Other people were making mockery of the civil defense posters, they made one that that I liked:

"see the blast?
bend over and crouch down.
then kiss your Butt goodbye"!!

---these younger people were tired of all of the hype of warnings and that they chose to live their lives moment by moment and that they knew it would all be over in .0001 second, and that they would be the fortunate ones afterwards, so that they enjoyed life day by day, as if there was some doctor that showed to someone an X-ray or cat scan of their brain and as the doctor pointed to an inoperative-able brain tumor, the doctor says..."I am SO sorry, Mr Jones, you have one year"!

from my
site where I have dreams and visions written up and stored.


what is the use of loving physical
knowing that the endtimes/earthchanges
may ruin it?!


hello, everyone!!

someone asked me, yesterday, about my
latest end time vision.
She more or less says that " why go on
enjoy life, knowing that bad times are ahead,
and oblivion for us all"

Spirit once gave to me an answer for that

I was living in upstate new York at the time.
it was May, late may, and the springtime leaves were
at their best...Gloriously may days, late in may, of
soft blue skies
and lush new leaves, everywhere.
the air smelled so sweet and all the birds were
chirping overtime, in song.
But I had just had yet ANOTHER one of my end
time visions...That very morning!! There was strong
inference that very soon much of the earth's surface
could become ruined for life!
----and I now, by early afternoon, had walked
out into the countryside, from the 600 people town that
I was living in. I wanted to get out and pray and meditate
upon that dream...A dream that killed all hope, a dream
that says all will die. How could I feel "good" about
enjoying what could become ruined very soon? How could
I even enjoy this spring loveliness that is now all about
me, knowing that
all of the plants could become dead from, say, volcanic
ash and clouds?!

so as I walked along this road, in the early springtime
glory....At the warmest time of
day...I asked this same question, in prayer, to Spirit,
this lady asks
me....."Why even go on living"?!!

---and Spirit gave me an answer! Probably a guide whispered
it to me, as I heard the
Inner Voice Speak!
it said, more or less........
Yes, you had yet another dream of
everything dying in the endtimes, Freestone.
Dust and brown and dead wood and dead cities, everywhere.
oh how depressing!
but look before you, Freestone!
there you see spring in all its glory!
and---you know that in only a very few
months, winter
will come and Frost everything Dead!!
the winds will blow black clouds and the snow
WILL fall, covering everything in still deathlike
silence, at ten degrees above zero Fahrenheit.
Winter WILL win, as it always does every fall,
in upstate new York.
But you enjoy the summer, Freestone, do you not---knowing

that this winter to come, in only five month, will win out
over the life of summer's warmth??!! [frost can come
in September, in upstate NY!!].....
you know that all of it will die.
But you also know that there will be
another spring and summer, next year! There will
always be a summer nine months ahead, every fall of the year.
so enjoy this one...While it lasts...
You are supposed to, being this earth is a classroom to
use for to grow your Soul in!
High school art class may only last an hour a day, five
days a week: use it to learn Art in. Summer only lasts
four months every year, enjoy it!

and if the earth were to die?
why there will be yet another "earth" in
spirit for
you to enjoy, after you die...The heaven worlds
of spirit!
and this one will have an EVERLASTING summer....
so use the earthly "summer" to train you to
see the
Real Eternal Summer, in heaven, after you
die! And after all, even if the earth has no
endtimes that
the prophets warn of...YOU will have your
very own personal endtime, some day soon----!!

your death!

thus the REAL question, here, is..."How can I go on
knowing that I will die, someday, and all of my life's
work will be gone, and all my
life's future hopes and dreams will then be for not?!!"

we all, each of us, have our personal
endtimes, our
very personal rapture!! Some people will end
time before the endtimes!!


a good answer!
so go out and enjoy your senior year in high
school, the art classes;
even knowing that very soon the Graduation
will occur
and you WILL move off to College, across the
Great River, never never, to come back to sit in
of High school #444!!


so there. Yes there *ARE* people who are Told by their Guides, by Jesus, or by other Spirit means, to move to the mountains for safety, as they are "Fated" by pre-birth choosings to be a seed for the new age to come after the Ruinings, but us "mere mortals" who have families and a life somewheres, I would urge one to consider my writings, above!

Enjoy the day at hand, know that you will live after death. The manner of your afterlife depends upon how you lived this life, here, in that high school of the earthplane. One's living in "free-floating" fear, will not produce a good life!

Thus "endtimes" will frost your garden dead, in the fall, "Earthchanges"
will take every leave off of your deciduous trees, and "old age" will make a mockery of your running shoes, some day!

"when in art class 101, learn how to paint and draw, do not let yourself become cramped with fear and worry and not paint much at all during that class "hour"! You would "want" lots of different colored crayons, to make a richly colored drawing. Thus you "raid the storeroom" for as many crayons as that you can find, trying not to take someone else's choices of crayons from them! Thus do over-worry about you being too too "consuming of material goods
and materialism", as you need those books, those CD's of music, those "objects" that are your "crayons", crayons to grow your soul with!
There is so much richness out there, why www.flickr.com, last month, celebrated their 100,000,000 uploaded photo, and a friend told me that if you were to looked at the uploading stream, you would never ever catch up, spending ten seconds per photo!
[my own account, there:

yes the internet, as in life, has ever growing "slums" along with the good stuff, but Spirit is making sure that you [hopefully] are developing the ability to Choose goodness from the not-goodness, that is what this incredible Age is for!
How in heavens name can you stand there in the afterlife world, after you arrive there, and examine your earthlife, choose your eternal future's
curriculum, face Spirit face to face;

unless you first have a Face! Your self is that Face, not your family's morals, not your culture's ways, your sub-race's ways of life, and not your peer group's group-thinks.


---and you get this "you", here, by choosing everything by yourself, and there are so so many choices nowadays. This is what all of this "richness" of life is for and even the credit card economy is a kind of
"spirit conspiracy" to make sure that you will buy, on credit, those art class 101 CRAYONS so to make good drawings for that Instructor, and for yourself, before class ends.

fear and worry are *not* good works of art!

So, yes I could die of a heart attack in ten years, or of bird flu in one to two years, but now there is each day and the sun rises nicely in my subtropical climate. And...Either it will leave me, or I will leave it, some day, the end results are the same: the afterlife!


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