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Friday, April 28, 2006

the Crafts!

the Crafts!, originally uploaded by freestone.

the Crafts!
here on another floor of Geargia belle Apartments, here on a table next to the elevator, on about the 10th floor, is a table of *this*!
They look like some type of Easter crafts. I cannot tell if they were made by the buyer or that she bought them premade and just collected them.
"she", as surely a lady has this project!

so "cute", so "precious"!

Uploaded by freestone on 28 Apr '06, 9.07am EDT.

the Angel of the 7th floor

the Angel of the 7th floor, originally uploaded by freestone.

the Angel of the 7th floor
Here is another floor of Georgia Belle aprtments for senior Independant living, another floor, where in front of the elevator, on the wall above the table, is a painting.
There is no title, just below the camera is the signer's name and the date, sometime in 2003.

Near this floor is an art studio, where teacher volunteers teach painting in water and oil, there has been a wonderful man who has been coming here for years, to teach about 10 students at a time.
I would thus guess that this painting has been done by a resident, and I do not know if she still lives here.

[ I suspect that the painting of Jesus, also here in my photos, was also done by a resident]

So here is the Georgia Belle Angel. A painting done in subtle faint tones, very hard to take a picture of, being looked "washed out" even by naked eye.

I am assuming that a resident painted this, because of the presence of that studio nearby. The person probably is a lady, and she would have to be 62 years old, or older. There are several ladies in their 90s living here now.
What was she thinking, as she chose this subject?
---the idealism of her youth, maybe not quite realized, thus a slight lament for Dreams not lived?
---the presence of an angel, as she conceives what an angel would look like, in a human form, here on earth?
---the Innocence of The Young Girl, untainted as yet by living her life in the world?

Now her Sun might be Setting, for this painter, maybe she is trying to grasp what she will look like when she gets to heaven?! That she will now live in Innocence, to wander in wonder about a heavenly garden.
Now, however, she might be using a walker to get about, she cannot go readily outdoors, she can see but dimly, she also cannot hear so well. She knows four doctors by their first names, and that she might take from 5 to 10 pills when she wakes up, every day: it might take her, if you greet her and ask her how she is doing, 30 minutes to "tell you her condition" as she has so many of these medical conditions!

She reads her Bible, with the Magnifyer glass, every single day, and she attends the five to ten prayer/church services/sings that are held here every week. she just knows that soon she will look like this lady in the painting, wandering about a heaven garden, maybe collecting a few flowers to plave in a vase, in her home there in heaven. No more pills, no more aches and pains.....

Uploaded by freestone on 28 Apr '06, 9.07am EDT.

view from the 11th floor

view from the 11th floor, originally uploaded by freestone.

view from the 11th floor
tallahassee, florida, usa.

view from the 11th floor of
Georgia Belle Apartment, looking to the east, about 2 pm. Even at the 27th of April, one can see how the subtropical sun is really bright, the light has a "whiteness " about it, the tropic intensity.

Probably a hospital off to the ENE. What is not apparent here is that you are not looking at a park of woodland, you are looking over the roofs of hundreads of houses and other buildings!! the "foreground" where you see aprtment complexes and houses, extends all of the way out to the horizen. The whole city is like of this except for the areas along the main six lane strip-mall streets!

maybe 90 degrees now, been five to eight days in April so far, of 90. There are about 100 days a year of 90 degrees, here!

Uploaded by freestone on 28 Apr '06, 9.10am EDT.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Jesus on the wall of the senior Home

so here is what i wrote about it.....you can see this image in my link, below....


Here in my Georgia Belle Senior Apartments for Independant Living, I saw this hung painting of Jesus.

There are 12 floors and in front of the elevator, on each floor, is a table where the "floor manager", or someone, decorates the table and often a resident donates something for the wall above this table. This 6th floor table has this picture of Jesus above it.

There is no name, no signer, on this painting. I cannot even tell if this image is a reproduction from a print and someone framed it! Thus I have no idea at all who painted it. Thus this painting could have come from a super-mart, or it could have actually been painted by a resident of this Home, years ago!

He looks serious and strong and mysterious. And also as if He is asking
a question of you, the viewer, maybe like..."who am I and what does my existance mean to you"?!
As if His very Presence infers another reality that is "behind" him!

--a reply to a comment.
while cameras are not supposed to be "biased", often the photographer is!

Not that I am a "Jesus freak", after all, if those people did not take the pictures of the torture of the Iraq prisoners, no one would know.
I take interesting photos of Interesting things that have a meaning that is more than what appears, thus this image i find so meaningfull to th residents here.

Here is a photo of a picture a senior hung on the wall of a senior residence, he or she found this picture to be very important. For many in this building, the Sunday evening service IS all! And, yes, the preacher throws forth lots of the "ole time fire and brimstone" and that choices in life are to be seen in utter black and white morality-only! What this minister would say about homo people would probably curl your hair.

But this is *the* reality for people who lived through the great depression and WW II, they see Jesus through their own "eyes", their own biases. Many today hate the on-welfare people as they do not *work*, not work the 100 hours a week and go through the sufferings that they did in the great depression, a whole generation who Followed orders and Obeyed authority even if it was wrong! you BROKE before you changed, change was seen as a sign of weakness!
these 1940 people saved civilization for you: made the dance floor that you now dance upon!

Compare the images of Jesus in the different countries under a different religious background: comes all too too apparent to me that the Jesus on the wall is the reflection of the collective biases of the church-goers!

Just like it is not money that is the root of all evil, it is what ones does with it, what people do
*with* Jesus is what you see the results of.

So you all see the retired military man with his ten american flags, sitting on the porch, you see the little old lady with a Bible in her hand, judging everyone who walks by according to "black and white" absolutes, and both of them wish for the day that 'a man is a man and a woman is a woman and that evil was very esy to determine, and to find some authority to give their choice-making ability too, so that they would not have to choose every little thing anymore!

there are TWO levels of "generation gap, here, the standard one of age, and the one where you have the great depression/WW II people versus the new agers of 1960+! This building has 161 residents, 90% are of this Old School, and yes, these people would probably judge 80% of the content of flickr to be very very SINFUL!

I had a retired gardener talk non-stop to me for four hours, years ago, and it was worth ever moment of it; i learned so much about this older angry generation. This man was now 70, he grew up in 1930 south state of Georgia, usa, and no one in his family or in the school *ever* wore shoes once, and life was work, *was* work, dawn to dusk 6 1/2 days a week. Then he worked in the defense industries. he place everything before him, his family, town, country, friends, came first, before him, in life and he came last. basicly he put his dreams up in the attic, his dancing shoes in the boxes, never ever to be opened, and then he *worked* all of his life.
Now he is 70 and all of the kids are on some kind of welfare like food stamps, student loans, wefare, etc, and that they did not have to work like he did.
He sees them dancing the dreams that he could not and
[enough anger in him to plug his finger into an electric outlet and he would power the city for hours!!]
See, all of his taxes and his social security payments on the job help these people get their benefits, thus in a real sense he is paying them to do what he himself could never ever do, as he lived the Good moral life of 1938!
Now the Coach has changed the rules in the middle of the Play, middle of the 50-yard line, and he is angry and confused, there is little that he can find to enjoy, of today's Toys, of today's free choices! Like that little old lady at the cafeteria that i saw the other day, she was so so beside herself with irratation as see was without sail, rudder, anchor, compass, or wheel: her husband had died and he made all of the choices for her and now he is gone. in the old days "he" was supposed to make all of her choices, and now there is no Eisenhower, as president, to stand besides her....oh *can* she choose one of those 40 kinds of salads and 35 types of deserts?!

thus I "report" with my camera what I see. If you see him as a dark destroyer
of free-thinking, you might be right, But most retirees would *love* to have most of the young "flickrs" here, to "get a life, settle down, become moral and straight and have a family and kids and
repent of sin"!! some of these people would love to "sic" Jesus upon the people of today's generation, to have them repent according to how they see "repentance".

Thus that picture of Jesus is in a kind of sense, a "Talisman" to ward off the modern age with!! You have to face this picture if you get off of the elevator, he is there to ward off EVIL!
and much of "evil" is the open ended
multiculturalness of the modern liberal left's way of life, and the great lack of precieved Morals in today's people!

betchya you have a grandmother or mother, grandfather or father, who is just like I described, the vet of WW II and the great Depression!

Thus my picture, i see now, as i write this description, is a "marker" for what many of the older generation belive in.
[I will probably get lots of flames for this one, but this Image, here, I find so important to what that generation stood for.]

Monday, April 24, 2006

why is there so much anger today?!

hi all.....

I might like to have to repeat my entire vision-dream about that farmworld in

.......moved to about four posts down, to have this post sit with my dream!


It is *alive*! Tower of Power!

It is *alive*! Tower of Power!, originally uploaded by freestone.

It is *alive*! Tower of Power!
tallahassee, Florida, usa.

Yes this thunderhead looks to be nearly alive, in its very very fast growingness! The whole cloud seems to rotate around itself, in a slow, majestic, spiral motion. i can well imagine the tornado warnings that are always posted, here, in the springtime whenever there are storms. Southern Georgia has nearly as many Tornados as Kansas!

There was a funnel sighted south of the city, about four hours before!

Uploaded by freestone on 24 Apr '06, 9.24am EDT.

oh culumus

oh culumus, originally uploaded by freestone.

oh culumus
Tallahassee, florida, usa.

the Tallahassee spring storms! The Way the atmosphere seems to "work" here, at this latitude, makes the clouds often appear as if one were in an airplane or maybe using a telephoto lens; these couds looks so so close that you could reach out and touch them!

Just a normal shot of cumulus clouds taken from the ground.

Even as i took these photos, from groundlevel, for me these clouds looked so richly "juicy", as if I were looking
at a great richness of a "cloud factory"
where the ability to have rain fall is so great that all I would have to do to have it rain, here, is to poke my umbrella up into the air and poke a hole in one of these clouds and then I would get a deluge!

An earlier "shower" must have given this block of houses about 3 to 5 inches of rain in about 20 minutes: the visibility was about 10 feet through the rain!

Ah...the Subtropics!

Uploaded by freestone on 24 Apr '06, 9.24am EDT.

a storm

a storm, originally uploaded by freestone.

a storm
late afternoon April tallahassee, florida, usa.
The thunderstorm passes onwards after giving about three inches of rain.

Under that branch of the tree is seen a section of a rainbow.

The air is fresh and clear, the clouds roil and tumble: earlier there was seen a tornado, in the next county, from an earlier storm!

Uploaded by freestone on 24 Apr '06, 9.24am EDT.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

the Door: the angel

the Door: the angel, originally uploaded by freestone.

the Door: the angel
here at Georgia belle aprtments for independant living, are about 150 Doors, 160 residents. Each person who lives here is over 62 and most are retired. there are a number, here, who are over 90, maybe there are 50 people who are over 83. Some have lived here for over ten years.
Each Door has something on it that reflects the person behind the door.
There are many American Flags, cute-sey
artifical flowers, and plastic "somethings". But there are many surprises, there are many creative people here.
Too, tis interesting how that there are a number of Doors *without* any decorations! usually the person behind such a door is a batchlor single man.
A couple of these men have basicly a tv and a bed, maybe a table and chair, and little else, and nothing of "art"!
[just like they were like 30 years before!]

There are Society-type ladies who have hats on their doors, retired veterans who have six flags; 12 floors of Doors.

Uploaded by freestone on 18 Apr '06, 5.36pm EDT.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

the Door: the southern belle

the Door: the southern belle, originally uploaded by freestone.

the Door: the southern belle

In this georgia belle independant living facility apartment, Tallahassee, florida, usa, resides a lady about 82 years old who is of the Old Southern Aristocracy. She tells me that she has many many hats in her room. she sold her home last year to the historical society, housework got to be too too much for her.
She wears hats like this all of the time.

She grew up in tallahassee, of the upper class old south. family goes back to the very beginning of the founding of the city.

Kind and gracious, she is....

Uploaded by freestone on 18 Apr '06, 5.36pm EDT.

the Door: mine

the Door: mine, originally uploaded by freestone.

the Door: mine
my door to my aprtment, at georgia Belle apartments for senior living. nearly everyone has something on their door. often something "cute-sey" or the "american flag", but I see surprises. there are about 150 doors, I have seen only half, probably.
the upper image of the child with the animals comes from a Jehovah's witness Watchtower magazine. the image to the right is an illustration from a console game magizine, illustrating the new ps2 game of OKAMA. The whole game is supposed to be made up of "japanese art scenes" and you kill the monsters by often painting over them!

Uploaded by freestone on 18 Apr '06, 5.36pm EDT.

the one rose

the one rose, originally uploaded by freestone.

the one rose
Tallahassee, florida, usa.

one rose braves the drought to show forth. only .29 inches of rain since feburary and the normal total for this tallahassee area for feb..march..april, is about 12 to 15 inches.

one of the reasons why I have not taken many photos of this tallahassee area, of late, is that everything looks dried and dead, the grass is brown, and i wonder if the spanish moss will live! the normal rain season for the summer begins on about June 1st and from now till then is the dry season! loooks bad, people!

Uploaded by freestone on 18 Apr '06, 5.36pm EDT.

nice spring morning

nice spring morning, originally uploaded by freestone.

nice spring morning
tallahassee, florida, usa.

a nice 7 AM morning, on march the 18th, the view from my 5th floor apartment.
The temperature is maybe about 55 degrees, might make 70 to 75 today.

Looks like solid woods out there as if I lived next to a woods.


Under all of those trees are older
near-downtown houses! the vegetation is so thick that these buildings cannot be seen. This is one reason why I like this area of the country.

I learned in forestry school that it takes a tree seven years to grow the same height as a tree in the Northern states grows in 21 years!

railroad ties rot in only a few years, one cannot ever pick up a "walking stick" from a piece of dead wood lying on the ground as this stick would crumble in your hands! In my hometown area of Upstate new york, a dead stick is perfectly usable to support one's weight as a walking stick, for years and years, just lying on the wood's floor under the trees.

Uploaded by freestone on 18 Mar '06, 10.23am EST.

pretty spring clouds

pretty spring clouds, originally uploaded by freestone.

pretty spring clouds
a nice april 1st 80 degree day, here in Tallahassee, florida, usa.

Just some clouds, looking to the east.

Spanish moss drapes from the live oak tree.

Uploaded by freestone on 4 Apr '06, 10.17am EDT.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


rays, originally uploaded by freestone.

late afternoon, tallahassee, florida, usa.
Sunrays shinninghtrough a crack in the clouds.

Uploaded by freestone on 10 Apr '06, 11.37am EDT.

Monday, April 10, 2006

flowers on the fence

flowers on the fence, originally uploaded by freestone.

flowers on the fence
some tropical flower on a fence, tallahassee, florida, usa.

I do not recall the species name of this plant, I read that it is regarded as a weed all over the tropical world, an invasive plant.

In my upstate new york hometown area of Ithaca new york, a lady wrote an emotional letter to the editor. she ranted about all of the invasive plants in upstate new york.
[yes those pretty pretty roadside flowers she had extremely low regard for! the chicory, the thistle, the queens anne lace, she put down.]

I almost wrote a letter in response telling her that maybe *we* white people should go back to Europe as we are invasive too, and leave the americas to the Indians! But then again the Indians are *also* invasives, they should go back to Asia too!

so here s an invasive plant, I love this plant, I want more of them!!

Uploaded by freestone on 10 Apr '06, 11.37am EDT.

I have now "figured out" what one of my major dreams meant, and what this infers for our future!!

about a year ago, I wandered across a vast vast astral world and then I saw the major governing Temple administration complex being dismantled, "deconstructed"!
I now feel "why"!

I apparently was "taken" by angels or guides, on a journey of some sort, across a vast vast Land in the spirit world. This dream began as I stood on a dock facing a large body of water, and I heard the Voice telling me that this is where the souls come to this land from the earthplane after they die.
[the entrance to this place]
I then turned around and faced the inland area. A path led inland. I began to walk alone, under a faint cloudless blue sky. Immediately I was struck by the emptiness of this place! There was no indication of anyone living here and my feelings of emptiness was in spite of seeing off in the distance houses and barns! I came then nearer these farms. I was immediately struck by the size of them barns!! As if the farmers imaginations went wild and they made the most fanciful barns that they could make, barns that they could never ever build while back on earth. Some of these barns were 300 feet high!
the farmhouses looked to be made of a style of the late 1800s to about 1940. Of course! This is the time that the people died and then came here and then they had the farms made.
[a year after my father died, he came to me in dream, about 1987, and he showed me that he lived in the "New York State Victorian farmers world". He was a farmer, in upstate new York, of course. I, later, had another dream where I saw my father's grandparents living in *their* farmhouse, in this world! This is why I have "connections" to this world.]
---but no one was here! All of the houses looked abandoned, *were* abandoned. Where was the next wave of farmers?

Up ahead I could now see, on this walkabout along my road, some feverish activity. I could now see a vast Complex of "Greek classical" buildings, a "temple complex" of some sort, but what amazed me was that hundreds and hundreds of people were DECONSTRUCTING this complex! There was, by now, hardly anything left of it, a Greek column here, a wall there, and the wagons were hauling rock over to a vast pile of ruined stones: they were leveling this place

To The ground!

I wander, then, onwards, pondering even in my dream how this complex was the Ruling "Center" for this land, and why was it being taken apart?!

Eventually I came up to where I saw a kind of strange "line" across the road, running at right angles to the road and extending from horizon to horizon. On the other side of this line the grass was greener and the sky was bluer.
a Voice then told me that this line was the line between this "lower heaven" and the "objective real heavens"! I was not to advance any further, in this dream.
[apparently my hours and hours and hours of walking transversed the lower heavens and the Line demarcated the lower heavens from the "Real" heavens of the celestial worlds, the "true Home" of us all: this farmer world must be a "purgatory world" of some sort.

Now for my interpretation!

Yesterday, while listening to the wonderful NPR radio "thistle and shamrock" music, I thought about my childhood upstate new York farm. Nowadays, there are many abandoned houses and consolidated farms where one farmer has bought out ten farmers lands. The farmer's sons have all gone off to the cities! There are few rural people left and the ones that are there are often the lower class renters of the houses, they are the people who cannot have a Dream and today's dreams usually require the biggest city that you can stand. Thus the farmers sons are those who made the internet, have come out of the homo-closet, have played the music: they do not farm! Los Angeles, Atlanta, new York; these cities are now home.

Suddenly I realized!


these astral farmer souls had not merely left to go on to a high heaven; they
REINCARNATED upon the earthplane!! No wonder our global population is now 66 billion and counting: surely most of the lower heavens have been emptied out of all of the souls!

[there is a level of heaven where when you get to advance to there, you never ever *have* to reincarnate upon the earthplane ever ever again! As your soul advances, from life to lifetime, your soul's "Level" goes up and then when it gets to a certain level, no more incarnations. This is what I feel is meant by Jesus warning about the "second death"! In the spirit world they celebrate your birthday day alright but that day is your arrival there, thus this Day is your earthly death date!
spirits also gather as a kind of "wake" to see you off to incarnate, as then this is when you DIE yet again, die to the spirit world, as your spirit energy runs out and it comes Time, like it or not, to incarnate yet again. Only by growing in soul, connected to the Spirit, the Holy Spirit, can one stop incarnating.
"become Saved", as the 1st Baptist preacher says, for the tradition of the west, and
become Guru-initiated, in the East: fast track to never ever incarnating again!]

That temple complex was probably the Main center where souls evaluate their previous lifetime upon the earth, then they compare this life with the previous lives before this one, then here too they prepare for their future incarnation.


the templecenter is now gone!
Inference: for most of the souls now upon the earthplane, there will be no more incarnations! This present life is the last one for maybe 80%, or more, of the earth's population, then when you die, you will then live in the heavens forever without any more opportunities to incarnate again. Thus this temple is a "fossil", useless and out-dated, as the Law of Reincarnation has been overturned! Our racial
home will soon be *only* in the spirit worlds, probably there will be, very very soon, a PROFOUND "parting of the ways" where as if there is a huge boat at the docks
and the souls are Boarding this boat, and the souls that do not get on, by the time it leaves, will indeed be "left behind" [phrase is intentional!!] and then those left-behinders will start a new class of humanity, and never be part of ours, another 25,000 year cycle begins. This boat then enters where we all will live, with spiritual laws, not natural laws, present.
["racial ascending"]

no wonder each and all of us are trying to live "10 years per six months", as there truly ARE so so so many things that need doing as this is the last lifetime for you and me: get your soul lessons finished up NOW! This is why the "great run on the art class storeroom's crayons and paper and supplies", as 65 billion souls pump that oil and cut those trees, as these "things" are being transformed into our "artwork", our soul's missionwork, in this earthly highschool. Soon, the earth will rest, as the class graduates en-masse, nearly exhausted, the storeroom empty, the crayons transformed into Dreams, the paper used for Visions, the ink used for Lives!

I had a vision, in about January of this 2006 year, a man with a regal native American headdress of many many feathers came to me. He told me of how he was a
SENECA, from the Seneca tribe, [the tribe from the area where I was born].
[a master chief or shaman from that Nation]. He told me that

I awoke to the dream where I was in a room and there was a man standing before me. He looked the very part of a traditional Native American Indian. An older man, someone who was, to me, a Feel of his aura,
of someone who Knows, a Shaman, a Seer, someone from in the Spirit world, someone from *way* up in the spirit world who walked the earth, when he was alive, in the Path of Spirit, the path of the Great White Spirit!

probably before white man Contact, did he live.....

He began to speak to me, I assume, here, that I was Brought to hear his message.

He told me that he is a Seneca.
I knew what this meant.
[the five civilized Nations of the Iroquois confederacy, the Cayugas, the Senecas, the Algonquian, the Onidias, and ??????]
I was Born in Seneca Country, the Home of the Seneca nation, next to Seneca lake, that finger lakes area where the Great White Spirit
placed his hand upon the earth and then the finger depressions filled with water. The Indians considered this area to be the MOST spiritual area of all...
[four or five Religions got born here, the Spiritualists, the Mormons, and also Woman's rights]

right up my hometown vibe, this shaman might even have lived here next to the Lake, walked across my father's farm, lived on it, even, no wonder he appears to me!!!

he then held up a sheet of paper or parchment, then turned it around so that I could read the whole page.
On this sheet was writing, of course, and most of it in a language that I could not read! The sheet had paragraphs laid out like of a
"powerpoint presentation" with blocks of sentences and paragraphs, separated by a space.

There might have been a title too, just one word if there was, in Caps.

Try as I might try, I cannot recall this word and I know why, as this word was made up of "nonsense letters", like of English/roman letters trying to spell out a word from another language. Mostly constanents to boot.

the word was *like*
"culetet", or "lupedtp" or "culpwt"

then there was an ENGLISH sentence with this name in it, as this word was a name.

@ " 22 years from NOW, "culetet" Comes to the earth"!

@ wogmer needgyp olaqwm oobeenbit
[foreign language]

@ "when He appears, all of the people on the earth will be Taken into the spirit world"
[ not exactly the words, but close]

@ "he is a Coming of the Great White Spirit, the white people have another Name for Him, and this name is....
[*the* second coming, of Jesus.!!]

----end of vision, I wake up!

For now I know why this temple complex is to be no more, the boat is a-loading up souls and this would be your last lifetime upon the earthplane: make good use of it!!


so place your life-candle in the microwave, light both ends of it, then turn that microwave on to "maximum power" and then wave a cell phone in each hand and live ten years per month, to Get all of your Schoolwork DONE!
[this is why the age is so "multi-taskingly insane"!!]



6:11 PM
hi all.....

I might like to have to repeat my entire vision-dream about that farmworld in heaven, but I should not! Just to say that I dream-wandered for days across a plain filled with abandoned farms, the farms made by 1850...1950 farmers who died and then lived in this World. at the heart of this band of heaven was a huge temple complex, over a mile square, but there were the only people that i ever saw in this vast land, the people, hundreds of them, were tearing down this temple complex to the last greek column, the last stone. Dump it all, by truck, in a vast heap of rocks!

---for this temple was the very soul of this place, the School where souls
looked at their past life on earth and then learned about how to prepare for the next one and most of them did not go on to the next heaven, they reincarnated for their next life.
this temple was removed because Spirit had all of the people incarnate
onto earth: this land is now empty, all the souls incarnated...*this* is where the 66+ billions come from. then when we all die, no more incarnations ever.....thus no temple.

that I should write about!!

most souls spend 5 to 15 years between incarnations. at ten years per earth year, in heaven that means souls spend 50 to 150 years in this Land. Spirit thus WRENCHED them all off, before their time to incarnate, and then FORCED then to have a Spirit-given life-plan
AGAINST THEIR WILLS, and thus they all were so so so angry! each of these lives were probably 100+ lives of Unfinshed Businness, thus

*condensed Sufferings* of dozens of unworked-out problems per soul!
Forced upon them by Masters from the celestial, forced upon them by a Higher authority. Given a life that they would not ever ever have chosen by themselves or even chosen by their own School guides, for them!

The celestial masters.....why my last vision where i saw spirit people find a mural where their was a Code in it that gives the end of cilizization by, or at, 2021, why these master Angels of the Chgrist surely would know that any unfinished earth business would have to be done NOW, the Time is nearly up.

so millions and millions of souls incarnate


they are born with clenched fists, as they were forced against their will to leave those farms, those nice places in spirit and their free will was
overthrown, Someone Told Them What To Do, and the mission is Not Pleasent! thus many of these people have a life-long mission to
remove all traces of spirit from earthly existance, to kill that bastard that set up their suffering lives.

imagine a soul, say, who had 20 lives straight as a man, and then the Master of Chirst not only forced him to incarnate against his will, he forced him to become a woman to balance out those 20 lives.

he fell downwards into a womb screaming and shaking his fists at that bastard mucker who forces him to do this and of course "he"
is now a militant Lesbian who hates her gender and she has a mission to remove all religion from the schools.

...gotta git rid of that Authority that Told me what my life is like and is responsible for all of my sufffffferings!!...is what "she" is probably saying, if she could talk to her soul, this lesbian!

a minic on earth: all of the farmers are leaving their lands for the cities, in china, i read, "only the imcompetant, the sick, the old, remain on the farm, 80% of the people now live incities and the obesity percent of kids is now 40%, in china and everyone works in the urban life.

ripped from the old traditions, traditions that they did not "own' as they soaked up the traditions from childhood, thus spirit must "break" them of all traditions so that every little choice must be made by them, each, persoanally, with little help from anyone else!

the "vibrant urban life" for us all, at the last week of racial school, before
civilazation ends and the earth has a 90%-plus kill rate!

thus no wonder that there are so so so many angry people today who want the libral values of humanism to preval, as "God" forced them not only to incarnate before their Time, from spirit, but that all of this life they did not choose, was chosen FOR them and the choices probably
were not pleasent by any means!

there was a devout christian lady in my 1960 high school class who, when she left her family, she became a psychyitist in mahatten, new york city!

100% overthrow her traces, her relative complain to me that she is
now an alien to them.
she might be the only "real" soul amoungst her relatives, they all never ever chose a bit of their morality, their town, country, family, friends...chose it all for them, thus their is nearly no one home, in their soul!

we all should be like her, move to the city, so to speak, overthrow all fossilized thought forms, free ourselvers from the 500,000 years of traditions, and become the True Multicultural, and chose each and every choice by individual choosing!

---for the time is almost over: be much much harder after you die, to, say, free yourself from your 600 year old victorian family that you incarnated in over and over for those 600 years, then!

thus no wonder so many of today's people are so angry!
can one blame them at all?!!



Thursday, April 06, 2006

pretty spring clouds

pretty spring clouds, originally uploaded by freestone.

pretty spring clouds
a nice april 1st 80 degree day, here in Tallahassee, florida, usa.

Just some clouds, looking to the east.

Spanish moss drapes from the live oak tree.

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

the regulars

the regulars, originally uploaded by freestone.

the regulars
Late afternoon at Georgia belle apartments for Independant living, tallahassee, florida, usa.
The front entrance is where a lot of residents sit for their outdoor breaks. Mostly the smokers sit here, however, and it is strange that now all over the country it is the smokers who breath the fresh outdoor air!

One of the fellows, here, is about 85 and he "laughs at colestrolol", as he says: he eats anything that he wants to and is very active in life.
[I know a tallahassee barber who is 90 years old and works all day long and he has a stomach that would scare any
"anti-obsesity" health fanatic, probably he would weigh 240 on the scales and that he eats all of the wrong things!]
There is a 83 year old grandmother here who plays rpgs on her SNES console game system!
There is an 84 year old man who plays tennis several days a week!

Here at Georgia Belle, there are happy people, sad people, really a Microcosm
of any group of people, about 160 people live here.

Some, as a desk person told me, "some little old ladies are quite content to stay in their rooms all day long and write letters and read their Bibles", but a couple of people go outside and walk from three to six miles a day!

---about four times a month the ambulance and fire trucks come, with their medics, and everyone here Knows that someday this ambulance will Come For Them!

we all are just a little bit further along, on the Time's Conveyor Belt of life, and that each of us now sees off in the not-very-distant distance, our tombstones.
[of course the young do not have to think about the Ending of life in old age, but they do not think about accidents, sickness, plane crashes, etc: they can Leave just as quickly!]

So the people here live without talking about "mr death" too too much. But now is the Time of life when one cannot really "deny" any longer the enevitible, and some face it hopefully, and some face it sadly or fearfully.

But many of these "regulars" will still be sitting outside years from now, there are some residents who have lived here for 10...15...or more, years. Yes, there is still time to enjoy life, to learn from living, the lessons of one's soul. Even if one cannot
play a sport well anymore, there are many things one can still do well: write, read, walk...etc...etc...or just relax as there now are no "timeclocks" to allign your daily life to!

so these regulars will be sitting out here, or in back by the garden, tomorrow, the day after, and perhaps for years yet to come.

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

georgia belle gardens

georgia belle gardens, originally uploaded by freestone.

georgia belle gardens
late afternoon at the gardens behind my senior living apartments, Georgia Belle.

I like the golden glow of the late sun lighting up the tree, all are at church, no one here. An unknown tropical vine climbs the Live oak,
Cabbage palms in the background.

[ I read that this vine is now found as a "weed" in every tropical country all over the world! Pretty trumpet shaped yellow flowers, "Trumpet Creeper", maybe.]

Many people sit out here in the later afternoon and ealy evenings.

Yes a nice calm place to sit in one of the benches, especially if one is retired and living here.

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