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Monday, February 27, 2006

nice tag

nice tag, originally uploaded by freestone.

nice tag
only a tag, on an abandoned, for sale, resturant, but I feel that this tag looks pretty. a good question: when is a tag *only* a tag, some of them are "murals", works of art!

Even a small city like Tallahassee, fla. has a few pieces and tags.

Uploaded by freestone on 17 Oct '05, 8.52am EST.

the live camera: CORNELL university

cornell live cam

here is a winter picture for ya, Conell university live camera. Looks over Cayuga lake, the hilltop is about 500 feet above that lake and the lake is 60 miles long so that the wind can blow unobstructed for over 60 miles to caress your body as you walk to that 8 AM class, walking all of the five blocks where the temp is about 10 above zero!
---other wise a very pretty area to live in.

my childhood home is just about visible on the other side of the lake!

Friday, February 24, 2006

hi all....

yet another astral travel dream, it was astral all right as i floated over the scenery, flew and floated to a hill top, then into a Land of some sort.

I came to an open field near a wall, to where there was a person.

there was something "not nice" here.

For here was what looked, at first, to be a old child of a woman. a short skranny lady, almost naked and chained to the ground by an iron chain, running from her waist to an oron ring on the rocky ground.

She did not look like a pretty lady, she looked fatless and ugly, her face was nothing but anger and 'bitchyness"!
when she saw me, she began to curse and yell and try to get to me to attack me in the greatest anger that she could muster!!

bitch bitch bitch, her words were not understandible, they were so emotional.

there was several people standing nearby, one of them had what looked to be a lit ciggarette and this person walked over to her and then stuck this lit ciggerate onto her arm, the lit end, that is! she spamsed in pain and then i could see the red welt on her arm. he then burned her scalp on her head in the same way. she then huddled in the corner of her rocky wall.

there were many many other scars on her arm and face from other burns, the men had been tormenting her for some time!
---end of dream.

a guess, by me.

She saw me as a "higher spirit being", than her beings around her, and the world she was in, thus she blamed me for her life, there. blamed me for "eeeeeeeverrrything", her life on earth, her placement into this Place, her punishments.
[she would blame every being from every heavenplace that was a level above her!]

"the Bitch", i call her!

[i hear "her", and "him" all around me, in some of the people that I see everyday! some people *are* the bitch! they approach life with a
red-hot needle of a tongue and complain with this tongue about something and everything, the sound of fingernails scratching upon a blackboard. NOW she HAS something to complain about.

do not let the psychic new agers tell ya otherwise: there *IS* a hell and there *ARE* hellworlds, in the afterlife! i have been taken to see some of them, they are NOT nice!!!
---there was one hell, in particular, where I was told by a master-demon, that this is a place where souls come for Pentenence of their earthly spiritual errors
[work out sin-errors, while living in heaven for 5000 heaven years, or work it out in 50 years, in Accelerated hell-punishments, in Hell!!
You would *run* to embrace this grace of a privilage as you cannot progress
up into the higher heavens untill this lower crud is removed, *would* you want to wait for those 5000 years?! thus you compress 5000 years of nickle and dime karmic retributions into 50 years of Condensed retributions with devils and demons in attendance!]

and yes, devils and demons, who never ever incarnated *as* a human being, do exist, i have seen and talked with them, in my dreams!
I could see souls being tormented, I saw off in the distance where there was a grim brick building where I could hear the screams of people being tortured in some manner, the screams sounded like they were tortured to the MAX....think: the most hidious torture that you can imagine!!
my master demon guide told me all of this, in the parenthesis above, how souls come here to remove their earthly sins, or maybe I think: "forced"
to come here by spiritual law.

so this lady will remain chained to the ground for probably a while, tormented by any Bully that is near, over and over and over....
a year?
ten years?
till she goes utterly Insane?!

break her will so that there is no more Self left, probably?!

not a nice dream was it, sports fans?!

but I have to "report" what i see, this dream is NOT a "psychological dream", these astral travels are to afterlife worlds, a preview of where we all will go to some day, in 3-D real Time Preview!

---and some of these places are *NOT* nice: try to live today on earth with Tomorrow in heaven in mind: not "preaching", i am, just describing the facts of cause and effect and one's Future!!


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

a door into 1952

a door into 1952, originally uploaded by freestone.

a door into 1952
a door of a resident at my senior resident apartment house, Georgia Belle.
Behind that door is probably the Dates, 1929 to 1963. the Mindset, anyway.

I do not know this man, I pass this door often as i leave the Store, i have a Door, myself, on another floor.

I cover his nametag with a tissue, not only for obvious reason, but to use his door as a collective description of what I think, of that whole generation that grew up in the great Depression and WW II, and the consevative aftermath.

Alady once wrote an editorial in the Tallahassee Democrat, on Veterans day, saying....

"my Uncle Henry, the WW II vet, is very
fixed in his habits and is conservative and opinionated to the extreme. I now see WHY he is! He grew up, and lived, when you obey orders and did not think for yourself ever, you could die on the battlefield in moments if you did. You considered change in any form to be a sign of weakness, you would break before you bent. Everything was een in either GOOD or EVIL, not a shade of grey there was: you knew who your friends were and your enimies! You found Higher Authority, and obeyed it without any questions whatsoever! In civilian life, during the depression years/war years, you put family, town, country first and you came utterly LAST! you put all of your childhood dreams in the attic, in boxes, and never touched them again. had to, as your dawn to dusk work supported your family, your town, your country!
So, now my uncle is out of step with the Times, but he did save civilization for you, in the 1940s! It was he, and his fellows, that "made the dancing floor, for you to dance upon", he never considered ever ever dancing himself, in sacrifice. thus all that our generation now does, depended upon what he did during his lifetimes!

So; I do not ever expect my uncle to change. he will live with this "black/white" fixed opinions until he dies, but his and his people's actions saved this country so that I can live in it!"

there are many many doors here, in this 12 floor building, many of the doors have flags and veteran's decors on them: many "Uncle Henrys", not necessarily that conservative.


Uploaded by freestone on 22 Feb '06, 9.14am EST.

a Center of the Tallahassee universe!

a Center of the Tallahassee universe!
the old May Tree. From 1844, about 20 years after Tallahassee was settled, until about 1968, the May Day Celebration was held around this tree. This Live Oak, about four foot in diameter and I counted the rings, years ago, about 350 to 400+ years old, was the Meeting point. Was out in the country then, now it is right downtown!
This park was lined with mansions and plantation houses, and on May 1st, the group of young girls would dress up in crinoline, "southern Gothic"...right out of "Gone With The Wind", southern dresses, and "Dance around the maypole, the maypole being this tree! Of course these dresses were not "old fashioned" in 1880!

The ladies also established a private public library about a block away, a library that remained *as* a private plantation upper crust private library until even 1980, or so!

Oh so southern Gothic, a pagan holiday, may 1st, the old south antebellum ways of life of the upper social elete and the landed gentry of the Old South.

Much Mystry here!

They ceased holding this celebration when "Springtime Tallahassee" began, around 1968, a "mardi gras" type of parade and downtown arts and craft event where 100,000 people come, around early April, held just behind this stump, for blocks and blocks filling up the downtown. That old library is the headquarters of this festival, still the provence of the New Money and the old plantation landowners and old gentry!

tallahassee, florida usa.

Uploaded by freestone on 22 Feb '06, 9.15am EST.

Friday, February 17, 2006

"was a good life"!

"was a good life"!, originally uploaded by freestone.

Well, I had a small discovery yesterday
at my senior residence!
I left in the 8 AM morning by the back door near the trash container, as I had trash to throw out and when i looked in the trash bin door, I saw a box someone had pitched out just earlier. The box was full of empty meds bottles and mostly bottles pertaining to laxitives. Behind this box was a emema-giving device, tossed by the same person. I gave a "detective" glance at all of this to try to feel what the sufferings were of this person: i suspected having a bowel movement took this person hours each and every day, had to, or else "fecal empactation" might occur, a terrible problem in some elderly people!
Later that afternoon, at the Store on the second floor, i saw a small "yard sale" sign on a door across from the store. I knocked on the door and several relatives came to the door and they let me in. The apartment was nearly empty, i was told that the lady who lived here, in terrible health, was now being moved to the Nursing Home, where she could get better care.
I then noted a box of kitchen cooking tools, all rusted and dirty, she probably lived here for years, and cooked a lot, but as her health went down, she cooked less and less, and could not even clean up. Next to this box was yet another box of laxative stuff: now I knew she was the lady who had her relatives pitch out the trash, earlier! As I left, i heard one of the relatives talk about being sure to get all of her geneology books together.

Thus then "it hit me"! here was a lady who moved into Georgia Belle, a lady who had many many interests and talants. She probably did geneology searches on her whole family. A person
of Intelligence and Feelings!
But now years later she is a medical case, her body
might be almost useless, one of these people who if you asked how she was, "this morning", it would take her an hour to reply as she has *SO* many body-ill conditions to report!

My father was like that, the year I lived with my aunt, his sister, he had about 10 strokes and five heart attacks, and in the Home, he was dementia-tated to about a 8 year old child! If one were to meet him there in the Home, for the first time, one might never know he was a blacksmith and a man who once talked four hours non stop and the 10 people who listened did not say one word and when he had to go, one man turned to speak out, and spoke for all of them, "its too bad Dudley had to go, I wanted more"! A STORYTELLER. indian legends, mines, coal, geology, politics, etc.
But you would not know, there, at the Home, then, about Dudley's amazing life!

MORAL of this post?: One can never judge a summer by the weakly warm last day of October! One cannot judge a river by its low water level in the drought year!
Take this lady who is watching her sunset go down. She might have also had, in her own way, an amazingly creative life, but now her sun sets. The late october sun cannot anymore warm the tomato plants in the New England garden, tis all you can do to keep the nightly frosts from killing the plants outright as you cover then each and every night, the tomatoes are now in "maintanence mode-only", and that "maintanence" takes up the whole day, fills it. You might not know that this tomato plant bore a tomato that won the state fair first prize, in August, several months before!! Next week, probably, the artic blast will cover this plant in 6 inches of snow at 15 degrees, to grave and worms and bone-dust we each all Go some day!

the River of one's life is measured by
the High flood levels, *not* the drought levels in the dry years!

that tomato plant will be Measured by that prize-winning Tomato!

*not* by how many hours it takes to have a bowel movement, with emema-bag and ten laxative pills at the ready, when she is 87 years old!


"was a good life"!
"Was a good life, now it is all but over", a senior resident of Georgia Belle Independant Living facilities, Tallahassee, Florida, setting outside to look at the
setting sun.
She told me, when I walked up to her, that she stepped out to see what was going on
outside of the building. She actually *was* out there to look at the sunset!
I did not ask her what she was thinking about.

Here at georgia belle Independant living facilities, there are about 160 residents. Often the ambulance comes at night, and everyone sort of just knows that one day soon it will come for them!

An Apt metaphor for someone who is nearly 80, to watch the sun set to the West, "was a good life, still *is* a good life, and even the setting sun is setting in a nice way, after all some sundowns go down hard with 38 degrees and drizzle and 20 mph winds! Today the temperature might be over 80 degrees, in this sub-tropical locale, around the 12th of November, a perfect sunset.

Uploaded by freestone on 13 Nov '05, 2.03pm EST.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hi all...

I, in the prophecies section, started a thread about how I took a photo of a sunset, but the clouds, where in my resulting photo, showed to me images imbedded in these clouds far far more than I can almost "stand"!
I note that these embedded images are over the city of New Orleans, and the photo was taken on january 28th of 2006, exactly six months from August 28th!!
I begin a new thread as I now have more information as to what is embedded.


so here is what I wrote, in my photo desriptions

Embedded images in the clouds; over New Orleans!

sunset, Tallahassee, florida, usa, with my new canon a410.


I am looking to the West from the 2nd floor of my apartment senior home. A nice beautiful sunset.

There is an element of spookyness with this photo as if you look at the very top of that flagpole-thing, then at the right of it, the blob of cirrus clouds seem to spell out several letters!!
I, mysef, and a librarian here at this library where I now sit, and also several people on a "psychic forum" we all see the word SIN in that cloud pattern at
the right of the flagpole tip!
There is also, at the left side of the sin-cloud, a "3". the "S" of "sin" is at the very left, in a small letter in the clouds.
the "3" might mean "the Trinity"!

I would not ordinarily place much importance to objects and words seen in a cloud; after all, especially with Cirrus clouds, it would be easy for anyone to ascribe images to cloud patterns!
But here the "kicker", the Small Painful Thing, about these images is this: I am looking exactly west from the 3rd floor, from Tallahassee, Florida, latitude about 30 degrees 20 minutes North, looking towards New Orleans, the city that is about at just under 29 degrees, 50 minutes North.
This means that if I were to look at the horizon under that cloud pattern, I would be looking *at* New Orleans!
--These clouds line up with New Orleans, thus according to the symbolism of this photo, these images are *over* New Orleans!

symbolicly: that cloud pattern is over New Orleans, and pertains to that city!
Also: this photo was taken on january 28th of 2006, exactly six months from when Katrina was about to hit new orleans!

There is More!

If I were to look at this photo rotated so that the horizon is vertical.
Rotated sunset, image of an Angel now more obvious!

the "rightsideup" photo is here.

If you look at the flagpole, then drop your eyes downwards about a half an inch, there is an image of a person facing to the right.

I rotated this sunset photo so to have this Personage more visible.

A man with a staff. Looks like an Angel, to me. Looks to be a very "Biblical" figure. To me, this image could be from one's childhood Sunday School Bible, that "Illustrated" Bible, where there were paintings of Bible scenes. Thus to me this figure might be one of the shepherd with his staff.
I have the Intuitive feeling that the "object" that seems to be the top of the staff looks almost like of a "microphone". My inferred Meaning: he is speaking words of encourgement and exhortation to the Souls that are in "sin", and he Exhorts them to now get on the Boat that goes to heaven! He looks to be speaking with such enthusiasm!

Yes, there is a Boat, it looks like an ARK, and it is at the top of the flagpole, the flagpole goes through the center of it, and this boat is best seen in the rightsideup photo.

--there is, below that "sin" word, an image of a Biblical figure with a staff like of a shepherd. he looks to be almost as if he is exhorting, as he seems to be using the top of his staff as a microphone! Exhorting the "sinning souls" perhaps.
--then the flagpole runs through the center of another image, that of a BOAT; this looks to be an Ark, another Bible image object!

sin, boat, angel, I have an interpetation.

the sinners are merely those who died without any preparation, without much spirit in their hearts so that they are still fixitated upon the physical world. They look "downwards", from their very low level of the lower astral realms, and see only the astral backsides of the earth plane; "earthbound" they are called, in Spiritualism terms. Their whole center of soul-gravity is in Material realities, thus there is no Jesus in their hearts and precious little else of Spirit.
The Angel is a rescue Angel, representing the work of Heavenly Workers, under Jesus, working to find lost souls and to get them to be able to "get on the Boat" [across the river Jorden] to go off to the real heaven, and to leave being focused on the earthplane.

Rescue of souls who died in the Katrina
devastation of the new orleans area.

----from a news article about the Tidal wave dec 25th 2004.
"A Trip to a Haunted Thai Town
Half of tourist haven Khao Lak's 5,000 people perished in the tsunami. Now, the survivors fear new waves -- and the ghosts of the lost"
---many rescue workers reported seeing actual ghosts, lost souls torn away from their bodies before their time to go, they had no preparation for the afterlife! [they would also have to be rescued, but not by earthly Red Cross workers, but by heavenly Angels and Guides: *this* is what this "cloud mural", to me, shows what is going on at New Orleans, now!

Even this flagpole is part of this scene!
If you look closely at the top of the pole, you can see a bit of cloud that actually *extends* this flagpole even the higher! It is as if one could climb this pole and ascend to heaven, to leave the earth behind!

but this pole is *NOT* a flagpole! There is such a pole just like this one on top of the Empire State Building.
This Hotel, where the pole is on top of, was built before 1938, they tell me and in the late 30s
BLIMPS were the Next New Thing, and that on top of the hotel the guests were supposed to arrive and to LEAVE via blimp! this blimp would tether to the top of the pole, where the "ship" is, then the blimp would lower and then the people would get onto it, then this blimp would cast off and up and away!
--oh how synchronisticly symbolic of what is in this photo!!


Monday, February 13, 2006

near Time for Sunday evening Service

near Time for Sunday evening Service
The dining hall of my Georgia Belle Senior Independant Living facilites, where I live.
About 4 pm, nearly time for the Sunday church evening service. About ten to twenty people attend.

I like this feeling, here, that I feel as I view this photo after I uploaded it. That there is a kind of "wistfullness" here, in this empty hall, as someone has set up the songbooks and it is early so no one has come in yet, thus there is, to me, a kind of "sunseting on the Lives" feeling, here!

a bit of sadness too, I feel, as I sense something "unfinished", like of dreams not lived, as many of these people grew up in the Great 30s Depression, followed by War Industry time, where their dreams had to be put into boxes in the attics, so that their families, their towns, their country, came first and that they came *last*, in the Order of Things!
No it is too too late to dance the dance of life: time to sit back with body ailments, and to watch the Sun go Down. At least they can make peace with their lives that they did live out.

There are about 160 residents, some active and about, some at "nursing home" level where they cannot barely even leave their rooms.

Uploaded by freestone on 13 Feb '06, 9.49am EST.

live oak with airplant ferns

live oak with airplant ferns, originally uploaded by freestone.

live oak with airplant ferns
A nice tallahassee live oak, branches covered with airplant ferns and Spanish
Moss, with a few white lichens for good measure.
I read that oaks life of this one sometimes has
ephpyite orchids hidden in the ferns! Right here in Tallahassee. Bloom August to March; i have never ever seen one, got to be a squirrel, I fear, to be able to climb to see one!

Uploaded by freestone on 13 Feb '06, 9.35am EST.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

"was a good life"!

"was a good life"!, originally uploaded by freestone.

I, myself, Live at this Senior Independant Living center, Georgia belle. I am 64 years old, and I have lived there now for two years.
There are about 160 residents here, and I have got to know about 40 to 80 people on a at least once per week basis. I have really now began to Understand how each person has a "Tone", a kind of "Soul" where each and every word they utter is colored by this Tone, the sound of the voice is colored, it seems, by the "sum-total-average" of every little experience from their lives that they, deep in their souls, Believe In!

--a positive, slightly sarcastic man about 65 who is an "ear" person, he has about 600 cds/tapes
of music. he slurges on music and sound systems. He eats enough for three men, and he jokes about eating the "diabetic pie" *and* the regular cake too, at supper!
--the lady Who Complains! each thing that she says seems to be an outright complaint, but strangely her heart feels good! I guess when you come from Eastern new England, you are this way by Default.

I find it hard to describe any one case in point, though: each person has a kind of "Aura" and this arua colors everything that is said and done, by this person.
I would imagine how difficult it would be to change too, as this "tone" is deep deep down in the "Bios level", not accessible by windows XP *or* of regular consulings or even a superfical change in attitude either! maybe not even a Profound change in attitude could change this!

10,000 chips of the chisel makes that stone schulpture face, each little one chipping does its bit, they all add up, then when you die this is the Face that you face God with, i guess.


Thursday, February 09, 2006

wall of my room

wall of my room, originally uploaded by freestone.

wall of my room
Here is a shot of the wall in my Kitchen, where there are Interesting posters.
--picture of Jesus with child.
--a graffiti mural from artcrimes.com, I think.
--the blue-robed Jesus, to the right of the face of Jesus, is a Watchtower, Jehovah's Witness magazine picture; I often collect drawings from that publication.

note that if you look at this Jehovah's witness picture of Jesus really closely, but out of the side of your focus vision, you might see to the right of Jesus a FACE made up of the figures of several men! An Embedded face! there is also another face to the left of jesus, you might be able to see this in the largest photo.
i have read in the Cult books that there are illustrators in the Witness
publishing office that sneak embedded images into the watchtower newspapers!!
Often of Demons and monsters, they hide!
Apparently this particular image has been treated like of this way: this is why i have it on my wall, i feel "tickled" that this is done!

--that colored sketch, that i made the other day, at the top, is a "memorial" to my deceased sister Suanna Wilson [MSW] 1986. The drawing, shows, to me, the Inner Workings of her life, having little to do with her being a professor of social work while she lived!
--That she lives now in heaven as a result of her Spiritual connections made on earth with Spirit, as *if* there was a Jesus beside her, inside her, in her heart, while she was living her earthly life.

Uploaded by freestone on 6 Feb '06, 8.31am EST.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Book forgotten in library men's room

from my friends flickr site...

Book forgotten in library men's room
Someone needs this, so I took it to Lost & Found.

An okay book (I read the earlier edition).

Uploaded by readerwalker on 4 Feb '06, 10.24pm EST.

I made a comment.

Yes one needs this book al right if they left it behind!

reminds me of why I stopped making grocery lists: if i made one, i would either forget to bring it or maybe even put in my pocket then never look at it while in the store!


Monday, February 06, 2006

arcane markings of the Utilities Crew!

arcane markings of the Utilities Crew!
Tallahassee, Florida, usa.

Here on a side street are these occult, arcane, looking markings put there by the Tallahahassee utilities repair crew. probably indicates what needs to be fixed. I was struck by how "arcane" or "Graffiti" these markings look like!

They almost look like medievel Alchemical symbols.

yes even the workmen's markings lot like "graffiti" today!

have you ever noticed these while walking about your streets?! the workmen leave messages to each other in symbolic Codes, so that the Diggers can dig properly later, or that the linemen can fix something. the spraypaint last for months and months.

Uploaded by freestone on 6 Feb '06, 8.31am EST.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

that flickr site of mine
where I have now about 230 photos of the Tallahassee, Florida, area of the usa, has now grown enough so that I can subscribe to several of the "FLICKR GROUPS" and also to create a few groups of my own.

here are three.

--the first.

About A Place to live for
There are places on our planet where if one were to see a photo showing a scene from this place, you would maybe like to move there! At least to visit this area of the world.

"A Place to live for"
---like in that book "1000 Places to See Before You Die", this location might be place number 1001, a place not in this book; a place where you would want to be able to live *longer* so that you might visit, some day!

The type of place where if you saw a photo from this place, you would leap up from the table and call your travel agent!

You may already be living in such a place, lucky or wise-choosing you! All that you might have to do, to take an amazing picture, is to step outside of your front door and take a snapshot in nearly any compass direction and the resulting photo would be of an Inspiration for others to seek out the Wonder and the Mystery of *your* "Heaven on Earth" place!

I live in such a place, even though it is a city of 200,000 people: Tallahassee, Florida, usa.
Lush and green and usually warm all year long.

So please join and submit pictures of your Heaven on Earth, your Place to Live For!


---the second.



About The Plant
Photos where there is one plant, as a focus. There can be many many other species and numbers of other plants, in your photo, but there has to be one plant centered upon.
--one redrose plant prominent, in a picture of 20 roses, many of different colors.
--a landscape but with one tree
--a city scene, but there is a tree or bush that stands out!
--a leaf with a frog on it.
--a flower.
--a vine.
--a garden scene containing maybe 50 kinds of plants, but with One Named
Plant, in the title of the photo.

[I have not really seen a group where single plants are focused upon, I create my own group!]

Please sign up and join. You may submit as many photos as you would like, at once. Almost any outdoor photo will do, as long as there is one plant prominent.

thank you.



--the third.



About growing old
What is it like to grow old?

Many of "us" are the baby boomers, some of us are now 50 to 60 years old. We are getting ever the Older!

I am 64, myself, and I live in an
Independant Living Apartment Home.
There are several people over 90 years old who live there. Thus I, born in 1941, stand between the Great Depression generation, and the baby bommers of the 1947-1964 era. I can see, and live, in each realm!

This group will have photos
of older people, and anything of their surroundings.

Sometimes just an object, like of an empty shuffleboard court, may invoke a feeling of old aging people and their lives.
--older people over 62.
--things that they own.
--the surroundings that "frame" them, even if there are no people in the photo. [Easy for "permissions" that way!]

Please sign up and submit as many photos as you would like.

So this group will be about the people of the 1940s, and before. Maybe we "younger" people can take the Positive values that they have, without the "negative" values, and weave them into our lives, as we get ever the older too!



If you are interested, please go visit one, or more, of my groups and subscribe and then post your own flickr photos, if you are a member of Flickr. Or just look, if you are not.


Friday, February 03, 2006

tropic blue

tropic blue, originally uploaded by freestone.

tropic blue
Tallahassee, Florida, usa

Oh so blue, oh so Tropical!
The air is a-coming direct from the equator, there is no air polution, no haze. I can feel like I can reach up and touch those clouds!

My apartment, georgia belle, is this tower. An "independant living facility" for 160 people. I wonder if any of the residents, who are mostly in their 60s..70s..80s, are enjoying the wonderful air, so perfumed with flower scents and so blue and clear: *this* is why so many retirees must come to Florida!

Yes, i would be forgiven, if I were to have just seen this photo in another person's Stream, and thought that the ocean was just behind this building, with a sandy beach and palm trees. Oh, there are palm trees here, but the sea is 40 miles away. just the same, the air that is here, today, has come direct from the tropics at the equator level, unsullied by fumes or smoke.
Thus I live in a place of the world where the sky often *looks* as if I were living on a tropical South Sea Pacific Island! This sort of "tropic sky" can exist, with the temperatures that go with it, from early march to early November!

Might be 95 degrees when this photo was taken!

Uploaded by freestone on 26 Aug '05, 9.10am EST.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

"homeless" the Tallahassee homeless shelter mural left end.

"homeless" the Tallahassee homeless shelter mural left end.
the Great Mural on the west wall of the tallahassee homeless shelter building, Tallahassee, Florida, usa.


That is the sentence painted on the wall.

I apologize for the strange canera angles, this mural is in a very difficult place to shoot a proper perspective! I had to stand right up next to this mural.

Please go to this Set, this mural set, to see the whole mural in its entire wall, as this mural is about 50 feet long. You then can see the mural, from let to right, in order sequence.

Yes, this mural I find very impressive.
There are all sorts of symbols here. That "statue of liberty" is really a Christian cross, and it is tipped in the same excact angle as the left hand's "beans" that make up a cross in the other great tallahassee mural, about three blocks away!

No one can make it to heaven alone, one needs Salvation and Angels, the Spirtual life of the Soul.

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


links, originally uploaded by freestone.

I now have a great number of links to things Flickr, like of the "random photo" and Tools for photo people.

plus some of my personal favorite photo-sites.

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mcdougal plantation house

mcdougal plantation house, originally uploaded by freestone.

mcdougal plantation house
Mcdougal plantation house, the front building has no windows, it is the smokehouse.
The slaves would cure the meat here.
There was once a separate kitchen, but it burned down years ago: this was why the old houses, here, had kitchens in a separate building, they burned down often!
there are about 12 to 15 fireplaces in the plantation house, must have been a full time job to keep them burning!

So here is a nice 65 degree Talahassee, florida, day!

The light and the shadows really stand out, even at the end of january, "today", the subtropic sun is very very bright.

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