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Monday, October 31, 2005

green wall

green wall, originally uploaded by freestone.

green wall
oh look, a *green painted wall*! No, the wall is painted with a vine, a vine called, "fig vine"!

Uploaded by freestone on 31 Oct '05, 8.26am EST.

I walk by this wall many times a week, i see that it grew all summer long.
there are lots to see, in this city, on my walks. But one has to be open to see new things and to "get off" on the Interesting things all around one's self.

where I live, in Tallahassee

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

ah photobucket, another place for photos.

This is Georgia belle apartments, the place where I live, in Tallahassee, Florida.
"Independant living facilities", they call it. here the staff decorates the front entrance, for Halloween.

hi all....

here on David oates site

of Reverse speech, is one of his aticles about his "spiritual stance".


a very, to me, interesting article.

Separate from these personal interactions, a higher collective intelligence was also operating. This intelligence used the operations of the Whirlwind to structure the process of human evolution and historical events so that a higher consciousness could evolve. At times, it seemed to structure life events so that people operating common reversed metaphors would find each other. Through the process of Oral Tradition, similar unconscious metaphors attracted each other through interactions in the Whirlwind. When these people met, they would exchange further personal metaphors that would unconsciously combine with other metaphors during the process of conversation and energy exchange.
This process of evolution seemed to be leading mankind towards an inevitable and unshakable confrontation with itself. The discovery of Reverse Speech was the most significant step yet towards this process. The unconscious mind was rising to consciousness and was calling for a unification of the whole. It was leading us back to ourselves, to the Light that lay within, and eventually humanity would begin to discover the source of energy that was contained within this Light.

From my research with Reverse Speech and my Christian upbringing, I understood this energy to be the Light of God that came from the deepest recesses of the mind, from an area even deeper than the collective unconscious in the timeless void beyond the Mist that Reverse Speech called Heaven.
With the arrogance of conscious blindness, we had given demons permission to reside in the Whirlwind that the light of collective intelligence had used to reflect Himself upon the world. And so the Light of collective intelligence was restructuring the historical events of human history through the pictures in the wind so the demons of the mind could be exposed.

---yet *another* warning about the Confrontation that lies ahead, not far away!


evening at the Church

evening at the Church, originally uploaded by freestone.

evening at the Church
Early evening at the St. John's Episcopal Church, Tallahassee, florida. Not the greatest of angles taken, but the real nice view of the front has to be taken out in the middle of a six lane street!
Early evening, the 6PM servive has just let out and the real human being is ringing the bells. Most of the church is now in shadows, a bit of sun still shines on the roof. One of the oldest churches in the city.

Uploaded by freestone on 31 Oct '05, 8.16am EST.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Snake Shyam nabs another Cobra

Snake Shyam nabs another Cobra
Snake Shyam who has featured even in Nat Geo is called by the man in the background of the picture, as a Cobra which my grandmother spotted has entered their house. Shyam is on the spot within 30 minutes and within the next 10 minutes he has this beautiful reptile in control.
Sham releases hundreds of such snakes to a safer environment after capturing them. The on looking family takes a deep breath!

Uploaded by Jayanth Sharma on 29 Sep '05, 9.47pm EST.

old tallahassee house

old tallahassee house, originally uploaded by freestone.

old tallahassee house
An old 1880, or so, house from across the street, at Tallahassee, florida, where I live.

Uploaded by freestone on 29 Oct '05, 9.49am EST.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

the pumpkins

the pumpkins, originally uploaded by freestone.

the pumpkins
every year at Georgia belle Independant living facilities, at tallahassee, florida, they have a "pumpkin decorating contest". People decorate small pumpkins, and then they are judged and displayed, eveyone posts their choices as to which one is best.

Uploaded by freestone on 29 Oct '05, 10.53am EDT.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

fall view from my room

fall view from my room, originally uploaded by freestone.

fall view from my room
just a north view from my room on the 5th floor, nothing special.
tallahassee, florida.
oct 27th 2005

Uploaded by freestone on 27 Oct '05, 6.49pm EDT.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005



Here is a site that exposes the exposers of Sathya sai baba!
many of these baba haters who post over and over and over about how sai baba has sex with young boys, etc....These people either are very very Fundamentalist christians
or themselves have been in programs for sex offenders, THEMSELVES!

here is a small example of what is on this site!
[they have a forum too!]

• SATHYA SAI BABA: Lies & Anti-Sais

ExBaba.com Deception

Insightful and astonishing facts about the portal to the largest Anti-Sai site on the internet, ExBaba.com. An exhaustive page for page analysis.


Anti-Sai Film

A documentary that not only misrepresented Alaya's testimonies, against the Indian Guru Satya Sai Baba, but failed to take into account vital information about Alaya Rahm.


• DOCUMENTARY: Seduced By Sai Baba

Anti-Sai Film

Contradictory testimonies from Conny Larsson, Jed Geyerhahn and Alaya Rahm, examined. Also talks about Ojvind Kyro and his unsubstantiated claim to being in possession of 10 affidavits.



• SATHYA SAI BABA: Mirror Site

SaiGuru.net Deception

An Anti-Sai site that duplicates articles from ExBaba.com (and other Anti-SSB sites) and tries to pass itself off as an "independent" site.


• 20 YEAR UNTRUTH: Skeptics Untruth Exposed

A False Claim

James Randi related a story about Sam Dalal (regarding a Seiko watch miracle attributed to Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba) over 20 years ago, that was shown to be 100% incorrect. All it took was one email to disprove this untruth.


• WITNESSES: Alaya Rahm

Withheld Information

An extensive look into the various sexual abuse testimonies made by Alaya Rahm, along with interesting observations and two insightful transcripts.


• SAIPETITION.NET: Online Petition

Petition Against SSB

Exposing the deceptive practices, additions, alterations, deletions and false claims made by the "petition" administrators against Sathya Sai Baba and the Sai Organization.


• CORRESPONDENCE: Emails Sent/Received

From The Source

Emails from Anti-Sai Activists and their unusual, bitter and angry remarks and responses to valid concerns and questions.




16 Alleged Victims

16 people are listed as allegedly being sexually abused by Sri Satya Sai Baba (a.k.a. "Swamiji"). Fake names, contradictions and oilings discussed.


• CHRISTIAN ATTACKS: & Sathya Sai Baba

Anti-Sai Movement

Anti-Sai Activists have denied that there is a Christian Anti-Sai/Hindu movment. My research has uncovered that there are definitely Christians who are Anti-Sai/Hindu. This article highlights Christian advocates (many fundamentalists) who actively disperse propaganda against Sathya Sai Baba on the internet.


• CRITICS: The Findings

Faye & David Bailey

The Findings: A deeper look into accusations about Parthi Sai Baba by the Bailey's. Contradictions and new-found realizations about the materializations of vibuthi, rings, amrtia, cures and miracles attributed to the Sai Swami.


• AFFIDAVITS: Sworn Testimonies?

Where are they?

Numerous claims to "affidavits" filed against the Indian Baba. Not even one affidavit has been made public, despite rampant claims.

thick depressing reading, on these links, above!

Some of my dreams are strange, some dreams are weird, some I cannot even comment on!
Here, On the morning of the 26th of October, I began the first of two dreams.

ONE: I seemed to be in Sathya Sai Baba's Ashram, in India! Many many small events, but I learned somehow that this here Sai baba went to some city and then he went down into a cellar where there were workers who toiled in terrible working conditions with a real slave driver of a boss, probably these workers were of the low Caste group too!
baba told them that their oppression did not come from without, so much as their oppression came from within! Their own mindsets set them up for exploitations!
They believed that they did not deserve better, so they did not look for better, or to quit. Thus their Real problem was to overcome the oppressor within, their own self concepts!

TWO: this dream occurred after wards, by hours and a waking up. So why was I in an airport seeking an airplane to go to India when I was "just there" in my last dream only an hour or so ago?! I was going to move to India, in this dream.
[such "dissonance" in dream meanings usually infers that the meaning is utterly different: this trip is NOT about India at all, but something to symbolize India, perhaps]
The plane number was "85". I sat at a desk with an older India lady who checked all of my papers and tickets and Approved them all.
I then heard the announcement, in this airport, that the plane had just been checked and was waiting in line for boarding.
[the trip is ON, now Set!]
I noted that the departure board gave a number of "10" with a slight light showing in the "11" window.

Since I know what the "85" means, some number that is very very important in my life and it infers a space of time and years and of a kind of "doubling", as two things happened at the same time, *like*, "40 + 45 = 85", the "10" will have the same connotation.

Meaning: I will go to India in either a bit over 5, or 10 years from now, NOT to
physical India, perhaps, but to "Bhararta Land", their Name for heaven!

Either, thus, a death warning dream, OR maybe I will even go to India, but on this disability pension that I have, there is no way that I can even afford to
fly to the "non-stop" airport, let alone to India: would take both much more money *and* a very stable economy and earthchange world, before I could go there!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

orange glow

orange glow, originally uploaded by freestone.

orange glow
setting sun makes this thunderhead look unreal!

Evening in Tallahassee, Florida, looking to the northeast. The end of summer, maybe one of my last "thunderheads" until next spring!
Maybe no, tallahassee gets about 80 to 90 thunderstorms a year and often the temperature is in the 70s in january, in a normal year, but alas this next winter will probably not be "normal" either!

Uploaded by freestone on 23 Oct '05, 3.06pm EDT.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I dug this one out of my "autism" file. I once, recently, wrote this and posted it in some autism support list. This is the kind of thing that i find in my life, that i find interesting.

There are so so many litlte small things that i observe, and unfortunately i can talk for hours and hours on that one little thing as I "need to" as how in earth's name can i give to you a weather vane unless I build a barn for it, first.

[someone told me that one afternoon my father talked non-stop for 4 hours and no-one said one word, he did all the talking, talking about Indians, geology, history, myths of the Senecas, settlers, gold mines..etc..etc. When he had to leave, and when he left, someone said out loud, and he said it for all to hear as he was speaking for the whole group of ten men, assembled at the Interlaken Cafe for afternoon coffee,

"Its too bad that Dudley had to leave, I wanted more"!]


How can I give to you a Dance script, for the dancers to dance, unless I build the stage for it first: the background comes first, the actual event comes dead last, on the order of things!

"warming the Siamese". these "little things" are not to be put down as meaningless!

why i have often assuged the vibrations of an entire resturant, or even of an entire town for that matter, just by talking for a moment to just one waitress! Her Tone of voice echos the moral of all of the workers there!

I believe that the chocolate chip cookie, in the bakery window, on main street, in a small midwestern town, why how this cookie is made, is determined by the influences of everyone in the town, the weather, the climate, the economy, of ALL, for miles and miles, as if this cookie, as like of a halogram, contains all of the info for everything for ten miles in all directions around and in this small town, as a halographic image, the small snippit cut off of the one corner, why this snippit contains all of the info of the whole image! An Astute Student, of this "halographicness", then, could read the totality of this town by examining, and eating, this here cookie!


"the tv set warmed the Siamese!"

hello everyone!

here is a small story to warm your day, with....
i find that there are SO so so many of these here
amazing occurrances, in life....well worth the
experiencing and rememberings of them...


when i was in high school, about 1958, there was the
usual living room tv set. my mother had a siamese cat,
it loved warm temperatures, being a siamese cat. in
upstate new york... where summer is often over BEFORE
labor day...warmth is a precious thing.
this cat discoved the evening television. i mean
the warmth of the top of it, after it had been on for
a while. in those days, TUBES were used , about 30
tubes per tv. they would burn out at least once
perweek it seemed, in those days tubes did not last,
the tv repairman was a usual fixture in the
so about 7pm, the siamese cat would Hold Court atop
the tv, absorbing the heat like a siamese cat should!
once in a while it would discover the motion of the
actors on the screen, below, and would reach down and
try to swat or catch the moving images!
one day, i the middle of september, when the first
fall cold mornings had arrived, i was getting ready to
go out of the door to the 7;30 am bus that would pull
up on the road. the furnace was not yet on, as the
coal furnace was SO hard to get lighted, thus the
temperature was about 50 degrees in the house. so as
i was putting on my coat, i heard a PITIFULL meow
sound coming from the living room. i went into the
room to see the siamese cat pacing around and around
on top of the tv set! it was very agitated!!
----as if it were asking..."where is the warmth when
i need it the most?! this tv has ALWAYS given to me
the warmth that i need...WHERE oh where is it, i need

i turned the tv on, just as i left for the day.
...to warm a siamese.
probably left on all morning...to warm a siamese.
not its purpose, this tv...but it did its second job,
to warm a siamese cat!


a lot of life, i find, is like of that!
something has a Primary purpose....but often there are
Secondary porpuses too...often not in any way
connected to a "common sense" use of this something!

Monday, October 24, 2005

The Fat man!

The other day I came across an interesting scene. As I was sitting on the bus, at a stop a very fat man slowly climbed onto the bus. He was huffing and puffing, and then I noted that his knees were going bad.

---a flash of all of the "you oughta lose some weight, Bud, for your own good", came
from that ever present peanut gallery back in my head, the collective memories of all of the puritanical diet articles that I have ever read.

But I have a Take on this: I am beginning to have several bits of "philosophy", one of these is,
"everything has its pluses and minus, what you gain in one area, you lose in another and that *you* have to choose if the loss is worth it."!

maybe for that person on the bus, "food" is really very important to him! So important that his life would be totaled, if he lost weight.

I once "winced" at all of the Livejournal/Xanga journals about
"ana", anorexia! Xanga has now a webring system where their journals can be grouped under an interest system, I looked up "ana" and there was a webring with nearly
1500 members.
But even here I have seen the "soul" of ana! I can well imagine some of the ana teens, why one of them could say [not necessarily as a philosophy, perhaps, but as a unspoken comment]
"I am I, not you, family, kin, townspeople, country, humanity. Whatever you seem to give to me is a bit of YOU, overwhelming the "me". You want me to become you, to think, feel, do, what you think is best for me.
My stance is to reject this, as I want to be "I"! "Food" is such a powerful symbol of this dependency, a dependency that robs me of "me" as you want me to do this or that with my life for YOUR reasons! I would rather Fast, then eat bad food, I would rather die, if it takes that to be free of "you all"!

the trick of life is to choose, and choose where anything bad has a bit of good in it, and everything good has a bit of bad in it. You have to make the call, to choose
what to compromise


mirror mirror on the wall.

mirror mirror on the wall., originally uploaded by freestone.

mirror mirror on the wall.
me, myself, as self-taken in my bathroom mirror! I am 64 years old, single. Not the greatest, of course, but I wanted a shot of me in a mirror as there are sites and groups that have this as a requirement, to submit to!

Uploaded by freestone on 23 Oct '05, 3.04pm EDT.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

the Glow

the Glow, originally uploaded by freestone.

the Glow
Evening at Tallahassee, fla, looking west. The sunset reveals this Amazing cloud. rain is falling under it.

Uploaded by freestone on 23 Oct '05, 3.06pm EDT.

Wilma hurricane clouds

Wilma hurricane clouds, originally uploaded by freestone.

Wilma hurricane clouds
the outermost cloudshield from hurricane Wilma! This scene comes from tallahassee, Florida, looking due west.
Hurricane clouds make the most vivid sunsets.

Uploaded by freestone on 23 Oct '05, 3.06pm EDT.

Saturday, October 22, 2005


My autistic brain had yet another little "rude awakening" to the Reality of what some people would call the "woman's mindset" in direction givings!

I think in images and imaginations, not in words, my high level functioning autism, or aspergers, has it where I think mostly in images, thus I am good at maps and

this lady told me that "Goodwill has moved, the thrift store is now in a new building across the street"

"good", I said, "I will go there".

Yesterday I got off of the bus at the stop right next to the old store.
I did not see a sign across the street. I cross the street and lo and behold, no goodwill store anywheres in sight, so I began to walk North, as that is the only direction possible as there are no south buildings.

I walked. walked some more: no Goodwill!

eeeeeventually I found it.

a MILE AND A QUARTER north, on the other side of the street!!
it was across the street from the Waccammaw shopping center, at least one mile north and I walked every bit of that mile.

she was abstractly correct: "just across the street"!

*that* is the trouble, this abstract mind, it Killed New Orleans, it kills our policy and it could kill me or you!

or maybe it is the "woman's mind"!

but I take things literally: across the street is across the street!


Friday, October 21, 2005

nice tag

nice tag, originally uploaded by freestone.

nice tag
only a tag, on an abandoned, for sale, resturant, but I feel that this tag looks pretty. a good question: when is a tag *only* a tag, some of them are "murals", works of art!

Even a small city like Tallahassee, fla. has a few pieces and tags.

Uploaded by freestone on 17 Oct '05, 9.52am EDT.

georgia belle hall

georgia belle hall, originally uploaded by freestone.

georgia belle hall
The hallway of the 5th floor, just off of the elevator. there are 12 floors of Georgia belle Senior Independant Living facilities. 161 residents, 62 or older.
I live here, just to the left of this table setting. Each floor has a
different hall centerpiece, and they change with the seasons.

Uploaded by freestone on 17 Oct '05, 9.52am EDT.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

As I left Georgia belle apts, where I live, about 7 am, just at dawn, I saw one of the senior residents walking to her bus stop, where I often see her walk there, she must work part time somewheres. She was carrying her umbrella with her.
So here it is, an utterly clear day, she was bring her umbrella with her, if I were to ask her, she might say, "you never know"!

The couple next door, why the air conditioning was out for repair, the other day, and his wife was telling me how he nearly has to go to the hospital as the hot [75 degrees] air was making it hard for him to breathe! Too too many heart attacks and strokes with COPD!
[I know of at least two ladies, here, who take 20 different pills first thing in the morning, one each for 20 conditions!]

I am reminded yet again and again of how when people get ever the older, they must ever get so Conservative! Many seniors are like of "hot house plants in a greenhouse, in January in Chicago"! eeeeeeeverything is dangerous to them, why one could fall and break a hip and DIE, at any moment.

I read of an article my a scientist who lamented, at about 40 years of age, how there was only Mozart and one other classical composer, plus on particular CD of modern soft rock, that he liked, anymore! No other "new" music did he like, at all.
He wondered why? Then he and his colleagues did Research and that they found that
the average age for when "new music" was not enjoyable anymore, was


Furthermore, they found that the cutoff age for most new experiences was even younger than that!! Most people, around 30 years old, shut down taking in any new adventures, they make "final choices" that decide all future choices!

I find this a bit depressing, but I see this at Georgia belle all of the time!
do any of them like rap/hip hop? Do any of them play playstation games?
Now I can understand why they would not like rap, but how about a psONE, or ps2 console? They have the TV already, and you can get a playstation 1 for $20, nowadays! Thousands of games for it.


---that is it, the mindset. A "game" is for them Bingo, or Canasta or Puzzles or Bridge.

I wonder why I like games of consoles and New music, at 64 years of age. Or why that 80 year old computer programmer loves to play complicated RPGS, as the clerk at Electronics Boutique told me of this man, once.

I guess that in my case, in maybe other cases, the Tree keeps sending out new Shoots!
these trees of our souls are always "young" if the leaves keep sprouting from the new growth. A plant that stops growing is a plant that will soon DIE!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

hi all....

I have a wonderful aunt in upstate new york, my father's sister. she
is a very very devout Christian and she is the choir director and organist at her small town church. She had maybe 8 children, now she has over 25 grandkids, and she is 80 years old and she does more in one day, everyday, than maybe someone might do in a week!
She only really gets angry when the word "abortion' is mentioned.

However, she has a secret bookshelf where she keeps books by Carl Jung, as she does not want her fundamentalist kids to find them!

I got a letter from her yesterday, where she wrote how she was listening to Paul harvey, and Paul harvey was telling about the
"Black Hole that will soon eat up the solar system"
[debunked at
here on the foums!]
...but this, to her, half believible story got her to thinking about the End Times, ala the christian version of the fundamentalists, which, of course is outlined in the Bible, and known to all.

her "Take" on it, surprised me greatly! SO greatly, in fact, that i will post her version here, with my comments, as I she that she is


she says that [at the black hole event: but *any* mass-death event will Do, fill in the Blank with your favorite mass death thing, like of 30 volcanoes going off at once or an astroid or Bird Flu, where one stranger coughing in your face will mean a 95% chance of Death in three days!]

she says that at the event of ........ a very great number of people will die at once.
[ Since they will have "died before their times", they will have no preparations for this, thus they all will "wake up" on some bleak astral plain, in the lower astral heavens, on the first level up from the earth.]
As these people, thousands and thousands awake, scattered all over this dim lighted place, suddenly Jesus appears in the sky with the trumpets sounding and the angels all around Him.
[the Dead are resurrected!]
At that moment, when jesus appears, he takes his saved souls up one level to the SECOND heaven, and this is the RAPTURE!
There, in this second heaven, Jesus will enable that 1000 years [one age]
of Spiritual laws, His laws, for the souls. [this is why there will be no sickness there as there are no microbes there in heaven!]
My aunt says nothing about the forst astral level souls who are Left Behind and cannot be raptured, maybe they live there or eventually reincarnate back to the earth, after 2013 or so...

Thus i am somewhat surprised, here is a idea put forth by her that is as "new age" as they come and i agree with her 100%!

In fact, at the "new" rural church a couple of miles away, there is a painting on the wall, in the small office.
This church is a Jehovah's Witness church, and they built it all by volenteer work, by all of the members, and they bought a square of land from my father, it sits about 200 feet from my childhood home!
While my aunt never ever been in it, i sometimes was visiting it, thus i saw the painting, a painting of the Restored Eden, which is the earth after Jesus comes again, an earth that will be made up utterly of God's laws and there will be no more aging or sickness, and that Jesus will now rule everything.
[Jehovah's witness people believe that their members will live, after death, in a literal re-created earth, where heaven WILL be the earth restored. They also belive that their original members, the 144,000 are already in the higher heavens, and that no more will come there, thus Jesus restores the earth for *them*!

so so many people put down the Jehovah's witness beliefs, call them a "cult", but they have, to me, the MOST Lucid view of the afterlife, of any of the Established churches! Just substitute the 'earth", for the 'second heaven", above, this is why there will be no more sickness and aging and Jesus laws, of course. the 144,000 live on the THIRD heaven where Jesus lives, the celestial.

*this* is why the Fundamentalists "end times/afterlife" stuff is so "tricky", as most people cannot imagine how we could live, biologically, without germs existing, on some Jehovah's Witness "earth"; scienticifly impossible!

Of course!

All of these Book of revelational events are to occur in the Spirit worlds!
It is hard for the average person to comprehend such worlds, thus the popular images have to be "literal"!

Thus, you *will*, some day, in some manner, Confront the second coming, in some form, as you will DIE some day, this is why that Message
keeps being hurled from the pulpits, and very very few Listen!

Thus if some "super-event" would occur, where 50,000 or 5,000,000 were to die in a day, then Spirit would have this "second coming"
Plan in place for these victums. This plan could be used over and over again, of course, for each Super-event, it might even have been used
a number of times already!! Only the "local Gods" would appear, maybe, instead of jesus!
the Tsumumi wave in Sumatra!
the Pakistan earthquake.
---all of these killed many many people all at once.

maybe my other post
the SHOUT dream: Jesus will be seen on earth!
"someone near me, in nearly the same excitment, says something like.........

"Jesus Christ has appeared on the earthplane, in some manner!! He is there for all to see"!! "

Is where the victums of Pakistan or katrina were lifted to this second astral heaven, then Jesus appears to all of them, then some, or many of them are Lifted, Raptured, to the second heaven where a permanent Home has been prepared for them, where spiritual laws are the only reality, as this level is far enogh up from the earth so that all of the earth
ways of Laws do not hold.

--Tis wonderful to know that there is a Plan in Place, for such disasters,whether they be rather small, or Huge!


Tuesday, October 18, 2005

my living room wall

my living room wall, originally uploaded by freestone.

my living room wall
part of the wall of my living room. I live in an efficency apartment, in Georgia Belle Apartments, for independant living.
yes, 64 years old.
look at the wall, see the pile of computer games, mostly role-playing games. There is a gamebox cover on the wall. This is where my recreational heart is!
I wonder if any of the other seniors, here, have a playstation one, a playstation 2, a N64, a dreamcast?!

Uploaded by freestone on 17 Oct '05, 9.52am EDT.

Monday, October 17, 2005

flower power

flower power, originally uploaded by freestone.

flower power
flowers are greater than technology!

If you enlarge this photo, you can see the several morning glory flowers that are on top of this powerpole! here this vine climbed up over 30 feet, easier in this subtropical climate.

Uploaded by freestone on 17 Oct '05, 9.57am EDT.


A reply to a letter from a friend who is Autistic at 40, or so, years old: he wrote a letter to the editor about an article about "nutty professors".

Then, my response:

Posted on Sat, Oct. 08, 2005

Re: "Academia: too tolerant of the 'nutty' professor?" (column, Oct. 5).

Mikita Brottman uses terms like "downright dysfunctional" to describe
those whom she .....

very good Jxxxx!

I did read the original article, somewhat, between the rattle of the busboys, the four people at the next table, the TV, the radio, the people getting coffee!

I did not see your editorial, as I say.


I have used this idea before....Why is the cane tip RED for the blind man when he cannot see it? That red is for US, so that we know that he is blind and might need help or sympathy.

with conditions like asthma or allergies or Autism, the Signals are not

either present or if they are, the signals are covered over by the Noise of the social interaction, and only show up when the conversation actually begins!!
most people think that "emotional social interaction" is NOT "neurological driven", that it is "psychology-only"!!

To me, that is where the Trouble begins with people dealing with autistic people!

a "boor".

a person who cannot make eye contact.

a person who fumbles the words or talks "funny"

---everyone feels that problems like of this is a psychological condition only, which ALSO infers, in the same breath, that "if the person has a psychological condition", it is TREATIBLE!

"he can snap out of it with proper counselings or he can take drugs for it"!

Thus the poor adults who have a "children's condition", adult high level functioning autism, or the Asperger's variant of this condition, are always like of the blind man without his red tipped cane! No one can sense that he has a problem communicating until he does so, then it is too too late! Of course he gets blamed for "dropping the ball", as this autistic person, in the group of talkers, is the only odd one out!

I have gotten more used to offending everyone that I talk or write to, eventually, over the years! I not only think out of the box, I have trouble thinking *in* the box, when I "need to"!

so I, with my High level functioning autism, see and experience the world differently than most....I like that, but do not ask me to play the "dating game",
or even the "relationship" game,
or to

"grow up", as I know full well that I will always be "ten years old", as I was once ten years old and how can one, I wonder, just leave something behind, that once exists, be like denying the meal that you ate yesterday, you DID eat it, did you not, thus my ten year oldness is *just* as there as my 64 year adultness!

"beaurocratic creep"!

---that is what I call it, a malady that affects every endeavor, every company, every country!

I was talking to the head librarian, just a moment ago, just as I entered to begin my 8 am computer session.
I was talking about how I read that in New Orleans that there were 100 levees that leaked, not 3! There were many levees that had up to five layers of fill, and each layer was controlled by a different agency! Then there were many levees where
there were horizontal sections, each under watch by different groups. There was no one over-riding control agency, all of this was mired, the article says, in a great bureaucratic mess, a political mess so profound that the gov. Study group was pessimistic that anything could ever ever be done about this!!
I talked to the librarian further about the high school principal who had a bright idea for his school but that he has to submit this idea to 52 different
agencies for approval first, and if just *one* of them fail it, the idea is DEAD!
[no wonder our schools are a mess!]
I had a friend who used to go to the Minneapolis Craft Fair every year, the first time there, in the 70s, his sign-up form was six inches long. Five or six years later, this form was SIX FEET long, so so many little rules to follow.

It seems to be the "law", I note, that all organizations soon become Bloated with bureaucratic rules, without exception!

I see, now, how America will Die!
America will die of "Hardening of the Arteries"! Soon, very soon, there will be so much bureaucratic rules that nothing ever ever can get done.
Soon, even your outdoor barbecue will have it so that before you have it, you have to get written permission from all of the people for five blocks in every direction: Asthma, you know, you would not want to send a four year old boy to the hospital with your charcoal smoke, or KILL him, would ya?!

I am beginning to come around to the idea of a "Antibiotic" to clear out this Kudzu Vine of "group-think-rules" beaurocratcy!

"The camel is a horse made by a committee"!

There has to be ONE MAN at the top, like if the levees in New Orleans ever want to get fixed right, appoint One Man, and if anyone under him has one percent of a disagreement, this dissenter will be fired in a second, so that everyone under him will be like of his "glove" on his hand, from his inner circle people down to the labors on the ground with their shovels! Then he and he alone is in charge of everyone and everything.

a committee did not start Christianity!

I also see, that in the greater Historical world, there has also been this "Antibiotic" at work, to clear out all of these laws that slowly choke a country, a...


One man rules, he kicks out, or jails, or exiles, all dissenters and he pitches the Constitution into the trash can so that he can write brand new Rules: HIS!

America has been blessed, for over 200 years, with democracy. I wonder how
this country will fare, if there are no ways to clear out all of the Rules?!
Unless Something is Done, soon, you will not even be able to pick your nose without written consent, or that if you want to paint you house a certain color, you have to get permits from 59 permitting agencies first?!


Saturday, October 15, 2005


glorious, originally uploaded by freestone.

oh my!

Yet another tallahassee sunset, glorious to behold.

Uploaded by freestone on 4 Oct '05, 6.06pm EDT.

Kudzu shrouds.

Kudzu shrouds., originally uploaded by readerwalker.

my tallahassee friend, Eric, has a flickr photosite too, and he lives in tallahassee.

Kudzu shrouds.
This kudzu is on a small piece of land left over after building Governor's Square Mall, its associated movie theaters, and the most recent nearby overflow development.

These pictures were from a little triangle of land with the live oak in another picture here.

The developed land all around here looked like this patch of kudzu and nearby woods 20 years ago.

Uploaded by readerwalker on 21 Jul '05, 3.47pm EDT.

Friday, October 14, 2005

the dream where Jesus appears to many on earth.

hi all...

Here is a dream.
But inside of this dream is a Prophecy, this "prophecy"
infers there will be one of the most amazing, to-come, Events possible, in our immediate future!!

A dream. Looks like a standard dream, but very very quickly, even in the dream, I can sense that this is no ordinary dream, dreamed by "ordinary dreaming" folks!

I park my yellow dodge dart car on the large parking lot next to the Lake.
[I owned such a car in 1968. this is my body!]
I began to walk away from this empty lot, up the path next to the creek, a creek that ran into the hills next to the lake. On the other side of this creek, up on the hill, I could see many many old large mansions, huge
"1880" type of Gothic/Georgian/Greek Revival mansions, all in disrepair.
Soon i found a bridge that crossed this large river-like creek and then on the Other Side there was a small graveyard to walk through, then up the steep hill to the first of the row of close-together houses.

[parking lot on the flats next to the lake, and the creek flats = the world, the material plane.
bridge...graveyard...up the hill = this dream is not a dream, but a astral travel dream into the lower astral, the astral level next to the earth, where the souls first arrive after dying! Not a "negative" lower astral plane, but this level is the next level up from the earthsphere, a level where many people go to right after they die.]

I explored one of these old mansions and found that there was someone living in it. He, at first, was bothered by my intrusion, but as this dream
continued for "dream hours", maybe dreamdays, I got to become friends with the owner and all of his many friends who lived with him or came to visit him. The outside of his house was drab and paint-needing, but the decor inside was wonderious and rich with interesting collections and artworks!
I learned that all of these old "rotten" houses had owners and that no one here is concerned with outer "apperences" here, as the inner life is ALL, so that no one cuts the grass or paints and in the lower astral, "rot" does not matter!
This man seems to be an "occult master" of some sort, very advanced in the magick arts. i can only remember bits of the many many hours there, but one event stands out: that i came to a room where many of his friends were playing with a game console! Each of the ten or so people had a small black box about 6 inches square. These boxes look
"primitive" but i could tell that these boxes created a "game" that one lived in, the gameworld was indentical to "real reality"! I also read the promo sheet ad for these boxes, I could tell that there is a factory that produces these probably by the millions, *you*, someday will play this system after you die!
I eventually left this house and floated away from this huge mansion, across a large open field, telling a couple of his friends not to come with me, i actually said, in this dream, "stay away from me, there can be only be me astral traveling back to my car"!

[an objective astral heaven experience]

As i flew slowly off, back down the hill towards the flats, the earth, this master sat in Lotus-position on a rock, and waved to me goodbye and as i floated off several hundred feet, i could dimly hear his parting words, telepathicly, in my head, "come back any time when you are Traveling, to see me"!

Now what makes this astral travel experience a PROPHECY, is what happened just as i began to leave the house, I floated, across this field next to the house, about 50 feet high over the ground!
the sky was dark, nightlike. Suddenly, in the quiet of the astral night, i could dimly hear a shouting of about a hundred people, from far far off, and downwards like they all were down near the parking lot. This shouting got louder and louder and it seemed as if there were now many many thousands of voices! The shouting now had an excited sound to it, the word "Hosanna" came to mind, the voices were full of excitiment and
Praise-like glee: hard to describe. I could tell that these sounds were coming from people were were incarnated, living, on the earth.
maybe my best description of the sounds would be like....
"score: 24 to 27, hometeam is losing, but in the last ten seconds of the game, the hometeam scores a touchdown and kickpoint, now 31 to 27, hometeam wins the Big Game, 65,000 cheer in football ectasy"!

someone near me, in nearly the same excitment, says something like.........

"Jesus Christ has appeared on the earthplane, in some manner!! He is there for all to see"!!


[maybe that is why I left immediately to go back down to earth!]

I floated back to my car and then the last scene was where i was at my childhood home, near the state park where the "real" parking lot was.
Then I woke up. No Jesus!


1... From what i have read, and from what i have learned, Time passage is seen differently on the astral near the earth. A medium's Guide once
said, "if i were to state that one of her clients were to die in one year, this really means that this person would die in two years as there is about a year's worth of time-difference between my level and the earthplane"!
Thus, an event that is happening "NOW", in the lower astral plane of
the first real heavens, an event that has an earth plane counterpart; is an event that WILL occur a year or three or five, in the future of the earthplane. Thus this "shouting" heard from way up in heaven, would either be "shouting" heard from five years in the past, or several years in the future, from my Now of October 14th/05.
Since no one has proclaimed that Jesus is amongst us now, this event is in the future.

2...The other day, I had posted a long, mostly quoted, article about how many psychics and predictors see a probable future coming out of 4 to 9 probable futures, only one of them will be our real one, some of these are not nice futures!
NOW i am beginning to feel that there is a "Joker" in the Deck, a

10th future!

*This* one is the one that is set up by the Christ himself, and while the number ten is "my" number, an extra number beyond the "9 probablilities", the "10" is the number of the Tenth Avatar, the man on the White Horse with the red robe, the man who appears both in the book of Revelations *and* in the Hindu prophecies.

"Kalki", or "Kalkhi", is His Name!

The "Lamb", of course, in the book of revelations, the Name.
in a phrase,


While i will not stick my neck out to say that this astral event presages, predicts, the second coming *as* the christian people foresee it, if all of what i had experienced has any "realness" to it, then thousands and thousands, millions, maybe, people will see Jesus, recognize Jesus, there amoungst them.

3...this "10th" probability, will be really really a "wild card", be utterly
"changing" to our ways of life, hard for me to imagine, really! Those voices sounded SO excited, so happy, so estatic, that I would imagine that His Appearence is not be to in any way "Damming", or "In Judgement", of us all.
[i now, at this moment, have an image of Him being of a kind of "benevolent" Pied Piper, leading
most of us along a short trail up to a cliff where he gestures and a door opens in the side of this cliff showing a stairs upwards to a entrance to a heaven of Glorious light, and we all and each run up the stairs, never ever to come back to Incarnation on the physical earth ever again!]

4..He would have enimies too, of course: many from the Established Church, with their Expectations as to what a returning jesus should act like!! He might not be like any of that.
Eat meat?
Do magick Acts, a super-sorceror/Wicca/druid!
Praise console games as developing imagination?
Praise homosexuality?!
----and other "button pushers", that i can myself imagine, that Will Offend
most "christians"!

in summation: I have no idea as to how the "real" Second Coming would play out, but the dream-real objective astral event has it where
the gleeful, estatic, shouts can be heard even in the lower heavens, from the earth, as multitudes of people realize that Jesus is alive amoungst them! Someone, in the group of astral friends, of this Master occultist, or maybe this occultist himself, says this, that it is Jesus that they see!

*will* see.
and soon!
--if my theory of "timeslippage" is true, that what is "now" in the astral lower heavens, if this event partakes of the physical plane of earth, the earth-counterpart is a year or three away!

[maybe *this* has to do with at least TWO other dreams that i have had, over the last year or two, where I was TOLD, by an angel, or by someone, in my astral heaven travels, that..."there will be a great outpouring of Spirit, within a year or three, upon the earthsphere"!
[again: timeslippage, be more than that length of time!]

5...this could also mean that many of the "Negative" earthchange events, that many prophets foresee, will not occur at all! [some of mine included!]
I really have no idea what that 10th Wildcard probablility would Do? Maybe "Save" everyone then have 50 volcanoes go off at once after everyone has vanished in the Rapture, only the stay-behinds begin the next Cycle, a Dark age for 500 years. i really do not know anything except that I will not ever ever forget that sound of thousands of people, from down on earth, shouting in such happiness! That alone is Real, along with that person's Pronouncement of the "why" of this shouting!


Thursday, October 13, 2005

More on sin and probable futures

here is One for ya, a Mormon writer's site, where he writes many interesting articles, and here is one that probably will be
"match and gasoline", for you all to read, i wonder what the replies to *this* article find, will be?!


Is God Speaking in Natural Disasters?
[was written before 2005!]

1...Is there a correlation between so-called "natural disasters" and breaking the commandments of God? Sometimes both events are found side-by-side on the front page of the newspaper. For example, on June 7, 1998, some Florida newspapers reported the beginning of a huge wild fire in that state and also applauded the successful Gay Day celebration at Disney World, both having occurred on the previous day.

Recent wild fire in southern California. Now, was that just a coincidence that those events occurred together? With modern statistical methods, a scientific study could be performed on a large sampling of data to evaluate the proposal that sin and catastrophes are related. Before we discuss such a study, let's consider how man has looked at this very question in the past.

2...For example, on Oct. 17, 1989, a magnitude 7.1 earthquake hit San Francisco during a Pro Abortion Rally. Of course, it was also during a myriad of other events, so maybe there was no connection. On June 28, 1992, southern California experienced a very strong earthquake on "Gay Pride Day." Are those just chance coincidences? They might be, that is why a detailed study is needed of many such events. Sometimes, however, there is an unlikely twist included which makes a connection seem more likely.

One such example was Hurricane Opal (1995). It had been classified as a mere category 2 hurricane, which the residents of Florida could easily prepare for. On Oct. 2, 1995 there was a pro-abortion ruling from the Supreme Court. Suddenly, and without any advance warning, the storm increased overnight into a devastating category 5 hurricane. Moreover, it made a sharp turn and headed straight for Florida. One article described this as the worst possible scenario: that residents go to bed after preparing for a small storm only to be awakened by a huge one. It is difficult to scientifically evaluate something like a storm changing direction and intensifying unexpectedly right at the time of a Supreme court decision. If a study were done, it would need to consider both how unlikely the natural event was and also how closely timed with the public event.

3...Perhaps the next level up of experiment is to try actually praying to God to see if it alleviates the problem. Let us continue with the case noted at the beginning of this article, that of Gay Day at Disney World in 1998. There was a prayer vigil held addressing the Gay Day festivities, which ended at 2:30 p.m. on June 6. About that same time on that same day, a huge fire erupted which began to spread across the state of Florida. It quickly got totally out of control and burned some 500,000 acres. All fire fighting forces were called out, but to no avail. The same Pres. Clinton who had just written a statement applauding Gay Day, soon declared Florida to be a disaster. But that proclamation did nothing to put out the fire. When there seemed to be no other alternative, Gov. Chiles asked everyone to pray for rain. Right when things looked the worst, namely, that the fires would combine into one long chain which could sweep across the entire state, suddenly the rain came and dowsed the fire. Again, it would be hard to prove any relation between the prayer and the rain, but, on the other hand, it would be even harder to prove to those who had prayed that there was no relation.

here is yet more....
[grit your teeth!]


from the site...

Katrina and Religion

September 7 2005
Mel Seesholtz

[in part, go to link to read all...]

And what did religion offer as “reasons” for the disaster?

On August 31, 2005, the leader of Philadelphia-based “Repent America” issued a statement. Michael Marcavage claimed Katrina was God’s purposeful, justified destruction of “a wicked city.” Aside from Mardi Gras, notorious antigay campaigner Marcavage was certain a pissed-off “God” targeted New Orleans because it was scheduled to host a gay event over Labor Day weekend. But what of the men, women and children killed and injured or left homeless and hopeless by Katrina?

Marcavage’s answer: too bad, screw ‘em, they deserved it. In his own words…

Although the loss of lives is deeply saddening, this act of God destroyed a wicked city. From “Girls Gone Wild” to “Southern Decadence,” New Orleans was a city that had its doors wide open to the public celebration of sin. …

Let us pray for those ravaged by this disaster. However, we must not forget that the citizens of New Orleans tolerated and welcomed the wickedness in their city for so long.

Sounds like Rev. Jerry Falwell after 9/11, doesn’t it?

Also on August 31, 2005, and in the same city – the “City of Brotherly Love” – Louis Farrakhan claimed Katrina was “God’s” targeted, justified wrath, but for a different political purpose:

Farrakhan: God punishing U.S. for Iraq with storm

Speaking to a large crowd in South Philadelphia last night [August 31, 2005], Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan suggested that the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina was divine punishment for the violence America had inflicted on Iraq.

That’s what’s so nice about the “God’s wrath” thing. It fits whatever social or political cause you’re advocating.

A statement from a group associated with al-Qaeda leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi agreed with Farrakhan’s assessment: “God attacked America and the prayers of the oppressed were answered. … The wrath of the All-powerful fell upon the nation of oppressors. Their dead are in the thousands and their losses are in the billions.”

The lead story and bold headline in the September 1, 2005 “news summary” – emailed at 16:10:39 – from Christian news service Agape Press read:

Katrina’s Devastation – God’s Punishment for New Orleans’ Wildness?

While relief agencies continue to reach out to the victims of Hurricane Katrina in the Southeast, violence and looting in the areas struck by the storm has National Guardsmen and law enforcement changing their priorities. Read More

Clicking on the “read more” brought up an August 2005 non-descript article entitled “Church at crossroads - competing worldviews” by American Family Association founder and chairman Rev. Don Wildmon. The article did not mention Katrina at all, nor did it have anything to do with the disasters in New Orleans, Mississippi or Alabama. But the headline was the real “religious” message: believe (and vote) as we tell you to or else…

That apocalyptic edict was also the theme of Rev. Bill Shanks, pastor of New Covenant Fellowship of New Orleans. According to another Agape Press story, for years Shanks “has warned people that unless Christians in New Orleans took a strong stand against such things as local abortion clinics, the yearly Mardi Gras celebrations, and the annual event known as ‘Southern Decadence’ – an annual six-day ‘gay pride’ event scheduled to be hosted by the city this week – God’s judgment would be felt.”

Shanks thanked Katrina:

New Orleans now is abortion free. New Orleans now is Mardi Gras free. New Orleans now is free of Southern Decadence and the sodomites, the witchcraft workers, false religion – it’s free of all of those things now. … God simply, I believe, in His mercy purged all of that stuff out of there. …

Apparently the pastor and his “God” enjoyed the devastation and human suffering. Talk about “false religion” and “witchcraft.” Rev. Shanks represents both quite well, as does Rev. Fred Phelps who used Katrina to further his usual irrational “religious” message.

Anticipation of even greater devastation and death seemed to excite talk-radio host George Noory. The September 1, 2005 World Net Daily article was entitled “Radio host: No doubt ‘End Times’ here”:

A national talk-radio host believes the severity of Hurricane Katrina is clear evidence that civilization is now in the “End Times” described in the Bible.

“I don't think there’s any doubt,” George Noory said this morning on his “Coast to Coast AM” program. “I think we’re in it. I really do.”

In true apocalyptic form, Noory cited Revelation to confirm that we are in “the beginning of the end” of humanity’s existence.

There seems no shortage of people who use religion to argue that “God” gets pissed off and kills hundreds of thousands of innocent people (including clerics) while smiting the few “He” supposedly has a problem with.


that article, above, is sure "acid" in its descriptions!
My teeth grit a bit!

Now, peanut gallery, all you have to do is to go read a bit of the prophecies in the forum sections on "predictions" and "pemonitions", to find Predictions like of this: "God Will Punish us all, America, the world, or
Sinners, for our sins of [fill in the blank ......... ]!

I had just yesterday, posted a long long article about how many psychics and spiritual writers, both here on earth, and channeling from the spirit worlds, tell of how we have a certain number of "Probable, Possible, collective futures"; most infer that there are from four to ten such futures.
Each of these futures has a certain "flavor" to them, the writers
usually rank them from "worst to best". From total ruin and dispair, to
Heaven on earth goodness.
The major point, of most of these writers, is that we all are creating ONE of these futures, a future that is only a few years away, by our collective and personal acts, feelings, ideas, NOW, today.
Thus you and I are helping to determine what collective life will be like in, say, 2008 or 2012.

I find that these "ranters" of the "God will punish", does not help matters much! Many of the writers who use this term, i find, cannot separate their own Bias from what they feel that God dislikes! one such writer, a long long article, i detected through the writings that he is a raw food
devotee, amoungst other Biases such as what he said about president Bush!!
While I am no Bush lover, when i pick up the Tone of great anger in an article, usually their will be a Bias, a slant towards an Ideolgy, where he is "right" and all of us are "very very Wrong and need to come around Now"!

Now why am i a bit "over-writing" here?

because all of these writers, both Christian and new Age, have an adjenda to Push their point of view to sway us all to accept
*THEIR* idea as to what would be a good collective future for us all.
Each of these writers is like one of those seven men who are blind and
are touching a part of an elephant, and each person senses that his part is the real elephant, only!

Being Gay probably does not mean that a hurricane will always dog your life! Eating meat will not doom you to sit outside of the UFO, left behind, that is supposed to pick up the "Saved" newagers, as their Pure rightious
members Ascend in it, on Earth Change Judgement day!

Each of these writers, and belivers, are trying to sway us all to follow their
vision of what must ought to be, and i am not sure at all whether any of them are over 60% right!
I DO feel that there are about ten possible futures, some of them are very very bad indeed, but I hesitate to give any Advice as to what the "best" future might be. How could I, in second grade of grade school, imagine what is best for the 11th grade high schoolers?
In my Interlaken, NY school, there were only 28 kids in my high school graduating class, and all 12 grades were in the same building. I, being in second grade, probably would be glad when 12th grade was over so that now i could go outside and play all day long for the rest of my life, and that i would see "college prep" as the greatest of Evils!

the Point: I would see, as a lower grader, any activity that is planned for the upper grades, to be of "suffering needlessly and useless"!

the other Point: What Spirit *really* intends for the human race, for our collective futures, might seem to be from here and now, of the greatest
evils! even Jesus talks about the need of us to have to go through the
process of sufferings! [the anvil, the sword beaten upon it]
Thus we might deny that Spirit-planned future, us "second graders of
spirit progressions!

my only advice, then, to help create the best probable future, would be to
---in all that you do, think, feel, and create!

If we all did that, I would imagine that our collective future would be of one of the Better Ones!


Wednesday, October 12, 2005

seeing through a awful Seen Future

Hi all...

over at the prophecies.ca forums, i posted this long "jewel"!!

last night I went to look at the Mother homepage of

a short ways down the page was what looked to be a short prophecy by
Predictions for the Next few years Obtained through Hypnotic Progression
Contributed by zetascair20086 on: Monday 10 October 2005 @ 22:53:42
.......I've seen many things in the future, some of which have come true such as the hurricanes,volcanoes and the subway bombing on July 7th.Most of my predictions were obtained via hypnotic progression to my future.I have seen all the way to the end of my life 43 years from now but for now here are the predictions I have for the near future some of which already came true before I found this site.I've tried to eliminate the parts about me personally where possible.

is the Real Link, to the expanded prophecy, as the "more" link reveals one of the Longest prophecy writings that i have seen yet, on Prophecies.us! [more than even my own, there!]

this Zeta one is very *VERY* Depressing, peanut gallery! Basicly America Comes Apart, and everyone ends up fighting everyone else! The whole world comes apart too. i also found it interesting how zeta also sees how
Bush is killed and the gov. becomes near dictator-like, and the poor revolt and basicly everything crashes and burns all over the world, ala, "the living envy the dead" [my words]!

but ya gotta read this one, all of the 5000 words of it, because
*WITHIN* his seeings is, for me, a

Golden Paragraph

that tells me about his seeings, and also then all about all of the other "Negative" dooms that everyone sees, for our futures: probably some of my own stuff of "doom" too, is also of this type!

Here is his "Golden Paragraph"!

Other details I got were the President was shot in the neck.I was not told alot during this.I became aware that of all the future visions I've mentioned(or will mention shortly)some are contradictory in some areas as I'm not seeing one sure future.I was informed that I'm seeing glimpses of 9 basic possible futures, the most likely ones.All of these 9 different futures most likely have 100's or thousands of individual variations but of all the possible futures from best to worst, they all fall into 9 general outcomes or basic plots I guess you could say. In what ways certain things connect is hard to say but with 9 possible futures it's hard to have information that is too precise.



Night of the Red Sky
In the 1920s, an Apache wise man had a Vision of four prophecies that foretold death and destruction for mankind, unless we incorporate Spirit in our daily lives.
Two of these prophecies may already have come true.
The spirit warrior spoke to Grandfather. "These are the things yet to come that will mark the destruction of man. These things you may never see, but you must work to stop them and pass these warnings on to your grandchildren. They are the possible futures of what will come if man does not come back to the Earth and begin to obey the laws of Creation and the Creator. There are four signs, four warnings, that only the children of the Earth will understand. Each warning marks the beginning of a possible future, and as each warning becomes reality, so too does the future it marks."

Will the World Really End on December 12, 2012?
I was recently asked how I interpreted the Mayan and Hopi predictions that the world, as we know it, will end on the 12th of December, 2012.
....The simple answer is that every one of the possible scenarios you can envisage will find expression in one or more of the myriad parallel universes that manifests in every instant."


Grandfather said that there was not future, only possible futures. The now was like the palm of a hand, with each finger being the possible future, and as always, one of the futures was always the most powerful, the way that the main course of events would surely take us.

...Parallel Universes and Warning Revelations
by John P. Pratt

Contents 1. Visions of the Future
1.1 Jonah's Disappointment
1.2 Wilford Woodruff's Vision
2. Parallel Universes
2.1 Multiple Futures
2.2 Psychics
3. Warning Revelations
3.1 "Greek President" Prophecy
3.2 The 1980 Which Wasn't
4. Conclusion
Modern physics may help explain visions warning of future disasters which could be prevented.

Probably each of us has had a dream or other premonition warning us of some future danger. Sometimes we have ignored such warnings and suffered the consequence and other times we have heeded and been allowed to see just how close we came to calamity. Because we obeyed the warning, we apparently changed our future, perhaps to having a long life rather than an untimely death. In turn, that change could affect many others whom we would influence, perhaps including our yet unborn children. Let us consider in this article just how "real" the future was which did not occur."

...Alternate Realities, Visions and Prophecies

What is, and What Can Be

--In Into a Timeless Realm, Roads described an out-of-body experience he had, one that lasted all night and propelled him into his awesome trek through realms of consciousness. While traveling with his otherworldly mentor, Roads visited two probable futures of the human species, about 300 years into our future. Roads’s mentor stated that the probable futures they visited were only two of an infinite number of possible futures, but they were toward both ends of the spectrum: societies that did not choose love, and those that did.

One was worse than Blade Runner’s Los Angeles, while other was a heavenly world that a Disney movie could not do justice to. At this footnote is a fairly detailed description of those two worlds.[11]

The hellish reality was created because people did not choose love, and the heavenly one existed because its inhabitants chose love. Love is the only way this reality can begin heading in that direction. "

Other details I got were the President was shot in the neck.I was not told alot during this.I became aware that of all the future visions I've mentioned(or will mention shortly)some are contradictory in some areas as I'm not seeing one sure future.I was informed that I'm seeing glimpses of 9 basic possible futures, the most likely ones.All of these 9 different futures most likely have 100's or thousands of individual variations but of all the possible futures from best to worst, they all fall into 9 general outcomes or basic plots I guess you could say. In what ways certain things connect is hard to say but with 9 possible futures it's hard to have information that is too precise.

I feel what Zeta is seeing is some of ALL of his 9 futures!! Mostly the worst of those 9 futures, he is not seeing any one reality, he is seeing some from each.

Here, i am not putting down Zeta and his talant! Nor am i putting down what he sees, either!

I am making a "BIG DEAL" out of all of this, as this "9 futures" quote, above, puts ALL of the prophecies, for me, into Proper Context.

What zeta is seeing is like unto a man sitting in a parked car, parked along the road, in a parking lot in front of a cafe. he just came out of the cafe, and he had with him at the table a travelogue book. Up ahead of him, a mile or so, on this road, are nine interesections where he has 9 choices to take *this* road, or *that* road, or any of the other 7 roads.
The travelogue book has pictures and descriptions of the scenery and places along each of the 9 roads. he flips through this book, nearly at random, over his coffee. he has in his heads, now, while in his car, memories of pictures from scenes form all of the places along all of those 9 roads. Now he begins to drive off and onto this road and up ahead is the major junction point, of those 9 roads.
So, which road will he take, when he gets up there, a mile ahead?!
all of the roads are Real, all have Possibilities, all exist.
probably his choice will depend upon his mood, during the mile or so that he has to drive to get to this major intersection! A better mood might get him to choose a pretty drive, a sour mood might have him take the "Industrial factory street" past all of those rust belt smoking buildings with the poverty worker's homes nearby!!

So this is how now I see all of the prophecies that are now given, as well as what Zeta writes.
Yours too.
Mine as well.

---may we all and each choose the very very best One, for the next umpteen years ahead!! For apparently all of what has been Seen, by me, by Zeta, by you all, by the master prophets of the Ages, are Real Scenes from PROBABLE futures; they really exist, but "unfleshed out" by our lives, like Scripts of a play upon the stage, scripts which are written for actors that *might* need to use them! Like of a play that has branching paths in the story, one night, of a 9 day run, script "B" is used, at its branch point, and the next night, the play branches at point of script "D".
Thus each night's production of this play, in its nine day run at the theater, will actually have a whole different play! Like seeing nine different dramas, maybe one can get a discount ticket for all nine dramas, and each will begin the same but end differently!
thus, it is obvious that all nine possible scripts have to be written out, long long before even the first practicing of the actors begins, months before the opening night!
"all of the scripts must have been written out": but only ONE of them will be used by those actors on one given night.

Try to Choose Which Night that you want to watch the Drama!


Tuesday, October 11, 2005

tallahassee sunset

tallahassee sunset, originally uploaded by freestone.

tallahassee sunset
the western sunset, at the end of the Tallahassee rainy season

Uploaded by freestone on 11 Oct '05, 10.31am EDT.

another tropic raincloud

another tropic raincloud, originally uploaded by freestone.

another tropic raincloud
a small thundershower. There was a rainbow there a second ago, Ifear it now cannot be seen, near the top of the cloud

Uploaded by freestone on 11 Oct '05, 10.31am EDT.

The vanishing airbase, life extension

Hi all....

ah yes, another night of Interesting dreams!

In *this* one, I awoke to the dream where I had now just joined the U S
Air Force, again.
[I was a airman 3rd, 1964 to 1968]
I awoke to find that I was at the basic training camp, in Formation with the other recruits in front of my barracks. Then we all went around the base to get our clothes and our orientations.

[I could tell, in this dream, that this air base was really really small, not Lackland AFB, at all, where I had my 1964 basic! In fact it was a Farm!
That is, it looked as if the air force bought out a large farm with a lot of barns and buildings, and the 300 acres with it, then added some more buildings to the original farm buildings then used the old buildings too.]

we all marched to a classroom building, then there was more orientations, I now wore the green Fatigues, my uniform. The class was dismissed, after the welcome and the lectures on the rules of basic training and then all of us was to walk back to the Dorm, separately. I then, alone, walked
back. On the way there, I noted that the original farmhouse was near my path and I took a detour to look inside. There was a Library inside! A large large Libra, filling the whole house! The books were Old too, all of them, some of the books were bound in leather! I left, not having any more time. At the rear of this maybe 2000 foot long base was the main farm barn, my dorm was behind it. As I walked by the barn, I peered into the large open barndoor, hearing someone talk loudly. "funny", I thought, the voice was very *very* high pitched, and very fast talking, it
sounded much like of a tape recorded voice played back at high speed,
one of the played back "electronic voices" of spirits recorded on a tape!
[especially since I caught a look at the speaker]
It was an alien, not someone from the human race. I left real quickly!!
Then, in the dream, I thought about the old farmhouse, as I walked the few hundred feet back to my dorm. This farmhouse is "one of those farmhouses" straight from my many many visits, of late, the last year or two, from a *certain* astral world!

[I have been to this one place maybe 50 times or more in the last year or three, since about 2003!! All of the buildings had a certain "flavor" to them, all of very very OLD farms! It is as if this Land was composed
of souls from the area of my upstate new York farming area, the Land that my father had gone to, immediately after he died and in fact he came to visit me about a year or two after he died, in a Lucid dream and he told me that he now lived in the "New York Victorian farm World"
(his words!). Then he moved upwards in progression to the next heaven level, thus I figured that this land was the first place he lived in, after death, before Advancing upwards to a higher heaven, where *then* months later, I saw his heaven home, on that next upper level.
In this land, the people have the freedom to create the farms of their Greater fantasy imaginations, no hold barred! Building a super-barn is cheap, and anything a farmer wanted to do while he lived on earth but was prohibited from doing because of cost or of the limitations of building material, why now he could Do It here! I have seen barns 300 feet high, I have seen farmhouses that would put the Biltmore Mansion to shame!

all of these homes usually are abandoned, in my astral travels. I finally figured out why: the builder resident advances to a higher heaven, leaving his Creations behind, and sometimes newcomers move in and add to his farm, then they leave. I have seen miles and miles of wondrous farms, most of the buildings have fading white paint of a certain shade of white, this tells me that the buildings are painted from 1880 paints which usually was "whitewash" or even "MILK"!]

BACK TO DREAM! In the dream, I knew that I "floated" about a foot off of the floor, in this Library, yet another indication that this place was in the farmlands of the astral that I have often been to.
There was no other troops, from my squadron of about 30 guys, at the barracks. I was alone. Somehow, I had gotten off of the Class Plan for that day and I needed to know where they were. I chose then to walk back to the front of the gate, front of the base, from the rear where my barracks was at, where to find the Offices near the front gate. I then chose to walk out into the fields, and then walk around the circular base; easier than to thread myself through the buildings, plus the astral sky and clouds were Incredible in their beauty, I could only see it by going out of the complex of base-buildings. I left my barracks, walking around the barn with the aliens in it, then walked out to the field, and turned right to walk around this 2000 foot base.
Open sky with incredible cumulus clouds, I could not see the base as I walked around it, there was a thick row of trees blocking my view. There was a "helicopter pad" near the base, I could see aircraft on it parked.
these 'aircraft" were not copters though, off in the distance these crafts
looked like FLYING SAUCERS!
I finally walked to the front of the base and then I turned the corner of the row of trees, only to find that the base was


There was a shallow crater where this base was, a hole in the ground about 2000 feet long and about 1000 feet across and maybe 30 feet deep!
---and *another* thing: there were ten foot trees growing on the sides and on the bottom of this crater, and the ground was also covered with weeds!
[as if "years" have gone by!]
Then some local farmers walked up, and they scratched their heads, as they knew that this base was here seemingly hours ago!
not a trace left, not a man, a building, not even the landing field!
Only I remained, wearing those fatigues!

[actually, now, I can interpret this! This airbase is a "collection zone"
for souls who live here, in this astral Farmlands, who are getting near their time of Advancements where they are almost ready to Progress to the next level. Farmers who will soon leave for the next upper level of their afterlife experiences. They come here, get a bit of "prep", then the whole "base" Transfers as a whole object, to this next level. The "aliens"?? Probably Angels or more advanced souls, or even "aliens"
from other solar systems who are members of the faculty who progress the "farmers" to the next level.
I, being only "out of body", did not go with them, of course.

But I feel there is a *MUCH* deeper meaning, for me, here, and this is why I write so much about this experience!
[About May of 2003, I astrally went to India to meet a Master Guru, a resident of the astral, and there he told me that while he lived on earth, he would astral travel to the Hall of LifeRecords and retrieve records on the lives of certain souls and then awake and then to write up, one life per sheet, on paper, the life lived. He then told me that these records also contain the *Intended* life too, where the this soul, before Incarnating, would have his life-plan set up, for his life to live on earth, then he would incarnate. Thus the life-record, of one soul, would contain
both the Plan plus the record of how this plan actually was lived out; whether the soul achieved his Plan, or not!
This master told me that he did this a lot, as a young man, in India, around 1936 or 1938.
Then he pulled up a thick pile of papers. Probably the astral copies of what he wrote on earth! He then told me that MY life was seen by him, then, in 1938! He then rummaged through this pile for a moment and low and behold he held up a sheet of paper, all written in Hindu except
the name of the soul-record, at the top, written in bold English (Roman)
characters; I could read the name...



he read, for a moment, this sheet. He then told me that I had successfully completed my life path, I had done all of what I came to earth for!
he then stared at me and he GRAVELY said...."IN ONE YEAR, FREESTONE, YOU WILL BEGIN YOUR SPIRIT PATH! (spoken on may 13 2002). Then he spoke in Hindu, I guess, except that I could see at the bottom of the sheet that he held in his hand, a small drawing. It was of me, looking West to the Setting Sun, from in front of my childhood home, in upstate, NY!
And...At the bottom of this sheet of Sanskrit/Hindu writing, just above the image, was the English/Roman word..."HEMORRHAGE"!

I probably had one year to live!

There was six months of many many dreams preparing me to die, apparently! Then around the end of November of 2003, I had a hemorrhoid break, a teaspoon of blood in the toilet bowl certainly *looked* scary!
(hemorrhage=hemorrhoid, maybe the same word! )
Then at that same month of November, 2003, I had a astral travel where a lady told me
"one year:get READY"! There were suddenly many many more dreams of such warnings.

then one more dream of EXTENSION! ( I will live yet longer!)

Perhaps the "Horace/hemorrhoids" of 2003, was to begin the one year countdown!]

I apologize for the long digression, but I have to build you a barn before I can place the weathervane on top of its roof!!

*Now* I can interpret this dream in one quick motion!
*if* I had died in around 2004, I would have gone to live in a "first level astral world", of course. Almost certainly this world would have been this Farm lands. This is why I had astral traveled to this place often, as I was SUPPOSED to have been there already!

If I had died in 2004, I would have lived the "one year per ten" there, thus I would have lived in this farmland for 12 to 20 years! Eventually I would be "ready" to progress to the next level. Thus I would have moved to this "airbase", to get ready to Ascend to the next heaven level, as this airbase "Program" is probably one way to advance a group of souls all at one time. Of course this base place "left" when it did, taking all of the souls who were ready, with it, but not ME! Thus I had to make the appearance at the time of Progression, probably to "let myself know', in this astral dream, that I was supposed to have progressed then, and did not, as I did not die and will not die, not for ????? years, maybe till 2011/12 when many many will go.
Thus as I was "supposed" to have lived there in the farmlands, after I 2004 died, I would have now often dreamvisited there, my "rightful" place in heaven. No wonder I dreamed so much of this place!

I probably will end up in the "refugee
camp", in 2011/12 where thousands and thousands will congregate in 'tents"; one of the masses of souls plucked at once!
or...Maybe live here even longer if "2011/12" does not occur: my genes might permit me to live another 20 years, or more, I am 64 now!


Monday, October 10, 2005

why i removed the "Face"!

--a post to a forum group, continueing the topic as to why i removed the "face of katrina" from the weblogs and photo fourums, due to "flamings"!

well I had, this morning, opened the face photo to "public" again, so that anyone can see it. then i uploaded it to the Community photos too, so it is here on this forum site, safe! under "interesting photos", i believe, i also added a better picture of myself, all 6 foot two, of me!

A "disturbing thought" came to me, today as to why perhaps I had the
"psychic attack"! i wondered why spirit let those astral souls do that, i
think i now know....

"listen to your heart" the Song goes, and there was something close to my heart that i forgot when those intellectuals flamed me!!

That I had seen, in my heart, that much of the "atheist intellectuals, in Europe and elsewheres, are only overbalancing the pendulum swing of
getting rid of "4000 years of Church OPPRESSION"!

I have found a terrible saying, over the years, a saying that i fear a bit would get me flamed ten times WORSE by people in this forum site who are Fundamentalist!!

Lines of my belief:
...how can ye become Jesus-saved unless there is a you, there, to be saved with? it is not your family or your peer group that is saved, it is you!
---how can a Zen student get Enlightenment unless there is a "he" there to get enlightened with?
---how can you Transcend the ego unless you first get that ego developed, in all its Narcissic full throttle glory?!

"pajout's" theory of childhood: childhood comes in stages and if you miss one stage, you never can make up for it properly!

The ego is one stage, it must be achieved.

there is a concept that I learned, in 1993, in the 20 days in the hospital, the HEALING TEAM! the doctor, of course, but also the janitor, the dietician, the x-ray tech, and also this team must include MYSELF! I have to be part of the healing team too, i must monitor my meds, watch for errors, open the shades for the sun to shine on me, eat the foods, etc,,etc...

most Christains, i see, do NOT include themselves in the

salvational team.

The angels, Jesus, the saints are all There, but YOU have to be part of it too, and that means that there has to be a you there! too too many christians feel that jesus should do all the work!
this is where the Promethious comes in! "the bringer of self aware ego"!

in order to become properly Saved, you must have a good ego as you are not going to face god face to face some day, you are going to stand beside him as an EQUAL! ["ye shall be as Gods"!] "I do not want sevants, i want Equals"...[i think] Jesus speaking about the saved souls in heaven with the Father.

so, what does this have to do with flaming intellectuals?
---they are developing their ego. and their Mind too. ye cannot pour the wine of spirit into the Cup until there is a cup there for this wine to be poured into!! that is what they all are doing and all old fossilized dogma Must Go! no churchology, no icons even. even to the over-reaction of pure intellectual Hubris, this action must be done so that there is a good strong ego there!

i.e, how many "pentecostals" have you all known where there was no real sense of self; the family values are their values, this person says "we", when she is talking about herself! no one home, very emotional and often somewhat confused about "choices", as she or he cannot really choose anything as there is no one there to choose with! sometimes abused, sometimes self-depreciates, sometimes co-dependant.

I think i will change my signiture slogun!!


Thursday, October 06, 2005

towers of power

towers of power, originally uploaded by freestone.

towers of power
towering small rainshowers off to the west of Tallahassee. The upper level winds shear off the tops and blow them into a direction that is different from the lower base level winds. Thus, a cloud can be pulled into several different directions. At northen temperate latitudes, most of the winds blow from one direction throughout the level of the cloud. Ah, but in the tropics and subtropics
things are different! Thes clouds, in these several photos, are traveling to the west, from the east, but the upper level winds come from other directions.

Uploaded by freestone on 5 Oct '05, 9.29am EDT.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

a local church splits apart

Posted on Tue, Oct. 04, 2005
the Tallahassee Democrat

St. John's Episcopal splinters

Dudley, followers leave over disagreements

By Gerald Ensley


There was stunned silence, then gasps and then standing ovations at both services Sunday at St. John's Episcopal Church. It was the sound of Tallahassee's second-oldest church splitting apart.

Father Eric Dudley on Sunday told parishioners that he was leaving St. John's to start a new church because he could no longer support the national Episcopal Church and because he was "disillusioned" by the actions of John Howard, bishop of the 76-congregation North Florida diocese.

Dudley announced he would start St. Peter's Anglican Church, which will adhere to the doctrine of Anglicanism, on which the Episcopal Church is based. St. Peter's will move into a recently abandoned International Church of Christ complex at 901 Thomasville Road and hold its first service Sunday morning.

Dudley, 46, had been the pastor at St. John's for 10 years. He had been an outspoken critic of the Episcopal Church since 2003, when national controversy erupted over the ordination of a gay bishop by the Episcopal Church. But he said his decision to leave St. John's was about the national church's increasing departure from Bible-based teaching.

Dudley becomes the second Tallahassee pastor to split from the Episcopal church since the 2003 controversy. In 2004, the Rev. Dennis Ackerson left the Church of the Holy Spirit to start The Living Word Church, an Anglican-based church located at 2763 Capital Circle N.E.

"I'm not a fundamentalist. This is about more than homosexuality," Dudley said Monday. "It has to do with the fact that the Episcopal Church has turned its back on Scripture as the foundation of ethical decision-making. The national church has repeatedly made it clear that God has taught them a new truth and it contains no Scripture. We believe in the old truth of Scripture. "

Half may leave

St. John's has more than 1,500 members. It was unclear Monday how many would follow Dudley to his new church, though some members speculated the number could be as high as "half." Dudley said his two assistant pastors, Brad Page and Michael Petty, plus a dozen staff members and 12 of the 14 vestry members already have said they will join him at St. Peter's.

Dudley, a Yale-educated rector, had become popular at St. John's for innovations such as a church cafe, youth programs, an expanded Sunday School and Bible study sessions.

Dozens of his supporters swarmed around the new church Monday as Dudley and his administrators began setting up offices. The church was purchased by a St. John's parishioner, who will allow St. Peter's to use it for three to five years while the congregation raises money for a new building.

"I'm sad to go. But sometimes you've just got to part company," said Tallahassee attorney Tom Crapps, a St. John's member who will move with his wife and three children to St. Peter's. "I want to follow Scripture, and Father Eric clearly articulated that. So that's the way I'm going."

Dudley said his departure from St. John's also was spurred by disagreements with North Florida Bishop John Howard, who has supported the national Episcopal Church even while saying he did not agree with the ordination of gay priests. Howard also recently criticized St. John's for not adhering to diocese financial policies.

St. John's recently sought to add a $300,000 loan to its $450,000 debt, which is part of the church's fluctuating line of credit that began with a $1.5 million loan for church expansion in 1992. Howard said the diocese must be notified of such financial transactions. Dudley said St. John's has borrowed money and paid it off seven times since 1992 - without having to notify the diocese.

"The bishop says one thing and does another," Dudley said. "I think he cares more about the institution of the Episcopal Church than about faith and holiness."

According to the book "Favored Land," Tallahassee's first church congregation was Trinity Methodist in 1827, followed by St. John's in 1829 and First Presbyterian in 1832. St. John's first church was constructed in 1837 and later burned down. The current church, at 211 N. Monroe St., was built in 1879.

From the beginning, the St. John's congregation has included notable politicians, planters, attorneys, educators and businessmen. One of the founders was two-time territorial governor Richard Keith Call, whose great-great-granddaughter, Mary Call Collins Proctor, said Monday she and many others will remain with the church. Bishop Howard will meet with St. John's parishioners at 5:30 p.m. today to discuss the church's future.

[I eat at their cafe often. yeaterday it was like eating at a funeral, there!
"they say" that 60 to 70% of the church people have left.

the main issue was not even "homosexuality" but that the governing body of the
headquaters more or less says that the Bible is not inspired writing and that Jesus is only a man, not God incarnate!
So 60% of the people will have now a new church with a fundamentalist way of life.

I feel "chilled"! 38 degrees and rain! How even can a sinner be saved if he cannot even be made to feel welcome as a human being, in their new church?!

I wrote out this "letter", below, and i intend to give to them a copy of it!



At coffee this Wednesday morning, at Goody's, I was thinking of the three cross that were involved with Jesus's crucifixion.

One for Jesus.

Second cross for the thief that He saved.

Third cross for the thief that was not saved.

I will write a bit about this "third cross". For me, this cross represents the Lamb that wandered off lost
down the hill and the Shepard left his 99 sheep to go fetch this lamb. This is the "unsaved yet soul": ALL of them, the
souls that came after Jesus that wander around yet unsaved.

---This is a term that I learned about, when living with my sister in the Mountains, where there were a lot of Fundamentalist churches.
Some used this term "Shunning". This is where they "shunned the unbelievers", shunned not only the worldliness of
materialisms, but that they made friends only with other saved people, did business with only other
business people who were saved, and generally kept themselves away from anyone who was not saved.

The newspaper, "SWORD OF THE LORD", the main newsletter for the Church of Christ, had a very very good article criticizing this way of life!
The write posed the question: "what would have been the result if Jesus had no dealings with the woman of the Well of Samaria, a prostitute,
the lowest of the lowlife as seen by that culture of that day?!! Suppose Jesus had no dealings with *anyone* who Sins?!
Then, who would have ever ever become saved?!
Thus this writer says that Shunning is an abomination, as this way of life cuts off the people of that church that follows this path, from contact with the greater outer world
of the unsaved masses of people! How can an unsaved person become saved unless he gets, from outside of himself, the Message
of Salvation? Thus no unsaved, sinning, person can ever go into this church, as a visitor seeking a new church for to call "home",
and then receive a feeling of "welcome" from everyone if the church people shunned him? Thus such a church could end up
where the minister Truly is "preaching to the choir", as everyone in this church is a fundamental believer and is saved!

This is why, according to the "three Cross way", all sinners must be made welcome to come to church!
[read: homosexuals...here!]

Somewheres Jusus says, [ i am not good at "Bible verses] , ........"that if just ONE sinner is saved, by your actions, then "it" is all made worth while
as this sinner is now on the Rolls of heaven for Eternity". Thus if a church welcomes people of all colors, of all ways of life, of all incomes,
then these people are exteriorly exposed to the word of God, and thus this can sink into their hearts where Jesus can now speak inwards to them.
Thus, I feel, that a church should thus welcome these people, and then deal with their *Sins*, not the Sinner, in "critiques"!
Then welcome this lost lamb back up the hill into the sheepFold. But these "worldly" sinners need that saying
that is painted on the mural wall of the Tallahassee Homeless Shelter, which says...
Thus it is not only Jesus and the Word of God, the Bible, that helps a sinner get free of his sins, it is the social aspect of the people of the church, the body of
believers, who befriend and help this person.

The problem, as I see it, with a strict fundamentalist church attitude, is that sinners who visit this church, sinners who have *any* type of sin;
is that they are often not made to feel welcome.

[the mule responds better to a Carrot dangling on a stick in front of its face, instead of a whip applied to its rear end, to get it to pull its load forwards!]

In short, sinners must be made welcome to any church. We all, each of us, was one of Them, Sinners, once!

in closing, a parable: a man came up to a farmer who was hitting a rock with a large hammer and in one blow this rock split apart. The visitor
says, "nice blow there".
The farmer replied, "ah....But you did not see the other 19 blows that I had to hit onto the rock, before you walked around the bend!
Those 19 blows made cracks all through that rock, the 20th blow did it in".
---the "20th blow" is Jesus, the "19 blows" is all the actions of the church and the other members of this church, that Paves the Way
for this sinner to hear and then to ACCEPT that Jesus has something Vital for him to accept!

but if this sinner is not even made to feel welcome in the church, there will not even be ONE BLOW made upon that stubborn rock
of sin-heart!

freestone Wilson

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


thunderhead, originally uploaded by freestone.

off to the east, a large thunderstorm.

The evening shadows cast.
6th floor apartment house at tallahassee, florida.
Awesome, these thunderstorms, when the sun sets to the west, thus casting the last sunglow upon a storm that is to the east, like of this storm. Often, this time of year, late september, storms *come* from the east, tallahassee being in the subtropic latitudes. My georgia belle apts has 12 floors, perfect for cloud pictures, you all will see more of these, as time goes by!

Uploaded by freestone on 30 Sep '05, 9.55am EDT.

the plantation house

the plantation house, originally uploaded by freestone.

the plantation house
the Brokaw-McDougal house. An old plantation house that sits within Tallahassee, florida. Now the headquarters of the parks dept.
Interesting how this plantation once had nearly 1000 acres of land, on the outside of the old city limits, a 1880 city with 3,000 people. Today the city has 300,000 people and the property of this plantation is now about ONE acre, and the city utterly surrounds it! the high school is behind it, downtown is only four blocks away!
Still a nice park of a yard, still a nice house. The man who wrote "Tallahassee Lady", the book, was a new york times reporter who came here in 1880 to cover the Capital news[Tallahassee is the capital of Florida], and he passed this plantation often, I guess. He wrote this book, about a reporter, who came here to cover the capital news [a veiled autobiography!]! He fell in love with a lady who lived in perhaps this very house, in his book. She, and the very BEAUTY of tallahassee, and the surrounding area,
Opened his Soul, now he could Love and appreciate beauty, in a lady, and in his surroundings, and in his life, from then on! when he went back to new york, in his book, he now had an operating Soul!

Uploaded by freestone on 30 Sep '05, 9.51am EDT.

Monday, October 03, 2005

pretty afternoon

pretty afternoon, originally uploaded by freestone.

pretty afternoon
a pretty tallahassee afternoon. This city has one of the lowest average wind speeds, of any uraban area, in the country! Like of today, there is not one leaf stirring. Only during storms and hurricanes does the wind really blow much.
Note the interesting direction signs for the parking lot for the day care center, on the left!

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evening clouds

evening clouds, originally uploaded by freestone.

evening clouds
sunset in tallahassee, the clouds look so intensely vivid.

Uploaded by freestone on 3 Oct '05, 9.03am EDT.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

death of new orleans

in a prophecy forum, someone wrote about how new orleans is Gone.

[quote=New Orleans.....A Ghost Town?

Unfeasibility of Rebuilding New Orleans?

The river is moving away from the city. The city is sinking because of its weight, because no upbuilding by new muck for many decades, because of being cut off from the fresh water, because it is sliding off a cliff (the Continental Shelf),

It makes you rethink New Orleans doesn't it? I for one am glad I got to see it before Katrina and Rita changed it forever. The street cars, the pastries, gumbo, and jazz, and don't forget the smell of coffee everywhere.....C'est dommage.


my reply....

I see an exonerable, non-stopible, law at work here.

1...a city, any city, grows and it is full of soul, new orleans especially full of soul, it is nearly the whole national soul, our music, our food...etc..etc...

2...something destroys it.

3...the only way it gets rebuilt is that it is done "right" acorrding to "engineer/$$$$ principles, and only the Big Boys can afford that.

4...the city is rebuilt, but SANITIZED of all of its soul!
Only the big boys can build this thing and the result is "grennwich west 1998" or "Coconut grove miami 1997", or

result: the soul is gone.

has anyone wondered if this whole huge thing, Katrina and new orleans, is a "SUPEROMEN" for America! that the end is near, our inner soul just died, and when it is revived artifically you get a


a braindead lady who was revived all right, but without a soul. thus a dead new orleans is where we all could go in 7 years, 2012!

our collective inner soul just died! we are "too near the event", yet, to see this , i suspect, thus I will be amoungst the first to write about this, here....
we will have a braindead new orleans, maybe the big boys will build an ultra-convention center with a huge casino annex, and save the french quarter "in aspec", a museam piece ala the Disneyland model, nice and sanitized for the tourists!
but dead in soul.
and *that* will make up the new new orleans, except for the living places for the servants and the ship port workers.

thus i now play the Violin, make this dirge, for the death of our inner soul, and i fear that soon the Body will be next, as often when the elder couple: the wife dies, the husband dies of a broken heart a year or so later!


florida clouds

, originally uploaded by mikebrsm.

Uploaded by mikebrsm on 1 Oct '05, 9.09am EDT.


florida clouds, much nicer weather than that snow photo below!

Prospect Park Blizzard

Prospect Park Blizzard, originally uploaded by George K.

Prospect Park Blizzard

Uploaded by George K on 21 Aug '05, 8.36pm EDT.

reminds me of my childhood and other years that I spent in my hometown of Interlaken, ny!

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