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Friday, September 30, 2005


Cabezón, originally uploaded by Brocco Lee.

Gijón, Asturias

Uploaded by Brocco Lee on 29 Jul '05, 7.09pm EDT.


wonderful art on walls of cities, I love this, offical or unoffical.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

religious painting

Yesterday at the Florida state library and museam, they installed in the lobby a series of paintings done by modern "almost muralists", about 20 people represented. i was impressed with one person who had a picture represented, Robert Roberg.


He painted a series of pictures on the Book of Revelation, there was one shown.

It was GONE, the next day, they replaced it with another artist's photo.

Ah well...At first i thought that it was the "standard" tale of a State agency not liking anything "religious" in the exhibit.
then i read the writings on his site.

So here I am with a different Jesus. My Jesus is different from what 99.99% of the Christians believe in, and 100% different from what the Muslims, Jews, Bahais Hindus, Thais and Voodooists believe in. Now against such odds a reasonable person might be willing to say "I might be wrong." So let me say it, "I might be wrong." But as I read the Bible, the Jesus I see taught his followers to practice universal love, non-violence, peacemaking, gentleness and to overcome evil with goodness and kindness and prayer. My reading has further convinced me that he was a man, and not a God or demi-god, or a god with a small g, or an angel, or pre-existent being of any kind.

My Jesus is different from all of them. He is not an incarnated being from heaven. He was born as real as anyone of us. He was hungry and cried and wet his diaper. He really died and rose from the dead and is now human-kind's only High Priest who can intercede with God to forgive our sins. My Jesus is very close to the Peace Churches' view of Jesus, but my Jesus is not the same as theirs for mine was a real man and never a hybrid-God/Man.

no wonder they removed him!

tallahassee street

tallahassee street, originally uploaded by freestone.

tallahassee street
Looking north on a Tallahassee, street, the shadows of the late afternoon are cast. i have near the feeling of the "1920s" here, one can even imagine the gaslight steetlamps.
There is no wind here, except in storms, the leaves hang in "3-D silence".
Oh the "romantic" old South, some of it still Lives.

Uploaded by freestone on 28 Sep '05, 9.22am EDT.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

a small study in how a prophecy went bad

hi all...

As i was watching the tv news, over my 7 am coffee, i nted the news: "the ten dollar bill will now get a new makeover, like of the $20"!

*this* reminded me of a prophecy that a famous prophetess made, a few years ago.
She said, somewheres in the 80s or early 90s, that
"I see the vision of a different kind of US money demoninations, this means that the US currentcy will very soon be devalued, better invest in Gold, Now"!

This little prophecy error really gives to me a Lesson in how Prophecy Goes bad!!
---this is where someone Sees correctly, then the person places his/her own "Spin" on what will occur!
She was Given an image of a radically changed US bill, the picture of it was so different from what the present large bill looked like that she thought immediately that the government is going to devalue the money and issue different notes for all of the demoninations! Then she gave this all out as HER seeings!
"thought immediately", then she made that thought part of the Prophecy prediction, as *if* it were part of the Message that came from her Source!

78,051 little old ladies and nervious people then got even the more nervious!

In a sense, this prophet person was of little help to us all.
now i sense what this person saw: the government program to make the larger bills much more difficult to counterfeit! Would be disturbing indeed, to see psychicly that huge picture of the guy on the bill, compared to the old $20!

It is so easy!
So easy to think about what was Seen, or experienced, then add your own interpetations; in Dream Visions even the more so!

Even in my own "tryings" to separate the vision from my own slants, i wonder how many times that I have written out my experience where people think that my interpetation is part of the experience?!



Awe..., originally uploaded by portseye.

Waiting and watching for Rita.

Uploaded by portseye on 23 Sep '05, 8.54pm EDT.

...a terrible beauty!

Monday, September 26, 2005

evening stormcloud

evening stormcloud, originally uploaded by freestone.

evening stormcloud
taken from the 5th floor of my tallahassee apt building, near sunset, looking east. Still, yet STILL, a cloud rainshower that was part of Rita!
Amazing how far and wide the clouds run out from these hurricane storms!

Uploaded by freestone on 26 Sep '05, 8.32am EDT.

Saturday, September 24, 2005


...a reply to the mod forum at elderscrolls.com, the morrowind mod forums, i posted that I have very little time for me to play anymore, or to post much anymore....

You will be missed! Please drop by now and then, I always enjoyed reading your posts, they had given so much to us!


well i thank you all again.
[I now have another library hour!]
[phones cost the earth, for a disibility pension!]

Yes, i have enjoyed for several years now, the people on the Fourms.
the advice, for the most part, the Community of palyers who made, and make, morrowind to be more than just out of the box!
A living world, even.
I have now about 300 mods installed and i cannot handle much more of them. Takes my system about 15 to 20 minutes to load up, as i say.
I had "begun my new game " so much that one of my mods is that one used to disable the turorial helps, in the character creational part of the game!
Now, i can walk around at about 12 to 18 fps, probably until later, as all of the Scripts kick in, at, say, level 10 or 20, the save games get large and the gamescripts might make my game unplayable where i will walk around at 5 fps!
but here I sense my TRUTH, my own Seeings, about my game of morrowind!

It is a world to be in, to explore, a world to immerse myself in; never to finish, never maybe even to get beyond delivering that package to
?Cassius? there in balmora! "He" wants me to Explore, anyways, to find out things for the King,etc...etc....

but in a sense I am exploring the community of mod-makers. I am exploring the collective counsciousness of about 200 to 300 makers of mods. Mods made by people from all over the world, of all backgrounds.
yes, i probably will see errors as i play, even many yellow boxes here and there, i gave up keeping my Conflict detector error free long long ago!
For ME, the ash storms are already Gone, the hills are green where lava once flowed. the buildings are of better quality as the Visual pack XT is used.
There are merchants of every ilk, some with 500,000 gold. better be, as there are those several 100 level dungeons near seedya!
Full of junk to sell, they are!
children roam the streets and elders are in the villages and then i will wonder what my npcs will look like after Elders....world of faces...better? faces? over-ride each other!

So I will treat my "game" as a "vacation resort", from playing those 20 second load up console games and snes emulators and even diablo II!

and...from helping those seniors!
as i say, many of them find the "right mouse click" to be as dense as "brain surgery"! not age that does this, so much, as a whole different way of thinkings, thinkings that only began in the early 60s.
I shudder to try to explain "cut and paste" to these people, as for them, surely, the document *IS* the content, one cannot copy it, into another type of font type, as the message is the contents, for them, in their way of thinkings!
That whole generation, born before 1947, or so, i find to be very very "literal" in their thinkings and imaginations, in fact, many do not imagine at all, and some are PROUD that they do never ever dream at night!
this is why that good "ole time fundamental religion' must still be here as that is the *only* way that they can expereince God, through a litteral Bible interpetation! and, of course..."Black and white thinkings"! Gotta be *this* OR *that*, and no shades of "middle ground"!

so I intend to take tours...my game title is...


and take tours of the richness of the game world...
and...to post often, at least, sometimes!


Friday, September 23, 2005

rita's offspring

rita's offspring, originally uploaded by freestone.

rita's offspring
looking west from the 7th floor of my Tallahassee aprtment, georgia belle.

Notice the rain falling from the bottom of these clouds.

Off behind that large flagpole [blimp mooring mast!] is Rita, 500 miles away. Even *this* far away, there are showers that are Directly caused by this huge huge system!
In fact one can look at the row of clouds and then imagine how this row is actually spirialing around the center of Rita. the radar map of north Florida would bear my imagination out!

Uploaded by freestone on 23 Sep '05, 9.11am EDT.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

soaking Rita

soaking Rita, originally uploaded by freestone.

soaking Rita
I later walked back up, took the picture at the 5th floor landing. rained for over an hour. The radar map reveals that this rainband *was* indeed part of the circulation of Rita, and it formed overhead of this part of Florida, over 500 miles from the center of Rita. the security guard did not believe me when I told him, on my way to the tv, that this rain was a Rita rainband. he came with me to the tv and just then the waether channel had the radar for the southeast, and he says, "good grief, you are right"!
I could Tell that this rain was "different" from normal rains and rainshowers! It had the "feel" of Katrina, Denis, Ivan....hurricane rain", as i stood watching the rain on that street, last photo back! In fact that street photo is a near duplcate of the same scene with Katrina!

Uploaded by freestone on 22 Sep '05, 8.24am EDT.

drought breaker

drought breaker, originally uploaded by freestone.

drought breaker
Ah! One of the nicknames of hurricanes is "drought breaker"! there has been no rain here for nearly a month, near a record, and days of high temps of 98 degrees! All of the plants look like the sound of a
teenager slurping up a plastic cup of ice and soda, and all of the soda is gone, so that all ya hear is that slurping sound of air being sucked up: i sensed the plants were like that, trying to get water up from the ground! Probably rained over an inch.
Photo is taken from the parking entrance to georgia belle apts, where I live.

Uploaded by freestone on 22 Sep '05, 8.24am EDT.

The Approach

The Approach, originally uploaded by freestone.

The Approach
A slight change in camera angle, the approach is

Uploaded by freestone on 22 Sep '05, 8.28am EDT.

it Comes!

it Comes!, originally uploaded by freestone.

it Comes!
I ran back down to the ground and here it is, folks, a rainband from rita that is about to Deliver!

Uploaded by freestone on 22 Sep '05, 8.28am EDT.

Rita rainband forms

Rita rainband forms, originally uploaded by freestone.

Rita rainband forms
A few minutes later, I ran back up to one of the floor landings, the clouds grow.

Uploaded by freestone on 22 Sep '05, 8.28am EDT.

rita rain

rita rain, originally uploaded by freestone.

rita rain
After I got out the door, i looked to the east, and saw more rain coming from the east. This rainband was actually developing overhead!

Uploaded by freestone on 22 Sep '05, 8.29am EDT.

rain of Rita!

rain of Rita!, originally uploaded by freestone.

rain of Rita!
I grabbed my camera, I could see the clouds overhead begin to drop some rain, I ran down from my 5th floor georgia belle apt, took this picture on the 5th floor landing.
From Rita.

Uploaded by freestone on 22 Sep '05, 8.29am EDT.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

no time for games

I posted this post on a computer game forum for the Morrowind game.


hi all from freestone.

Tis been a while since i posted here, nor been a while since i even come here, and, ya know, i have YET to begin my new game!
300 mods all ready to Load, almost tested out.

That phrase by ??someone?? i have remembered, it struck me
as i read it.

"I have to leave modding and the forums due to a need to take care of my family"!

One would think that I, being single and 64 and living alone, would have lots and lots of time for games!

hardly a moment, i have!

I live in a Independant senior living center, where there are over 160
people. I find that there are SO many nights where i come back to my apartment after my community supper to find a message on my door.
"help me"!

last night was a lady who had computer problems but she *really* wanted to talk to me about her bing fired from her part time job as secretary at the Unitarian church! her boss, being gay, had a lover and the lover was jealous that his lover, her boss, might be bisexual! A triangle.
"Ann Landers" would have loved it, her tale of "inner fighting and bitterness" in a Church setting!
Then there is the guy who had 65 years of marrage and then she died and he now lives alone in their apartment with memories of her in every drawer and cupboard, here at georgia belle!
Then there are the five to six people with computers who do not even know how to "right click" the mouse and often they got their children's old computer as a cast off, why one guy has a gateway 2000 with 1.5 gigs of hard drive and 16 MEGS of ram! Glaciers move faster then his computer. I spent one evening getting AOL off of his system, for instance!

my own 2400 athlon takes me about 15 to 20 minutes to load up from when i turn on the surge protector to when i can move my character. I only often have 30 minutes to play before the sleepies come at 8 PM, and that 8 PM has been the Line of awareness for 30 years, anything afterwards is a Zombie!

what i have done is to "splurge" on a ps2, i have a playstation One already, the loadup time is only


Even now I have gotten into Diablo II/lord of destruction as that loads up fast fast.
then there is the emulator for the SNES, that takes mere seconds too, to load.
Too, the consoles do not have to contend with the "game of trying to get the durn game to actually work on my system"! even now, with my mods, i am only 60% sure that if i loaded them all up to play, i will find an error that NEEDS to be fixed and thus *that* hour is spent in Maintainence, not in playing the game: consoles play games right out of the cd case!

there is a slogun on the wall mural of the Tallahassee Homeless Shelter, which says...


I suspect that many modders *and* players have now left the forums and left even playing the Game, as Life now needs all of their attention and time. or WILL leave, in the future.

so i will not visit or post here much anymore...
I can sense that we each is part of everyone else, and there are lots and lots of "projects" where if one person does it, it takes an hour or two, but if another helps out, the job only takes five minutes.
"Emotional support" is another "job" too, for instance, at the senior center, often the Ambulance comes to treat someone or to take the person to the hospital. there is a death, here, about once per month, at georgia belle.

everyone just Knows that someday this ambulance will come for them some day!

Thus, everyone here *must* deny, a bit, the Grim reaper, or they could not go on.....as death is just around the corner for them all, and that they are constantly reminded of that Fact.
*You all* are Buffered from death, as most of you all, the readers of my post, are still Young! But I, we, are Steeped in death, many residents here talk of nothing else but of their sicknesses, and some people see their doctors several times per week, as they have so so so many problems, and at least two people take 20 pills, 20 meds each and every morning, for 20 conditions!

at the age of 70 or so, life *becomes* "maintainance", maintance is all that there is, takes all day to maintain ones'self.
So I find that I can help a bit, but i have to watch out for where to cut the line from a "needy" person.

Ah well, at least i have gotten to balmora on several occasions.
Til sometime.....


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

you do not want *this* nightmare!

hi all...

another freestone special, a dream that no one would ever ever want!

comes in two parts.

1...I am driving my car along the road, enjoying the scenery. Soon, the road dips down a hill and turns. As i go down it, suddenly around the bend is a pile of dead logs. I crash through them, then my pickup truck goes off of the road, and stops overtop of a huge dead log, i see that my truck is TOTALED! I turn around in my seat to peer at my workshop that is in the camper in the bed of the truck, i just know that i will have to walk away and leave all of my stuff behind forever!

MEANING: this one is easy, around the bend of time is my death, I will take nothing with me! There is a Twist, though, that might not seem
obvious! In the shop are golden bottles, referring to the contents of my soul. these ALSO will i have to leave behind! I will not even have the contents of my soul with me when i enter the afterlife!

2...I walk up to a large house and inside it is a large gathering of people in a churchlike setting. This is a "cult" of some kind, and my old friend of 30 years is there and he wants me to join the meeting. My friend is a bit "authoritive/soccer coach" of a person, in life, here in the dream he wants me to become one of "them", the cultists. I react, i leave the room.
As i leave the building, i walk through a room where the floor is covered with the urine of all of the people who pee there, all of the cultists. Somehow, this stuff gets all over my clothes.
Then there is another scene where i *could* have joined up with them, I essentually "merge" with all of them, no identity.

MEANING: In light of the first segment, i find this disturbing, in light of what I have been doing in my other dreams of the last ten years: dreaming other people's lives, in my dreams! I use other people's images, of their daily earthly lives, and of their daily lives in the after life worlds too, if they had died!

I am tempted to interpet this lovely little nightmare as a nightmare of the "Ultimate" variety: that I will, upon arrival in the afterlife, after i die, i will not exist as "freestone", i will live only through other people's lives!
And...not as "obsessing or possessing", but AS that other person! Go from person to person, have no body, no home, no personal identity! Thus I will experience anyone's images as my own, which means, sports fans, that i will experience *every* form of life experiences, from the highest good to the lowest evil, AS my own experiences!

One of the implications, for what is left of my life, at 64 years of age, is to know that i will have to be much *much* more "liberal left; all values are equal and have equal validness" than any "liberal" would even have!
take an extreme example: a man rapes a young lady. I, living his life, on earth or in the afterlife, would have to know and to expereince doing this, and also know that his reasons are just as valid, in his own eyes, as the girl not wanting to be raped!! that his position is *quite* valid, after all, he did it! I will then Know and feel his valid position as to why this girl is to be raped.
No wonder that i have urine all over myself, in the dream: everyone's shadow will be Mine too!
Guess I will know the Hells very very well, after I die!

I get lots and lots of dreams like this, i will write more of them as time goes by!


three nice ladies

three nice ladies, originally uploaded by freestone.

three nice ladies
Three nice ladies from where I live, Georgia Belle Independant living Apartments. They are some children's grandmothers. I eat supper with two of these ladies, grandmothers from the old south. Could be yours, you might have a grandmother somewheres. Or that you *could* become a grandmother/grandfather, some day! In fact the middle lady has one of her sons working here as a security guard! Often they go back to their small southern towns to be with their children and grandchildren.
They sit under an awning in the Apartment park, the afternoon shadows cast across the grounds below the awning.

Lots of Love here, with the people of Georgia belle! I see whole families come on Sunday, with even children. I see hugs and enbraces, in the lobby. Kids and grandkids eat with Mother in the dining room. I say "mother", as 80%
of the residents are women. Some seniors are active and Doing Things, others more or less wait on the rocking chair for the Hearse to come by and pick them up! You end up, at 70, the Distilation of your 50 years of adult life, your character is now Revealed!

Uploaded by freestone on 20 Sep '05, 9.15am EDT.

parks house

parks house, originally uploaded by freestone.

parks house
the new signboard for the Parks dept headquarters of Tallahassee, the old sign was blown down in one of those hurricanes. "Eagle eyes" will spot, on the seal, the slogun "in God we trus"! The last letter was left off! I was going to come here, not only to tell the people this fact, but to take more pictures. i ended up talking to the director for an hour and a half, not one more photo was taken; but we had a good talk. The sign, she says, came with a whole sentence missing, on the other side, and the signpainter had to take it back! Someone could say..."incompetent southern labor", but I would say..."maybe an older man with a 4th grade education,
growing up in a place and in a time where who you loved, and who loved you, your family, and the
Heart that you had, counted far FAR more than any facts or "three R's" that school taught you! This is why most "intellectuals" dislike the South, calling these people "incompetent rednecks", while these rednecks call the Northern Yankees, of the academia/urban types..."Abrasive obnoxious pushers", who tell everyone what to do, with NO feelings or heart or empathy or sympathy!

Uploaded by freestone on 20 Sep '05, 9.12am EDT.

dining room

dining room, originally uploaded by freestone.

dining room
this is the Geogia belle dining room. Feels like a home, twice a week meals are brought over from Westminster
Homes, the "parent organization" that runs georgia belle. Sometimes 50 or 70 people eat at either of the two suppers, tuesday and thursday. The bookcase in the rear holds hymnbooks; there is a Library, though, on the 6th floor.

Uploaded by freestone on 20 Sep '05, 9.12am EDT.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Opossum perspective on the park.

Opossum perspective on the park.
An odd view for vertical people, but normal for bugs, squirrels, opossums, babies, and cameras on the ground. It's a grass roots look at the east end of Tallahassee's Park Avenue parks, close to where I've taken some other flickr pictures.

Uploaded by readerwalker on 15 Sep '05, 7.18pm EDT.

...an unusual perspective! i like this one!

Saturday, September 17, 2005


hi all...[a post to a forum]

on the main prophecy homepage, is this person's long involved dreams series.

there is no way that i can contact her, or post a comment to this post, so i ask you all about this one!


she says
I see the more low lying areas of upstate New York being reclaimed by the Great Lakes, and a lot of the smaller lakes in that state growing in size.
I am originally from the finger lakes, in upstate ny!
I, off of the top of my head, wonder about what she says. the only way that i can imagine that her seeing would pass is that the land would rise in the st lauwrance river basin.

lake ontario is about 250 feet above sea level, and the lowest finger lake, and lake Onida too, is about 400 feet above sea level!

I once had a fantasy about the adaroundacks, the second fastest growing mountain range in the world, pushing up land over the area of montreal, canada to block the river.

this even makes me wonder if she picked up my fantasy?!

which means.....ponder ponder....
[IMMENSE IMPLICATIONS HERE, for prophicies in general, are ya ready?!!....]
that she, and maybe many many other prophetic people who dream and who get premonitions, and who get messages; get them from people's



fantasies of what *could* occur!

---people, from scientists to earthchange people, who "think out ahead of time" what a Yellowstone Eruption Could Do to America", why the images
are now part of our collective counsciosness, and maybe 80%
of the prophecies, of yellowstone erupting, in these forums, are from people's waking fantasies!
...and the same with all the others, from astroids to wwIII!!

In other words, millions of people fantacize what could happen, "if"
something happens, like of what could happen if a, say, a ten mile size astroid hits the center of the Atlantic ocean. Then this image material becomes the Property of mankind, collectively. then other people pick up on it, in *their* dreams.

an endless loop then begins: more and more people read these prophecies, thus feeding yet more images back into the collective uncounsciousness so that yet more people have dreams and visions!!

the Loop gets bigger and bigger! now even "non-psychics" begin to dream of floods, astroids, etc...

probably somewheres in this, is an original Planned Event, by Spirit, but by now, all of the "noise" of the millions of fantasy creations have overwritten the original images and replaced them with all of our collective fears, expressed in these images!

thus my own fantasy of the lake Ontario growing, could indeed have been picked up by this person.
I shudder to imagine that 99% of all of the other prophecies of the last 40 years have come from the Living, going about their daily lives, like of me, having Fantasy moments of thinking about the future, then the psychics
picking up on all of this!!


Friday, September 16, 2005

I took a walk today along several of my favorite tallahassee streets. i passed the Lakeview baptist Church and I noted that their sign read...

"Your heart determines your actions
and then your action determines your heart"!

The deepest and profoundest "occult" philosophy, on a conservative church sign, by the road, where they place the service times. This is why I shudder when "intelligent liberals" put down the christain church!

---this reminded me of a "famous" tallahassee character. Here was a man who was known for his running, he would run 10 to 50 miles a day, a Marathon runner. He always wore a costume too, usually Superman: he also owned a costume shop.
suddenly it was found that he had cancer, and he died within months!
People think that it was due to the fact that he did his running along the main
six lane streets, bumper to bumper traffic along the fast food row, for hours and hours every day, inhaling all that junk from the cars.

I feel "no"!
I feel that he was dead in his soul before this time, as when he had his business for a year or two and his business was not doing too good, so he did something that infered, to me, that his soul had died and his reincarnational oversoul pulled the plug as there was no more Life in him!

There was a giant "heritage" live oak in his front and only parking lot, a tree maybe 500 years old and was nearly 100 foot across.


now people could see his business!
---this is only my guess, but he was not punished *for* cutting down this tree, he had it where the tree cutting was only a symptom of a larger problem: his soul died years ago!

his heart now determines his action!

from zoto.com
a tallahassee, fla, summer afternoon cloud

disturbing dreams

Last night I had a bit of a "disturbing dream"!!

In that Twilight Zone, at 5 am, when half awake and half asleep, and sometimes I can actually dialogue with spirits somewhat awakedly, I tried to ask of a group of "Spirit guides", questions about the dream I had previous to this. I ended up asking about why I did not die in 2003, as per that India Guru telling me of the Life Record indicating this to be so, set up before I was born.

"broken contract"....Was their reply, a cryptic short answer to a ever ever growing suspicion that I have.

Sometimes what happens to one's childhood, in very Important moments, sets the tone for the whole life to come, not merely "psychologically", but Spiritually too, in a symbolic act, often Predictive in nature!

July of 1959, I went on a short canoe trip to Canada, the church high school youth group went to the Minister's cabin that he had, on a lake in a park.
Early July of 1960: One day at church, this minister approached me to ask not only was I coming this year, but could I be a Leader, his right hand man to help Lead the Boys, as I was not only the oldest boy going, but that I was his most "Favorite and trusted" person.
Of course I asked mom, and she said "NO"! She told me that she had set up ten dentist appointments for me, in late July, and that they were for to get me ready for the college, to FSU, to go in late August, and these appointments could not be changed!
"Oh no", I muttered!
[this trip was, even then I knew, very important to me! This trip would have been the High water mark of my childhood, as much of it was having to deal with being the class object of teasing and bullying all through the 12 years of school so far!]
When I told my Minister, he was aghast, he said that he himself would come to visit her to try to change her mind.

he came the next day. He must have spent over an hour with her and she did not budge one inch!
So all of the end of July, I had ten dentist appointments, they all had a wonderful
canoe trip, the LAST one that they had, it turns out, as he had to leave the church the year after and too, the cabin caught fire and burned down!

yes, a high water mark in my life, that never occurred, I ended up telling this minister, in the end, the next time I saw him, after his visit to mom, that...



Canada = heaven, the "upper country"!
Mom = the physical life on earth, "mother earth"!
canoe trip = my life in heaven after I die, I will help the angels,
be a leader, help the younger souls progress, there.

someone else was his right hand man, on this canoe trip, I did not go.

"broken contract"!
---Mom wins! No matter *what* the guides will tell me, from now on, about another "one year to live", their posturing Will Not Work, as Mom will "Win" every time.
Thus I could either live on and on until my genes run out, coupled with Modern medicine, or that I would die in some collective epidemic or earth change disaster, and then arrive as one of the patients in need of healing, *NOT* as a leader or helper!
Someone will, or has, taken my place in heaven for to do this action that I was to have been set up to do, back there in the late 1930s, set up for my lifeplan before I was born. In other words: other souls will pick up the "tools" that I was to be holding in heaven, as I am not now there to use them; they will be the leaders, helpers, healers, of these younger souls, from now on.

No wonder my life seems to be of a kind of "perpetual on hold" there last few years after 2003! There is no more life-plan future, I have finished my Acts upon the stage of life, but even after the last line is said, my feet seem to be "glued" to the floor and thus the lights cannot be shut off, the curtain cannot be drawn, and all of the "support people", like of the
"Prompters" and the "orchestra" cannot leave either! I must remain on stage, forcing even the guides and the angels to care for me, and that they cannot Fetch me to heaven, so that they must still tend to me too!

As the "ascension" people write about how much of the human race will never ever incarnate again, after about 2011/12 as the new age begins.

[the RA group says...."Every 25,000 years there is a mass graduation event. The first one no one was ready. The second 25,000 years only 200 to 500 were able to Ascend, but they all renounced this to help with the rest of humanity, you can read all about their lives all through History! Now is the time for ALL of humanity to ascend, ready or not"!]

all ascend?
I am beginning to wonder about that, with this thinking about my missed heaven!
I might be here for at least another 25,000 years of incarnations, everyone else goes on...

so until ????? I may just take walks, read, computer-internet, meditate; until the eventual end of my life. I have nothing else to do for my life missions. I will take the heat for not "suffering" like of so many others who work dawn to dusk and do not have a moment to "live", and they see me just walking about the streets!
I might not even join with the "great outpouring of spirit" that Guides tell me in my dreams that is supposed to be occurring in a year or three. [2006...2009]

I wonder what I *could* do, in heaven, when I eventually get there? there will be no
"assignment" waiting for me there, as I had missed that one years ago, the assignment that I was set up for when I was supposed to have died in 2003!
By now, 2005, my autism and ADD is such that I would fit into NO groups, in heaven, be an outsider to all and *any* angelic order! I am not a "team worker", thus no
joinings with the temples of healing, counselings....etc..etc...

maybe I will reincarnate Immediately, no heaven at all.....
or, wander around, a perpetual Tourist, alone, an outsider.
[even years ago, I once astral traveled to a Class of souls who were all being taught
to use their psychic abilities, according to this lady teacher's way. I waited outside of this class until the class was over, then I talked to several of these afterlife souls, telling them that they did not need this lady telling them to do the psychic stuff HER way, as each person could do it far far better on their own using their own soul-knowledge! [no one needs the priest, to talk to God]
Oh this lady teacher was MAD MAD! She attacked me; I dove back to earth to my body, as she came to hit me with her fists! [validating, to me, her Power and Control issues!!]
Thus I could do this in heaven, be a acid minded outsider, against the "system",
even getting demons to come and to take the temple down, if I thought that this temple was somehow "outdated", or "controlling"!


a strange one, this Position, this is why I write a BIG blog entry on it. Just ponder, sports fans, this alone: that I have "Trapped" my guides too! I have, by default, also forced my Angels and Guides to not do *their* heavenly duties either, as they also are Stuck to their tasks, their task of Prompting, helping, me on my stage of life, but now the Acts are over and Mom wins, and thus all of my guides and angels cannot leave their positions for to do *their* "post freestone 2003 heavenly tasks" too!! Thus I Force dozens, hundreds, of souls to be stuck too!

I guess I will have to assert my "slight new York City Acid Jewish sarcasm of intellect, and then give a bunch of heavenly critics the "raspberry", the "Bronx cheer"! Make it all "Their Problem", and then feel and think and act what I Will, no matter how many toes get stepped on!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

google blog search

GOOGLE BLOG SEARCH. Search all weblogs!

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I read that technirati says that there are over 17,000,000 weblogs!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Brokaw-McDougall House.

Brokaw-McDougall House., originally uploaded by readerwalker.

Brokaw-McDougall House.
Antebellum house in Tallahassee, Florida. A summary of its history, and another picture, can be found at: www.taltrust.org/brokaw.htm

I'm not sure why the main floor siding here looks orange and the second floor yellow, except that maybe the porch shade deepened the lower level color and the bright sun washed out the upper level color. It's probably the same color in equal light (see Freestone's southside picture below).

Because of the big trees and shrubs it's hard to get a clear view of the entire front of the house. Here's a view from the right (south) side: www.flickr.com/photos/freestone/21694725/

Uploaded by readerwalker on 5 Sep '05, 9.07pm EDT.

in my city, i have this photo too, in my own flickrsite!

interpeting prophecies

---a post in a prophecies forum where I write a bit about interpeting
prophecies and visions.

that is the problem with prophecies, whether gotten through a oujiga
board, a vision, a dream, a channeling, or whatever; that one sees or is shown a scene, then when one awakes, or thinks about it, onplaces their own interpetation on the event and then makes this interpetation part of the vision and then is given out to others *as* this vision!!

I have, say, a vision of seeing a ruined street, all of the houses burned up, under a red-yellow sky.
Then i think that this is an end time vision.

weeks later, there is a factory fire, in a city nearby, and one block of buildings next to this factory catch fire. the burning factory colors the sky with smoke. but two blocks away, there is no damage.

another example:
[one of my own visions, one of my REAL visions from about 1996!]
I see a kid watching from a hill, after an earthquake strong enough to knck him to the ground, half an hour before, watching from that hill a group of firetrucks going down a street, in the town below him, going to put out a fire in one of the old brick buildings. A wall of muddy water
comes down this street, mabe 20 to 40 feet high, tossing these red trucks about like sticks and blocks!

a tidal wave!!

but i feel that this quake is from the new madrid fault, this quake could be in kentucky or missourri or Illinois, 500+ miles from any sea or great lakes!!

so maybe ithink: "astroid hitting the gulf", or something like that, where other Seerers have seen such occurring and the tidal wave goes up to the great lakes.

I only saw this wall of muddy water, in vivid detail, there is NO inference, in my vision as to how this water could do this, even the mississippi river is not wide enough to do this. Thus be easy for me to Infer, and for You, the reader, to agree with my inferences!

but all it would take to send a wall of water through a large town, an hour after the quake, is to have the DAM break, in a resivour that lies 15 miles upstream from this town that has that small river running through it that has this dam upstream! the crack in it, an hour later, erodes a bit until all of the 15 mile long lake pours out all at once.
might as WELL have a wave come from the gulf of mexico, as far as this town goes, as this whole valley will have a 20 to 40 foot tidal wave go down it for 100+ miles!

in southern illionois there are at least 7 to 8 dammed up resivoirs!

if i had a "snapshot", of seeing chinese in uniform, it could mean 1000 things, from "i go to visit china", to "i work in a hospital and a whole group of chinese nurses come to take a course in nursing at my hospital, and i see them each day for months!

one must only go with the original vision *AS* given, then one must think a bit out of the box as to all of the possibilities of what the picture could mean.

when i was in the air force, at the beginning of the four years, i have a dream where i saw images, like still photos, of scenes. i saw these scenes, as the four years went by. *that* tree, *this* house.

Sometimes i read in earnest, even a Seer who is of the Fundamentalist
church! if the vision is described, sometimes i can read it "as given". problem is....often, very very often, this prophecy gets very colored by the belief system! i shudder at all of the prophecies that i have seen over the Katrina/new orleans event. most of them have the Tone
of "ye have sinned and now ye all will pay *very* dearly, and you all deserve it"!
But I have to read even these prophecies sometimes as sometimes there is that Given vision.

I have the same problem with my own dreams, especially if they have psychic material in them! when i awake, i will add my own memories to the events and then add my own interpetation too.

so thus a science and an art to interpetations of prophecies.

take Nostradamus! there are a zillion books out, either translating his French, or interpeting the visions.
In one of the Big Quartrans, he mentions "the Holy man from the east
who has as his day of worship, Maunday.
Book after book afer book, gives Monday as his holy day.


I went to a french dictionary, and ordinary beginning french dictionary, to look up

"Maunday" is the french word for "Thursday"!!


that is the holy day for ALL of the eastern peoples, especially in India. even the Gurus who come here to the west and begin movements here, have their day as Thursday! even the gardejeif fourth way people do too!
maybe even the muslims do too, i do not know.

what gets me here, is that ALl of these book translators, of Nostradamus's
Quartrans, have passed this error on and on and on.....

I wonder what else has been corrupted in these translations?!


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

new madrid fault, earthquake, and the TIDAL WAVE

I posted an article about how the new madrid fault, when that 8.5+ richter earthquake occurs, the greatest danger to people will be the


as all of the dams on the impounded lakes, the resivoirs, break up and all of the water will rush out through the dam breach as a tidal wave up to 80 feet high all down the river plains below the dam!

FEMA ....are you listening?!!

t..... wrote:
In light of Freestone's vision...this is not comforting:

There are 16 state-determined deficient dams in Missouri.
Missouri has 447 high hazard dams. A high hazard dam is defined as a dam whose failure would cause a loss of life and significant property damage.
The rehabilitation cost for Missouri's most critical dams is estimated at $374.1 million.


I counted, in Illinois, south of the line running east from St Louis, about ten dammed lakes. some of them huge. then there is that 100 mile long lake in west Tennessee/kentucky.
*then* there are all those Tennessee river dams, as part of the Tennessee river valley project!


This is why i "went a bit ballistic" and posted as replies to ALL the "new madrid" threads that i could find!!

for i see *THIS* is the real danger to a new madrid earthquake: TIDAL WAVES!

I will repeat my vision, then re-interpet it here.



so here it is, a couple of days after the 17th of march, 1999.
This date is an Anniversary date, the 13th year
anniversary date
of my Sister's death. She was my only Sister...we
were close...I lived with her, just before she died.
We we living in SOUTHERN ILLINOIS, just
of Carbondale, near Southern Illinois
University...yes, right at the
very bottom of that state, where that New Madrid fault line is.
She went to the bathroom, about 7AM, before driving off to her
Typing Business office.
she did not come out of that bathroom, the ambulance people had to
carry her out; the funeral was the following week!!
so, on the anniversary date, march 17, 1999, of her death..I had
this DREAM, the dream that I am going to give to you, now!
---And as in many of my other earthchanges
vision-dreams, I
followed a one person, throughout the
dream...as if
I WERE that person!! Seems I used someone else's subcounscious
memory-images, to make up this dream, but this person is in the
FUTURE, from "now"....someone ahead of us, in time!I followed
what must be weeks of his life!
---so here I sit, reflecting upon that Vision-dream, and
rewriting it out-------

This dream begins....

I am At a house. I was a younger member of this family, 10 to
15 years old, perhaps. I went down to the basement to talk to my
my family were checking their apples, in cardboard boxes, that were
winter storage, and had found that some of the apple-filled boxes
were rotten on their bottoms and they had run out of boxes,
to replace them.
they wanted me to go to some family next door to get
more boxes.
I left the house....It was night.
in this dream, it
was soon apparent that the next door family lived
quite a ways away and down at the bottom of a
very high hill, a hill about 200 feet high.
I soon walked down this hill, knowing
that my home was
at the top of this hill, and that i could see my
hometown, way off in the distance, in the valley...I
also knew that this hilltop was only the
top of the
valley; the land was flat, back behind the
hill..off into the distance, behind my house.
I vaguely recall talking to the people at the base of the hill
and getting some boxes.

next scene...
I am climbing back up...I am half way up this
several hundred foot high gentle hill, between
the bottom and my home. Pitch black night, i could see stars.
SUDDENLY i fell to the ground: I see my three or four
boxes [like the kind you find behind
stores, to be recycled.."Kraftco" cardboard boxes], get thrown
aside. I see that i threw these boxes to the ground...as
an EARTHQUAKE suddenly began!!! the ground shook and
shook, i rolled all about. this was no small tremor, either!!
I was tossed to the ground and rolled all about, over and over,
cushioned only by the grass!!! somehow, i made it back up to the
i do not know what condition that house was in,
but it seemed that the earthquake was not so
bad...the house seemed more or less OK!!!

next dream scene

it was early the next day, apparently.
I stood on the hill to look at the town..not a small
town, either...to see that in the middle of this
town was a factory-like four or five story
building: it was in FLAMES...high flames....
there were strange looking [to dream-me!]...strange
looking machinery about this
building, in the
streets...these machines looked like CARNIVAL
RIDES!! [I could tell that the "ten year old
boy-mind" first thought that these machineries
were carnival rides, from within this
they were....these machines...fire trucks with
extension-ladders,the kind of
trucks that fight six story
fires...that my dream-mind interpeted as "carnival
Then...suddenly i saw ANOTHER frightful strange
sight! A wall of muddy water came like of a
tidal wave...and sweeps through the town's
streets..maybe FIFTY FEET high. I vividly recall the

[burned forever into my brain,

..the dream-picture of the wall of red-brown water
sweeping through these fire trucks and
twisting them into a tangled pile of metal, as the water
engulfed all of them, slamming them all up against old
victorian red-brick buildings, which
themselves, were being
water-crumbled into rubble!!!

next scene....

It was later that morning. I was walking on the dirt
road, behind my home..hundreds of
feet away from the
house. this road was on the land above the valley,
away from the flood...up high enough to escape
the water. I was all upset: probably I
walked away from the house to get a quiet perspective
on what i earlier witnessed!!

I turned away from looking at my home
that was on the
crest of the hill-by-the-valley, to glance at some
commotion that was occurring from far off in
the distance. Suddenly, a number of
things occurred to me in very quick succession....

one.....a horse came running up to me
and tried to attack me, or maybe run right into me...in
its running away from something, in its GREAT
PANIC from where it came from on further down
this road! probably that horse was so
in PANIC that it did not even see me; thus running
right into me!! {dream me would see it as an "attack"!]
It was running in great distress, from something
very threatening to it, at any event.

then i saw what it was, that this
horse was in blind-panic over!!

[yet ANOTHER image...burned forever
into my Freestone brain!!]

I saw a very very vivid scene
It was summer or early fall, the
grass was very green and the leaves are out, on
all the trees. I could see, furthermore...that the
dirt roads were made of orange-red dirt.

[this vision can now be perhaps DATED!....it is summertime
or early fall...maybe the location of
this dream is in Southern Illinois...where I and my
sister lived, in
the 1980's. The leaves change there
in late October, being Carbondale is about the
latitude of Richmond, Virginia. the red dirt roads make me
even more feel that this location was in Southern
Illinois! red dirt is found in the south and the dirt
was red, in the area where my sister lived! there are apples
that get ripe in
July...in September...and even into early
Apples grow in southern Illinois, commercially...as well as
in the Ozarks of Missouri..and, of
course...most of the North!
and the land is hilly with deep cut
valleys and rolling low hill, there are high flat lands,
behind these valleys...like OF southern Illinois, or the
Ozarks or of western
Kentucky...or of the lands of the
foothills of the Appalachians.
thus...the timeframe for this event
must be late summer or early fall. I would say, from the
green leaves
and the red dirt and the NEWLY ripe
apples...and this in southern Illinois...that the date
of this event must be from the middle of August
until late October. that would be the time-frame
allotment, to meet the conditions!!]. Maybe!

too....because of the anniversary date of my sister's
death, of this dream; i would tend to
think, now, that this WOULD be southern Illinois.

so what, folks, did i SEE?!
the sky was INCREDIBLE!!
half the sky was ORANGE..a
very vivid
orange..the rest
of the sky color was GREEN..a solid
green!!...an electric green!
Cloudless looking sky, but it was as if the whole sky
were of these two colors! This, in turn, made the grass
and road even the more intensely colored green and red----as
like of where a red sunset would accentutate the green color
of the tress and the grass. But this time that i saw this
seemed to be in the middle of the day!
I stood at an intersection of two dirt
roads..maybe 500 feet behind my house...on the
flat hilltop, maybe 200..300 feet above the valley-floor,
where the
town was.
I could see that one road led up to a low rise...AND
MUDDY WATER, coming towards me, from far off,
rolling OVER that
small hill!!: and there was a smaller
wave of this same colored water, coming up the other
I ran back toward my home..in much the same
panic-state as that horse!!!

[200 feet above the town,
folks....water is pouring over the crest of that small hill!]

I must have got home OK!
the house must have been above the high

got that, folks??!
the red clay roads infer a location
far far from the
sea. Southern Illinois is WAY from the
sea...and the
Mississippi river does NOT have enough
water to flood 200 feet, in a tidal wave, above the
valley floor!!
the New Madrid fault is here, yes an
earthquake is not a surprise: but the water??!!!

the next scene....of this dream...

I sit in someone's house...another person's
several men are gathered very somberly around
a table with strange looking big black
boxes, on it.These boxes had all sorts of DIALS
and GAUGES on them! One of these men picked up a small
object that was attached to one of these boxes,
attached by a wire...and he talked into this small
Another man's voice came out out the big box!

[Ham radio! no electric power or
were calling for help, via ham

the next scene....

I am home again..it is night...
I dimly hear a "hunka..hunka"
sound..like of some war movie sound track...

next scene...

I am walking across a parking lot, of
what looks to be
a parking lot, next to a military
barracks..in what looks to be a military base! there are
NO cars or vehicles, on
this parking lot

i "know" that i am supposed to go
there...to live, on this base. the clothes that i am
wearing have been given to me, recently...
i am supposed to "report to that
I do so.
I sit down with an older lady who
tells me that i will
have a small room, there, in this
[someone is cooking scrambled eggs, on
a gas hotplate,
behind her; eggs that I will soon eat some of---]
this lady then welcomes me to this
barracks, and she apologizes for the
kitchen behind her.
She says, "in a couple of days the two chow halls
will be finished being fixed up; then you will eat there".

[meaning....this is a REFUGEE
CAMP!...maybe an old
military base, a decomissioned
military base that is now being used to house refugees.
there must be THOUSANDS of people on
it...for two chow halls to be readied!!]

next scene.

the story-part of this vision
ends...all i see is a grey void, the usual void between
dream and awakening. but something appears, folks, before me.
it is a MAP!!

a map of the united states and of
southern Canada!
yes, folks..I have joined the CLUB in
BIG TIME, the prophet's club..induction
only!! I have, now, entered this club's upper
"inner circle"!!!
---for i have now been shown a
"PSYCHIC MAP" of North America, after all the Damage has been
done, to the landmasses, after all the
earthchanges are done with!!
NOW...I have a Map of "America
afterwards"..of my very own!! yes, my very own psychic
map.....and i have to live with the knowledge of this

yes..i know there are maps out
there...i have seen several, on the Internet....

what did I see?!!
I can only recall a little of
because, what i saw of North
America made me think of the phillipine Islands!
think..."the Philipine Islands"!!
think..."the Southeast Asia Islands...Borneo...Celebes...Java...Timor
New Guinea...and all the little islands
in-between". This MAP had it shown ...where
North America looked like the Philipine Islands, in
that this whole continent was made up of dozens
of islands, all of which were no more than several
hundreds of miles long or wide!!
The whole of the continent was maybe
30 to 40
there must have been four to six
islands, alone, between New England and Florida, breaking
up even the
appalachian mountains!!!
there was NO land that was maybe
further from water than 100 miles!!
i DO recall seeing that the whole of
the Mississippi valley was of water...in fact ..the
whole continent was split up the middle..from New
Orleans to the Hudson bay...all of water...but about
the Latitude of Missouri..it was only about 100 miles
[probably between the Ozarks and the

ALSO...there were colors on the
islands...some faceless, bodiless, guide
was inferring to me, somehow, in this
vision, that the
colors refered to how many people
SURVIVED, on these islands.
Some islands had many of their people
to live...and some islands HAD ALL of their people who
lived there...killed!!

that is it!!

I read, recently, on the internet, that one of the
originators of the first "psychic map", tells
us, now, that his map is "going grey"...meaning that the
probable-reality conditions have changed and that
these disasters will not occur!!
BUT: my map has a worse condition for the Continent than
his map depicted. My map was given to me,
after this person's "grayed out" article was read by me!

So there it is, my vision.
I went into someone's subcounscious
mind, into the future, and picked the
memory-pictures from his mind, from scenes that he already had
witnessed as having occurred in his own past, or in his Present
Moment of Experiencing these experiences.
Is there a possibility of a Parallel Reality where his experiences
are of another world, a world that will not ever appear here?
Is his world OURS, ours yet to be?!

better enjoy this "INDIAN SUMMER"
WHILE YE CAN...get your Soul's work done now!!
If his world is ours...we may not
have long!!



I once lived three years in south Illinois, at carbondale. 1983 to 1986.

In this vision, I probably did pick up from someone's subcounsciousness, the images for this dream: someone from the future.

The later "map" section, where the country is made up of islands, and even the farmlands where people of the new race to come, live, could be far far FAR off in the future! 200 years? 1000+ years.

This vision, for the "here and now" concerns a boy of 10, or so, who lives in what LOOKS [to me] to be in the area at risk of the new madrid fault doing it's thing.

note that there are TWO tidal waves, one of them maybe occuring days after the first. this second, later one, seems to be "bigger" than the first.

there would now be seen to be a very *very* simple reason for these two tidal waves!!
The first wave is from a dam upriver that has broken within an hour of the earthquake. However, in the region of many many old dams, some of them will be so weakened that where there is a crack, the water wears away at that crack so that all of a sudden the further weakened dam gives way all at once, maybe "helped" by and aftershock from the quake.
Thus the danger of such a tidal wave could last for months and MONTHS after this major quake, as the FEMA/rescue people might not be able to "fix" a weakened dam, as now all of the resources are being used to help with the survivors.
Yes, when one of these dams breaks, with 40 to 200 square
miles of water backed up behind it, the water will all come out at once, creating a tidal wave maybe filling the downstream from side to side 10 to 50 feet deep, for over a hundred miles, a tidal wave front 10 to 50 feet, or more, high! Since these valleys are so shallow, in this part of the country, the water will fill a valley 10 to 15 miles wide, causing far far more damage than the quake will have done!
Some of the larger dams could flood for hundreds of miles downstream!!

see why i raise the ALARM?!

live an incredible life

freestone wilson

Saturday, September 10, 2005

tallahassee: come live here!

tallahassee: come live here!, originally uploaded by freestone.

Katrina refugees, "heads up", I post this
"non-hurricane" photo, in the katrina groups and forums, as Tallahassee has many many "for rent" places to live, a city 400 miles east of New orleans!

Tallahassee, Florida. Here is a peaceful street, I could indeed call this photo, "the quiet after the storm"!
The afternoon shadows cast across a quiet street, in a moment, out of the green car, came a lady with her 5 year old little girl. A nice place to live, here in this city; lots of service jobs, lots of other jobs, even though the pay is not as great as in "union" cities, but the Peace of Mind might well be worth a lower salery.
Tallahassee has a very very large black population too, with the A and M University, plus the other streets, the black population is about 30 to 40%, here, out of a total population of about 300,000, in Leon county. [I write this as I read that many of the refugees are the black poor!]
Around the corner, of this steet, is a large apartment complex, with a "for rent" sign. Down the steet, and along the many blocks, out to the Border's coffee shop, where I walked to, this saturday the 10th, are
many more apartment complexes with for rent signs. one Complex has a sign that is six feet high, with ten flags...."rent me"!
There have been SO many "dormaplexes"
built here, for the 70,000 students at the three universities, that many of the students that normally rent the older apartments on the east side of town, have moved there.

there are hundreds of apartments for rent in tallahassee, ye Katrina refugees!
Offices too, many many business offices for rent too, in this Capital city of florida.
the hills are 150 feet high, little floods.
I give now some numbers, but call the tallahassee
chamber of commerce as the numbers that I give, here, are only for the largest apartment complexes.
850-224-8116 chamber of commerce

here are some of the larger apartment complexes, and house rental offices.

All with a 850 area code.
224-5916 [a big one]
523-6100 [century reality]
222-2000 [office space]
402-9000 [cheap apts and houses]

yes, come live here!


Friday, September 09, 2005

the Heart of the Beastess!

the Heart of the Beastess!, originally uploaded by freestone.

Uploaded by freestone on 29 Aug '05, 9.45am EDT.

The Heart of the beastess! Katrina!
You are looking, into its heart from 500 miles away. Tallahassee is about 500 miles northeast of the center of this storm, the photo is looking directly at her center, to the SW. Even so, with the mostly clear skies, there is still that rainband to the northeast, behind me! Off into those further rainbands Lurks the Serious Stuff!

I shuddered a bit, when i took this photo. Here was, what looks to the untrained eye, just a mass of high thin clouds, clouds that are at the edge of any low pressure system, but a system that i read, at noon, on Monday, the 29th, a storm that gave a meteorologist in Alabama, a 84 mph wind reading, over 100 miles from the storm center! So Gaze, folks, at the heart of this beastess, look upon the mystery of weather.

So Now on Friday the 9th, everyone has, by now, seen the destruction, the mess made of all of the lives. The ripple effects will go on and on and on, for years. there will be effects unrelated appearing, all across the country, like of Booms in small towns in distant states as the high price of heating oil drives young 62 year old retirees to move "early", and to move to inland Georgia!
The "cramp" will remain over new orleans for years, maybe for 50 years!
Even if a neighborhood is "saved", in New orleans, the depression will hang over it, like of the smell of mold and rot, for years and years. Katrina will be a Marker, like the 9/11 trade center is a Marker. Bush cannot "invade" *this* enemy's country!

I read how the survivors of the Asian Tsumini wave still have to cope, months and months later. many many people have seen ghosts roam the beaches, lost spirits of the dead: i imagine the Ghost hunters will find many here in new orleans, now.

I wonder what tropical heated water, full of rot, chemicals, will do to all those wood houses? Nothing will ever ever dry out, in 65 inches per year new orleans! Where oh where will they put all the trash, from all the rotting living rooms? Maybe no one should ever ever move back: save and restore only the french Quarter, surround it with Cement reinforced, on stilts, tourist hotels; leave the rest of the city to rest!

And how can one measure the sound of
500,000 babies crying, in overcrowded apartments all over the country, crying babies for years...

----from the tallahassee democrat

Posted on Fri, Sep. 09, 2005

Room for everyone

Storm-tossed family of 14 finds refuge in Florida A&M student's apartment

By TaMaryn Waters


It's been nearly two weeks since Jaimee McKenzie's family fled New Orleans.

They expected to leave last Tuesday, but their plans were interrupted by the loss of electricity, the mounting chaos infecting flooded streets and no word from authorities about coming back to the city they know as home.

In the meantime, a generation of 14 relatives - ranging from Jaimee's 88-year-old grandfather to her 7-year-old sister - must find comfort in her two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment that is now their temporary home.

By day, the living room is sparsely filled with a sofa, television and a few lawn chairs. By night, the living-room floor is crammed with relatives wrapped in blankets and one children's sleeping bag. All routine activities become a family chore, like taking turns using the bathroom and stretching donated rice, red beans and pasta to make daily meals.

Jaimee, who is a student at Florida A&M University, used to think of her apartment as a place for studying her criminal-law courses and curling up on her sofa to watch TV. Now, the junior is balancing a full course load, constantly monitoring news coverage and tending to the many needs of her guests. She worried Thursday about how to replenish the dwindling supply of blood-pressure medicine taken by both grandparents.

"It's hard to focus when you can't really do anything about your situation," said the 20-year-old. Family members keep their eyes on CNN for the latest news. They respect her study time by keeping conversations as quiet as possible.

Jaimee said New Orleans no longer reminds her of the city's popular crawfish parties, Family Day in the park or second-line funerals symbolizing a "home-going celebration" that look more like parties. "All that's gone now," she said.

"Sometimes you can't put it into words," said her aunt Lorraine McKenzie, referring to the devastation shown on the screen. McKenzie, 46, said she lived in the 12th Ward, near Tulane University, which was flooded. She fears her home has succumbed to the same fate.

The news coverage of Hurricane Katrina hits home, casting uncertainty and disbelief among this close-knit family. Jaimee's mother, Eunice McKenzie, discovered the Wal-Mart where she worked was left in shambles. Jaimee's godmother no longer could recognize her workplace because the office building was now a mismatched pile of lumber.

---I sense that this scene is repeated
thousands of places all across the land. This article says it all, i need not "summerize" Katrina any more, here, in this weblog!
----but i wonder...
If there are yet more of these disasters, coupled with a cold winter
and high fuel heat prices, MORE of us will have 14 people living with us, grandparents plus grandchildren, and for years and years to come!
"a private life", i read, is a modern
way of life, in most of the world *everyone* lives together, often in the very same room!
So this article says it all, for the
Impact for many, with Katrina!

La. Nat'l Guard Sgt pushes a boat of children in N.O.,Aug.31st

La. Nat'l Guard Sgt pushes a boat of children in N.O.,Aug.31st
U.S. DoD, photos from armytimes.com

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St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana

St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana, originally uploaded by vohiyaar.

St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana

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what can I say? total ruin.

Hurricane Katrina - Biloxi

Hurricane Katrina - Biloxi
Our trip to the coast bringing supplies here

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---the coast of Mississippi. Biloxi, gulfport. I saw a tv video where the reporter stood on a road and pointed the camera off to the north, into an open field that ran for miles, a field with leafless trees. he spoke about how there was NO damage here. he spoke this phrase "no damage" in a sad sarcastic tone, as he then said that the damage was so so severe that there was nothing left there that indicated any damage: one might assume this area had only some paper litter left from a big party, whereas last week this open tree field was a standard suburbian neighborhood!
Total ruin, wipeout!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

sunset glory

sunset glory, originally uploaded by freestone.

sunset glory
Tallahassee sunset, the sun setting directly upon a thunderstorm.

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nature's grafitti

nature's grafitti, originally uploaded by freestone.

nature's grafitti
mother nature Tags too, why not?

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"but the pruners were here last week"

"but the pruners were here last week"
Probably *did* only take a week for this kudzu to cover
these transformers!

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cyad, originally uploaded by freestone.

a standard florida cyad, a "sago palm".

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tallahassee street

tallahassee street, originally uploaded by freestone.

tallahassee street
a quiet Tallahassee street, shadows cast upon the pavement

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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Mostly in the park shade.

Mostly in the park shade., originally uploaded by readerwalker.

Mostly in the park shade.
Looking west from the east end of the Park Avenue parks, less than 100 feet from the wide magnolia.

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---tallahassee, florida.

Friday, September 02, 2005

visit to hell again

Another spirit realm dream visit to HELL last night, the 2nd of September.

This visit was very very Instructive about how our racial heaven will play out as all of us arrive there, so that I will call this dream a "prophecy"!

This realm seemed to be in "compartments. Like of sizable blocks of land, each with a slightly different atmosphere. I seemed to be amongst a group of souls, maybe other "out of body" dreamers, souls on a tour of hell.
I was led from one area to another, and what soon became apparent was that in each area souls were sort of under a "tutorledge" under a teacher or leader of some kind. These "teachers" all looked to be of one race type, as if they all came from one region. They were NOT "Human"! They each looked to be about 6 to 7 feet tall, and thin. Their face was not quite human, dark and thin.
[I hereby call these people "demons" and I mean by this that they are the native residents of this place, this world, this realm. Maybe all, if not most, never incarnated as a human. I do not call them "evil", just like I would not called the native American Indians "evil: they just were the native residents.]
I saw several souls undergoing "treatment" of some sort. One soul, who took out his earthly rages by battering his relatives, now had to Suffer a "reaction"! He had to wear a kind of "cutting knife" on his butt, a Knife which spins and cuts his rear end, his testicles, his private parts, every single minute. I went from "punishment" to punishment, with the tour group, seeing that in each area of this hell, the souls had different Lessons of pain to undergo. I left this hell, then woke up.

As I went back to sleep, I went out of my body yet again and I actually LOOKED, for an entrance to this place, on my own! I wandered the astral open spaces and low and behold I saw a familiar archway, from my last dream minutes ago, and then I entered. Now I engaged a long talk with one of the "admissions people", to this
college of Pain.....
One of the demons of course. He then told me about the curriculum.
there were two types of "classes"! The actual names were pronounced and the names were sounding like old medieval Latin language!
But I learned that the first type of course was just a "tour", like what I had just had, usually several people do this at once, the lesson is just to learn how one's life and the needed balances occur. If the spiritual meaning of this life action is "negative", then the hell world "Result" would be seen, in advance, before one dies, thus one could then correct the life to have a positive afterlife experience! Every life act has a symbolic meaning, in heaven, and if the symbol is good, then one goes to live *that* result.
if one had a Negative life act, like battering the wife or a life of crime, then the "life meaning" would then have to lie in the hell worlds and thus one would then go there after death, for at least a while. These tour groups often consist of sfterlife heaven living souls too, as they might need to visit hell just to learn about human suffering after live lived: like of a heavenly counselor trainee, who needs to learn all about Karma and the consequences of one's earthly acts.
the second type of Course, is the real "resident student" courses.
These courses are the same as the tour people's, as the tour people's just visit the ongoing resident Purging, as "purging" is what these souls undergo. This is what the admissions person told me.

I then went out into the "Field", back into these hells. In one section I saw a large barnlike building where I could hear several people screaming

on and on and on......

I then went to another section where I saw pupils learning MAGIC!
real magic, real teleporting of objects and a real levitation of objects. I then watched a "show", a presentation, by several of these magic students, to the rest of the class. This presentation consisted of a "traditional" magic show with pulling a rabbit doll out of a hat and of other "theatical stage magic tricks". The presentation was this way, as a "thing" to
use this show magic that all the students were aware of, back on earth, but that there was NO illusions here, all the magic was REAL!

I then watch a fire tipped arrow hit the ground, shot out of the sky, hitting the main road over and over, about every 40 seconds or so, in a regular 40 second pattern. Woe to anyone who gets hit. The lesson here, I was told, was that as everyone had to pass this point on the way from and to
major areas, the lesson was to know that advisory can be avoided, just like one can time the arrow so that one can run by it, or avoid this road altogether. Like: one can live in a dyked city and when the cat 5 hurricane comes, one can avoid the inevitable by leaving beforehand even if you walk out!
On and on, section after section, I went, then I woke up, forgetting most of what I had seen.


---all these Demons are "on our side". The purpose of this place is to separate the "sins" from the sinner, so that these souls can then go up in heaven vibration. many many people arrive into the wonderful heavenlands only to discover that they have a sort of " rope around their waists" that goes back to huge BLACK boxes, like of lead weights. These boxes contain all of their "stuff" their life material, that has a lower vibration than the heaven Arch of the rainbow, before them! Beyond the rainbow arch, this STUFF cannot exist there! Thus these poor souls are STUCK at the gates, so to speak, they cannot take off their ropes as they "Own" those boxes, own that stuff, it is truly their lives, they worked hard for 30 to 80 years for it! But alas, now, they cannot drag a "vibration 4" box content, into a place where only "vibration 5" is permitted!!
Thus, I suspect that they have to either remain for *MANY* years on the Borderlands, to slowly remove, work out, this stuff.
they can sign up for the "fast accelerated" sin-removal course, down below, in hell. The Ultimate "encounter group therapy"!
so they then *eagerly* sign up, walk down through those arches, where
the sign above, "abandon all hope who enter here" has been replaced by, "entertain all hope who enter here", perhaps; then they enroll in whatever course are needed. But most of these courses are indeed NOT pleasant!

"condensed sufferings"

is the best adjective that I can think of, for them, from what I have seen and experienced. I will not forget that dark dark wood huge barn where I could hear those wails and yells of a tortured soul ungergoing Treatments!
This place is vast. There is probably something here for everyone.

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