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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

too too much!

too too much!

1...the security guard, at my georgia belle apts, told me that he does not watch the news, yet another case of how so many people have little interesti in what is going on around them! i remember 1970 tallahassee with a hurricane off shore and the only way i could find out about it was to listen to the chicago am radio station!

2...that wetherchannel showings of the hurricane interspersed with ads for SUVs where that woman was driving serenely through a raging storm, in her Knight in shinning armor, her SUV!

yes, I see this a lot: no one interested in what is aroundthem, while i took those cloud photos, seveal retirees told me "what do ya do *that* for?!!"
all of their lives, only narrow interests....

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I watch a city slowly die!

yes, i watch on the news how a city slowly is dying.

there will be no "magic quickfix" for this one!


if the whole city floods up to the levy tops, i wonder if it would be best to just abandon it all!

be a refugee camp for 500,000 for a year, maybe they ought to all move to those people-starved towns in the Dakotas where a house can be bought for
$50,000 and the taxes on that house is $50 per year!

i read that many of these twons have it where the average age, there, is 85 to 90 years old! only old old farmers left!
Some towns ask for people to move there with giving them a free house!

but a cannot sing very well, and funeral dirges are not my talant, so that i just walk away with my hat in my hand and think sober thoughts

tropic blue

tropic blue, originally uploaded by freestone.

tropic blue
Oh so blue, oh so Tropical!
The air is a-coming direct from the equator, there is no air polution, no haze. I can feel like I can reach up and touch those clouds!

Uploaded by freestone on 26 Aug '05, 10.10am EDT.


sunset, originally uploaded by freestone.

Setting sun behind the clouds. Sunsets are so pretty here in tallahassee. looking off to the west, from 12th floor georgia belle

Uploaded by freestone on 29 Aug '05, 8.48am EDT.

3 pm cumulus

3 pm culumus, originally uploaded by freestone.

3 pm cumulus
my room, i can even take good cloud photos from my 5th floor room! I look north, ove rthe canopy of green; tallahassee, fla.
the Essence of summer, and hereabouts summer last six months long.

Uploaded by freestone on 29 Aug '05, 8.55am EDT.


peace, originally uploaded by freestone.

the wind is calm, i was just outside. Reminds me a bit of the photos of the mayan temples in mexico, looking from the top of the pyrimid.
The temperature is about 95 degrees, of course.

Uploaded by freestone on 29 Aug '05, 8.55am EDT.

Monday, August 29, 2005

rainband leaving: Katrina

rainband leaving: Katrina, originally uploaded by freestone.

rainband leaving: Katrina
A bit of rain and now it leaves. Tallahassee, fla, about 5 PM.

Uploaded by freestone on 29 Aug '05, 9.00am EDT.

more katrina.

more katrina., originally uploaded by freestone.

more katrina.
taken a minute later, looking out the other direction. Serious rain, here. Only for 15 minutes though, then the sun comes out.

Uploaded by freestone on 29 Aug '05, 9.00am EDT.

carressed by Katrina

carressed by Katrina, originally uploaded by freestone.

carressed by Katrina
Carressed by katrina, but only for just a Flirt, tis amazing that a hurricane 400 to 500 miles away can create a rainband that comes this far east, Tallahassee, florida!

As I was taking these cloud and rain photos, some of the senior residents
made a "what do ya do *that* for", comment to me! here they are Bored, and they have no interest in clouds, storms. hurricanes, or seemingly very very little else! They put down, sometimes, anyone else doing anything else that they never did, in their lives!

Uploaded by freestone on 29 Aug '05, 9.00am EDT.

Katrina rainband is about to Deliver

Katrina rainband is about to Deliver
yes, the rainband of Katrina arrives, almost time.

Uploaded by freestone on 29 Aug '05, 9.08am EDT.

katrina, even closer.

katrina, even closer., originally uploaded by freestone.

katrina, even closer.
only minutes away.

Uploaded by freestone on 29 Aug '05, 9.08am EDT.

Katrina rainband

Katrina rainband, originally uploaded by freestone.

Katrina rainband
yes from 500 miles away, here you see a rainband from Katrina!! Tallahassee, fla!
Huge, this is!

Uploaded by freestone on 29 Aug '05, 9.18am EDT.


katrina, originally uploaded by freestone.

getting closer

Uploaded by freestone on 29 Aug '05, 9.18am EDT.

the Heart of the Beastess!

the Heart of the Beastess!, originally uploaded by freestone.

the Heart of the Beastess!
The Heart of the beastess! Katrina!
You are looking, into its heart from 500 miles away. Tallahassee is about 500 miles northeast of the center of this storm, the photo is looking directly at her center, to the SW. Even so, with the mostly clear skies, there is still that rainband to the northeast, behind me! Off into those further rainbands Lurks the Serious Stuff!

Uploaded by freestone on 29 Aug '05, 9.45am EDT.


katrina, originally uploaded by freestone.

yes, Katrina. if you look closely, you might see how that my Tallahassee, where I live, is *just* on the northeast side of this storm, and maybe maybe you can see the area where my Rainband photos were Taken about 5 Pm Sunday!
What an immense storm!

Uploaded by freestone on 29 Aug '05, 9.25am EDT.

Friday, August 26, 2005

tropic blue

tropic blue, originally uploaded by freestone.

tropic blue
Oh so blue, oh so Tropical!
The air is a-coming direct from the equator, there is no air polution, no haze. I can feel like I can reach up and touch those clouds!

Uploaded by freestone on 26 Aug '05, 10.10am EDT.

see the bird?

see the bird?, originally uploaded by freestone.

see the bird?
Behind the next door garden club. There is a mockingbird on top of the rear bench. can you find it? it is in the middle of the bench, on top of it.

Uploaded by freestone on 26 Aug '05, 9.56am EDT.

Tallahassee street

Tallahassee street, originally uploaded by freestone.

Tallahassee street
Notice the clear tropical air. Note how the shadows look etched, as if there is not a particle of dust or haze in the air. Tallahassee has many many days of Clarity like this! One often sees this type of air in photos of south sea islands, or of tropical Brazil. Of course the currant temperature was 95 degrees, at 3 PM, as usual on a sunny day, from may to early october!

Uploaded by freestone on 26 Aug '05, 9.56am EDT.

do I want to be caressed by Katrina?

do I want to be caressed by Katrina?
That clear air has a slight lush "moistness" to it, as the dewpoint is about 75 degrees, at maybe 93 or 95 degrees of temperature.
And...do i want to be caressed by Hurricane Katrina?
Not really, the outer rain band thunderstorm line that you see in the background, to the south of tallahassee, never came north far enough.

Uploaded by freestone

Another visit to hell, in my dreams

Hi all....


a Dream. Another Dream.

[maybe you wonder why I did not place this in the "dreams" section, but
I feel that this event should be in the Prophecies section as I see it *as*
a prophecy, for reasons evident later....]

Yes another dream of going to a afterlife realm in hell. The residents did not call it this term, but surely no Christian would want to spend one minute there!

I find describing my hours and hours there very difficult to describe, between the usual "fogginess" of dream recall and the scenery there, which has little counterpart in our world.

[again I "was someone else", in this dream, as if I am able to "hitchhike" onto someone's soul, or to use the content of his memories as my own.
if I can do this with the Living, of course I can do this with someone after he dies!]

"I" begin this event, I awake, or rather I find myself wandering around this semi-rural sprawled out city. As if my "charge" has been wandering around for hours, and I just arrive into his awareness.

the Tone of all of what I do, here , in this place, is of this:

either dark nightlike skies, or a daylight sky that is "lurid", a funny
yellow or green or something other than blue. Mostly night time, with some light.
Think "gang turf", where one might feel that one just got out of the cab onto a street where gangs rule, in a ruined part of the worst part of Los Angeles. Half the people are insane. The others have aligned with the gangs, joined up. Many of the groups have "power" as their focus, as there is no money here, so that personal power or group power IS the currency!
I find that I do have a place to live, but the room or two that I have, is filled with junk. Think: the hoarder little old lady who obsessive/compulsive saves everything for ten years!

I my wanderings, a very *very* charsmic black man comes up to me and
tickles me on my elbow and asks me "how about having Some, Now?"!
I turn to look, he is very charismic, he would cause a homo to swoon for sure, and even the straight guy too! I tell him, "later, I am busy".
since there are no drugs here, they cannot work, like alcohol cannot work, either; I leave it to you imagination as to what he offers! I never found out.

In another group of people, I found out that one way that someone would be able to function "better", here, is to have a kind of sexual union where energy, astral, is exchanged.

I wandered for hours and hours and hours, across a rural, but populated,
world. There was one house that was completely underground. There
were gangs of people who stood in one spot and yelled torments to me.
there was an apartment over some street row of buildings where the lady in it "serviced" other people, by some Lesbian-type of act.

there were several groups that seemed to be "circus performers", only their performance was of being like of sorcerers or magicians, only these magics had nothing to do with pulling rabbits out of hats, there were the real Magics of old, usually for the control and overpowering of other people to have them do their bidding!

there were no Libraries or churches here thank you!

the "money" here, seemed to be personal favors and favors returned, power and control and being the biggest boy, or group, on the block!

On and on I wandered, the dream only ended when I left my "horse", my person that I was "with", and woke up, he, no doubt, kept wandering on and on....



I have been here before. Often. Not to be with the same person, probably. Not in this exact place, in this vast world of many many sub-levels.

why me?
probably because I have been Spirit-told that I will be some kind of helper for healing after I die and I will not be limited to living in one heaven realm. I have to, here on earth, to be "bonded" to be able to enter these worlds, as if I have the dream experience here on earth, I will be able to enter these realms after I die!

Too, I live in a "dangerous" part of the country, a place where the astral veil is *VERY* thin! The Big bend of Florida, where the water all runs underground and the subtropical foliage is very very lush!
Think: Spanish moss thickly draped over the trees, the magnolias in bloom, perfume so strong that it is a drug, the full moon is out, and one is taking all of this in, standing in an old southern Graveyard!

the barrier between the conscious and subconscious mind is very thin here. This is one reason why I see many of the southerners to be very "partitioned" and conservative and fundamentalist, as they Know, but do not ever say it, that down in their lower Mind, is all of the Stuff
that Romance novels and fantasy novels and horror short stories are made of!! All of it, from homo/lesbos lovers, to relationships with *every* pretty woman/man that they meet, married or not, to sexual acts unimaginable, to revenge to ALL acts committed to them, throughout their lives...etc...etc...every negative and positive act, thought, feeling, that a human being is capable of!
All of this is so close to the surface, that many men wear suits and ties all day long and belong to the Baptist church, and live in their upper floors of their house only and never ever go down in the basement!
"denial", utterly, so that they can actually LIVE their lives!

so why is this dream account in the prophecy section?! You all should have guessed by now! A preview of coming attractions, for after you DIE, of course!!

Your future.

since everyone has within them all of humanities creative forces and all of humanities thoughts and feelings, all of "this" is down there in your basement, and it Goes With You, so that one awakes IN IT after one dies!
However, one will not live there long, only "visit" if one is "good", if one has more to their soul than is what Counts for Currency in this huge realm.
Alas, "not live there long" could well mean 5,000 years, compared to infinity and eternity of the higher heavens! 5,000 years will seem "forever", but only for a moment in light of eternity!

I am *not* a Bible-thumper"! And, these dreams bear no message of warnings as to what happens to "sinners'.
I only experience.
there is no flavor of condemnation here, in my dreams: I just see things happen in a world , a world that many many will spend time in after they die.
[there was one such dream-trip, about a month ago, where
I went to a place where I saw something utterly strange.
here is what I saw.....


IN the Hell panel of The Garden of Earthly Delights, Bosch expresses his ideas on just that, Hell. On the right towards the bottom, a birdlike creature sits and swallows a man. Is this Satan? Or perhaps could this be the keeper of the gates of Hell? As the people that are swallowed by this creature are digested, they fall down into a hole in the ground. Is it possible that the hole itself is Hell? Perhaps the rest of the painting is an area where souls get judged and the ultimate punishment is being eaten by the birdlike creature. We can merely speculate.

BOSCH's symbolism and ideas float further and further away as the time period stretches between his life and the present. As time passes, his symbols become harder to decipher and his ideas become harder to grasp because there is simply no way to relate. However, time cannot diminish the talent and unique vision of Bosch.


I was there. I am now convinced Bosch was there too, in an astral travel!
the only difference between my "garden of delights", and his, is that the people in mine were "modern", I was seeing the Garden of my times, whereas Bosch, of course, was seeing this place as to his times!]

Yes, I was in Bosch's Garden of delights, for real, it exists!

Thus, I do not bear any "warning messages", just that I saw a place that
many many will go to live in some day. A fact. A place. If anyone has had, in any moment in their lives, have had a thought or feeling or urge, that corresponds to this realm, they now have a Ticket of Admission, and will attend this Event for awhile! No one escapes.
"for we all have sinned", the Owner's manual says....

You could do far far worse than to get down on your knees and Repent and accept Jesus as your savior NOW, and then live the rest of your life as a Puritan Fundamentalist, to make this visit *real* short!!

That would Work!

[maybe another way would too, like Mohammadism or the N A Indian way, or Hinduism...etc.....another Path.]

Maybe another way would be to go down in your cellar and open up all your boxes and bring them all up to the sunlight and accept *every*
thing in them as your own and deal with this stuff, either live it out in the world, or Transcend it so that you have no lessons to need to be learned
in the hellworlds!

I am not going to, in any further dream accounts, warn of Consequences.
I will just report, like of maybe the weather Channel, I will be a "live reporter standing in the hurricane of a hellworld, reporting some of the scenery and of the events there! It will be up to YOU to do anything about what I experience there!


Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Taj and garden

Taj and garden, originally uploaded by Purusha Shakti.

Taj and garden
The gardens are vast and fragrant.

Uploaded by Purusha Shakti on 4 Aug '05, 10.13am EDT.

the essence of India! the haze only adds to this, makes the garden more mysterious! One could find degredation or one's Guru here, sometimes within ten feet of each other!

mysteries upon mysteries, so many places to see and to experience, and not enough Time or money!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

the evening shower from the 12th floor

the evening shower from the 12th floor
the evening shower from the 12th floor of Georgia belle, where I live. Awesome views from up here.
Here, I am facing west, the storm clouds look wet.

Uploaded by freestone on 23 Aug '05, 6.07pm EDT.

Great religious revival in 2 to 3 years

A post I made, today, on the Prophecies forum
[come sign up!]

hi all.

Last night I had a dream where I was told that something is going to save America from ruin...In 2 to 3 years!

I begin a new thread, here, about this, as this post is sort of a
"continuation" of my last night's depressing post about Los Angeles and the fate of America, where L A has gone down and crazy.

Today I had a small discouging talk with a friend, This guy spoke at length to both of us about what it is like for him to live in L. A.

this guy says that most of downtown is "beyond dead",

where L A is now, new York will be in 7 years and the rest of the country
will be in another 7 years!"...They say.

This guy , I learned, also sees that the whole of this country will be living like Iraq, in five years...Sporadic electric, and terror rules. Each person yet alive, who wants to survive, will have to Learn How To Kill!

my point was....
---that a country or a civilization gets Old too! You measure that man by his younger years, not the last five miserable years of his life!

all apples Rot, eventually: countries too.

sometimes a country can get a "second wind" by having someone throw all of the rules away and then re-write the books, so that Meaning
can be re-enabled. This person, historically, has a Name.
It is called "A DICTATOR"! To cut the Gordian knot, you have to have one sword. One man has to Rule: Mussolini made the trains run on time, in 1938 Italy. The common person got so tired of all the social messes that they all elected him to Set Things Right!

depressing, isn't it?!

Well, this here Freestone had another dream last night where I visited astral and heaven realms, and I was Told something.

[where most people seem to have "psychological" dreams, I seem to now have dreams where nearly ever single night I deal with heaven and hell *as* a personal dream experience, where the "scenery" for my dreams IS in heaven and hell!]

Most of the first part of this dream was apparently visiting a large room full of people who were in an atmosphere like the room was a bar, a pub in the lower astral. At the rear of this room was a large open door, about 30 feet in size, partly filled with rocks with "entities" standing guard. I say "entities" as most of these things were not human beings! They looked a bit like those demons in some computer games. I was told that this door was a portal into Hell.
[again: hell is, and exists, anyone who does not recognize this, is like a person who sits down in a subway train next to a "devious" looking guy with a box with wires sticking out of it, and Not Notices!]

Then, after I left this terrible scene, as probably all of the people in this room were cuddling up next to hell, as they lived a life directing them to soon enter this place, I had a long long talk with someone, a someone who I will call, here, a "Mentor"! Question and answers, for hours, I wish that I could remember what he said! Mostly on spirit matters and of the Lay of the astral lands.

He *did* say one thing, just sort of "offhand" but to me this bit of info is triplely worth the whole dream.

he says....
"There will be a very great Spiritual, religious, revival, in America, in 2 to 3 years"!

Then I woke up, dawn had arrived, and now I know my Answer to Los Angeles!!
For....There is yet another way that a civilization can get a "second wind"!
And...interestingly enough, this solution does have the Tone of "dictatorship"!
For one has to have some outside Authority, greater than the mess the country seems to be headed for, to give transcendent authority to turn things around.

For the "masses", this revival might look just like the standard Bible-thumping Fundamentalist/Charasimic revival, except that the scope of this will sweep through the whole land, seeming spontaneously! *Everyone* will be involved.
For the Older Souls, there will be a revival of the Spiritualist groups, with much mediumship and channelings, the old spiritualist camps will be renewed. New age "religions" too, will get a Boost. But for the average person, of younger soul age, meaning 80% of us, the revival will look just like that, a "revival".
I get the feeling that this will not be just some little increase either!
It will appear as a kind of "tidal wave" or "earthquake", making radical
changes in all of our ways of life, utterly! The liberal "left" people, who are agnostic or atheist, will be in deeeep trouble, as they all will be left behind [pun intended, ala "left behind", as in "Rapture"!]
for maybe "rapture" might be an analogy indeed:

"rapture while still living on earth"....Where everyone is, or knows someone, who is utterly filled with the Holy Ghost Spirit!

Maybe years later, when the historians look back at this revival, they will compare the revival to an "earthquake", or a "tidal wave", and then compare the prophecies that were rampant during the years leading up to
this revival, where for about ten years, Seers both modern and ancient were seeing literal earthquakes, tidal waves, asteroids. The historians might then see that these prophecies were SYMBOLIC of the Great Revival!! This revival, I think, will have the same effect upon our lives, symbolicly, *as* the Foreseen prophecies of the 90s and the early 2000s!

thus morals and ethics will be the unwritten, and written, law of the land, and everyone of us will "report for duty" so to speak, to "line up in formation with brooms in hand, like rifles at the ready, at dawn", so to speak, to
begin to clean up our streets, physically and ethically, all across our country.

The sounds of hammers nailing boards will be the Song heard all across the country, fixing up the infrastructure, *and* our morals!

Not all people will like this, as indeed there is a "dictator" here, at the very Top, God himself! There will be people who will NOT like to know that there is something greater, out there, that will tell them what to do and how to live, as well as what to think and what to feel!

Of course this here Freestone is only guessing as to HOW this revival
will manifest.
[this is the problem with prophecy-givers, they often receive a prophecy, then they add their own interpretation to it, but the writing out of their prophecy ends up where no one can separate their interpretation from the actual Given prophecy! People then think that his prophecy, ALL of it, came from spirit, whereas in many cases only a little of it came from spirit. We read, instead, his personal biases at work!]
I was only told...."A great religious revival in 2 or 3 years".
There was no indication as to how this comes out, plays out, or even how this will occur, or what will be the focus. I add my own guesses, trying to "over-dramatize" a bit, as I feel from what my Mentor told me, that this Revival will be Immense and sweeping! My descriptions of it, try to give a feel as to how I think that this might play out.

as "time" works differently in spirit than it works here, those "2 or 3 years", given by spirit time table reckonings, might play out, here on earth, to be 3 to 6 years!

Yes, as in the Bagavegeta, where Krishna Comes, due to the prayers of the Saints over how badly down the ethics had become, and Krishna says...
In every Age where darkness clouds so thick that even the devout have trouble, I Come to renew the Light!

*this* is a major way a dying civilization gets a second wind and rejuvenates.
And...I was Told by this spirit Mentor, that something of this nature will occur in America in 2 to 3 years!


maybe some, or all, of the hoped for Ideals, of the older souls, will become "working policy", of our government and social authority people.
Better yet: have this "revival" so inner and utter, to all of us, that no laws
or policy is needed, we all just Want to do social changes!

environment, drugs, abortion, homelessness, families....There are SO many issues. Maybe at this time some of them will be addressed.


Monday, August 22, 2005

Kudzu Eating Sheep at Tom Brown Park

Kudzu Eating Sheep at Tom Brown Park


Uploaded by shawnson on 20 Aug '05, 7.38pm EDT.

----something you would not expect to see in a subtropical city! Sheep eat kudzu vine, and kudzu will cover a house in one year. a shepard comes with these sheep. note the egret bird. this is probably a cattle egret, comes to be near livestock to eat the bugs they scare up.

Sunday, August 21, 2005


leaves, originally uploaded by freestone.

Leaves. the dark green left...a Mimosa. Grows up to 40 feet tall. Leaves on the right, I do not know. They look nice though.

Uploaded by freestone on 21 Aug '05, 2.44pm EDT.


magnolia, originally uploaded by freestone.

Oh the Romantic magnolia tree!
Here in Tallahassee they grow wild! The very symbol of the mysterious South. "Dangerious" some might say, one never knows what emotion will arise, in oneself, smelling these magnolia blossums under a full moon!

Uploaded by freestone on 21 Aug '05, 2.46pm EDT.

vines on vines on vines!

vines on vines on vines!, originally uploaded by freestone.

vines on vines on vines!
That mass of plant on the right is only one power pole!
I wonder how many species of vine are here? One is the "creeper", another is, to quote some plant book, "a pest that is now endemic all over the tropics" Look at the dangling long seedpods, dangling from the powerline!

Uploaded by freestone on 21 Aug '05, 2.44pm EDT.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Trip to hell

Well well well, another Dream where I was another person and I went to somewhere in the heaven worlds!
[I seem to do this a lot, dream another person's life experiences, as if I were that person. I get to see things that I ordinarily would never ever see.]

[In this account I will use "I" and "he" and "my" interchangeably]

[the dream is in "fragments" as if ten minutes of a "day" were shown.]

Well this started when I got up from my hospital bed, at the urging of a hospital orderly person: he wanted me to follow him to somewheres. As we walked down the hallway, he told me that I was now in the Air force, drafted again, and my Orders await, in the next room. As I walked along, I pondered how this could be, I was once in the us air force when I was 20, but now I am in my 60s.
Through the door and into an office where a uniformed 2nd lieutenant sat at a desk, I sat in the chair by him and he pulled out of a folder a stack of orders. My name was on them, he says and he gives to me a bunch of them and he tells me to walk through "that" door. Another long hallway, no windows. Another door, another officer who took some of the copies and told me to go into the waiting room for the airplane.
The I sat in a airplane seat, the plane took off, yet not a window to be seen.
It landed, I walked through another set of long long windowless halls. Another
desk with uniformed officer who told me to wait in another room with the other men.
Then we all walked into an auditorium that looked a bit like a church. A speaker gave a long speech about ????. Next to him was a large window covered with a curtain, I could not see through it. Then just at the end of the speech, this curtain became transparent, and I could see blue sky with a few orange clouds.
Another hall.
I stopped at a bathroom, there was no urinal or toilet, but there was a sink, so I washed my hands. There was *just* this sink next to the wall, not even a cabinent under it. The water flowed through the drain, down to the rug, no drainpipe, but the water disappeared, not a drop hit the rug, I pondered this....As I walked to yet another office to receive some more orders!
orders to join some "help people" group. I then walked out into the sunshine, at least the sky was blue! I stood with other people, awaiting some mission.

[much later]

I looked at my shoes, they were black military shoes of good quality, but there was some small irritating something inside them, that bothered my heel.
someone directed me to a cobbler, they said that he was "over there".
here was a man who had a workbench outdoors without a roof or walls. He sat the shoes on the bench and then he muttered a bit about how good the quality was but that
"all of these shoes have this one small defect". He then took some tools to pull out the offending strip of rubber. All of a sudden one of his assistants calls to him for some help with another "case"! He directs his assistant to go over to the bushes where a metal "boat" sat, a long john boat about 20 feet long, full of supplies and tools. I saw that as this assistant pulled on the rope, this boat levitated to about a foot off of the ground! It came easy, this boat sank back down to the ground when he stopped pulling it. I could see several wooden barrels full of stuff, in the boat. I was struck by how these barrels were of wood like as of about "1880" year, but they were brand new barrels!
The "case" behind me, that the cobbler was directed to, was strange looking.
some "policemenlike" men were holding a man by the arms, forcibly, where the cobbler and his assistants placed a large bucket on the ground and then placed this man's foot in it and then poured some concrete like stuff in this bucket, so that this man would essentially have a heavy bucket as a "shoe"! I could see tools in this bucket too, and as he walked slowly away, I could see an electric welder and
car garage tools "stuck" to this bucket so that this poor guy had to DRAG all of this stuff with him where ever he went! The "police let him go free. I could then see that this man was nearly naked, and his whole body was utterly covered with tattoos!
hi face, his arms ...All of his body. *not* tattoos like we have here on earth, but these tattoos were of words! I could not read them, the language was not something that I could read.
[I had a thought: that this man was a mechanic of some sort and for all of his life he stole from his customers, and deliberately mis-repaired things so to make more money. The "tattoos" were of a heaven language that tells of his Sins! His very sin-life was burned into his skin, for all to read!]
I then watched him walk difficulty away. He walked downhill from the cobbler shop, on a rutted road, the hill was about 50 feet down, he could drag all of this junk with him. At the bottom of the hill I saw something utterly strange! From further up this road came running to him a bunch of about 10 to 15 "critters".
They walked upright like men, but were very very hairy all over their bodies. They moved fast and they began to taunt and to torment this man with the concrete shoe!
Then, some of these critters changed into "evil looking" men, men with old raggy clothes and beastlike faces!
---end of dream!!

---the critters? Well this man got off of his hospital bed all right, he DIED!
he was taken to a welcome place in the lower heavens and eventually he saw what
the "New Agers" would not like to see exist: DEMONS! Yes, Demons, and yes, Virginia, there is such a place as HELL, in the afterlife realms and the hells are *NOT* at some deep realm, far far off from the heavens, hell exists right along with heaven and they intersect! They are in the same place: what makes the difference
between one seeing and experiencing hell, and one seeing and experiencing heaven, is
What kind of life you live, now, here on earth, determines your afterlife fate.

A good person, trying to live well, might only have a bit of "slightly irritating" shoe leather, that any cobbler can happily fix, but this same cobbler will also devise a devious Device to torment a "sinner", for years and years, where this sinner has to live with the Fruits of the Sin that he committed with his "eyes wide open" to what he had been doing!

just imagine wearing on your very skin, the Names of your sins, for all to see and to read! Then to be endlessly Tormented by Demons, for ????? Long of a time!
the "good" person might walk by these demons and he might not even be able to see them, or them see him, or maybe he could actually wave to them, and they wave back, then he walks on.....

I do not Choose these dreams, sports fans, I cannot help it if I say that hell and the heavens co-exist in the same vibrational place! Or...Say that there IS such a thing as hell!!
I have been there. Seen it, experienced it.

I saw, about a month ago, a scene from "Hyromious Bosch", in my dreams! It was REAL!!
These places exist, I saw a whole open field, miles in size, where there were hundreds and hundreds of people tormenting each other in ways of utter terribleness!
Think: "Bosch with modern stuff"!!

so please life your life, now, as if you were already in heaven!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

sitting in the Swingseat

sitting in the Swingseat, originally uploaded by freestone.

sitting in the Swingseat
Oh how "midwestern", sitting in the swinging bench on a hot summer evening. This seat is located in the garden behind Georbia belle senior Home. I see people here a lot, notice the worn grass.
far better than a rocking chair!
Indeed that rocking motion induces the meditational mind, to reflect upon the Days Work Done, or the life's work too.
I can well imagine this sitting under a tree in the backyard of an Ohio farmhouse, or a Nebraska home, or even a upstate new york dairy farm home.
Create your own breeze, the lazy summer time. Too too bad that only the elderly have the Time for this anymore! Even kids, in many cities, have school year around, or play those "sports" that consume every single moment with *Organization-by-adults*!

Uploaded by freestone on 18 Aug '05, 6.11pm EDT.

purple martin nestbox

purple martin nestbox, originally uploaded by freestone.

purple martin nestbox
a Purple Martin collectivehome. The florida/Georgia farmers used to errect these homes next to their house, in the spring there woulfd be as many as 100 martins there. You might not be able to see it clearly, but each Level has pie-piece sections where each section has a nest spot and a hole. Thus this nest is a collective city.
This box looks old and rusty, it is next to the old home that is now a garden club office. There are still a few purple martins that come each spring, though!

Uploaded by freestone on 18 Aug '05, 6.11pm EDT.

The old an young generations

--a letter to someone about the older generation. I live at Georgia belle apartments, a "independent living facility" for those over 62 years of age. He sympathized about me having to "grief counsel" someone who just lost his wife after 60 years of marriage, and now he is alone, in an apartment full of her memories!

[QUOTE]Hello freestone :) Saw your post on ...... [forum]

I too live in a Residency but its for the Disabled.Its called GEEL and its goal is to make people with disabilities fit into a normal safe environment so they may live full and productive lives.There are different stages and through the compassion and help of GEEL and my fellow clients I was able to get to the level of having my own apartment again in a beautiful safe neighborhood.


thanks xxxxx

actually I like to help people, but I have to create boundaries too, I know that. I help him with his computer and talk a bit, about once per week, maybe.

There is a DOUBLE generation gap, I see.

one, the usual one.
two, the great divide between the people pre WW II and the 60s! Baby boomers vs the ww II vets.

the vets?
to follow orders given by authority one trusts, and to change is a sign of weakness, you broke before you bent!
the Korean war brainwashings of the prisoners was the beginning of change.
and the people who stayed home worked in the defense industries and put *everything* before one's self!
home family, country came first, you came dead last.

FASCISM was the way even this country was.

now today many of these old people are Lost, no rudder, no sail, no wheel, no compass, like that older lady in the caferteria line who lost her husband and the plenitude of choices utterly bewildered her, there was no "Eisenhower" to tell her what to order.

so these older generation saved civilization for us all, the younger generations.

now all of these people are facing the Tombstone, the ambulance will come for them some day.

another Tip,xxxx!

do not give to your father your old cast off computer, ye younger generation, that old 64meg ram 2.1 gig hard drive
with all your Stuff, and errors, still on it, then sign him up for AOL!

here this man I helped did not even know how to open his mail, he expected that when AOL mail comes up, his letters all do too!
"right click"??? Almost beyond him!!
open an attachment?? Way way beyond him.

"cut and paste"?
utter Sorcery, beyond mental comprehension, as the original
IS the Thing, how could a copy of text be the same thing as it is a copy??!

---now this man who had all of these problems, that I helped, was
who taught business and psychology and was a bomber pilot in ww II and flew private planes as a hobby until he could not pass the physicals anymore!!!!!!!!

"!!!!!!" indeed, I cannot empethis this enough:
that the older generation is like, with computers, like the
group of Brazil primitive Indians who had their picture taken with the Polaroid camera and they could not see their own image or the hut that they stood in front of! They could not begin to see two dimensional images!

this man I helped is about 80 and NOT senile, not Alzeimers!
He is just the older generation!! This same man wanted me, once, to go to the Lab internet computer to check his mail, as I helped him establish a yahoo mail account up there on it.
I asked him about why he could not get it on his own computer in his room?

bewildered looks, he gave me!
---come to find out, he thought that the mail is *IN* the computer that he signed up on, thus if he signed up for yahoo mail, he must read it there on *that* machine!

there was another intelligent lady, in her late 60s, who told me that she would *NEVER EVER* have a computer!
"why" I asked....

she told me, then, that "every single relative of mine has a computer and IF I were to get one, I will never ever ever get a real letter again as they will all send everything by e-mail"!
I had to agree with her: she is utterly right, there is something about a real envelope with real paper and real handwriting, that is something MORE than email, especially for that older generation!

I was born in the baby bust time, 1941, I have a foot in two worlds, so that I see the advantages and the disadvantages, in both generations!

yes, I see, for the men, the wife WAS their heart, often only the wives did the Feeling for them, just as the man did the thinkings for his wife!

there are several men, here in Georgia belle, who I never ever "finish" a conversation with! I have to tear away in a mid-sentence as they are *quite* capable of a six hour
"talk", and I do none of it, at Every opportunity that these men start a conversation with me!
they would tell me of their whole lives, if I gave to them a whole day!

I am not that far from the Tombstone, my self, at 64, I feel compassion for these people, but there is little that I can actually DO for them. In the end, each of us has to face that Tombstone alone, and the Dialogue with it consists of our lives.
If one faces It, I see, in bitterness and anger, then I notice that the whole of that person's life was of anger and bitterness. I knew a man, once, in his late 80s who *ALWAYS* clinched his fist in anger at *everyone* that he met, and he held the garbage in his apartment to spite the landlady and would not ever let even the landlady into his apartment. I later met a distant relative of his and he told me that he was like that all of his life!

then there was that railroad engineer who always was depressed. A rainy day for him always. Here, see, is a
literal-thinking, objective man, who would have been *the* person to have near you when your car broke down: now he faces his tombstone and he cannot grasp what heaven is like, or of what the Soul consists of, and no one can tell him, even a psychic or mystic, as he never had the language of the heart or of the soul, for this.

many older women talk mostly about their diseases too.
for hours. And of all of their friends sickness too. Yes, they have lots of them too, many go to their doctors several times a week.
There are at least 2 people, in Georgia belle, who take TWENTY PILLS
each morning, and that is just the morning's swallow!

then there are the men who do not look at the sports as they pick up the morning paper, they go right to the Real Important Stuff, the obituary section! To see what person
they know has died, of course!

I actually saw, once, a nursing home that sat right across the street from a large cemetery! All of everyone could very well see the tombstones.

there was another man I knew who had enough anger in him to power the city for an hour if he stuck his finger in the electric socket plug! Why?
he worked hard all of his life, the farm in Georgia 1932, the war industries, etc...etc...
he had to put all of his dreams into a box and put them into his attic, his family, country, town, relatives, came first.
Nowadays, he sees the younger generation dancing the dances that he never ever could do, the "self-aculizational movements", and all of that. He sees them all living their dreams that he could never do, and his Anger??
His anger is that he is


to do this dancing and living their dreams through welfare!!

He sees them on food stamps, SSI, welfare, government programs of aid and help: all of that came and comes from his taxes and work social security payments.
I indeed passed up a Easter dinner, and I indeed let him talk non-stop for the "real" four hours, but I learned utterly utterly
why the older generation of the pre- WW II times
do not like this younger generation of the hippy age of the 60s...70s...90s...now!
for they, this younger generation, can now do what was self-denied them of the Great depression days! For these Vets lived up to IDEALS called "civilization" where much of one's personal life was given up for the Greater Good of the masses
of the rest of the people. And, too, they lived up to personal Ideals like Truth honesty, integrity, where a handshake
was a BOND, greater than a legal document! Thus their little ego DID really come last!

the modern generation sees this as "Nazi....Fascist"!
"black and white thinkings".
the older generation is seen as "fundamentalist" in their religion.

pitch it all out and hip-hop rap! Think only of yourself and
throw out those things called religion, like of that bumper
sticker on a car, near 1996 Ithaca new York, that said...
"get those Christmas carols OUT of our schools"!

deeply so!
offensive to 80% of the world and now, today, in most cities, maybe 80% of a schoolroom consists of kids who indeed find xmas carols to be not relevant *and* very offensive!
Gotta soon change the names of all the sports teams too, away from "Indian names"! Like of that new York city school
teacher of 8th grade who wrote that in her class of 30 kids *each* kid is from a different country, what can she teach them about Christmas?

so the older generation, who mostly thought and felt, in black and white, and in *Absolutes* of right and wrong, are
utterly utterly bewildered at the 6,049 shades of grey, in every issue of today's life! That is what is meant, by many of these old people, when they say, "the values are going down, today"!

fundamentalist preacher versus the new age Soul growth person.

I wonder what the baby boomers, when they all get to be 65...70...90 years of age, what will *they* think and feel, about the younger generation behind them?!


Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Lake Ella Rainbow Fountian

Lake Ella Rainbow Fountian, originally uploaded by shawnson.

ah, tallahassee's favorite park.
the joggers walk, the birds are, and one can smell the fish.
looks like a fall scene. the gulls are back. maybe late November. Tallahassee is full of surprises!

---the cafe *in* a church, a real
high quality cafe, the whipped cream is real...the St John's Episcipal church downtown, mon-fri
11;30 to 1;30.
---the cafe in a real train caboose, at railroad square.

Train Graffiti

Train Graffiti, originally uploaded by shawnson.

Train Graffiti

Uploaded by shawnson on 29 Jan '05, 4.41pm EDT.

I watch the trains too. I enjoy the grafitti more than i do the cars!
This scene is somewheres around Talallahassee, florida, where I live, the photo is taken by someone else.

the seminole name change

from the Tallahassee Democrat.

Posted on Wed, Aug. 17, 2005

Mascot 'honor' is really an insult

By Tim Giago


The final paragraph in a recent editorial in the Rapid City (S.D.) Journal gave me a real laugh. It reads, "The NCAA has finally recognized that the use of Indian names, logos and mascots are offensive to the Indians and cannot be used at NCAA-sponsored events. It's about time."

It's about time? I wrote my first column for the Rapid City Journal about using Indians as mascots in 1982. That was 23 years ago. Since that time I have written many more columns for the newspaper on mascots. Not once in those 23 years did the editors of the paper write an editorial agreeing or disagreeing with my stance.

They continue to use "Redskin" on their sports pages, and they have the audacity to say; "It's about time?"

The newspaper didn't care one whit as long as only Indians were complaining. It took an action by the mostly white organization, the National Collegiate Athletic Association, to open the editors' heretofore-sealed eyes.

The NCAA ruling was a small victory for those of us who have protested the use of Indians as mascots for the past 20 years. It states that the NCAA did not have the authority to force schools to drop Indian mascots or nicknames but they could bar the use of Indian mascots from postseason playoffs that are sanctioned by them. The NCAA also pinpointed a couple of teams that use mascots offensively. One was Florida State University's use of the Seminole Tribe's name.

The uproar at FSU is that the Seminole Tribe approves of its use as mascots. I think the chairman of the Seminole Nation should attend the next FSU football game and allow the fans to put a collar and leash around his neck and lead him around the 50-yard line at halftime. As a matter of fact, since the Seminoles do not mind that their name appears on sweatshirts and T-shirts as "Noles," they should shorten their tribal name to "Noles" in order to accommodate the FSU fans.

I believe it is about time that the National Congress of American Indians and the National Indian Education Association censor those Indian tribes that would demean all other Indian nations by allowing their good names to be associated as mascots for America's fun and games.

How can they consider it an honor to be mimicked, aped and insulted at sporting events? As I have said many times before, if there were a team mascot called "Zulu," would blacks consider it an honor to see white fans paint their faces black, put on African attire and wave spears in the air at football games? I think not!

There are benefits to the NCAA decision. First of all it put an issue the majority of Indian people have been fighting for on the front burner. Charlotte Teters, a member of the Spokane Tribe, responded to the trumped-up Sports Illustrated survey on the use of Indians as mascots. It was a survey so rigged by SI that it falsely indicated that most Indians loved to be mascots. She referred to a survey that ran in my former newspaper, Indian Country Today, which was then the largest Indian newspaper in America, showing just the opposite results.

Discussing Indians as mascots is like arguing politics or religion with hard-core fanatics. The word "fan," incidentally, is derived from "fanatics." These fans have never walked in our moccasins and they will never know how we feel. They will never know the difference between an "insult" and an "honor." If anyone wants to honor Indians, honor our treaties.

The president of the NCAA, Myles Brand, wrote a brilliant editorial in the Aug. 11 issue of USA Today. He wrote, "Imitation, it is said, is the highest form of flattery. But when it is viewed in the eyes of those being portrayed as hostile and abusive - no matter how well-intended - imitation becomes the lowest form of disrespect and insult."

If a conservative newspaper like the Rapid City Journal can admit its past mistakes, so can many others. The mascot issue has been under the nose of the Journal editors for more than 23 years in the columns I wrote for them. And now they finally admit I was right. I laughed at the editorial because I was stunned by it. But, as their editorial goes, "It's about time."

Tim Giago, an Oglala Lakota, is president of the Native American Journalists Foundation Inc. Contact him at najournalists@rushmore.com.



I live in tallahssee, fla, the home of FSU, Florida State University.
the FSU team is called "the Seminoles".
There have been recent attempts to have the name changed, even the Athletic governing body, that goverens the team associations, have now joined the fry to ban the team name.

I suspect that this will be enivitible! The day will come when no team of any school will have an Indian name.

I can see it now, on the first game day, here at FSU! 10,000 demonstrators appear and block the stadium, the smell of tear gas fills the air, to greet the fans!
The overhead blimp films it all live, to send coast to coast.
Then next week 50,000+ people march on Washington, and the PETA, Vegan, and other animal rights people enter this fight, a law is submitted that will ban ALL schools
from using either racial names or animal names.
It is passed.
No living thing can be used, the law says, for grade schools to college to professional sports!

While all of this "battle" might be just a bit of my overblown Imagination, the Confrontation, i feel, *if* this occurs, will determine our collective future!
Thus if the "Name change" wins, or the "keep the race/animal names as they are", wins; I could then "predict" what kind of collective Road our country will go down, for the next 20 years.

At this point in time, i am not sure what would constitute a "victory" or a "defeat"!

At the rate this mindset is going, on one hand, soon the Dancers will be waering lead weights so that their superior dance ability will not offend those people who are clumsey, and art painters will be required by law to paint with boxing gloves on their hands so that their talant will not be obnoxious to us all!


there was a time when *everyone* used the word "Niger"! Even many of the blacks!
Coal miners earned $1.00 a day under poor working conditions.
Times Change, and awareness does too, leaving the "unchanging people" back in the dust!


Tuesday, August 16, 2005

summer delight clouds

summer delight clouds, originally uploaded by freestone.

summer delight clouds
delightfull summer clouds.
If you do not look behind you!
The western skies hold the next hour's fate, 1/2 inch of rain! Can be sunny one side of the building and raining on the other!

Tallahassee city, is a studyplace indeed for cumulus clouds! there are about 80 to 100 thunderstorm days per year, here. So far, this august, there has been nearly 9 inches of rain, and over 11 inches for july, not a record amount, by any means: this is the monsoon area of the country!
Uploaded by freestone on 13 Aug '05, 6.22pm EDT.

two bricks in the same spot, which is right?


---from the Sunherald, from the "Anne Landers" column
annex Mailbox,

there, to me, was an interesting Issue.

Dear Annie: I am a professional actress and would like to respond to "R.S. in Wisconsin," who attended a play and was annoyed by someone's portable oxygen machine.

Professional actors are prepared to deal with such noise distraction without compromising performance. But more importantly, art was not created only for the able-bodied. It exists to transcend, to teach, to provoke, to entertain and to provide an escape from daily life. Anyone who does their best to be courteous should be allowed to experience live artistic performance.

Here is what is unacceptable background noise: cell-phone rings, cell-phone conversations and ongoing commentary to your friends in attendance (we can hear you). That is rude, inconsiderate and preventable behavior. But as fellow human beings, we ought to accept the physical realities of those less fortunate than ourselves.

If this woman's breathing device truly interfered with R.S.'s ability to hear the performance, he ought to have approached management at intermission regarding a seat relocation or a complimentary ticket. Most places would be happy to oblige.
Actress in New York City

Dear Actress: Thank you for your compassionate letter. Read on:

From Florida: Our year-long wait and $100 tickets to "La Boheme" were spoiled by the oxygen tank hiss behind us. It gasped loudly every 10 seconds, ruining the music for us. We could not change seats. Quiet is required for opera and the symphony, and therefore, they are unsuitable choices for those who cannot comply.

Chino, Calif.: Exactly what does R.S. consider to be a lack of common courtesy? Breathing? I regularly attend professional performances and am seated next to a woman who uses an oxygen tank. It does not hinder my enjoyment of the performance. As a special education teacher, I applaud those people with disabilities who lead an active life. A lousy attitude is the greatest disability.

California: Common courtesy is or should be required of everyone, disabled or not. This person spoiled the performance for everyone. While we don't expect the disabled to stay home, we should be able to expect the same courtesies and common sense from them as is expected from the rest of us. There are times when doing something just because you can is simply not the right thing to do.


So what are your feelings on this, readers?
For me, this issue Hits right to the point, the point of....There are issues where
it is like, "two bricks trying to sit in the exact same spot, room only for one brick"!
Here someone saves and scrimps to see and to listen to an opera, then someone with an oxygen tank ruins it. However, the disabled person can now be able to come to an event that is very meaningful to that person.

Suppose you buy a house with a wonderful back yard, *just* to be able to have your favorite activity, the family backyard barbecue. You move in, then have your first barbecue. About ten minutes after you fire it up, the ambulance come to the house next door, and you learn that the Professionals *just* saved the asthmic kid's life, as this child has such a severe asthma, especially to smoke, that just a trace of smoke, of any kind, if utterly lifethreatening.
no more barbecue. Toss that nice fireplace too. *then* the mother, of this boy, approaches you to tell you that winter is coming on and that oil furnace will put out Fumes and could you Pleeeease buy a [expensive] electric heat system, instead, and not use the oil furnace!
Do you Accept?
sell the house and move?!

label this: "anything that you say, do, or write, will offend someone deeply, around you, these days". Is that "Offense" Real, or not?!

Friday, August 12, 2005

the ole piano at Georgia Belle

the ole piano at Georgia Belle, originally uploaded by freestone.

the ole piano at Georgia Belle
In the dining room of Georgia Belle independent living facilities, is this old piano. I just now ate my supper there, in this room. Yes the piano is used, used for the church services several times per week and on Sunday. Often someone will come down and play it. There are 161 people living here, all over 62 years of age. One of the nicest such places around, all agree.
I will have to look, myself, to see what hymn that is, that is now on the stand. I know that it is a hymn. Might be too far away to see it.

Yes, the "ole" piano. Not very old, actually, but the Tone that I get from this scene is a tone of "old times memories from where one came from, the 1930s...50s..." One plays, and listens, to remember, to recall the old days of the Midwestern farm church socials, or the home piano in Mother's home, in central Georgia, in the 1920s.

Recall. Now the body is old and weak, but the memories of the good old days remain. Often that is all that is left, as one's spouse is now deceased, and one lives in a small apartment in a Senior Living Facility. The Ambulance comes several times a week, for someone, here, of the 161 residents
of Georgia Belle. Everyone just Knows, that eventually this ambulance will Come For Them!

the very photo comes out a bit "hazy" as if the memories are dim, only the Good is recalled, after all, if this day was "1920", there is no "modern medicine", and probably 80% of these residents would either be in a nursing end-state-home, or dead!

So this piano really, to me, symbolizes the "playing to remember" the past, as well as Jesus's Promise of eternal life after death, a death that looms so close in time, there is no way one here
can escape their View of that Tombstone, as it sits just ahead of them, on their Path of life

Uploaded by freestone on 11 Aug '05, 6.06pm EDT.

spanish moss Up Close

spanish moss Up Close, originally uploaded by freestone.

spanish moss Up Close
yes real close up of Spanish Moss. this is what this stuff looks like. it is not a moss as the name might imply, it is an airplant of the bromilard family. Pineapples are a member of this family!
Each of those stems is a green staulk of a plant and they all link together into one plant. You can see a faint green to the color, yes
this is a live plant. does not suck the juice from the tree branches either. Needs lots of rain and fog.

Uploaded by freestone on 11 Aug '05, 6.06pm EDT.

Invitation to join a sai baba forum

hi all.

I think that here I will invite anyone who is interested to come visit my Forum, in http://www.quicktopic.com
that is called,

Sathya Sai Baba, 2005, who is he?


I am not a devotee of baba, but i am interested in him.
I read so much, on the internet, about his "sex" activities, his doings with little boys and male devotees.

Some think that he is God Incarnate, the Kalki avatar!
baba SAYS that he is!

a "hot button" topic indeed!

anyway, since i have had dreams about baba, I ought to be interested, thus i wish to find out from other devotees and ex-devotees, more about him.


Thursday, August 11, 2005

another freestone

another freestone, originally uploaded by freestone.

another freestone
I have a friend, Eric, who also bought his camera about the time I did. He took several photos of me, a much better "take" than the last time, as now I am more familar with Posing! I have many relatives who are 1200 miles away, and I will mail these off to them. Thus I now litter my photosite with two more pictures of "me"!

Uploaded by freestone on 11 Aug '05, 9.05am EDT.

Sai baba and boysex

---a letter to a forum that I began, a "quicktopic" forum about Sathya Sai Baba.

Topic: Sathya Sai Baba, 2005, who is he?


Someone posted about how sai baba has done sex acts to boys.
[there are zillions of google sites on this, if you wish to read about the allegations against baba for homo acts on his boy devotees, let alone the grown men!]

---my reply!
ah, the sex experiences!

I once read a sort of "confidential memo" that baba wrote, or talked about, to his inner circle. He spoke about how the Identification of Love, Truth, Goodness, with his FORM, has now got to stop!
[so many devotees think that baba *is* the Lord, the christmas wrapping paper on the present-box is the contents!]
he went on to talk about how love goodness truth has no form whatsoever.

I have a Guess!
baba made sure that no one would ever ever have a picture of baba on his/her wall ever ever again! In fact, to
dis-avow baba, deny baba and go back to Jesus or Mohammad or whatever...
[maybe the muslum idea that there should be no icons of God, in image form, is a very good idea!]

Thus now Tal Brooke, who was one of the very first people to find out about baba and his sexing men and boys, has become a very Fundamentalist christian, and, i think, as of a few years ago, has joined with some of the Yale[?]...Harvard[?] inner circle of devout movers and shakers in the intellectual christain movement, there.

after all, when you have a Direct Line to God, via Jesus, do you need *another* phone line?!!

thus baba deliberately, in some manner, chose this sex thing.

after all, he has told over and over about how he cares not what people think of him.

probably he will die alone, maybe even before his stated time of 94, 95, 96 years, that he has told how long he will live. to die alone with hardly any devotees, and most people would call him, via history's Judgement, a FAILURE!

thus i would recommend that one knows that the spiritual life has no form or shape and that this reality is not in a picture of a man!

I have a suspician that once i go to heaven, and visit that world of baba that baba says that all of his devotees go to after they die, and *IF* baba is who he says he is, then i would find, there, that all of the devotee's houses
have no trace at all of baba there! In fact no vistor would even be able to tell that this realm is "baba's realm", as there are no temples about him, no pictures or statues of him!
the only thing that one would find there is a lot of love, truth and good acts, by everyone to everyone around them, and there would be beauty in all of the surroudings!
no baba form.

come to the forum to post your experiences with baba, please!


Wednesday, August 10, 2005

the Bee

the Bee, originally uploaded by freestone.

the Bee
see the small bee?

I was with one of the managers of Georgia belle apartments, out in the gardens behind this Independant Living center. She and some other residents were looking at the butterfly bushes.
Like this one. there was this bumble bee there.

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Walking down to the gazebo's shade.

Walking down to the gazebo's shade.
This is the same gazebo, in the Park Avenue park(s) next to the public library, shown in my other pictures here.

Uploaded by readerwalker on 6 Aug '05, 8.56pm EDT. [my friend Eric, who bought a camera about the same time that i did]

the main tallahassee park.
Note the clarity of the air! this is Tropical air, right off of the ocean, like of those shots of south sea islands, where the air is utterly clear. In the North of the united states, in the summertime, the air is often so polluted-hazy that the sky is a dim yellow, and only the dim sun can be seen, even the clouds are hidden by the haze. This is why the northen summer air is so "sticky" even at 85 degrees!
I actually feel "comfortable" at 90 degrees here in tallahassee! Probably 90 degrees when he took the photos! 88 to 96 on any summer day, here!

how to prepare for the ascension?

What is the Ascension, how can one best prepare
for it?
[what is the ascension? In everyday "Christian terms",
this is the "Rapture"!
How then, can one best prepare one's life so that one can
have the best chance of being Raptured?]


just: How can one best prepare to go to a higher heaven,
after one dies?!

This Channeling, below, by the RA group though David Wilcox,
is one of the best
articles on this, that I have to see and to read,
to date!

David Wilcox
[ http://ascension2000.com/
the homepage.]

the Ra material, as originally recieved by
the ra group.
then there is the CURRANT RA group, at


The Ascension:
“Is It Real? If So, Am I Gonna Make It?”

By David Wilcock
9 / 26 / 03

Is “all this Ascension stuff” for real, or is it just the imbecile
fantasy of people deeply divorced from reality? Here is what the
media never tells you, at least not all at once.

We all know that the Earth is experiencing global warming and
other changes, whether the petroleum giants like it or not.
Just read the headlines.


I am Ra. We greet you in the light and love of the One Infinite
Creator. We communicate now through the guidance system of the
entity David Wilcock.

There are doors within doors, corridors to be traveled,
questions to be answered and tools of awakening to be discovered.
The maze of the mind might seem a labyrinth at times, as there is
the question of how one may look upon one’s existence as air
traffic controller and question whether or not this occupational
configuration is a true manifestation of the optimal path for one
who has chosen service as a way of life.

The misgivings of the past have their undoing in the mind,
which chooses to view certain experiences through a lens of
self-criticism and judgment. The corkboard can hold a dart,
regardless of how well it is aimed, after having been fired.
There are those efforts that have missed the mark, so to speak.

The question of one’s purpose is truly the question of how cognizant
one is of the game, in this case the dartboard, and how effectively
that game can be played for the mutual benefit of other selves
involved on your physical plane.

The vacuum cleaner deftly swoops up those detrimental pieces of lint
that have gathered themselves in the carpeting of the house of your
mind. Day by day there are those bits and pieces that fall
to the ground, discarded seemingly without notice, which
form a residue of sorts. This residue then becomes that
which is
tread upon in one’s path.

We do want your pathways of the divine to be well kept.
Therefore, it is a requirement that for greater levels of
soul advancement, there [will] be the karmic housecleaning from
time to time, the understanding of the disparity that may exist
between one’s self-concept and that which is more optimal from a
perspective that looks outside of space and time.

Thus, there are those mousetraps, if you will, which have some
degree of tension in the spring and which have the cheese set
out for the unwary rodent. The tension is not yet understood
consciously, nor is the nature of the trap. We are not intending
to speak in any threatening sounding way, but simply to advise the
ways in which one can be lured by the temptation of having a
derisive attitude toward oneself.

The entity has certain issues with the identification of sexual
orientation as such, feeling that to truly use the “G” word, so
to speak, is to cast an unfortunate label upon oneself which does
then make one the equivalent of the devil in many a
fundamentalist Christian church.

Recognize, now, that we are cutting the tethers that have
anchored you to the world of materiality. If you are to soar
above, there must not be this baggage. The baggage is created
in the ambiance of self-condemnation.

We would state for you, quite emphatically, that this is a
Creation of boundless depths of insight, all of which are
informed by the process of free will.

The action of free will upon experience is that which produces
the catalyst for the remembrance of the One.

Each day, the motorboat is started up at the time of the morning,
and the motorized process by moving through the waters of spirit
again occurs through the process of arriving at one’s place of work
and becoming part of an automated system, such that the automation
continues to float and function in a flawless manner.

Without air traffic controllers there would be no opportunity for
those other selves upon said planes to arrive at their proper

The extent to which the airplane is used as a vehicle for soul
transformation should [also] not be undermined. Indeed, many souls
who would take an airplane flight are not routine business
but rather those who are on a pilgrimage of sorts.

This can come about in a variety of forms.

- It can come about through one who is visiting family
some distance away.
- It can come about through one who has found a Godsend
in a new relationship, but finds that this relationship requires
- It can come about in one who has desire to have a vacation
and break the monotonous drudge of life.
- It can come about in one who is investigating having a new
place to live, and thereby changing one’s external circumstances so
as to form a more fluid and complete life existence.

The tangled knot of sorts that has wound itself into your heart has
been in the process of unwinding. We would ask, therefore, that you
recognize that it is a process, and do not contend yourself
with feeling
as if there is no further work to be done.

We are not attempting to state that you have been doing this, but
that you become more completely aware of the fact there are still
those points of resistance which do impede the flow of energetics
through the mind/body/spirit complex.

We do want you to be aware of the extent to which your speaking, as
David has suggested, is a measurement of the amount of flexibility
of consciousness at one particular moment. When we speak of
flexibility, we speak of the ability to use the spectrum of
levels or instreaming and outpouring rays of vibratory energy.

This flexibility is necessitated for the higher workings. It is a
flexibility that comes about through one being balanced,
self-knowing and self-aware.

The balance, therefore, could come quite surgically and directly
by stating to oneself that if bisexual is the nature, or if gay is
the nature of ones’ personal choice, that this is utterly and
completely acceptable. [Though controversial, especially for the
more conventional religious types, the Law of One philosophy, as
expressed in the L/L Research series of five books from 1981-84,
states that “All paths are acceptable at the proper time and
place for each entity.” – DW]

There are more and more of those in this society of yours who are
recognizing that which is implicitly understood in higher realms;
namely, gender is only a consequence of third density incarnation.
Gender becomes increasingly irrelevant as one moves outside of
third density.

There may still be enough of a leaning in a particular soul so as
to define the soul as more male or female in its overt vibratory
status; however, since the physical body is much more of a
thoughtform in nature, it would be equally possible for an entity
that is feminine in its overall vibration to manifest a masculine
form for a certain period of time and vice versa.

There are increasing cases of those babies that are born with
androgynous sexual organs, meaning that both sets of equipment,
if you will, exist. This is but one form in which the DNA molecule
is rebelling against its third density shacklings. While this
androgyny is not a product of the fourth density body, so to speak,
it rather has more to do with the essence of souls coming in at
this time, which have not yet made a firm decision as to gender

We do want the entity to be aware of the degree to which this
fluidity of thought affects all other areas of inquiry.
The fluidity of thought comes about through the meditative peace
that is gained inside.

The entity has indicated that there was a bout of alcoholism
surrounding your year 2000, as time is measured. This, of course,
is a statement of the sense of defiance and rebellion against the
uptight and stuffy, constricted atmosphere that society has
presented in many forms.

The entity is one who was content with the behaviors that were
predefined by the conservative Judeo-Christian, Protestant mindset.
Thus, one was to be the hive worker and perform a series of maneuvers
along a predefined set of criteria.

The system of rules itself is worshiped as God, though on the
subconscious plane.

It is not truly the thirst for the One Infinite Creator that sustains
entities who follow such paths, but rather the thirst for structure,
the thirst for a very clear definition of right and wrong, seen and
unseen, known and unknown, good and evil, so as to remove the
opportunity for internal seeking, deliberation and analysis.

If one has a rather immature concept of the universal cosmology which
includes such things as implicit forgiveness once one is saved by the
Blood of the Lamb, so to speak, then there is not the need to
pulverize the questions that have required such pulverization. Rather,
they can remain as rocks that tumble about in the mind, and can
temporarily be sealed over with platitudes that state that as long
as one continues to pay tithes to the church or to otherwise repent
for one’s sins, as they have been called, then a balance of sorts
is created.

The relative balance/imbalance of one’s personal vibrations is
never questioned in such a format, but only the extent to which
the predefined set of criteria are then being met.

May we state a very important point, which is that the extent to
which an entity is harvestable for fourth density has everything
to do with making a choice? This, by its very nature, implies that
one must break away from consensus thinking in order to make
sufficient choices to be harvestable.

To put it more bluntly, an entity cannot simply be content with
a given system of spiritual teaching, follow that system without
ever questioning it, and truly be fourth density harvestable, even
if that system of thought is one in which service to others is
defined as being an essential cornerstone of belief.

May we state quite clearly that true Service to Others is that
which comes about through internal deliberation and analysis.

True Service to Others does not mean that you [are required to] go
to a soup kitchen and begin spooning out that which is sought after
by those who are homeless. True Service to Others does not mean
joining the Peace Corps and moving off to some third-world country
that is in desperate need of assistance, or otherwise giving of
oneself in this externalized form.

Granted, these are expressions of service to others in a certain
capacity, but when we state the term Service to Others, we are
attempting to use three words to define something which is
more nebulous.

The true essence of Service To Others cannot be contained within the
overt semantic description that the words provide.

It is, rather, a statement of a status of being that is arrived at
once one has achieved some degree of unveiling of the conscious
motivations that underlie the self.

The extent to which these motivations become conscious is the extent
to which the soul has evolved.

So when we speak of conscious motivations, we speak of the more
complete form of consciousness, which does include that which your
peoples would normally define as sub-conscious.

To become conscious of that which motivates the self is to become
aware of the choices that have been made [in life], and of the
extent to which most entities have declared martial law over their
own free will in their minds.

So when we state Service to Others as being the desirable path, that
path has greater complexity than simply attending church or
appeasing those around you and making them happy.

The Service to Others path is a path of integration of self, and
through that integration of self, becoming aware to some degree that
there is no separation between self and others.

This is decidedly different than one only looking as far as to see
it as being a function of volunteering one’s time in such things
as a soup kitchen or otherwise.

Therefore, this path is, in one sense, rather difficult to define,
and any attempt to use one concept or one set of words is flawed
by its very nature.

The reason why we decided upon the term Service to Others is to
hone in on that which approaches the greatest degree of truth as
a system of meditation for an awakening soul.

Yet a soul that only thinks of service in the conventional form
will not truly grasp what it is that we are teaching.

It may seem that we are wasting words or talking circuitously
about this issue, but it is rather important since the Service
to Others path is that which is required for an entity to become

To summarize these musings as have been heretofore presented,
let us state again the overall concept of what Service to Others
truly means. From here we will then move forward to a
delineation to a greater degree of how the entity then plugs
in to such a system.

The true Service to Others path that is required for an entity
to become harvestable is an internal decision that is made
without the props that are provided by the material world.

An entity that practices service to others and yet does not
question anything beyond a given religious structure is not
likely to be harvested, because this religious structure, by
its very nature, implies that those outside of the structure
are not to be served.

In the Christian distortions, an entity that is not “saved by
the Blood of the Lamb” is, by its very nature, condemned.

On the overt, outside level, these entities appear to be condemning
all others who do not follow their ways.

On the more covert, internal, subconscious level, what these
entities are actually doing is separating and isolating those
aspects of themselves that they do not find favorable, and by
making them the Devil, continuing to reinforce the partitioning
and separation of the self.

Therefore, this is a form of war against self. In the vast majority
of cases, those who have adhered strictly to a fundamentalist
religion do not have the discernment to be able to incorporate
the positive path to a significant enough degree in order to
be harvestable.

It is required that an entity read its sacred scriptures, but
not be bound by the interpretations of human beings to the words.

In order for one to cope effectively with the stressors that the
physical world presents, one must have a more fluid perspective,
wherein the essence of service is seen as being all-inclusive.

These words have always been hidden in that which came from the
Master Jesus and other teachers, as in, “Love thy neighbor as
you love yourself.” The neighbor does not have to be Christian
for this to be in effect.

The Service to Others path is a path wherein, truly speaking,
one does experience all things desired. This means that one has
cut off any sense of obligation to a given social structure.
[We often point people to page 170 of the Law of One, Book One,
in which it states, “The proper role of the entity is,
in this density, to experience all things desired – to then
analyze, accept and understand these experiences, distilling from
them the love/light [love and wisdom] within them… Nothing shall
be overcome; that which is not needed falls away… All things are
acceptable in the proper time for each entity.”- DW]

Those who are harvestable are not conformists by their very nature.
Those who are harvestable are not those who go along with the
party line, those who never question the institutions of

Those who are harvestable have superseded the need to be
identified with a system of beliefs that is specific to one
given culture or religion or government.

You will find that those who are ready for fourth density are
those who have adopted a unique system of beliefs that is
tailor-made to what interests them.

We have stated that an entity on the positive path must experience
all things desired, and yet this alone is not sufficient. For once
these experiences are sought after, they must then be understood,
accepted, integrated and forgiven. Only when this is accomplished
is the entity then capable to distill the love and light that
can be found inside ones’ experiences.

The extent to which an entity is capable of distilling its
experiences through free will is the extent to which an entity
has polarized on the positive path.

The negative path is a separate discussion, dealing more with
the love of self and the distillation of ones’ experiences in
the direction of seeing others as being subservient to self.

Therefore, the entity at this time may be feeling as if the
occupational configuration is not truly “service to others
enough” to be a fulfillment of one’s spiritual path.
that in one sense this is, as David might say,
“old world thinking.”

The implication is quite clear. In order to be on the
positive path, one must be capable of doing one’s own thinking.
Doing ones own thinking, by a very specific process, involves
looking beyond that which society would define as spiritual.

And thus we would ask the entity not to fall into often-seen
trap of feeling that one must be doing something that most
entities on your plane would define implicitly as “spiritual”
in order to be moving in the right direction.

In a sense, one could say that society requires all forms of
employment. Every role is spiritual in the sense to which society
requires all these roles to function. If every entity were to
take the path of the Buddha and put on a robe and sit out on
the street with one’s begging bowl, then nothing would ever
get accomplished and there would be no ability for society
to move forward.

Similarly, when you move into those higher realms that are
much more spiritual in nature than the third by virtue of the
degree of unveiling that is then made possible in the
mind/body/spirit complex, we do not have a situation where
every entity is a teacher. There are those who do, and
there are those who teach and there are those who
among many, many other delineations.

There are all sorts of different job descriptions for
entities in higher planes. Many of these jobs do revolve
around service to those in lower densities, specifically
the third. And there are many ways in which that can take

There are those entities, for example, who are responsible for
configuring the evolution process on a given planetary influence
such that the design of the varying insects and animal and bird
and fish and humanoid species, etc., do then fall in line with
the given materials that are present in that particular planetary
influence and with the innate vibrations that are present
in that area. This is but one of many jobs that
can be accomplished.

So, the entity did exist in a similar job capacity prior to
becoming a physical human being in third density. This is an
important point. The air traffic controller is not that much
different from the job that the entity had prior to physical
incarnation. And thus, this job has been gravitated towards,
in a sense, by virtue of how there is a similarity with
one’s previous experiences.

This air traffic control is then considered to be a glorious service
in the sense of how, in the original entity’s position that we are
now speaking of, it involved the coordination of many different
shuttling efforts that were being made to and from what you may
think of as a mothership.

In this process, then, there is a great degree of care that must be
sought after in ensuring that these pathways which are then created
do not interfere with the free will of the beings on the planet,
by being constructed in such a way so as to evade radar and
optical detection.

There are very advanced systems in which the entities can sense if
an entity on the physical plane is detecting such a ship and can,
therefore, offset such sightings by enabling such things as a
cloaking mechanism or otherwise.

And thus, in one sense, the air traffic controller in its original
job description as the entity then sought it was a protector of free
will, a protector of the right for those entities who are still
existing in darkness in third density to choose whether or not
to be on a spiritual path. For if an entity sees such a craft and
does not want to have seen it, then there is a transgression
of free will through an unwelcomed initiation into mystery,
if you will.

Therefore, we want to be ever-more clear in stating that you can
look beyond that which is in front of you and see the deeper
ramifications in which one understands that all is sacramental.
Every job is truly sacramental if one understands the true degree
to which spirituality is implicit in all.

And therefore, again in discussing the Service to Others path may
we state that what you are doing career-wise does not directly have
anything to do with this path.

Instead, the extent to which you serve others and follow that
positive path has to do with making your own decisions,
to accept yourself, to love yourself, to forgive yourself, to
look upon the past and distill the various things that have
to find the love and the wisdom that was present in those moments
when you might have felt betrayed by your mother or father, when
you might have felt as though the world had turned its back on
you and left you bitter and unaware.

A spiritual person touches all whom they meet by the radiance
that they give off of self-acceptance and self-understanding.
Once this becomes the guiding force of your actions you will
find ever-increasingly that your speech becomes more fluid,
that you do not need to use verbal pauses such as “um,”
“like,” and “you know.”

To an increasing degree there will be a comfort with living,
a comfort with one’s sexual orientation and no need for
shame or blame.

If another self on your plane chooses to judge you for any number
of things, it is their position to do so and their right as a free
will entity to do so. It does not mean that you need to take
in this opinion in any way, shape or form.

Therefore, the barbershop pole does then spin and the dancing
colors do then show where it is that you will get a haircut and,
in so doing, transform your physical appearance. The hair that
we wish to cut is that which has grown unsightly on the
etheric body rather than the physical body. In giving
you a haircut, then, we are trimming up the aura and making
it more presentable. It comes about as a presentable
form when you -

- become presentable to yourself, see yourself as whole and
complete and pure, see yourself as the light, as the love...
as the One Infinite Creator.

Recognize it in yourself first.

Recognize that all is acceptable and that you are good in
every way.

And then, move forth to see how all others are reflections
of that One Infinite that can only truly be understood
in its deepest ramifications within.

And therefore, the world is your mirror, as are all

We do thank you and want to remind you that you are loved more
than you can possibly imagine. We have exhausted our time
available for this working. We thank you. Peace be with
you in the light of everlasting love. We require a period
of two and one half minutes to reintegrate David’s
consciousness into this physical form. Adonai and Amen.

Peace be with you –

- David Wilcock / L/L Research

wii animal names for teams be next?

Posted on Wed, Aug. 10, 2005

the Tallahassee Democrat newspaper.

Will NCAA target animal mascots next?

OK, Tallahassee Gators, this from a University of Florida grad, an ancient Gator booster and former mayor and state representative of Gator Nation Gainesville. Get ready to join the fight!

If the NCAA is charging FSU, et al, as egregious for having the Seminoles as the institution's symbol, none of our respectful, campus-based, traditional symbols are safe.

What if the NCAA is successful in getting the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to join in so as to prevent animals from being used as university symbols? What if they decide that it's somehow abusive and disrespectful to use animals as symbols? Well, there goes our precious Gators moniker after all these years. Wake up, Rattlers, Bulls, Bulldogs, Cardinals, Gamecocks, Beavers, Buffalo, Lions and Tigers and Bears! If this issue of the Seminoles somehow being disrespectful of the actual Indian citizens is not countered, then silliness, not clear thinking, prevails.

FSU President T.K. Wetherell and the other university presidents have enough to do without taking the time, energy and expense of chasing NCAA moonbeams.




---amazing! I think that he is right! He does not mention PETA, and the others, for each anti-Indian name person, there must be thousands of animal rights people.

what can we name our teams?
How about NUMBERS?!
"today the FSU 528's will play the Miami 94's"!

why stop at teams?
How about the Mississippi river and Tallahassee and Seneca lake?
Indian names, all.....

Numbers for cities too!

Problem is......
Anything that one says, will offend someone deeply, somewheres!

Soon, anyone with a Talant, will offend people without that talant, so that anyone who stands out in one area of their lives; they will have to have a "handicap penalty" given to them, so to make them "normal" so that they will not offend the people without this talant!
Dancers will have to wear weights while dancing.
Baseball pitchers will have to wear thick colored glasses so that they will not be able to see as well, to make them see as well as "everyone can"!

someone has Beat me To it: Kurt Vonnegut!
Feb 18, 2004 / vol 10 iss 28
Out of left field
Dance company makes an unlikely move
by Cecil Bothwell

reminds me of Harrison Bergeron, the protagonist in Kurt Vonnegut's classic short story of the same name.

Bergeron is an athlete and a dancer in a future world where equality is absolutely enforced by a Handicapper General. Smart folks are dumbed down with sonic implants that prevent sequential thought, handsome people are hideously masked, and the talented and agile are burdened with weights to assure that they will leap no higher and pirouette no more beautifully than do the dull and clumsy.

Grey Mush will not Offend!


Saturday, August 06, 2005


sign, originally uploaded by freestone.

this is the sign for that plantation house that is the headquarters for the city of tallahassee parks dept.
today, just now, on August 6th, I walked by the sign. it was gone. only the post remains.
I think that it was there when i took the photos, the other day.
Omenious! Last night was a Friday, the friday on the last day of exams, for FSU and TCC!
paaaaaaarty night!!

I fear that someone wanted a souvenier
to take home with thm!

reminds me:
--when I lived with my sister for a year near Asheville, north carolina, in the mountains, she once told me of the next door neighbors, the Waltons.
they had a sign "THE WALTONS" right next to their mailbox, next to the road. She told me that for the last year that she lived there, since 1980, this sign would "dissapear" about once per week or so. Mr Walton was patient and he was a carpenter and so he quickly made another, to post along this tourist road.
At this time, 1980, or so, that TV program, "The Waltons" was very very popular. I had heard that people would come home early from their Sunday trips just to watch it ever 7pm
sunday night, nearly a secular church evening service, for these people.
The "wholesomeness" of this program, would indeed be *like* a church service. Recite the boy or girl scout Oath: Honesty, Integrity, lovingness, goodness...etc...etc...that is what the Waltons were like.

I cannot imagine, sports fans, the Thinking of people who steal a sign that "means" the above Qualities!
[but i read that the Bible is the all time stolen book!]
Here a person steals some sign that "means" something real Good, like of this plantation sign or of the Waltons. does not the Contradiction
bother them when they steal it?!
Be like you won the contest for the most writing of Integrity and Wisdom, but you Plagerized and Fudged all of it!
worse: if their fortune and "luck"
right then go bad, for years and years, will they make the Connection?!
probably not. They have Compromised their Soul, by making this theft, steling something that means "honesty"!
Thus I wonder if "The Thing will turn on them"?
If "goodness" now Equals "negativity",
then any future Real good thing that comes their way will also equal negativity, thus this incoming goodness will also bring in something negative to their lives.

this is not the "curse of God" for doing sinning, it is just a spiritual law in operation.

if X = Y
where x is goodness and y is bad stuff, then anytime that this person reaches out for another X, then he/she gets a Y instead!

the only way Out, is to only have
X = X
where your own goodness is equal to the goodness that you want to take in for yourself.

no one seems to be thinking this through, much, these days!


"never wear a hat that has more character than you have"...anon!

plantation house

plantation house, originally uploaded by freestone.

the plantation house, in Tallahassee, that is of the headquarters of the city parks dept.
This huge old mansion is the plantation house, for a huge plantation plot of land, in the 1840s...80s. Tis only about three blocks from downtown! but in 1850, this house was way way out in the country! Now the only land left, around it, is the two acres.

There is a small picket fence around the whole yard.
Reminds me of the book, TALLAHASSEE LADY, a novel about a writer from the New York Times, in the 1880s, who came from new York to cover the Capital news.
[tallahassee always was the capital of Florida] On the way from the train station he saw from his coach taxi a woman puttering in the garden of her father's plantation house, behind a picket fence. they fell in love. His cold Northern soul was Opened to beauty, to love, to goodness. Alas, she was betrothed to another man, another Plantation owner: he had to go back to new york without her, but he knew that she could not survive there anyways.
but his souls *was* opened, now, for good, for the rest of his life. He could now enjoy beauty and good things, thusly.
---this book was written by a new York Times reporter who came here in the 1800s, to cover the news of the capitial politics! His soul, too, might have been opened by the presence of all the beauty of Tallahassee: no mention whether he fell in love with someone, however!
I like to think that this plantation was the One that he rode by!

Uploaded by freestone on 6 Aug '05, 10.28am EDT.

old oak

old oak, originally uploaded by freestone.

this oak is in front of the plantation house, that appears in some of my photos.
Yes, that is my hat. The tree must be about five to six feet in diameter!


lily, originally uploaded by freestone.

an unknown species of lily.

old oak2

old oak2, originally uploaded by freestone.

this is the oak tree with my hat on it, about 5 to 6 feet in diameter, at the trunk. The oak is in the front yard of this plantation house

Friday, August 05, 2005

stewart park dock

stewart park dock, originally uploaded by tijo.

from Uploaded by tijo on 22 Feb '05, 12.53pm EDT. flickr.com

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Monday, August 01, 2005

"can I be loaned a dollar"?

I had an Interesting experience at the Mall today!

Rained for hours, Tallahassee's version of Bombay, India! Downpour. I got off of the bus to go to the mall, the usual coffee shop would seem to require a boat, for to walk there! Inside the mall I ran into a soaked wet guy, with a beard and raggyness that gave to me an aura of "homeless". I came up to me and asked me if he could be loaned one dollar for the bus.

I hesitated, was this scam number 1284? I chose not to give to him his dollar.

Later I got on the next bus and then i saw him come up to the bus and he loaded his bycycle into the bike rack and he then got on. I "shrunk" a little, as I felt that i might have made a mistake in not giving to him the moeny for a "real" need!

Later I changed buses and did something else and then took another bus out to the park and then walk across it to the "all you can eat" place next to it.
I, in this park, then saw this guy *again*, he had bused his bike out there and he was with other homeless men under the picnic shelter.

Suddenly I realized why i did not give to him the money and the reason is a reason that is hard for me to explain as this reason is in a language that was not ever taught to me in my otherwise nice Interlaken high school!

His "beg" was probably his 5000th beg. most of his begs were for spare change and for drinks and for "devious" reasons, probably. like to have "life reality", which could be a nice stiff kick of Jack Bourbon whiskey, as "straight reality" is the unreal reality, for him, maybe!
Thus, I could Feel all of his previous begs, behind the Tone of this one beg!
as if the very tone, of this one, echoed all of the others.
-4999 +1 =-4998
Thus this was why I did not want to give to him any money, as this Real beg was contaminated with the others.

I suspect that this is one reason how animals can sometimes detect the quality of a person by his voice. what was said, in only a few words, is a summation of the person's whole life! each word contains the whole Soul tone, of the entire lifetime lived.

now I do not feel so "bad" about not helping him.

As i passed him, i saw he was sleeping on the bench. I had already confronted,
within myself, what i would do if he asked me for more money, as i passed by. I would take him with me and buy him dinner, and pay for it and have him do two things.
1...sit with me.
2..as we ate, he would tell me of his life, the ups and downs , his joys, hopes, dreams! I would treat his tales as a prayer to spirit, then let spirit handle it.
I suspect that he would talk of being the "victum". Battered the moment he came into birth. mentally, phsyicly, and maybe a broken home. then nothing but the Road from then on....
then i would have to *try* to tell him that he is INDEED a victum, but a victum of something far far greater than what he tells of: he is a victum of his own thinkings and feelings that he is a victum! this perpetuates itself, this "stinkin thinkin", of the AA people's philosophies.

behind him is 500,000 more just like him.
Then behind these people are maybe 5,000,000 who have the same soul attitude, but dress nicely, live in a "mcMansion", and have a good CEO, or Professor PhD job!

I retired from Counseling, years ago!



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