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Saturday, July 30, 2005

---from a forum.


hi all....

Last night I came to this "predictions discussion", and i was a bit surprised!

There seemed to be more than usual of the "fire and brimstone" type of predictions, here! These are the predictions that are 10 paragraphs long, 10% to 30% in "caps", and the Tone of the prediction is....
"ye all have sinned sinned sinned, and you all are gonna pay, NOW"!

--using too too much oil.
--too much sex and frivilous free time use.
--etc, etc.etc.

the Bible: " And all the idols of the nations will be given up, their towers will be burnt in fire, and they will remove them from the whole Earth. And they will be thrown down into the Judgement of Fire, and will be destroyed in anger, and in the severe judgement that is forever. "

I pondered for a moment, after I left the compter lab, my own posted predictions that I posted a few days before.
these were the series, below...

Free 3: Tidal wave, earthquake, map of the usa.
2 freestonew 194 Wed Jul 27, 2005 11:14 am
Free 5: end times delayed.
0 freestonew 122 Wed Jul 27, 2005 10:16 am
Free 4: Taken to see the past and future of the human race
0 freestonew 96 Wed Jul 27, 2005 10:05 am
Free 2: Earth-Ruin plus the new race to come
0 freestonew 75 Wed Jul 27, 2005 9:09 am
Free 0: I hereby Post my terrible visions, one per post!
0 freestonew 89 Wed Jul 27, 2005 8:52 am
Free 1: dream of the ruined earth!

[if the forum link, at the top of the post, does not work, then these can be read in my "files" section of freeestonegroups under "my earthchange visions"

I thought about what I wrote.

the first thing that came to mind was that these Prophecies were not mine!
They came from Guides who showed to me things. Either they took me out of body, or i went out of body to them, then they showed to me what they wanted to show to me. Thus the Information is rooted in Spirit.
While this "lets me off of the Hook", for True-ness of the prophecies, there is no way for anyone to validate the true-ness of their information!
As the info is rooted in the spirit world, it would take another Guide, who lives in Spirit, to validate the truth to them.

[say! A psychic, if interested, *could* do this! She/he could ask their Guide to do just that, to go check out my guides!]

my Guides could be lying, they could be deceived by their sources, they could have mis-read the info, they could have created this infor then give it to me for their own reasons!
i do not know who these guides are or who they "report to", their "bosses"!

However, the main thing that i note about these guides is that even though the information that they give is describing some of the very WORST disaster case probabilities that I have ever ever read of from other sources; they do not condem, do not cajole, do not "Bible thump"
about how sinful we all are and that we deserve our terrible fate and that we will Pay!!
There seems to be no inferences that an angry God caused any of these
earthchanges. nor do they infer that we all brought this upon our selves!
While these Guides infer that these Changes were of "earth movements or upheavals", they do not link them to any "Divine Commission" or
"retribution" or even a "act of spirit"!
Thus, if there is an act of Spirit, to these events, the unimportance of this act[s] means that they are not inferred in the predictions!

There is no mention of our "blame" either! There is no "finger pointing" to
something that we all did or did not do.

The only "angry" giude, was this Sai baba [looks like sai baba, but not stated that he WAS Sai baba!] look-a-like who was very angry at just a few holdouts who had a very "negative" attitude, he was fearfull
that these people would "contaminate" the survivors with a maybe materialistic attidude, later. But the "ruined earth" had already occurred, and no mention of why or how it occurred!

I grit my teeth, as i read about the "bad news for america" post.
he could plug his finger into a wall socket and power Atlanta or Chicago, for an hour, with the energy of all of that anger!
Now I am not saying that his anger might not be justified, it is that I feel
that the "reason" for earthchanges that might occur, is not the reason
that these posters say is the reason.

my OWN suspicians, reading between the lines of what I have experienced, in the spirit worlds, is that these events are due to a "scoreline" in Time!
["scoreline": like the line grooves in a flat chocolate bar, made so that you can break off a hunk of chocolate easily.]
There are Ages, and one age rolls over into another, think: the 2011 mayan rollover and the 25,000 year Precession of the Zodiac.
These terrible events, then, are linked to almost "mechanical"
actions, caused by whatever drives the changing of the ages: the reasons lie both in the physicalness of the earth, ala the Geology of the earth and of the solar system, *and* the Spiritual causes that lie in the counterpart spiritual world.

From my own OBE experiences, then, i can draw yet another conclusion.
If i take as a "given", that these ages are set in stone, in the Timelines, then I could think about what I might do if i were a "masterguide", in spirit, and then see this "Score Line" coming.

my own analogy for this is the high school 12th grade Teacher suddenly seeing that the Final exam week is coming faster tha she thought and that instead of a month left for classes, there is only two weeks left, to Prepare the students to finish up the cirriculum!
[gotta finish it all up, or they will not be fully prepared for "College", the Spirit levels, when the Race Levels up!]

In fact, these same Masters might then stimulate *more* "consumerism, more "gas consumption", more "materialisms", as a way for to get more people to be able to grow their souls!
[would you want you son to have 10 crayon colors or 200 crayon colors, in the Art Class?!]
every new thing tried, is a way to Potentually grow one's soul. Even a ski-do, bought to powerski on the lake with, making all of the noise and racket, might open up a love of nature, for a soul that had NONE of that before he bought this ski-do powerskier!
result: in the later days there will be a vast consumption of the earth's
resources, as the resources are transformed into soul growth, the rainforests turned to farmlands for 1,000,000 peasent Brazilian farmers to have their own lands, and the wood to be used by 200,000,000 people for millions of uses.
[at the end of the School Year, ALL of the resources of the schoolroom should be used up! that is what they are there for! then the schoolroom is shut down for a few weeks for the carpenters to tear down all of the mess and rebuild it for the next incoming class!]

to finish this up: what i am saying here, sport fans, is that 80% of all of what these "guilt inducing bible thumpers" are condemming, might be the very Acts of spirit, itself, to stimulate all of us to be more creative, at the end times!

"at the last year of its life, a fruit tree often puts out a bumper crop of fruit"...anon.

while there ARE misuses of this schoolroom, due to "free will", like of egotism and Manipulation and Control, where one person, say, takes advantage of other people for their own ends, the importance of stimulating all of the souls for more soul-growth, outweighs the enevitable mis-use of this by free willed individuals!

in short, i see many predictors criticizing us all for the very wrong reasons! the very thing that they jump on us for, is the very things that are preparing us all for the next age, in the spirit worlds!

I am almost, here, suggesting that these critics internalize their own projections, and solve their inner conflicts over "sins" and such, and then go out and try to, themselves, to finish up their lives by taking full advantage of all the creative oppurtunities for soul growth that are out there now; that were NOT there, in the , say, 1950s or early 60s!

God is Love, spirit is Love, truth, and Goodness.
not a "puritan"!


Friday, July 29, 2005

the Nimbus

the Nimbus, originally uploaded by freestone.

the Nimbus
Tallahassee florida, the setting sun shines behind this thunderhead. Note the sundog at the very right, almost like of a rainbow!

Thursday, July 28, 2005


WW05, originally uploaded by bobbinguy.

so calm, so peacefull.
I am going to blog this one to my
weblog and mark this one as a FAVORITE!

from a dstant smallphotoview, i am looking at a greek temple complex! so "classical".
many of the modern buildings look so uninspiring. "values" are not in vogue, in the libral left today! sothe only "value" left is to have that value of tearing down! no wonder kerry and the democrat party sunk!

The Past is part of the present, i never goes away, should not go away, and I recall, here, when I looked out of the Amtrak train to see this collection of builsdings, for one second, before the tunnel entered, i had a deep sense of mystery here.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Almost reeled in!

Almost reeled in!, originally uploaded by dmakar.

Uploaded by dmakar on 27 Jun '05, 9.34pm EDT. flickr.com

ah yes, Cayuga lake!
what a lake! 60 miles lonfg and 500 feet deep and many locals cannot swim in it till end of july as it is so cold.
I had a cottage there once, it was about at the chin of the white t-shirt guy. heaven on earth.

from 30 inch lake trout to 30lb
carp to 3lb smallmouthbass
to "rockbass", there is a fish for all! the way they used to fish for lake trout was with a 400 foot copper line with a ten lb sinker and you had to reel out 150 feet, or more, of line!
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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Democratic Party: admirable ideals, embarrassing tactics

By Susanna Rodell

I moved this topic to my other weblog


I think that I finally got to get at the Root of a series of dreams that I have been having over the last few years. This culminated in the latest of this series, last night.
The dream was like all of the rest of them: "I am living somewheres and I am nearly out of money and I only have a hundred or so dollars in my bank account so that I really *really* need to find a job and there are no jobs apparent!"

This last night's one had an extra twist to it!
---not only was I nearly out of money, but I had found a part time job that was "not enough" to pay for my living, and when I left this janitor job, I walked, or tried to, walked the road back to where I lived.
The Problem was that I was so so so tired that I could hardly move! *Really* tired. Like as if lifting a pencil was like lifting an anvil!

these dreams began about two or three years ago. Back about then, they would only occur about once per two months. Today, this year, it seems that these dreams
occur about every week, or even more often, of late!

always on the same theme. I move to a city and am out of money. I move back to my childhood home and cannot find work and am nearly out of money. Over and over, with small variants.

A few days ago, after one such dream, I walked to my morning coffee shop, sort of "shaking my head"! I have a government social security check and a disability pension, even if one were to "stop", there would be the other. The Pension is such that any part time job, that I took, is deducted from the pension, thus I have not worked for years.
I assumed, on my walk to the coffee, that as I had not worked for ten years, my subconscious mind detects that I am not working, thus no income.

One of the Meanings of a repeating dream is that the real meaning has yet to be gotten at, yet to be dealt with; so far no insight has dissipated these dreams.

well, about three days ago, I think that I have found the Mother Generator that generates all of these dreams!! A dream, of course!

here it is.
I fly through the air, coming from somewheres. I am in the astral worlds, out of body and I have been doing something in one of the lower spirit worlds, the thing done, I cannot now recall. I began, apparently, to lower towards the earthplane, to re-enter my body and then to wake up. However, just before this I "autoscopted".
That is...I seemed to leap away from my own body to look at it from a distance, what I saw was a tube of light, a tunnel of light, and my head, with part of my upper body, floating downwards to a hole, which is my body on the bed.
I saw something peculiar, though. At the top of my head was a band of solid green. The upper one to three inches of my head seemed to be painted green!

shade of green is the same shade of green that I see in my computer games where in these role playing games that I play, where there is a "life bar" at the right of my character, and this bar is colored that green color. If this life bar reaches "zero", I die. Every time a monster hits me, I lose some life.]

Then as I noted this bar of green, I heard a woman's voice speak. She spoke in utterly unemotional tones, as if she were reading a meter gauge, on a wall, to indicate the temperature or air pressure!


so *that* is what is driving all of my "nearly out of money" dreams!!
If this head is my own head, and not of seeing some other head, then I have found
why I keep having these dreams. The life force "meter" indicates "almost zero"!
[must be that this meter starts decreasing, the Indicator, from the bottom up, as the soul has its "base" "up there" in the spirit worlds. Thus when those one to three inches are gone, up to the very top of the head, there is no more life force left.]

This "revelation" answers the Question, but
brings up, sports fans, *another* issue!!
I do not have to "work" on my inner "insecurity" due to a small lack of inner confidence [no work, no money], to deal with these dreams: I have to face Mr Death
Himself, probably, *if* I interpret this aright, sooner than my 64 years should warrant! My body is 74 inches tall, and the life bar is an inch, two inches, maybe three, left. A year?? Two years??

other wise healthy: maybe there are *other* issues yet covered here, like that china disclosure of that new unknown sickness, a sickness, or some bird flu pandemic, soon.
or...Maybe some great collective disaster or war!
[in other words, my death goes along with a lot of deaths, of others, at the same time!]
or maybe just a truck crashes into me, at a corner!

so I have my immediate meditational/prayer future cut out for me, I see....


living moss fence

living moss fence, originally uploaded by freestone.

living moss fence
spanish moss hanging on, and growing on, a security fence!
This airplant blew off of the liveoak trees, above, onto the fence, then continues to live and grow there.
Note how the shadows of the afternoon sun play across the sidewalk and the moss.

palm tree

palm tree, originally uploaded by freestone.

palm tree
a very healthy looking palm in a yard, in Tallahassee. I think that this is a "Washington palm". The other palm trunks, seen, are Cabbage palms.

Friday, July 22, 2005

A touching experience, I had, yesterday, with someone at my senior residence, Georgia belle. I was asked to help someone with his new laptop that a relative gave to him. Probably a old laptop.

I have talked with him before, but I have not been in his room for months. He tends to like to be alone, I rarely see him to converse.

I entered his room to see his six diplomas on the wall over his desk. He must have
degree after degree. He was an educator all of his life, with a list of titles after his name that read "impressive"!

the laptop. There is no manual. We got it turned on.

I was struck by how utterly UTTERLY clueless he was as to how to use it!
Oh, he is 80 to 84 years old, surely there are "issues" with mental lessening or alzeimers, I wondered. I saw his pile of papers over an inch thick, his books that he is writing, I saw that his desk is covered with books that he is reading.
not a problem with mental deterioration!

he could not "get it" as to how to turn it on or off. There was a touchplate where he moved his finger on it to move the cursor. Even when I held his hand and moved it, he could not understand how to move this cursor.

a five year old boy would learn this laptop far far better than he, for me to help him would be like of me trying to teach a dog to use a laptop!


He has spent all of his life in the Academic world, teaching and counseling. His IQ
must have been over 140. A man of Letters and Books and Philosophy.


Reminds me of the tale of the explorer who took pictures of a native Indian family deep in the Brazil rainforest, them in front of their hut, with his Polaroid camera. They could NOT see the hut or themselves in the photo, as the photo was a two dimensional image! They could not neologically handle a two dimensional image.
Thus same with this man with computers. I see this a LOT at Georgia belle. I try to help otherwise very intelligent people with their computers and I find it near hopeless: IQ 130 people who are really "IQ 40" with computers as they lived all of their lives without them.

there was one lady, the other week, who told me that she REFUSES to get a computer!
she told me that all of the distant relatives has computers and if she got one all of her relatives would now send to her e-mail letters
INSTEAD of hand written letters! I had to agree with her 100%!

the great Divide.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

snow at court

snow at court, originally uploaded by DJOtaku.


just when you feel SO hot!
Cornell campus, ithaca new york. On top of a 400 foot high hill facing the 60 mile long cayuga lake, to the northwest. Did I tell you about the WIND?! i lived there, grew up there, on a high hill prarie overlooking the lake and i could see the stadium from
my back yard 20 miles away.

30 mph?
40 mph?
60MPH! at times. somtimes with a temp of 10 [fareignheit, NOT celsus!]

take a walk across campus anyone, at 30 mph and 10 above?

there was a road just west of my Interlaken that ran north south. *everything* leaned to the east, the barn, the powerpoles, the plants, the grass, the fences, even me! the wind never stops.


Wednesday, July 20, 2005


IMG_1361, originally uploaded by hunrn2003.


I lived on such a lake, once, in the 70s. Bergan beach just east of Interlaken, new york. Just down the beach a mile or so from Rod Serling's summer home where he wrote most of his scripts for the TWILIGHT ZONE. I can see how one could be so creative there. I met him once, shook hands with him, he was sitting in a chair facing the lake, about 20 feet from it, on a point of gravel below the cliff, under his cottage. A script in hand.
Cayuga Lake, is where this was.

no wonder the finger lakes, i read, has been the birthplace of many writers and religions. At least two or three, spiritualism and mormonism, has been born here! Woman's rights movement too!

Climbing - and winning - courgette


[ http://www.flickr.com/photos/ulri/ ]

I like this, life is greater than matter!

-a Zucchini climbing, in a small german village. go to her flickr site, if you would like to see nearly 500+ photos of her small german rural village!

Tallahassee rainy season

Tallahassee rainy season, originally uploaded by freestone.

Tallahassee rainy season
Another day, another Parade
of fat culumus clouds. tropical rain. The time from "spinkle" to "drench", is about one second! A millions clouds, no two alike....

kudzu face to face

kudzu face to face, originally uploaded by freestone.

kudzu face to face
kudzu. Here in tallahssee, the morning's paper had an article about tallahassee's strangest city employee job: SHEEP HERDER! Sheep love Kudzu, a lady herds about 400 sheep. Strips the kudzu away from the city parks real well!

baby thunderstorm

baby thunderstorm, originally uploaded by freestone.

baby thunderstorm
Tallahassee's endless Production of thunderheads. I have seen them where a small storm will rain just on a section of land one city block in size. rain across the street, but not on your side. I knew a man who went fishing in the St Marks river, the rain sunk his boat, he figured 10 inches. back to his house, ten miles away, did not rain a drop!

---a ltter to a morrowind game forum.

thanks.....The Adult High level Functioning Autism support group, that
I sometimes attend, often the members think in pictures and use "different' ways of communicating.

of COURSE this is why probably i did not read the readme
for that mod that has the rock music in it. when i play a game, not only do i not read the game manual, but i have to play awhile before reading up on the keyboard layout!

vague desciptions of something, in a game manual, or in a readme, i cannot IMAGE, i cannot make an image of it until i have the physical counterpart before me first.
One of the reasons why i "delayed" playing morrowind so long, is that I would find it uterly utterly hopeless to try to read the readme for each mod just to find the place to go to start the mod and its quests!
Thus i tend to just wander about the scenery.

here is an example of the positiveness that is of autism!

---I enter an ice cream shop. 50 flavors. i see a couple reading the volumenious menu board, trying to choose a flavor. I, myself, walk up to the row of open freezers where each ice cream box is open and i can see the ice cream. someboxes are "old", i can see that the only ice cream that is left is a refrozen pile at the bottom.
I order from a fresh opned box.
then the couple come over and order by word. they get one of the old boxes, maybe it sat next to the onions for awhile, in the back, too!
so they eat the WORD "cherry vanillia", as i can see that their choice
*must* surely reek of onions and that perrenial "anti-favorite taste, "old refridgerator"!
---but i eat ice cream, not a word, my ice cream tastes very very good, thank you!

for too too many people, the *word* is the reality, not the "thing" behind it!

Monday, July 18, 2005


waiting, originally uploaded by freestone.

the entrance of georgia belle. Empty seats, the smokers are not here now. they have more fresh air than the non smokers, as they have to sit outdoors!
Many retirees sit half the day, waiting for the Sun To Go Down, on their lives.
Note how the shadow of one of the lights hangs over one of the seats! The juxtiposition of a ceiling light, with yet another shadow of a light on the door, give this peacefull scene a kind of sense of Mystery! Note too, how all three lights, or the shadows of lights, make an equal-sided triangle!
I might even infer, since this senior apartment is managed by a church organization, that the "Holy Trinity", of the three lights, means that the Holy Spirit is In Charge, and everything, here, with the residents, Is OK, and *will* be OK, for the rest of their short lives and for their lives in heaven also.
Thus a Pause, waiting for the Undertaker to come and collect everyone, one by one. But each and all are in Good hands as [1] God helps on earth, the physical light, [2] The Lord helps with one's inner life, the shadow of the light on the door, and [3] God is Objective, in heaven, the sun-cast shadow of the light on the wall, and He will Take you Home!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

old southern house

old southern house, originally uploaded by freestone.

old southern house
Old southern house, now used as the tallahassee garden club. note the thunderhead in the rear. always a storm somewheres nearby, from june to september, here. 4 to 18 inches of rain per MONTH, then! 80 to 90 thunderstorms per year. that number is only the number that actually hit the weather station, does not count the storms seen off in the distance. 140 to 180+ stormcloud days seen per year.


"reach"!, originally uploaded by freestone.

a vine growing out on a powerline, or two. This species of vine is evergreen. i have seen it at the top of 50 foot trees, here in Tallahassee. You might be able to see the fence in the rear, it is "all" vines, who knows what the fence is originally made of! Vines on top of vines, vines climbing up onto vines. over a dozen species, probably....ivy, poisonivy. catbrier. grapevine. kudzu. fernvine.
virgin's bower. ??? ???

thunderhead over the southeast.

thunderhead over the southeast., originally uploaded by freestone.

Oh another tallahassee thunderstorm. Note how the whole thing sort of twists in a corkscrew fashion! Probably 50,000 of cloud here. The tropic flow.
Note too how clear the air is! Summer in upstate new York, even at 85 degrees, is all too too often very "sticky" with all of tha pollution in the air. I have seen summer days even in rural ny, where only the sun can be seen, the sky is yellow-grey! Tropic air direct from the Gulf, direct from the equator. The air is clear, the smells of plants fill the air. Might be 90 degrees.

Uploaded by freestone on 17

Saturday, July 16, 2005

hi all...

my other post on this topic got me to further ponder this.

why is it, on these Boards, and on the internet, and down the block, there are so so so many psychic people who foresee that God is going to punish us all for our sins, by causing either some disaster, or having the end times occur outright, with a 99% kill rate!

---"you will burn in fire for your homo sins"
---america will see a great depression soon, because we all are so
"living high off of the hog"!
---Los angels will fall into the sea, too too much sex, there"!
---[fill in the blank with the one that you know of.....!]

Few people, who are God loving, God worshipping, can deal with the possibility that God would kill off 00% of humanity all at once, or even
cause san francisco to become sunk.
God Loves....
God is love....

never mind that God is the Cirruculum Director of the human race, and what He might choose for us, we all might cringe on!
[a second grader cannot deal with the principal's Plans for the kids in the 12th grade!]

It is our human nature to try to see the Meanings in everything: that everything HAS a reason for happening.

Take that tidal wave in Asia! would God plan that one?
no one can probably deal with a "benovolent loving God, causing this.
the ball then passess back to US! something must be wrong with us and thus there is a "punishment" for our actions.

naturally, the psychic who Sees a whole nation going up in flames, that vision is SO shocking that this lady has trouble handling what she saw!
It is the Human Nature to find reasons that are rational, for such a nation to collectively die.
Thus this pysychic "rummages" around in her "basement" her subcounscious mind, and what ever
complex she has trouble dealing with, *this* is surely what must be wrong!

If a clairvoyant man sees an earthquake tear up a resort city and he has Homo issues, he might well indeed feel that the sinfull gay life must have caused a reaction from God!

[i recall hearing about a cemetary, in southern illionois, in the 80s, when i lived there. my counselor told me the story of one of the tombstones.
there is a 10 foot tall concrete angel holding guard over the gravestone.
this stone is over a young lady who was raped by a black man, in the ???30s...40s. they threw this rapist in jail, and then people from 100 miles around came to the jail and mobbed it and tore open the door and dragged this man out onto the town square and they hung him, with great jubilation. then they made the angel, the plaque says, to the effect...."how
great a tragety, God himself is SO SO angry that a black man raped a white young lady that he sends angels to watch over her for eternity, for this GREATEST of Sins done unto her. not only rape, but by a Black man!

the town, to this day, has zero blacks. the county seat, in the 80s, has zero black workers. someone told me that he had seen the signs on some bridges on county lines, that say,
"nigger: out of the county by dark"!!
this same county seat, not the tombstone town, also kicked buckmister fuller off of the staff as he was too too radical, and the town park had hippies in it, in the 70s so they bulldozed the park and put businessess there!]

this area is also very VERY "bible beltish"! no "wiggle room" permitted, in dogma interpetation.

I can thus imagine, as this area is UTTERLY at ground zero for being on the new madrid fault, just how they feel about why this earthquake will probably happen: too too much Sin and backslidings, of the people!
Letting blacks into the golf club, letting lesbos couples live together, i can imagine the "thumping" of the bible, now, in some of the churches!
[i attended, for my sister's sake, to check it out, a local pentacostal church down the road. i sat at the back as i knew that the service starts at 7 PM, but will go on till 2 AM! i made a shocking discovery there. ALL of the women were FAT!
any woman there who was 250 lbs and 5 foot 5 foot tall, is ANOREXIC compared to 90% of the women there. some ladies seemed to take up over three to four feet of seatbench space. ALL of them!
in retrospect, these ladys seemed to be very very happy happy in the moment, happy with their lives. just how many thin ladies have i seen, over my lifetime, who had the looks of a "wicked witch of the east" (oz)! no fun, no joice, no round corners, to their lives or soul: give to me the fat lady every time, generally!]

so the only way for a sensitive psychic, to deal with the Seen
disaster, is to find a reason for it, in advance! then he/she will project onto this event, the projected thing most hard to deal with!
almost as if this were a "scapegoat in advance"!!
---if these "gays" were to be burned alive, in the rightoius fire of the lord, then my own innate "gayness", that i have trouble dealing with, is now vicariously removed!
Be like: seeing my own immuturity in the guy at the next desk, so i bully him about it, forcing him to grow up a bit, albeit his growing up will be done by MY standard of what constitures "growing up"! as if i can MATURE him, then i mature my own inner childness!
thus...if i kill the gays out there, in a dream, a vision, then i kill them in my own inner life, thus removing the gayness from my own inner life!
[makes me wonder what percentage of vision dreams are *only* this!
Only a dream where the inner conflict between one's own natures is trying to get worked out. thus one sees a city of "soddom and gomorra", where the actors in the dream are living out my repressed, unlived, sexual fantasies. then i have the Great Authority Figure, the "id"
, God, come and punish them for sex sins.]

yes, cast a shadow on the wall, then kill the shadow with a knife, so that this shadow does not now follow me. of course this shadow must be Cast onto someone who looks like me!

of course there are REAL prophecies, Recieved, channeled, dreamed. but
the self has to recieve it, to try to understand what has been shown; this is where, often the colorings occur.

but dreams are even the more harder, as often the very drama is only an inner drama that takes on the form of an earth disaster.

thus, in the end, God may indeed cause disasters, but for His reasons, reasons that might not be understandible to us mere mortals. thus we each have to place OUR own meanings into that space of interpetations and reasons!



Friday, July 15, 2005

Ithaca Festival Parade 2005

Ithaca Festival Parade 2005, originally uploaded by Stef Noble.

[bar, pub]

Uploaded on June 3, 2005
by Stef Noble

I like that!

it is also still there!

when i was 10, or so, my mother took me from the Interlaken small town that i grew up in, to Ithaca for the dentist or doctor and there it was, the Rooster. It was over a bar then, as now...
As i grew older and often came back and eventually lived in Ithaca in the 70s, it was delapidated. they eventually fixed it up, i saw it back in its glory about the middle 90s when i lived in my hometown for four years.
My town is so small that they buid a new house every 10 years, in 1993, they had just built one!
Interlaken is the Home of the twilight Zone.
Rod Serling wrote his stories there, at his nearby lakeside cottage, he often went to Redman's
to buy groceries and to check his mail.

Take a look at eternity

Take a look at eternity, originally uploaded by zhekin.

"Take a look at eternity" is his title.
Uploaded by zhekin on 12 Jul '05, 10.40pm EDT.


Location: Baikal lake. Olkhon island. ?ape Khoboy.

while this Lake is the hugest, I am reminded of my own cottage on cayuga lake, in upstate new york, a cottage that I had, in the 70s.
I could stand on the banks, and see up the lake for 30 miles.

this lake Baikal has Been Here For Awhile! will be here for awhile.

tropic cloud

tropic cloud, originally uploaded by freestone.

a nice cloud, courtesy of the remains of Dennis. [photo taken a day or two after Dennis] Dennis is now in Missouri, but then rain bands are still in Florida! Tropic Flow, all the way from the Equator, the air is not *like* the tropics, the air is the tropics! dew point of
maybe 75 in the am, 78 in the afternoon, and the am temperature can be 85 degrees by 9 am! 80+ thunderstorms a year. 63 inches of rain per year. I have seen mold growing on mushrooms, old cars, sides of houses, signs, and even on the sides of concrete high buildings!

tired tree

tired tree, originally uploaded by freestone.

this live oak, in the park, is growing like this naturally: no storm damage. Live oaks, when large, droop their limbs so.
Trees and palnts grow fast here, In my forestry school, They told me that
a tree grows in 7 years the same height that a tree in Michigan grows in 21 years!
[do not ask about my ranger career: the school burned down in a month and I left!]

tallahassee clouds

tallahassee clouds, originally uploaded by freestone.

Tallahassee has so many kinds of cumulus clouds! I shot this cloud in the early evening. the temp was about 95 degrees, as usual for a mostly sunny day here in the summer: nearly 100 days a year of 90 degrees or more!

Thursday, July 14, 2005


---well, I experienced such a thing just today. There is a thing called that. Most mistakes are "negative", something is done wrong, ommitted, by mistake.

Today at Georgia belle, the senior residence, I sat down to my dinner at 5PM. They serve dinner there 2 times a week. The very very favorite dinner is Catfish. The least fav is something called "chicken dumplings".
So tonight I sat down to the dumplings and the room was only half filled, usually standing room only for that fish dinner as one has to sign up by 11 AM, after seeing the menu.
So here it comes, the server comes with


"a mistake" she says, "they sent the wrong meal!"

so this, sports fans, is what I call a "positive mistake"! This is where something GOOD happens by mistake.

I can think of another one!
---a lady comes huffing and running up to the city bus just as it pulls away from the
bus stop and the bus is late, very late, over 10 minutes late. She has bags
on her bags and she must be carrying 50lbs of groceries. Tis 95 degrees out there and this stop is out in the naked noon Florida sun! tis another hour till the next bus, good thing she caught it!
then I remember....
I recalled that *this* is the lady who complains about how late the afternoon, and noon, busses are, in this city. Rants. Raves.
endlessly, to all who can bear her.
I then told her as she sweatedly sat down, "just think, ma'am, if that bus were on time like you want it to be, you would have about 50 minutes to broil medium well done
out there in that sun, with that ice cream that I see that you have in one of those bags!"
I often, myself, have caught the bus only because it was LATE!

This is what I mean by "positive mistakes"! Too too many of us only note the negative mistakes, we do not see the favors "of the Gods" in our favor!
Often there are "Angels unawares" helping us, Angels from the Holy Spirit, and that we do not know, we think that our good fortune was only an accident!
we complain, we gripe. Maybe one should stop and ponder when a mistake occurs that helps us enjoy life better, and give Thanks!


Hurricane Dennis

Hurricane Dennis, originally uploaded by Pandarine.

"Friday, 6pm

The outer bands of Hurricane Dennis are moving in. We are under tornado watch until tomorrow morning. The first shelter opened a few minutes ago."
Uploaded on July 8, 2005
by Pandarine on flikr.com

after the storm cloud builds, this cloud can even become a hurricane, if this one cloud forms in the tropic sea!
a WW III of a thunderstorm, the wall cloud roams all across the world and makes all of us Players in the Drama.
[refering the article below on muslim terrorists!]

fat one

fat one, originally uploaded by freestone.

slowly, the cloud Builds, slowly the electric charge grows. the positive ions gather, from miles and miles around, the negative ions do the same, 5000 feet apart!


Wednesday, July 13, 2005

homeless 1

homeless 1, originally uploaded by freestone.

the Great Mural at the tallahassee homeless shelter.
I apologize for the strange canera angles, this mural is in a very difficult place to shoot a proper perspective at!

homeless 2

homeless 2, originally uploaded by freestone.

notice that the statue of liberty is a "CHRISTIAN CROSS" in disgise! If you have seen the other tallahassee mural, here, you will note that the angle of this cross is the same angle as the cross made up of the beans falling from the left hand, in that other mural, four blocks away! [might be made by some of the same painters!]
The cross aims at the boy with the red shirt holding a house, next to the air conditioning slats. the slogun on his shirt says "God Bless". Note that the Great lady is holding the boy's house, and this house that she holds has his palm-print on it!

homeless 3

homeless 3, originally uploaded by freestone.

Notice this Grand Lady of the Mural!
the house that she holds [see previous picture] has the boy's hand print on it.
All of the houses, by inference, have this print on them, the print of the Cross of Jesus. she, the collective symbol for all of our souls, looks upwards to Spirit and to God.
Thus, if Jesus is in our hearts, we are not alone.
the "secret' of the homeless is that we all are homeless, our true home is in the spirit worlds, not here on earth, but here we each must attend the School of life.

homeless 4

homeless 4, originally uploaded by freestone.

the mural at the Homeless shelter. sometimes there are nearly 200 people here a night, in the winter. a good shelter.
No one can make it to heaven, our true
home, by ourselves, it takes Spirit in our hearts, with Jesus there. Then the Angels and Guides, with Jesus, will help us go Home.
Thus, the secret of the homeless is that all of us are homeless without Spirit in our hearts, and our true Home is in heaven!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


waiting, originally uploaded by freestone.

the entrance of georgia belle. Empty seats, the smokers are not here now. they have more fresh air than the non smokers, as they have to sit outdoors!
Many retirees sit half the day, waiting for the Sun To Go Down, on their lives.
There is often a man who is sitting there, about 7.30 am, as I am leaving for the morning, I ask him how he is doing, and he replies that
he is "doing a little ok"! Probably he lost his wife years ago. he has his walker, he cannot get around to well. he is not a reader or a computer/internet person. I would guess that he was an engineer, at best; maybe a blue collar worker of high rank. everything, for him, is physical and litteral. no imagination. worked all of his Great Depression/WW II life.
now there is no more working, he is a one trick horse that has done its trick. He is Waiting at the Bus Stop for the hearse to come by to pick him up, i fear!

there are millions just like him...
my advice: develop non-physical talants so that you can enjoy your later "rockingchair" years!

I have now created a "real" mailing list for you to get announcements mailed to you, whenever I add something to my weblog.
look on the sidebar for the "notifylist" window-button. easy to sign up for.
But, if you want to read ALL of my writings, not just here on this page, then please go to the yahoogroups site of mine, also linked on the sidebar, and sign up and then read them all, in addition to the Notifylist!



---from the Tallahassee Democrat paper.

Posted on Tue, Jul. 12, 2005

Bush's way with words is maddening

By Eugene Robinson


The Bush administration's relationship with the English language, I confess, just drives me up the wall. How can these people be so comically doofus with the language one minute and so brilliantly Orwellian the next?

President Bush's misadventures with the dictionary are legendary, and they're the gift that keeps on giving. Asked recently what kind of Supreme Court nominee he would choose, he ventured to explain that he didn't want a judicial activist. But he lost the trail of bread crumbs, and what came out was that he wanted someone who "strictly constructs the Constitution."

The document was constructed some time ago; unless the president was speaking Middle English, he meant "construes," which is what a strict constructionist does. Then again, he does seem to have some sort of Erector Set fixation these days - witness his recent assertion that the imprisoned evildoers at Guantanamo are "people that had been trained, in some instances, to disassemble." Before you could wonder where they were getting their hands on the screwdrivers and wrenches, he added, "That means not tell the truth."

No it doesn't, Mr. President. But never mind.

Of course, the president's father waged his own battle against the tyranny of syntax and the dictatorship of grammar. His fumbles became a running gag on "Saturday Night Live" and even prompted gentle gibes from his peers: Once, the president of Uruguay welcomed George Bush the First to Montevideo and, as the two leaders stood together, the Uruguayan told reporters he would "answer any questions in my broken English, which is, of course, our common language."

George W., however, makes his father sound like Seneca. He hasn't received the same kind of ribbing from other world leaders, but maybe they're afraid they might provoke an invasion or something.


--to me, the reason why he fumbles is obvious!

look at his astrological chart!
I did, once. He not only has sun in cancer, he has Saturn there too!
[ http://www.astrodatabank.com/NM/BushGeorgeW.htm
...For anyone who is interested, Bush's chart!]

I ought to Know, I have sun in cancer, moon in Leo, ruled by cancer, with mercury and Venus in cancer, all of my inner stuff of planets!

words are not real! I do not think in words, I think in images.
too...The backbone is on the outside, the crab shell! If you took a cancer person to
one of those encounter groups where all ego defenses are to be taken away, all you would have is a three month old
thus I can see very very well that bush would just reiterate all of the old
chestnuts of the past, he needs that past history like a turtle needs his shell.
of course he takes everything so so personally, ie....The war against Saddam!
If he did not have Venus and mercury in Leo, in the first house, he would might have just stayed on his ranch all of his life and took care of his mother until she died!

no words.
they are foreign to a cancer, at least to me. This is one reason why I go up to a ice cream counter and LOOK at the ice cream in the containers, whereas 80%
of everyone else looks at the menu and decides what ice cream to order and then they eat the word "cherry vanilla"! The cherry vanilla might be just where the ice cream is nearly gone, only two inches left at the bottom of the box and all melted and refroze, and has picked up the flavor of old onions!
[a word is not the object!]
if it were not for my one air planet in 1st house, I might have well stayed home
to take care of MY mother!


Monday, July 11, 2005

reality check: 75,325

Park benches and stump under live oaks.

a nice composition! My friend, who also lives near me, in Tallahassee, florida, took this shot.

there is a feeling of mystery here! the bench. the steps. the tree stump. I sense a alter for some Ritual of Wicca, or of the like. The ladies society held a maypole ritual here, for almost 100 years!
this ladies society held a may first dance around this tree *as* a maypole.
It ceased in about 1978, as the Tallahassee springtime festival, 100 feet away, took its place and this new festival has 60,000 people in it!

One would not know that this place is downtown, in a city of 300,000!


queen of the missions

queen of the missions, originally uploaded by santa barbarian.

I like this one!

incredible how I can see places
all around the world, places that I might never ever visit! My Tallahassee city, that I live in,
has a climate utterly different than here!

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Dennis, the first rainband

Dennis, the first rainband, originally uploaded by freestone.

here in tallahassee, hurricane Dennis is 500 miles away but here is the first rainband, off to the east. I climbed to the 11th floor of my Georgia belle apts, to take this. this band died out, however. I see storms here in tallahassee that are nearly 50,000 feet tall. maybe some day i will have more photos of these. tallahassee gets about 80 to 90 thunderstorms per year!

Friday, July 08, 2005


Friday, originally uploaded by jakedobkin.

a nice graffiti. graffiti merges with murals and wall art. i am beginning to collect these. some will be posted here from time to time.
jake has a good one here! from somewheres in new york city!


burl, originally uploaded by freestone.

a burl! this knot of wood must be about 18" across. This is growing on a live oak tree, in Tallahassee
Interesting what can be seen along just a street, i wonder how many people see this? i am beginning to wonder if people notice much at all!

I can see that I, with my canon powershot a200, will increase my powers of observations, by looking at things to take pictures of, over the coming months.

reach for the sky

reach for the sky, originally uploaded by freestone.

reach for the sky!
the landscape people were by here just last week! some of these shoots are nearly 10 feet tall! This is what a tropical climate is like, all summer long, 3 to 10 inches of rain per month, 85 degrees by 9 am!
Tallahassee, fla, behind Georgia belle apts, where I live.
I like to walk out for a block or two and then take a picture of interesting stuff!

Thursday, July 07, 2005


park1, originally uploaded by RandomAccess.

the tallahassee downtown park.
another RandomAccess good one. i walk by this area a lot. note the clear air. this is a hallmark of the tropics, where the air is often just coming from the ocean. like all of those south sea islands photos that you have seen.


unientrance1, originally uploaded by RandomAccess.

my University that I attened, in the 60s. i majored in weather and i failed miserbly! calculus and psysics
did me in! but i gained a city from that, tallahassee, where i live now.
RandomAccess's photo shows the front, east entrance well.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Sunrise, originally uploaded by freakydeak.

I grew up, near trumansburg, new york, where this photo was taken by this flikr.com person.
Interlaken, actually, every ten years they build a new house there. real small.

sunsets and sunrises are rare here, compared to florida. 200+ cloudy days a year!

Hi all...

I find these forums interesting, especially in reading of certain prophecies that fail. "down in flames", even, spectacular failures!

I learn from these failures; giving me a slight "testing sarcasms" to all prophecies that I read.
Here are some "colorings", that I often read in them.

1...The vision is only symbolic of the person's own life, the earthquakes
and fires relate only to the inner conflicts and the inner emotions. The dream looks prophetic. But it is "psychological"!

2....There is a personal "issue" with someone's, or our collective's
"sin", thus "we all are gonna PAY BIG TIME", by God's Wrath!
Something is projected to the outer life, then it is scapegoated, thusly.
like: I secretly, to myself, would rather stuff my mouth with food food food! But I am in conflict and denial, so then I see all the fat people out there eating just like I cannot deal with. So I want them Gone from the Planet NOW! I have a dream where a sickness takes out all of the people who are 200 lbs, or over, all over the planet! I then give out this prophecy to people.

3...Deceiving spirits give a prophectic dream, yes the vision was Real, but the message is a lie: some spirits have an ulterior reason for giving it! Maybe they Want the dreamer to get upset, they feed on that!

4...The guides are true and real, and the person is a high level psychic, but
the Guides, while correct, somehow obtained the wrong information! Their own sources are wrong.

4a....The guides are true and real, but they, in spiritual awareness, give
a false prophecy, so that the receiver of this vision changes her life, seemingly all other messages to this effect fell on deaf ears!

5...The guides are true and real, but the receiver somehow, upon awakening, mis-remembered the dream, like thinking that number was "103", while the Given number was "301"!!

6...The guides are true and real, but the whole psychological bent of the dreamer colored the whole thing! As in #2, above, with the food!

7...The guides are true and real, but the Content of the prophecy is "spiritual symbolic"! The vision, while real, is symbolic.
like: -------someone has a prophectic dream where they are going to soon take a great vacation journey to a wonderful foreign country soon.
When this person awakes, he shakes his head, knowing that he is poor and cannot afford a flight to a tropical island. A few months later, his undiagnosed aneurysm burst, he falls over on the floor dead before he hits the ground! Prophecy is fulfilled!!

8...The content of the vision crosses into areas of "parallel realities" or "alternate universes"! In some other reality, Japan sinks under the sea!

then there is like of my Mother!!

about 1965, she had a vision dream, being psychic to an extent, but not
really acknowledging this to herself.
She was told, or saw, that at dusk, in ten years, a red sports car would come over the hill, in her lane, the head on collision would instantly kill her, but that her husband would live until he was 72.
she only told her husband this, just once. He then told only one friend.
Thus, I never found out about her dream until about 1986!
I would often visit her, as my cottage was only a few miles away, from the
late 1960s, through half of the 70s. As we two would sit for coffee at the kitchen table, she sometimes would open the cupboard door and show me something. On the back of the door, on the inside, out of sight when this door was closed, would be a page from the "national Enquirer", or some such tabloid, and the article would always be something like..."The top 20
psychics give their predictions for 1974". The date of this article would be about January of that year. Now.....When she shows me this, the month might be August, or October. Months and months later: obvious that these predictions are utterly WRONG! My mother would take Devious GLEE and
laughing sarcasms about how all of these predictions fell utterly utterly flat on their faces! Totally wrong.

Now I see WHY she gleefully tore them apart! She was "throwing stones at the charging monster" to try to put it down!! If she could invalidate ALL prophecies, then she, of course, would then invalidate her own! Thus each and every psychic's prediction that went wrong, was yet another
"proof" that prophecies, as a "class act", are never right, and that people cannot ever have a true Seeing of the future. For my mother, her Stakes were very very high!

life or death!!

About 7:30 pm, in early October, 1975, ten years later; at latitude 42 north, at dusk, she was returning, in her car, from a far off, 80 mile away, city. Over a hill, at
120 MPH, a red sports car came, and it was in her lane.
60 + 120 = 180 mph! Dead in a moment!
[my father, her husband, when he was 72, was in Intensive care, after his 4th heart attack. When my mother died so suddenly, he went over the edge of sanity, he had to ask me to come see him, and I did. We had a wonderful reunion and Grace gave to him an extra year, he died at 73.
thus my mother was sort of Right, there, too, on my father, but he is an example of how Spirit can delay a "time driven" vision!]

"oops" indeed, sports fans, he was a person who received a prophecy and she tried very very hard to put it down, but all to no avail!
the Clock Ticked, it would be her that would have to come around and to Accept the message!

SOME prophecies are engraved in stone, so to speak: the question , then, would be.....Which ones, and then how does one tell the real prophecies from the "error" ones?!


Tuesday, July 05, 2005


bamboo, originally uploaded by freestone.

clump bamboo, maybe 20 feet tall.

all of these photos, in this "set" were taken about 100 feet apart from each other. An old plantation house in tallahassee, fla. now used as a headquarters for the parks department here.

plantation house yard

plantation house yard, originally uploaded by freestone.

behind the plantation house, in the other photo, is a back yard. here one can get a feel as to the types of plants and trees that are native to tallahassee, and north florida, in the Great Bend area.

plantation house

plantation house, originally uploaded by freestone.

old pantation house, now inside city limits. The headquarters office of the city parks, is here. many of the rooms are done up in 1880 style.


reach, originally uploaded by freestone.

reach for the sky, the motto
of all vines!
In Tallahassee, fla, with 63 inches of rain per year, and 100 days a year of 90 degrees or more, vines grow well here. I see mounds and mounds of vines
everywheres. vines on top of vines. evergreen vines. vines that have a trunk larger than the trees they climb.
vines that climb vines. four or six different species might be seen growing up one tree, all intertangled with each other!


life, originally uploaded by freestone.

life is greater than pavements, greater than asphault!

---taken at the parking lot of the georgia belle residence.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

I heard a, for me, an eye opening statement, from a senior, at my senior residence, the other day! She must be about 65 or 68, in good health and of a good mind.

she happened to tell me that "I do not ever want to learn how to use a computer or to have one in my room"!

I asked her why.

she replied, "If I were to have a computer, why all of my relatives, and they all have computers, they will send to me their mails by E-mail, instead
of hand written letters! I feel that a real letter has much MUCH more character
to it than e-mail, the heft, the feel, and the writing"!

I feel she is right.
thus, for many seniors, I would agree. Never to learn computer skills if they want a real handwritten letter mailed to them by their relatives who live far far away and cannot come in person!

there is always something to be said for the "opposition" I have learned. Nothing is ever ever "100% vs 0% in rightness or truth!
or ugliness or badness!

Saturday, July 02, 2005

blimp mooring mast

blimp mooring mast, originally uploaded by freestone.

here in tallahassee, florida, is this hotel with a rather large flagpole!
flagpole? gotta be 60 to 80 feet high, not a flagpole, it is a

blimp mooring mast!

back in the 1930s, when this hotel was built, the blimps were the Next new Oncoming Thing, every building owner wanted the blimps to land there.
After the Hindenburg fire killed the blimps, these masts live on.
the hawks love them, what a perch for them. two hawks use this one a lot.

Friday, July 01, 2005

the grand tallahassee mural

the grand tallahassee mural, originally uploaded by freestone.

Tallahassee, fla.
I took this today. the mural that is next to the main two street intersections, in the city.
is the name of it. painted in
1995, and again restored in 2004, by a mural crew, here in tallahassee. i see all sorts of hidden symbolism here!
I believe that city murals often have the secret history of that city. Most murals have Secrets, inspired maybe by spirit, or just by the bleedthrough of the uncounscious!

below this picture, are closeups of this mural, section by section. as you go down the journal, you will see the closeups, from left to right.
One is birthed at the left and then you hang up your shoes to die, at the right end, then go away into the spirit worlds!
"bean" Ideas are Inspiredly dropped, by spirits
and angels, and by Jesus himself, watered by the holy spirit, onto your life. they grow into Dreams, and then you should try to manifest them into your life. As the left hand drops the idea-beans in the shape of a christian cross into your life, to manifest in the cross on the peace symbol to the right: through the Spirit
of Jesus salvation, you will Hold Fast To Your Dreams, taking them to heaven with you when you die!

the TRUE "hold fast to your dreams",
is where all of the good things of your life go with you, after you die, to manifest in heaven around you, there.

I do not feel that *any* of the mural painters knew they placed this into this mural!! i think that this mural was "suppossed' to be about "racial integration", as the mural is next to the bus station, the exact site where
Rev. Steele had his church, in the 60s, he was a local civil rights leader.

if Art can be "Inspired" by the Spirit, then a mural too! Hidden messeges hidden within....every detail of this mural can be seen in the closeups.


left end

left end, originally uploaded by freestone.

there are 47 rays to the suns, i counted.
note that the left end of the vine is "birth", while the right end of this vine is "death"!

left hand

left hand, originally uploaded by freestone.

note that the hand has 21
beans. note too, that the beans make a christian cross, as the hand bestows this cross top down, so that it appears upsidedown! these beans are the seeds that will sprout into Dreams, on the vine of one's life.


center, originally uploaded by freestone.

the water of spirit, waters the seeds that are of the inspired seed inspirations.
then, the seeds sprout and grow into creative acts realised.

right side

right side, originally uploaded by freestone.

there are 18 beans in the hand. the number of beans, for both hands, equal 39, the number of the days that Jesus was arisen! All of the objects are a sort of "fruit" of this vine, the dreams that develop from the Inspirational seeds dropped from spirit.

right end

right end, originally uploaded by freestone.

Note the Cross, in the peace symbol, that is angled at the same angle as the cross in the right hand with bean seeds!
there are 53 dots in the moons, when the crew restored
the mural, they did not touch up these moons, too too faded. they placed 53 leaves on the ground. why 53?!
must be a reason! Note that the shoes, to me, represent "death".[hang up your dancing shoes!] then up and away into heaven! Hold fast To your dreams [with jesus] and they will go to heaven with ya!

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