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Thursday, June 30, 2005

freestone once more

freestone once more, originally uploaded by freestone.

I have lots of aunts in upstate new york, near Interlaken and ovid and Ithaca. they want more photos of ME! [they have none at all, for over 30 years!]

I like this one better than the other sets. i did not have to "over-react" so much, for the newbie camera picture taker, a georgia belle staff member, all they had ever used was a regular camera. 6' 2" none of my pants ever fit right! gotta have four sizes too too big or else pants bind when i sit down!



Now that I have an account with them *and* my weblog is much much more of a "photoblog", I want to give out the news that they exist!
Welcome to Photoblogs.org
Photoblogs.org is a resource designed to help people find all kinds of photoblogs. If you're not sure what a photoblog is, check out the FAQ. Our database currently holds listings for 11,919 photoblogs in 91 countries and 41 languages.
12,000 photoblogs! wow!

I think that i have discovered a major reason why the kids of america are so angry!
listen to the music, the rap and the new rock, both. not just "teenage glands"
or "rebeling" either!

they, being sensitive, being young, pick up the anger, in the air, from all of us ADULTS! THE ANGER OF "JUST LIVING"!

"just living", as you reach for your phone to call tech support and then spend a day dealing with the phone's call system. your anger sleets out like microwaves, through all of the kids! repeat all day long, the million little frustrations of living in the modern age: multiply your frustrations by the number of the people
in the country! Road rage. so much to DO and so little time to do it in and the frustations mount.

our kids are being "cooked" in the aura radiation of all our angers created from just living in the early 21st century!!

they are mirrors, thusly, to reflect back to us what we are doing to our souls!

On Campus

On Campus, originally uploaded by Stef Noble.

yet another winter scene, to show someone from SE asia what SNOW is!

cornell university. i walked here for years, summer and winter, in scenes like this and with sometimes even MORE snow!
40 to 100 inches a year, or MORE!



30-01-05_1306, originally uploaded by johnny panic.

to show someone, from another weblog, a winter scene that is probably only a few miles from my hometown in upstate new york, Interlaken, near ithaca.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Jesus with little one

Jesus with little one, originally uploaded by freestone.

this picture has got to be one of the best picture of Jesus that I have ever seen!

comes from
the hope community bible church

I think that the ministers, here, must have gotten these photos from their videos and films, that are used in sunday school, etc,etc.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

taughannock falls in autumn

taughannock falls in autumn, originally uploaded by tijo.

something like 212 feet high and the overlook point is about 100' higher than the falls top!
--probably 1000 waterfalls around this cayuga lake. i think that this falls is the highest sraight drop falls east of the rockies.


paris2, originally uploaded by freestone.


amazing stuff, these images

I remember, back in about 1995, i took an Amtrak train down the hudson river, into new york. I looked out of the window, as the train entered the tunnels under manhatten. there was a shaft of light from the street, and on the wall under it, was a graffiti painting of a woman. very very well done. so so of mystery. the "Anima of New York City", i nicknamed her.
there are others.....

new york

new york, originally uploaded by freestone.

snagged from www.artcrimes.com/nyc/q6b.jpg a New York graffiti.

I am beginning to collect graffiti! I had noted, several years ago, that there are Incredible mural-like images, done by people, all over the world. however the availible walls soon get painted over by other artists and often the good stuff is gone.

at my
site, at flickr.com, i hope to have two photosets, one for murals, one for graffiti. come look!

Monday, June 27, 2005

Well, last night I went to one of the Hell Worlds, in one of my out of body dreams!!

---I seemed to be a resident there, as if I were "being" one of the fairly newcomers there. I roamed about a place of rolling hills and open countryside, peppered with many large buildings of a some what "classical" 1880 vintage, mixed with newer buildings. The open air fields seemed to be often full of people milling about, and the insides of the buildings seemed to have the connotation and the feeling of a
collage fraternity about 10am on a Sunday morning after the Saturday evening party
has been going on too too long! I saw one open field, next to such a "bar" where all of the people looked coarse and rude. Ugly faces and scars bloodcovered.
I found that I had a room to myself, with a key no less. A room about eight foot long and maybe just four feet wide, just enough room to lie down on a small cot. This was next to the bar bathroom, three foot from the bathroom door. The bar, pub, itself, was full of what seemed to be partying young people, but that this party has been going on for ten years! A room full of cynical, angry, despairing people: people who would turn on ya in a moment, to make a sarcastic caustic remark, or worse, whip out a knife and cut ya!! And...A newcomer is at the very *very** bottom of the pecking order and will be abused by all. When you get to be a "seasoned resident" after months and years, you will, of course, then be a bully onto the newcomers!
Someone told me that I was "lucky", as most "rooms" had three or four people crashing together as "roomies".
Tis hard to describe in words the feeling of this place! I knew, in the dream, that tis world was vast in size and all of it had the distinct feeling of the same aura. I eventually stood in an open area with maybe 500 people milling about. The very air was filled with a kind of "introspection", done by people who never ever had given much thought about their lives before they died. They lived, on earth, in the mode of that ever popular tone of..."Slight cynicism, some despair", well covered over with "entertainments" and nice clothes and a nice house with a good paying job.
now all of the Masks were off, the real inner attitudes attracted them to a place where the outer world was a refection of their inner states.
think: Large recreation/exercise area of a large prison.
think: the party has gone on and on, and everyone is still there!
or..."Life's a bitch then you die", then during all of your life you sort of "put down" everything, as you know well enough that anything that you do with your life, OR, that whatever anyone else does with their lives, to makes things better, is just an "inchworm climbing up the wall, of a descending elevator"!
So then you "party as Philosophy"! Party to forget. Drink to forget.
["some people dance to remember, some people dance to forget"!]
Then you die.
Then you awake *here*!

here are some more scenes.
--a basketball game using a head of an animal, well blooded, as a ball.

--a table with a pile of "chits", little plastic cards. I was told that these are scattered at random all over the land, under tables, on the ground, wherever. These are redeemed at the Clinic, to heal the scratches, cuts, or worse. [used instead of money]. One gets hurt a LOT, here! Mostly from other people.

--As I stood in one field for a minute, I saw some lady hurl at me shards of broken glass! I ran away. The lady began to follow me. I ran through very complicated alleyways and then I came to a dead end, around a corner, so that I turned to face her as she came around. She did! She with glass in her hands, followed me very thoughly! NOW I confronted her!
Funny....She looked to be about three feet tall, ugly. Deformed, a "little bitch" of a woman. However, once in a while her face metamorphosed into the pretty face that she wore while living on earth. Then back to "now".
She then told me that she worked for the "corporation" [or the "association", I heard that phrase too ]. She has been here for quite a while. So she joined them.
her job was to toss this glass at anyone who stopped to think, out in the fields, "gotta keep moving" she says. She joined up with them: "gotta survive, the name of the game"!
[this place is Ruled. The "corporation" or the "association" rules. Probably Elder Demons, not human! They are not often seen, as most of the "CEOs" are powerful negative human souls who have been here for a long long time]
I take it that most of the "unredeemable" residents, the people who are there for
awhile, join up with the "management" to become Bullies of the new and of the weak!
Think: your average penitentiary prison!

[ I *hope* that people eventually leave here, but of course this merely depends upon whether they can change their inner attitudes first!]

what a sight, this open field with 500 people! They all looked as if they looked like their "sins"! Ugly. Sick.
the air itself looked a bit like of a city on a "bad air day"!
Lets not talk about the vibes and aura of this field! Your average CEO party, about 5 am in the morning. Think that.

there is that painter,
Hieronymus Bosch. Think of what he painted! Then place about 500 people in his garden of Delights.

I have a very very good analogy for summing up this place: think of the Tone and of the Aura, of all of the talk shows and comedy monologues that you have ever heard, on tv and on radio,all rolled up into one Tone. Then make a world that has this Tone run through *everything*, the buildings, the rooms, the Hosts, the dwellers, the very air and vegetation! And..Have this Tone be the only Tone there is!
then live for years and years and years in it!

yes, new agers, there are Hells. [many new ager prophets and seerers say that there are no hells]. I Know! I have been there and have experienced otherwise!
This is not, by any means, the first one I have been to! It will not be my last.
do not listen to these new agers, they do not know. They have not seen and experienced, first hand!

my advice: live today, inside of you, in any way that is NOT like the hells, then you will not live here after you die, as the people who live here now, have lived here long LONG before they died!


Friday, June 24, 2005


cloud, originally uploaded by freestone.

a tallahassee summer cloud.

hi everyone.
in my site where i have all of my writings, there is a file folder where i have kept my old writings that i had posted to old forums, about autism.


[you might have to go to the 'front page" to get to the files section]

Somone asked the list, having a boy just diagnosed, what advice could anyone give to him.
this, below, was my reply.

But i see that this 'advice" can be applied to anyone, adults, as well.
aspergers, high level functioning adult autism, aspie.

here is the article.

advice to parent with autistic boy


Someone from some newsgroup...asked me a question
about their young son who had just been diagnosed with
some type of the spectrum of Autism.
they asked....
> as we go into teen years is there any words of
> wisdom that you might have for his father or myself?
i was a bit taken aback to this...as,one...i never
married or had kids...and two...i am not a counselor
by profession. i am only a person with a bit of HLF
or aspers autism!

but i said something....
and got into it.
i might as well share what i wrote, to you all...maybe
there even might be some help given!

with that understandings...here goes!!

my....what words of wisdom can i give in one minute or

actually, i can give some general advice...

[to give to me reinforcements to write MORE than a one
minute reply...i will write this out to a larger
audience and then remove your personal references and
then post it to a few autistic groups...]

I can IMAGINE the steps of Discovery!

first, your son was seen to be "different".

then there was the taking him to see the experts and
then the diagnosis comes.

there IS Relief...the Demon IS named; there is now a
label that you have that is a kind of handle for his
Of course, your concern has been allevieated; but it
also has grown.....WHAT OF HIS FUTURE?! how can we
help him to be able to live?!

then you go through those "several steps of mourning"
--grievings...sadness...anger...then Healing!!

I sorta see this boy in front of me. he has a label
to his condition.
however...the label "house" refers to a building that
one lives in; that one word "house" covers about
ten-thousand kinds of dwellings!!
thus "aspergers" or "high level funtioning
autism"...is a label that will cover MANY kids of
brain conditions.

simply put...the "trick" of helping the child...is to
MAXIMIZE the Talant-aspect of his symptons, and to
MINIMIZE the "negative" aspects of his conditions...

as in like of this:
some A people think mostly in image pictures...like of
me. perhaps there is a career, like graphic arts,
that would be a natural for this person. if the mind
is good, a high IQ...perhaps the computer programing
field will do...look at Bill Gates!! i read that some
people think that he has HL Autism!!
yes, accentuarate his Strengths, whatever they are,
as each Autistic person will have a different symptom
spectrum. thus...go find out what his strengths are,
though offical testings or by just observing of him!

either by his changing of his envirnments...or by of
a changing of his attitudes...he can minimize the
impact of the "negitive" aspects of autistic symptoms.
if loud noise bother...he can avoid or wear earplugs!
He can put himself in social areas where only one
thing will clamor for his attention at a time.
teaching him some of the social graces and the
language of person to person non-verbal language...may
help, as he might have to LEARN counsciuosly what we
all[you all!] take for granted, and know from birth
often one can only do or think one thing at a time,
like me....and have a very short term memory.
this person should not be a waiter in a resturant!!
try to make his childhood sheltered in some ways to
keep the stress of copings down. then teach him to be
able to do that for himself: an
example......[speaking for myself]...an image-only
thinker may find that
there should be ONE physical area of his home [maybe
his room] where there should not be ANY change in the
room arrangements over time, down to the MINUTIST
small piece of paper! that outer room will be a
butterfly-wing mirror of his inner image of that
room----changing the outer room will cause a great
conflict within him as now the outer image is in
conflict with his inner image...of that room!! this
room area will be his "security blanket" whenever he
is stressed...he can go there for shelter, if he is
overcome by something in the house, for a few minutes.

yes...you son may have sensory overloads...he may hear
sounds that you may not notice...he may put those
hands over his ears, at a noise that you may think is
a soft sound!

so...above all...do not "put him down", or tell him
that "he should come around", or that "you can tough
it out, a real man should not be bothered by THAT"!!
for in the example above...if he contorts with pain,
holding his hands over his ears, at the sound of ICE
falling into a glass, as if he were being ATTACKED by
a hand grenade...why,
he *IS*!!
for HIM, as severe as that, really really!!
...that sound may be that overwhelming to him on a
real physical level!!
thus, well-meaning people who criticise him for being
so "sensitive"...that may well hurt his self esteem!
would YOU not feel good about yourself if you grew up
in a color-blind family where only you could see
orange and all the other members of the family could
not and they teased you without remorse about your
wierd talant!!

too...do not let the "doctor-speak" overwhelm you.
some of those so called experts may know next to
nothing, really!
be carefull about drugs...if they help, there is
always the side effects to consider...AND...be aware
that he WOULD be more sensitive to the effects and the
side effects of drugs!

and keep connected , above all, to these here SUPPORT
GROUPS!! get HIM to be a part of them too...if he is
computer funtional. why on onelist.com...there is a
list for autistic college students!....

my final but most important advice may be.....
the REAL experts in this...are the parents who have
been there, before you, several years ago...who now
have 15 year old...18 year old..children who have
autism. they have been there and done that...and they
may have very very good advice and counsul for you
with a younger child, as they have been though all of
what you are NOW going through!
THEY are the ones that you should get to read about
and to know and to get advice from!!

sigh...i am not a Talanted Therapist...and i think
associational only...thus my suggestions are only
hit and miss general suggesstions...i am sorry but my
own way of thinkings get in my way...but i hope that
my sugesstions may help a bit!



Holds for us adults too.

there is yet
*another* issue that we adults have to deal with, and this problem, i sense, is worse than the autism!
This second problem has ruined more aspers/HLF lives than even the Condition has!

--a low self esteem from internalizing the put-downs that have been given to him all during his lifetime!

when as a kid, he often stands in line for an ice cream cone, at the ice cream shop. that server, after serving hundreds of kids all day long, has his routine in "automatic mode".
"what do you want"?
"thank you very much, come back again...next".
-----all day long.

now this aspergers kid is next. all he does to jam thing up is to merely ask...."is that pumpkin ice cream made from real pumpkins"?
this interupts the automatic thought train of the server: he was thinking of the soccer match he is going to watch in an hour. He flashes outwards a flash of anger, non-verbally.
Naturally this kids picks up on it! naturally, too, he being only 9 years old, he feels that it was his fault that the server got mad!

repeat this often, many times per day, people's putdowns. soon this kid begins to internalize all of the judgements against him.
["the nail that sticks out, gets hit by the hammer first"--a Japanese saying]
He begins to feel that he is "no good". all of the problems are His Fault.

this has got to be Addressed, in any "helping" of a autistic person!
I sense that this self-attitude problem is worse than the autism condition!
One has "belived" the judgements Given, and made them his own self image!

Over the years, i try hard to see that much of the "judgements" that people make unto me,
are really "their problem". i am always 13% "off" in any social interaction, and i cannot help that. I sense that for many people, the social interaction-ness is ALL, 100% importance, and to be 'accepted" is also all. how many women, for instance, marry a terrible guy so to keep from being alone?!
I sometimes notice things that others do not even ponder. i *would*
ask that ice cream worker if that ice cream had real pumpkins in it, i can tell the taste difference! Sometimes i have to creatively do a slight "lie", in answerings to questions, as if i get into the "real" answer, i might have to talk non-stop for two hours, to properly answer the question!
but then again i find it difficult to lie!

Thus i feel that one has to work on "self acceptance", to have a better attitude, in whatever way that works best for that person.


Thursday, June 23, 2005

I got a surprising e-mail letter, the other day! It was from someone who was in the very same U S Air Force Squadron that I was in, in Japan, around 1967, the 67th RTS Squadron. He was looking in Google for "67th rts" to see if anyone has posted something, written something, about this squadron. He found "67th rts" in my weblog as I have used this Name sometimes, in my writings.

a Hint to you all who have old lost friends from long long ago: to right now, write a "bio" in your weblog, just to give to Google the Words! If you were in the Elks club, order 633, then if you write about it in your weblog, then someone who was in this club would find your wording and maybe he knows you!

[the following rambling is mostly for google, not for you the reader, so that people can find me, if they search!]

yes I have worn many many Hats, during my life of 64 years.
here are the hats, that, I have worn, some of them, not in order. If you, google searcher, find this post, I was in and involved with, all of these ways of life.
at the Risk of getting yet more offers for diet pills, here is my e-mail address.

freestone Wilson

born 1941. Interlaken, new York. Next towns over, Ovid, lodi, trumansburg. Seneca county. Cayuga lake. I attended the Interlaken central school, from 1947 to 1960.
the school is now called, "south Seneca". Bergen beach, my parents cottage.
mother had a cat kennel. I belonged to the Baptist and the Dutch reformed church.

off to college.
Florida state university, Tallahassee. 1960-3. I belonged to the Seminole spelunking club, the Seminole speleological society. Majored in weather, meteorology.
my sister, suanna Wilson, also came to college here a year later.

failed, then to lake city ranger school, the lake city forestry school. It burned to the ground, a month later.

air force. Computer operator. 1964 myrtle beach air force base. The ??? Combat support group, myrtle beach afb. Then to Japan, Yakota air force base. 1966 67th rts.

1969 Rochester new York. I owned the "wood runner shop", on and near east park avenue. I got to know a hippie commune of about 30 people, a year later it had over 250 people, all of the brightest and best of young Rochester who were in the Arts.
they called them selves something like...And I will try different spellings as I never ever saw the name written out.
the galuchi family. The galuuchi family. Gallucci family. The galuctchi family.

1974 Ithaca new York. Hippie. dawes hill commune. The YEA GOD family. Gill baba freedom. moosewood. cabbagetown cafe. Cornell university. Wisdom's Goldenrod Center for Philosophic Studies. American braham book store.

my sister, Ms Wilson, suanna Wilson, msw social work professional. Wrote
"confidentiality in social work. Passed away in 1986. Carbondale Illinois. She also owned a typing service, wilson's typing service.
I also lived with her when she had the house at Trust, north Carolina. Population: 2...Just us two! She taught at east Tennessee state in Johnson city, tenn. 1981.

I knew...
Robert updike. [Errol updike]
Joe myer.
Jeff Anderson.
Linda voorhees

I live now at Georgia belle apartments, Tallahassee, fla.

I think that about covers it. Even some of the forest ranger people might use the internet, but alas there are few few people, relatively speaking, who are over 50 that use the internet!

Michael shea of 1967 67th rts, where are you?

no google can do its thing!



???7, originally uploaded by aivhao.

Uploaded by aivhao on 5 May '05, 4.03am EDT.

how would you like *this* to be coming at ya?! A tornado in the making, probably. awesome.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Stencil on retaining wall.

Stencil on retaining wall., originally uploaded by readerwalker.

On a 4 to 5 foot high concrete retaining wall along a sidewalk next to steep stairs to an apartment house on an East Park Avenue hill in Tallahassee, Florida.

has for its tags search for "graffiti", about 50,000 results. "mural" brings up 6500, "murals" bring up 3500 results.
go the flikr to see much much more creative graffiti

grey mush

grey mush, originally uploaded by freestone.

the Politically Correct Donut.
If you buy only one, say the vanillia donut, you are discriminating against all of the other flavors. thus to be P. C., you should buy one of each and then put 'em all in a blender so that after ten minutes of "max power", you get the sum total of all the flavors; NOW no one donut is offended by your choice!

Democrats: No Vision Means No Majority

by Amy Ridenour

It is ironic. The Democrats lost their majority in the U.S. Senate because they haven't learned how to be a minority.

The Democrats, on the other hand, still have many of the bad habits they acquired during many years in the majority. They avoid policy debates with the Republicans, often treating their rivals not as equals but acting as if the GOP is unworthy of notice. Republican proposals often are labeled "extreme" or "right-wing," but leading Democrats rarely bother to explain to the public just what makes them so.

A minority party that doesn't present an attractive alternative to the status quo won't capture voter interest. If the Democratic Party wants to do better at the ballot box next time, it must develop a specific, appealing agenda -- and start sharing it with voters.

In other words, they'll need to show some leadership.


---After I had written that article, below this one, about Sathya sai baba and the western mindset, I can apply my idea to this article. I have now read, in a number of places, that "the Democratic Party lacks a vision. Now or for the future, leaderless and idealess.
I now see WHY!

they are not biased and bigoted!!
nor "fundamentalist"!

for when one has a vision, one must deny everything else around it, as one focuses upon that vision! Have a program for wheelchair kids? What about the blind kids? What about the kids who have allergies or have been abused?! Result: a "one size fits all" program, GREY....As in "all colors mixed together gets a grey color as a result"! There would be no focus, thusly. Be like the tourist with one day to see London, if he is no discrimination, he will end up seeing nothing! If he, say, chooses the London Tower, then he denies the Palace or the glass garden.
probably the only way that one can have 'all things" is to have a "higher unifying vision", which means "spirituality"! A mystical experience, even.
[read: charasmic or fundamentalist stance!]

as long as there are no higher ethical, moral values, then "everything has to be everything", as any one thing has to have "equal value", or "no value" or else that
monster called "bias and discrimination" rears its ugly head!

thus, the democratic party, or most of the liberal left, for that matter, CANNOT
have a leadership based upon a unifying vision, as either of these would make them have to focus upon one thing, excluding all else around it, having them to accept
a value judgment philosophy!

if I want my vanilla donut, I cannot also have to contemplate all of the rest of the 50 kinds of donuts upon the shelf, to buy!


Tuesday, June 21, 2005

This morning, on the internet, I used the technorati search, to search something about someone, a Guru in India: I had just read, the other day, some article-reminder that he is still there in Puttaparthi.

Sathya Sai baba.

There was a time that i read much about him and of his devotees stories too. Many feel that he is Shiva Incarnate, which would be the Hindu equivilant to the
Second Coming of Jesus!
Then i had also read about the sex scandals, where he does homo acts upon devotee young men, and boys too. Many many close older devotees, of many years standing,
thought that the charges were warrented, or even ended up being "sexed" by baba, some people wrote powerful books denouncing baba as worse then a fake!

Today, i had a small seeing about how this could be so!

The West, western people, I think, are not cut out for the Indian Guru way! this holds, i think, for baba, or for any Guru, living there in India.
Only if one is Called, in vision or dreams, should one even go or even to read about these gurus.


Western people are Thinkers, and thus under the rule of "duality". when one thinks something, all else must not be thought of. if i think of, say, a coffee cup, i cannot also think of a glass of water, not in the same space can I?!
Thus the western path, to me, seems that one "is" something, and all else is somewhat denied. "Thinking" is "particular" in nature, whereas the India "feeling"
is "global" in outlook"!

it is "promethesis vs Dyionesis----individual vs oceananic merging into the One!

thus when a "individualistic" person visits a Guru, this guru is then a mirror unto him and thus all of the REST of this person is mirrored back to him, the guru becomes
what the rest of the person is!
Oh....this reads so "trival" but oh is it "devastating"!
suppose a "red blooded" man, proud of his manhood, visits Sia baba. baba would then detect the 10% to 40% "womaness" in him and then become the feminene man, facing back to this devotee visitor!
read: HOMOPHOBIA"! a man who "is a man", would project any womaness in himself, a femaleness that is not of his choosing, unto the homo people, scapegoating it away in himself. baba could indeed then try to have him commit a homo act with this man, reflecting back this man's denied inner woman! that baba is then himself, reflected.
Baba would do this, as in India way, one must be "all of one being". all parts merged. "anti" the western way! So baba would become all of what this visitor hated and feared, in himself.

Even carl Jung, writing about "Individualzation", writes that MOST western people should not even BEGIN to try this Path, as it is too too dangerious, as this person on this path must internalize all of his projected self, back into himself.
...the shadow...the anima...all must be internalized.

the very nature of the western way is "against this"!
thus...if you were to go visit a living india guru, anything that you deny and repress in yourself, the guru will become and face you with it. Murder...child sex...does not matter, if it is in you, it is of you!

this, i guess, is the "cost" of developing a differentiated mind. any one thing brough to light, means any other opposite thing must not be in that "circle of focused awareness"! if you take a trip to Spain, you cannot also vist Japan, at the same moment: west is "choices", which means 80% of everything has to be denied.
this is the Cost of developing a mind.

there was one close devotee of baba, who not only was one of the first people to write about baba's homo-sex, as baba tried to sex him, this devotee fled the ashram in fear and came back to the states and then became a very very convert salvation from Jesus and then became a great spokesman for the fundamentalist path!

probably Fundamentalism and or Charsimic Christianity is the western way, as this path deals in black and white opposites with no wiggle-room between them. thus the Mind is developed through contrast and compare with direct opposites.

stay away from these gurus: join a church which is fundamentalist in nature.
---because only *after* one has a 100% mindset on black or white, of an issue, can one begin to look at the other side! how can one transcend the self until one first grows an EGO?! thus, say, in man/homo ways, a man can only deal with one's "womaness" after this man first becomes as much of a man that he possible can!

one cannot peer into the Mirror until there is a "you", there, before that mirror: thus the opposites must first be established!

maybe "old souls" can "skip that lesson-grade", but i feel that 80% of the western people are young young souls, thus for most, the Path is to develop one sided "stands" upon everything, in life. thus the fudamentalism of the christian path was developed for the west.


As I left my 8 am coffee shop, the other day, I stopped to watch a mockingbird try to catch a large bug, in the middle of the sidewalk, about 20 feet away. I stopped as if I were to walk towards it, it would be scared off, for sure. Peck...Run...Peck. Suddenly a young lady with a earbud music player walked right up to the bird, she did not even notice. Of course this bird flew away.
I was then pondering how many people do not seem to notice what to me is obvious!
Perhaps my adult high level functioning autism comes to my "rescue' here, to make my life interesting, or perhaps it is just my seemingly old soul!

[why or why is yet another thing, SO obvious to me, but zilch for others: those 70%
of cars that are the same color as the asphalt and I cannot see them! Once I saw a pickup truck zoom along a country road, a lady backed out of her driveway seemingly obliverious to his 50 mph approach! He managed to stop about 10 feet from her, as she drove off, I could hear him muttering about "women drivers"! But it was HIS FAULT, to my eyes, as the only thing that I could see was a bit of chrome, as his truck blended *perfectly* with the color of the road! Of course she could not see him: he was not visible at all!]

I must have stood there for five minutes watching that bird, as it flew off, someone called to me from the shadows of a building. I turned to look at the guy and I saw
someone that to me was a "mess"! Here would be a Counselor's Nightmare: Pain Incarnate, and probably wanting someone to Bond to, to share his pain with, someone who would have to Agree with his worldview, to make him feel part of the human community. I felt, for a moment, like that beetle that the bird tried to get, I quickly left, much like this bird!

People are Prey too, and not just from muggers or spammers! We often are prey to those who need self affirmations, and these affirmations are often of a kind of "bond", sharing a common view of the universe and of life. Much of the pain comes from that awful saying...."Life's a bitch then you die"! i try not be part of such dramas. I have often heard of people moving from a nice house because there was a neighboor from hell living next door, someone who "needs" to bother this person 18 hours a day with the Needs and pains and the only way out is to either KILL this person or to move! Otherwise no chance exists, even with "restraining orders", or counseling, to have this person leave!

Tallahassee, lookin' down the parkway.

tallahassee, Florida, from high up, looking east.
my comment.....

people talk, here, about how the development of the city is ruining the greenness of the city. but what many do not realize is that when most people drive somewheres, they only drive on the main roads, like of what you see here. thus the only tallahassee that they see is those roads lined with stores! you have to get OFF of the main roads, to see all of the beauty of a city that is under a subtropical rain forest! just like one has to get off of the interstate to see anything!

---the woods are jungles, a machete is
a Tool, not a plaything, here. the amount of species of plants and critters like frogs, are amazing. frogs in your mailbox, in your car, in your bedroom!

Saturday, June 18, 2005

mother comes from heaven

mother comes from heaven, originally uploaded by freestone.

may 1999. A dream where my 25 year deceased mother appears to me, as I, in the dream, am standing by the mailbox in front of my childhood home. She looks 100+ feet high, to the West direction, at the horizen! she tells me this message, "39, 3, 99: these numbers are in the Bible"!

I feel this is a Real Appearence!
Something SO important, to me, at least, that she came down from her higher heavens to tell me.
"39, 3" the numbers of Jesus's Mission, his days after the cross, and the "99" infers the 99 sheep with that one lamb that Jesus needs to go down to the valley to save.
Message, as of May 1999....that my life's work is not done yet! I will not die soon. [1999!]

Cayuga Lake

Cayuga Lake, originally uploaded by DJOtaku.

you can almost see my childhood home, at the top of the ridge to the west left.

Friday, June 17, 2005

hi all....

here is last night's dream, a potent one for sure! this dream may not look "potent"; it looks a bit innocent, but bear with me!

The dream begins, i am with a group of young people in their 20s...30s
in a farmhouse. I find that they all belong to some kind of cult. a "benevolent" cult, partly relgious and partly in "sales". They own this farm and all of them live there.
Today's project, as they are the new reqruits, is to learn about the
way the group operates. They go door to door selling something, and they have some kind of "motivational tapes" that they listen to, while on the road or in their spare times. there is a ritual for them all to how to learn.

the ritual begins, they all go out to the back of the farm to a shallow stream where the water is about three inches deep, in a shallow sand bottom creek. there is this sandy, muddy bottom, about 60 feet long and about 15 feet wide, where there are random rocks at the bottom of the inches deep water. they are to utterly memorize this bottom! each person stares at this creek until they can see it in their memory. then back at the farmhouse, the teacher then shows, on the wall projector, a snapshot taken of this bottom, taken as they memorized it. then each student takes his/her motivation tapes and "attributes" each tape to a section of this bottom. but each attribution is to be the same for each student, so that this photo of the bottom is a kind of MAP of all of the tapes.
i..e....tape number 10, is the section at the end. for all of the students.
by the end of the lecture, this photo of the bottom was sectioned off into about 15 sections, each section represented one of the tapes.

I then listened to some of the tapes, in the dream. one tape was "angry", that is...it had to do with how to handle anger, in oneself, in the client.
another tape was about "mind". another was plain sales motivational.

I was with them, in their cars, for a bit, they listened to each tape every chance that they had. but i noted why the stream bottom was used: as each person had the attributes of each tape linked to this image of the creek bottom, each time that they wanted to hear a tape, they "remembered" the creek bottom, then recalled what tape went with what part of the image. then they could then recall what tape to listen to.

At the end of this dream, i walked, alone, back to the creekbed to look again at this bottom.
was a long time after this ceremony, the tapes had been listened to for awhile. still only an inch or three deep. lots of animal tracks too, lots of deer and racoons hereabouts. wading birds too.
i looked at this 60 foot long bottom. it was very very apparent to me that many more animals crossed this bottom in only several places. some sections were completely free of tracks and footprints!
I looked closer, why did the animals not use *this* section, and why did all the animals walk across *that* section?!

The animal footprints corresponded EXACTLY to the layout of the tape
attributions, of the cult members!!! as if some sections were somehow CHARGED with energy, even though the cult people were only out by the creek for an hour, months ago.

oh boy!!

[let those with ears, hear!]
the Implications are emormous, here, sports fans!! i will briefly spell it out for ya!
---whatever feelings and emotions and thoughts, that you "toss" IN to an image that is a mental picture of an OUTER object or scene, some of those feelings and thoughts, not only affect the inner image, they also affect the objective, outer, object TOO!!

---in your 10 years of depression, you think a lot about your childhood rural home back in Iowa. unknown to you, while that farmhouse is still there, with new owners of course, these owners always feel a bit depressed, and they wonder why, as that house is out in the sun and nice looking!
-----the bad divorce: the "ex" has gone on, moved 500 miles away, gone for good. but you cannot forget or forgive. you hate, even. his health is not good, he does not know why! further more, he cannot seem to forget about you either, no matter how he tries. you have "forced" him to be stuck to you, thusly! and slightly "soul murder" him, as he cannot leave!
when you get to heaven after you die, you will be forced to "embrace" him, if he has already died, as you two are really veryclose in Love to each other, as "love" means "touching", here: bonded by hate!
---you dislike the color of your new car. you also begin to wonder why it does not run right!
---Susie loves to grow plants. they do well for her.

Perhaps this even extends to...."not only can you change your attitude about your past life that you have lived behind you, you might even be able to change the objective event itself!!

see why this dream is so "potent"?!!


Thursday, June 16, 2005

Mt Fuji

Mt Fuji, originally uploaded by K&S.


Mt Fuji
Fujiyama from distance. It's one very symmetric mountain. This was taken in October, hence no snow peak.
...many pictures of japan here too.

I climbed mt Fuji, once, when i was stationed in japan. awesome!
I lived in the Tokyo area for two years.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


so why am I "on' murals as a psychic prophetic source?

perhaps i should tell my Story, here!

I once lived next to my hometown, in my lakeside cottage on cayuga lake.
I often traveled to ithaca, ny, homeof Cornell university. in the early 70s there was a large hippie community there. many communes. one of the "most spiritual" of these communes owned a bakery downtown.
wonderful bread. This commune has been featured in articles: one of the
"Guru-cult" communes.
they had a mural painted on the wall of the bookstore. In three months it was painted over by them! I wondered why! This mural was, to me, such a nice painting, so well done. They never told me why they covered it up.
Several years later i met the Artist of this mural. Got to know him.
At a long coffee shop talk, in the same building as Moosewood resturant, might have been In Moosewood, he told me, lamentedly, that "all of my murals get painted over within months, WHY?!"
he then had with him a portfolio of all of his projects, photos of all of the murals that he had painted, he did this for a living. Most of these murals were now gone, painted over!
In our talk, it became obvious to us both as to why his murals did not last: he was a PSYCHIC and he painted what Was Really There!
He painted what was really in the soul[s] of his clients!

to wit; that bakery.
---a two panel mural. one panel had a saint meditating, surrounded by angels. the other panel had a demon meditating, surrounded by other demons.
six months later the commune exploded as Insanity ruled: all of the inner demons, of all of the residents, came out for review!

as much as they thought that they were "SO Spiritual", there were so much inner dirt and sin, UNRECOGNIZED, repressed! this cult commune came apart.

this mural showed this outright, plain and clear, even from the beginning of the commune's founding....no wonder that they painted over it, they could not stand to see the Truth!

I looked through his portfolio in amazement, at his currant project: a mural just completed on a wall in a resturant, next to the interstate, in conservative central Ohio. his hometown. it showed this small city downtown street, as a 1880 victorian scene. I was struck by a man and wife walking along the street in front of a bycycle shop, one of those shops that had a 1880 high-wheel cycle in the window. but the perspective of the mural had it where the handlebars of this bycycle stuck out of the forehead of his wife as if she were a deer! and the man walked behind her as if he was riding her *like* a bike!
I Saw.
I told him that in this town, TODAY, the mindset of the people were really
still back in 1880 and in this town
[as in "handlebar" of a bycycle!]

I told him..."i wonder how long *that* mural will last?!"

This is why i look carefully at murals!

I ask you too, to look, and to post what you see, and or, to post links to murals on the internet, pictures of murals, with perhaps hidden
symbols in them, that are Reveealing and Prophetic.


Tuesday, June 14, 2005


shuffleboard, originally uploaded by freestone.

shuffleboard court behind georgia belle apts, Tallahassee, fla.
I live here! You have to be 62
and I am a week away from 64. Yes there is canasta and Bingo played, there arepeople who are over 90 living here. A nice place, a good community feeling, people like each other here.
i might be the only resident, though, who plays computer games and playstation games!

hi all....
Over the years, I have noticed, in wall murals, in cities around the country, ample opportunities for Inspired "between the lines" subjects
being drawn into the painting! As if the collective Uncounsciousness
Is Speaking.

I would like to ask anyone who reads this, to note if there are any murals that you have have seen, that might have information like that I have posted, below; then post what you found, here!

maybe, maybe, a mural might give a warning, if only one could read the message btween the lines!

here is my example.

FarShores ParaDimensionNews

June 12, 2005
Posted Oct 10.01

Workers Say Kids Mural Eerily Prophetic
[Original headline: Children's mural seems to contain prophecy]
Jimmy DeVane walks right past it about a half-dozen times a day on his way in and out of the emergency management division at the Gadsden County Sheriff's Department.

He's often noticed those beautiful bold colors that tell funny stories about children's nursery rhymes in the mural on the wall at the local public library. Both the sheriff's department and the library share the same building.

DeVane said he always thought that work of art was eye-catching. But DeVane never thought it was eerie, until he took a closer look a few days ago.

"Now that's pretty darn distinctive don't you think?" DeVane asked. "I've come by here for years . . . and little did I realize what the value of this would be some day."

Scared looking at it .
Other workers in the building and folks from around the Quincy community have been strolling by to take a gander at what's being called a haunting, almost prophetic section of the children's mural. To some onlookers it appears to be a depiction of the World Trade Center towers. Look closely and you'll find a jet plane that appears to be approaching the buildings.

"It looks just like the World Trade Center used to look to me," said Rose Wilson, a county maintenance worker. "It made me scared when I looked at it a few days ago, and it makes me scared looking at it right now!"

Faces of people peer through the windows. Some appear to be leaping from the buildings. There's also what looks like a little demon with a pitchfork standing next to the first tower just below the jet.

"Look at that! It's almost the exact pictorial replica of the jet that crashed into the first tower that day," DeVane pointed out.

Expressing themselves
Some bystanders say what's really spooky about the mural is when they realize that children from the community actually painted it five years ago. County librarian Jean Mock remembers when the kids started turning the concrete canvas into their work of art in 1996.

"The children did this after reading a series of books. They were basically expressing themselves in response to what they read ," Mock recalled. "Lately, some people said they found that part of the mural unsettling, but it's not that way to me at all. To me, it looks like it could be part of a story about King Kong."

Most of the children involved in the mural project have since graduated high school; some have relocated to other cities.

What were they thinking?
DeVane still believes the vivid imaginations of children might have turned out to be a vision.

But "this" is what makes art so awesome to Mock.

"There's no way to tell what those children were thinking that day the mural was painted," she said. "That's what makes art so great. Beauty, as they say, is in the eyes of the beholder, and there are no definitive answers."

• Story originally published by:
Tallahassee Democrat FL / | Carmen Cummings - Oct 06.01


I live only 30 miles from that library, i do not have a car, that building might as well be on the moon! Here is a mural with part of it depicting the planes and the trade center, painted five years before the event.

I wonder what other murals, around the country, have Hidden information in them?! If a painting, or a writing, can be Inspired, why not a mural?! murals have become popular these days, inside and outside murals. often they portray the history of a store or of a whole community. Ripe, these murals, for Spirit to speak through!

I would like to see if anyone here has ever seen a mural that might have a Prophecy buried in it! Like: say...a mural on the side of a store in washington state, a
mural with a volcano erupting in the background!

I wonder what the REST of this Quincy, Fla, libray mural has in it?!!


Monday, June 13, 2005

Near B's home

Near B's home, originally uploaded by Wattwurm.

Wattwurm's photos

Near B's home
From a trip to the "Sudeten Mountains" - we visited a "Bears cave" because there were some skeletons of stone aged cave bears found

open air view, i like these.

This morning's newspaper article about the slaves got me to thinking!
[Washington DC was built by slaves]

I read often about the weary topic, in forums, in the paper, on sites..."Life is becoming much more NEGATIVE of late"! I think that I know one major reason why this is so!

--I have a 1895 image of my grandfather out in the back 20 acres, with his horse and plow, I often walked "his" fields, over the years that I lived in my hometown in upstate new York. I can see him now. One horse, a single plow. Silence. I only hear the click of the harness and the sounds of the plow overturning the sod.
80 years later: the same field now has the currant farmer, he has a nine
plow plow. The tractor is so big that one needs a ladder welded, on the side, to get on it. It fills a road from side to side, when going down it. Loud?!! Oh my, need earplugs, but then again the farmer is inside of a cab that is airconditioned
and sealed off from the outside dust and there is plenty of that. No doubt he is listening to his stereo! Takes him 20 minutes to plow that 20 acres!

---the 1895 farmhouse. The yard is mowed by either sheep or a pushmower. In the early summer hours, you can see his wife or kids, out along the barn looking for the berries and strawberries that are in the weeds. See, every building is surrounded by plants, there are lots of flowers, apple trees sprouted from tossed apple cores, etc, in the weeds.
1999. The teen aged kid gets on that riding mower and in less than an hour he mows EVERYTHING! Along the barn, along even the side of the road, there is nothing but grass and barns, not a weed, not a strawberry, to be found. He mows like that because he CAN! No doubt he is listening to his rock through the earbuds.

---the 1895 farmhouse. It is 80 years old, even then. Full of character. But cold and drafty. Leaks too. Outhouse in the back.
The 1999 version of this house, now it is used to store hay in, as the house trailer is next door where they live. It is warm, has a bathroom with an actual shower. Cheap to heat. Never going back to that cold monstrosity up front, to live in!

---the 1959 drive, on the 400 mile vacation, was all on "pretty back roads" as all roads were two lane and not well maintained. Took all day, of two days, to get there, but there were 50 scenes enjoyed along the way, plus a coffee break and a meal or two in a small town cafe.
2004, the interstate is taken. Takes only a few hours, and boring as all get out; thanks for the radio!

---note that the horse plowman had little choice in the manner of his actions. He had to spend all day long to plow several acres. All he could do is to slowly walk along behind his house. He had all day to be with his thoughts and the open space and of the relative silence. Thus in a way he was "forced" to attend to nature's
bounty! Once his son got the tractor, however, there was no going back! Fast. Quick. Oh the peace and quiet was gone, but look at all the land that he could plow!
note that in the mowed yard, there are no "surprises", but then again one just buys one's apples at the supermarket, shipped green from 3000 miles away and only in one flavor too. But one mows for neatness, as now one CAN, where as back in 1895, one could not satisfy the urge for control, with a pushmower!

note a common thread, here! In 1895, there were a lot of "qualities of life"
that were "automatic", they came with living, and 80 percent of all people lived on farms then and thus the pace of life forced you to take time and to appreciate what little that you had!
TODAY...One has much *much* more choices, and along with these zillion choices must also come self responsibility in how to make these choices! Most people, today, just go along with the mindset of the popular "ism" or "fad", just like they did back in 1895, but each fad is so "particular" that everything else is excluded!
of COURSE one wants to get to their destination in four hours, not in two days! But in making that choice, other realities must drop away, like "of enjoying the scenery!"

today, sports fans, I see, that one must take part in their own consciousness raising, or else they will just do what all others do, whatever that is!

and...*that* is why there is so much negativity abounding, all around us all: people not taking charge of their own choices, so that they do just what all other do, which usually is the lowest common denominator of it all!

thus, say, one has to WORK at taking a vacation, to choose to drive on back roads, to choose to dawdle in a small town, to take those two days to travel 400 miles, to have the journey be part of the vacation! Alas, most younger souls are not capable
of doing this, as this act takes more imagination and "old soul feelings" than they have! In the old days, the young souls would have to be exposed to the very same realities that the older souls were exposed to, thus the young souls could benefit from this. Not today! today one needs a college education REALLY just to go to the supermarket, If one wants to buy Intelligently! Most people cannot, or will not, make the choices to buy intelligently, as they have other adgendas, like "quickness
in cooking" or "cheapness", or "I do not want to be bothered"!

whether in politics, or in life styles, this holds! Most people would take the easy path, and just prefer neatness over apples, in their lawns. Or to drive fast to get there quick. Or tear though a 30 acre field in 20 minutes, not even experiencing or being "connected' to the environment, as this farmer might say...'gotta have 5000 acres to make a living ya know, gotta do it quick, this plowing, as I have 1200 acres to plow by next week"! [gotta have 500,000 chickens to make a living these days].


all of these actions of lower consciousness causes VIOLENCE, to nature, to self, to other people!

thus the "call" of the modern age is to have us all high a much *much*
higher awareness, an individual awareness, and most of us cannot seem to hold that focus, thus most people take the lower octaves, often by default!
"It all runs to the lower chackras" might be a good saying here, as someone wins her 3 million dollar lottery, what she will do with this windfall depends upon her soul and of her awareness! Most of us, again, will not Measure Up, 100% to the "demands" that a 3 million lottery winning would have us to also have that added
Responsibility of self focus and awarenesses, to be able to enjoy the windfall for life and soul and spirit enrichments with!

so that, sports fans, is why one major reason so much negativity are, these days.
it is that many of us 'take the lower road" in the life choices, as both the "high road" and the "lower road" are now present in nearly ALL choices, both big and small!
Back in, say, 1895, there were few real lifechoices, and the major task of one's soul
was to ACCEPT what was given you , for your life!

like: if your lifegoal is to make lots of money, why of COURSE you use one of the greatest spiritual inventions for the communications of mankind, to make lots and lots of money, you create SPAM and bomb the internet to make lots of $$$, without the slightest shed of guilt, and that you would actually be angry at all the clods out there who try to deny you the access to do this! To use the internet for anything else, is not even in your soul, you cannot even conceive of any other reason to use the internet execpt to make $$$ with real quick!
["why in the world would one want to let some tiny, hard to pick, wild strawberries grow wild behind the barn, when one can get real big ones real cheap at the market: I want my lawn to be NEAT, Durn-it"!!....That quote, alone, shows why there is so much negativity today!]

one has to be part of one's own couscious-raising team! One has to Act, to Take Charge of one's own self individual soul directions. This, I see, is the Message
of the End of the Age: so many of us are really really


in this!


Friday, June 10, 2005

[I read the forum post about "planet X and other astroid objects that might soon hit the earth, in this thread were posts speculating about how all of our HATES driving these objects even closer to striking the earth!
I posted my reply, and now i was to bring this post out into Daylight, by beginning it as a new topic:

could the C. U. affect objects in space?

well i read all three pages. impressive.

I note that the beginning of this thread goes back, especially the transcripts, a few years: nothing happened in 2004, for instance.

so ARE there astroids/comets out there?
so IS there a relation between "how much we all collectively hate" and these events?!

this reminded me of something that happened to me back in 1965, in New York City!
.....I lived for a month in a Greenwich village east student house. I got to know a man who had a friend who was writing a book about his philosophy. I was told of his friend's philosophy, and this Idea was very radical for my 24 year old ears! very VERY radical for 1965, even!

He was of the Knowing that the Collective of the human race had a kind of "self-awareness" and could, and would, alter the future so that collectively this future could be altered. [I made a personal Image of a lumbering cow, the Collective, seeing the road ahead and then assuging
what direction this cow needed to take! Then this Cow moves and Does Things, in order to get There!]

for instances...

Over population?
---a disease is created so that the numbers decrease!

Oncoming ice age?
---slowly the human race gets "signals" to move southwards, the media begins to "push" the urge to have the northern population migrate to warmer countries! no one individual person is aware of either the on-coming ice age or even the "uncounsious" urges to move southwards!
Or...maybe to increase something called "global warming"!

Thus i sometimes ponder this person's philosophy, when i read involved prophecies! like of this Time of Planet X, and other incoming rocky objects that soon could hit the earth!

could indeed these objects be INVOKED, pushed, driven?!
not be aliens...
not by even individual "demons" or "russian scientists"
But by the collective uncousnsciousness!

[perhaps humanitiy's spirit archangel Guides have to "deflect" these objects, if the human race is under "Grace" by the lord! But then again, these Guides might just stand down and watch em hit!!]

Thus indeed, our collective negativities might influence these objects!

Too...if one accepts *this* possibility, then the door then opens to an "easyer" manipulation, by the collective: tidal waves, earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes...etc...etc!!

are the hurricanes in florida, their paths, influenced by the Collective?!
how about "9-11?!
how about the Tidal wave?
or..how about just any little old weather pattern, like Boston having a colder may than fairbanks, this year?!
Iraq war?

interesting speculations this!
The collective of humanity holds the key to our immediate future, by
just our collective attitudes! As if the whole of the human race
has a self awareness of and in itself. And that this awareness can sense
probable futures of itself, and then makes changes to itself to avoid what it senses to be "negative outcomes". Individual "sufferings"
do not count, if these are results of an action chosen, as the Organism is greater than the sum of its parts, and the organism comes first!
[ultimate facism/nazism, where the individual is lesser than the State!]
Thus, if a tidal wave kills half a million people, but this wave serves the purpose of the Collective, then it is Done!

"I am the vine, ye are the branches thereof".....Jesus
[let us all Hope that Jesus is the real "head" of the Human race!
would He consider such a thing as an astroid hitting the earth, ever?!
[the book of Relelation!!]

And each person Counts!

Do Your Part, please.......!!


Thursday, June 09, 2005

I read, in several papers, that one in seven
Americans are now of the Hispanic peoples!

And that they are one of the fastest growing group.

sobering. Slowly, not only will the number of Mexican restaurants increase, the effects will show up in all walks of life.

many many of the older generation does not like the idea of immigrants, but
these people, unknowing to them, will pay the social security!! Every time that a
senior person, or a not-so-senior person sees a Mexican worker at a construction job, some money is going into HIS social security, Medicaid/Medicare pot!
if all of these immigrants were not "there", like in Japan, a country that has NO immigration at all, no one would be paying for the care of the old!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

A house hidden between the hills

from linda's flickr german village set, on flickr.com.

yet another 'set" of photos of her german village that she takes so many pictures of. There are a number of them on this blog and i intend to post yet more. My own upstate new york hometown has maybe 80 inches of snow per year, this photoset looks all too familiar, but Cold has its own beauty!

Experiences can be likened to a photo too, I could indeed create a "photoblog"
of vinettes from daily life, or even of scenes with a story behind them: treat this as a "verbal photograph"!


what I saw the other day!
I was in the Tallahassee Senior center for a few minutes. I stopped to look in the TV room, to look at the Weather Channel. There were several painted works of art on the main wall.
the senior center has a very very good art program and over the months and years, between the Shows and the many many paintings done, by people, nearly every wall has
a painting or ten.
I pondered the three or four paintings on this wall.

1...A painting of a beached ruined boat, on the beach above high tide. A *really*
ruined boat, never ever to go to sea again. The wood is so rotted that half the boat is gone.
2...A painting of "the old farmhouse from long long ago". Near in ruin, the door is open and is falling off.
3...Another old house, the roof is falling in.
4...A painting of one of those clay "poured from a mold" sculptures. These are found in "hobby shops" where people can make praying hands, animals, and the like.
The senior center has one of those "labs" where people make all kinds of these things. This painting is of a plaster clay cast kitten with a purple ribbon around its neck. Only thing is...though...Is that a real kitten is inside of this Cast of clay and it is breaking out of its imprisonment, smashing out of the clay mold, breaking out into the daylight!


a suitable subject for seniors! Many many of the paintings, by the people here, are of this subject: old ruined cars from 50 years ago, moldering away in a barnyard
bramble-patch, for instance: the painter himself/herself might be 75 years old, she is painting herself!

the Bowl is broken, the butterfly of the Soul breaks free of the dead old body and flies to heaven! This cat painting made my day, here someone sees death as just
Time for the kitten to break out of a dead cast of clay and go Live in the World
of the real Kitten Life!!

Friday, June 03, 2005


chanticleer, originally uploaded by niznoz.

I used to live in Ithaca itself, born and raised in Interlaken, 20 miles away. This corner bar used to be a bar back 'then" when the Rooster was created. It was there since at least 1948! Bar bought and restored in the ??1980s. This right downtown.


Fortune magazine

50 and Fired
Getting fired during your peak earning years has always been scary. YouÂ?d scramble for a few months, but youÂ?d find something. Today itÂ?s different. Get fired and you can scramble for yearsÂ?and still find nothing. Welcome to the cold new world of the prematurely, involuntarily retired.
By John Helyar

------this is on the cover of the soon to be off of the shelf, this month's, Fortune magazine.

I guess I am way way over the top at 64 years old! I see so many older people, here in Tallahassee, working as security guards, information givers at the mall, or even sweeping the floor!

There once was an ad, here in tallahassee, for a special service to businesses, a non-profit senior club started an advisor service where a business person would come and be advised by retired business people. their wisdom and experiences, the ad writes, would be invaluable. Years and years of business experiences might be good for a young store owner to know, for instance.
This service was started about ten to 15 years ago: I have not read anything about it, now, for years.

Oh Dear!
I see what is in the cards, sports fans! Today, any wisdom and experience that an older business person has, is utterly USELESS! Can the 3000 lb dinosaur dance?
Can he multitask? do 12 things at once? can he work 20 hours at a stretch? be SO "flexible" that one can change his or her business philosophy four times per DAY?!
can he never ever plant a tree in his yard as he knows that a bought home is just a timeblip on the Way to Elsewheres, a home is just a "motel room for a one night rest"!

I have read that the ability to multitask deminishes greatly after one is 30 years old!

I suspect now that there are "cutting edge" companies, like software and information companies, where anyone older than 30 really SHOULD be let go of! they cannot keep up! Maybe we should then have no one in these companies over 25 years old!

Thus, what i see a-coming down the pike, is that what was once regarded as the "wisdom of the retirees", is now seen as "the inability to change and to be flexible"! The older people might be better suited for jobs of "relibility, dependibility, conservatism, repitition, slowness, sameness, habitualness"

I see it now, in a few years, the young will start at the Top, earning the high paying CEO jobs income: have them begin *at* the Top, at about 18 to 20 years old. Then as they get older, have them be de-promoted DOWNWARDS until at, say, 50 to 70, they sweep the floor and make the coffee and perhaps be the clerk or janitor!
to INVERSE the age related roles so to have all of the old people support the young by doing the service work, like grilling the hamburgers and washing the dishes!
The, have the flexible young make all of the real decisions in business, as the need to be so flexible is such that only the very young can can up!

Thus any CEO, that is now 25 to 40, it might be a good idea for him/her to also learn a simple skill, like how to wash dishes or to be a janitor or to do simple
"low physical" labor work, as by the time they are 45, that might be what they will do for the rest of their lives as work skills!


Thursday, June 02, 2005

Freestone 2

Freestone 2, originally uploaded by freestone.

One more of me. I learned years and years ago, that if i were to wear a "brooks brothers" $500 suit, it would look just as frumpled and "messy" as what else that I wear!
Adult High Level Functioning Autism.
Makes for an Interesting life. One thing it does, I never ever have to deal with the Stress of management CEO jobs! I would do well in jobs that are repetitive and "doing one thing at a time"! Janitor. dishwasher. i am glad that I do not run the rat race!
63 years old. never ever married, probably because most women do not see me as "providing for her children"!
no $$$ to feather nests with!

but oh OH I have Interesting visions and dreams!

You can see the entrance to the Independant senior living apartment, behind me: georgia belle Apartments. I live there.

freestone 1

freestone 1, originally uploaded by freestone.

well well well...
this is what I look like, sports fans!
I am 63 years old and am about six foot two tall and weigh about 135 lbs!
I was so gawky and clumsy in school that i was a secret agent for the other side playing!
Comes with Autism, I guess.


magnolias, originally uploaded by freestone.

tallahasse magnolias. here in North Florida, magnolias grow wild! one can find then along the side of properties and in the woods. nearly weeds!
Imagine the smell of dozens of magnolia tree's flowers!

air plants

air plants, originally uploaded by freestone.

tallahassee air plants. spanish moss and also resurrection fern. the fern looks dead until it rains, then it turns green! 63 inches of rain per year here in tallahassee.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

new res

new res, originally uploaded by freestone.

yet another picture taken out of my 5th floor window, in "hi res", the maximum size that this canon powershot a200 takes. with color highlighting.

that glass really shows up, one might ask why i did not open the window?! it cannot be opened like that; oh I can open the window all right, but that side has a fixed windowscreen, in the land of the Nile virus mosquitoe, and that screen does not come off. now when i digest that 120 page manual, i may take more pictures!!

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