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Friday, April 29, 2005

Subject: Visionary Art of Don Antonio Barrera Banda - The Ayahuasquero Don Antonio

This are a few of the incredible paintings of Amazonian shaman, Don Antonio Barrera Banda.
Antonio's Visionary Artwork reveals the uniqueness and universality of the shamanic journey through Teacher Ayahuasca.
please contact me for any questions you might have for Don Antonio.


from the livejournal


Tuesday, April 26, 2005


a rainy day in Oregon, from a site, expresses what I wish to comment on for today!

here I was in a "all you can eat" place, in normally sunny Tallahassee, 92 days a year of 90 degrees high temp. The older couple sitting next to me were talking. I listened to a conversation, a conversation that I really have heard ten thousand times before!

what happened was this: the older man got up from his table and wandered slowly up to get seconds. I noted the "hospital blood test bandage wrap" on his arm. He
walked very very slowly up to the counter. While he needed no help, I could read his stroke damage in his walk. His wife waited patently for his return.
when he came back, a sever lady came over to talk to them, they must see her often. The sever then began to talk about her chemotherapy, and then he about his pains. Then both of them commented about all of the criminals out loose and all of the deviants that are out there.
the Summation of the talk, the "catharsis" of the "payoff", of the talk was......When both of them said, "one can never be TOO secure, we both LOCK those doors *real* tight when we go home and we do NOT go out!"

two old people, born in the days of old, 1920+, and now the Times are too too much!
they see deviants and Threats lurking all over, all of the time. I noted, though, that their worst threats were their own diseases and conditions! Their own body betrayals. The "deviant's' is on the inside!

but there is WORSE! I sensed this, at my dinner, when they got up and left!
the worst thing about their comments about the locks was the Tone of their feelings, as if their feelings really summed about 50 years of inner attitudes about life and the Greater life of their souls! *that* is the real "devianty" here! Their own worst enemy is inside not their bodies, but inside their souls!

And not even the attitude either!! Probably not only is their "negetiveness"
coming from within, but probably they project and reflect upon the outer world, the
"demons" and "deviants" that are within their own souls! The parts of themselves that are their Jungian Shadow, the parts of themselves that they do not want to recognize.

thus...They may live in a never-ending rainy day, with a very very little view onto the horizon, their soulview is very limited. And it never ends, the sun does not come out! And they Bond to others in rapport, their are many Kindred souls out there.

How could I, or anyone, get them to see the sun, the sun that is always there, rain or not? Even when in Stroke or cancer, the sun still shines. Even when Florida seems to have a child killer per month, the sun still shines. I lack the counseling skills, or even the skills to "talk them into happiness", as almost certainly they are Masters at getting people to agree with their attitudes!

There was a character in the "Dogpatch" newspaper comics of the 50s, a guy called "Splckch" [the pronunciation of the "word" of a person spitting on the ground].
He had a raincloud over his head, just for him, and it followed him everywheres he went!


Friday, April 15, 2005

---a letter written to a forum [elderscrolls.com] about a morrowind mod hosting site that is about to close due to the owner of it getting no help from fellow modders and over a dozen hate
vibe letters of criticisms!

*title*....."Why sites Go Down"!

[quote=Thexxxx,Apr 15 2005, 06:13 AM]
I'm very sad for TESmods, but not really surprised neither. It's always the same: people are always happy when new handy stuff appears, they are very grateful at start then they ask for more, but once they're asked for help, everyone flees and there's only anger back. TESmods is only the latest (and not the last) example.

hi all...
quote from tesmods.
Posted by: As..... - on Thursday, April 14, 2005 - 07:14 PM
Everyone,Based on my recent comments about having issues in both affording to run this site, and it's demand on the server causing problems with all traffic into and out of it; I have received a few positive responses here and on the forum.(total of 8) For those of you who offered to help, I thank you. For the other 99% of the people that PM-ed me with negative comments (126) and occasionally threats.(13 more) Please take a bow for changing my opinion o­n this site. For the last several months, Zero and I have been trying to keep this site running, all while trying to keep it from becoming an issue for the paying customers on the server. As ......


I have seen this with nearly every single site. ya know, I have seen the Harmonic of this in any newspost or thread post in these elder forums.

1....Someone makes a good statement, or asks a good question.

2...The first three replies give the good stuff.

3...A flamer arrives, or maybe just a critical comment.

4...Someone, or someones, make a comeback post or three, posts that sometimes are the very heart of the thread, one must get beyond that first bit of negativity to find them!

5...Then It Goes Down, the Apple begins To Rot! A flame war begins, followed by spam ads and posts that are filled with hate. Whether there are four more posts, or 400 more posts, the thread is dead.

I visited san Francisco in late 1967. The hippie area, haight ashbury, was now in its ninth month, already the teens were lying on the ground, all doped up, runaways from Iowa, who wanted to run FROM something, whereas the first hippies gathered there TO create
something. Reaching out FOR something, instead of reacting in anger AGAINST something!

thus I fear that every house is eventually for sale, we all die of
nursing home old age dependency, and the universe will die of old age, the sun burns into a clinker, and all site will soon have nothing but flamers and haters who, if they ever ever got thehome address of the Hoster, they would come visit and either burn the house down or KILL him!!

at the risk of babbling on too too much, I post my "retort"
to all of this somewhat cynical observation, that all apples will rot, that the good drives out the bad!

from my site of personal writings, please come read them!


How can I enjoy the rest of my short life after having an Earthchange Vision? What is the use of loving physical life, knowing that the endtimes/earthchanges may ruin it?!
[I once had a terrible vision that civilization would become ruined, in massive volcano/earthquakes!!]
someone asked me, yesterday, about my latest end time vision. She more or less says that " why go on living...Why enjoy life, knowing that bad times are ahead, and oblivion for us all" Spirit once gave to me an answer for that question!! I was living in upstate new York at the time. It was May, late may, and the springtime leaves were at their best...Gloriously may days, late in may, of soft blue skies and lush new leaves, everywhere. The air smelled so sweet and all the birds were chirping overtime, in song. But I had just had yet ANOTHER one of my end time visions...That very morning!! There was strong inference that very soon much of the earth's surface could become ruined for life! ----and I now, by early afternoon, had walked out into the countryside, from the 600 people town that I was living in. I wanted to get out and pray and meditate upon that dream...A dream that killed all hope, a dream that says all will die. How could I feel "good" about enjoying what could become ruined very soon? How could I even enjoy this spring loveliness that is now all about me, knowing that all of the plants could become dead from, say, volcanic ash and clouds?! So as I walked along this road, in the early springtime glory....At the warmest time of day...I asked this same question, in prayer, to Spirit, this lady asks me....."Why even go on living"?!! ---and Spirit gave me an answer! Probably a guide whispered it to me, as I heard the Inner Voice Speak! It said, more or less........ Yes, you had yet another dream of everything dying in the endtimes, Freestone. Dust and brown and dead wood and dead cities, everywhere. Oh how depressing! But look before you, Freestone! There you see spring in all its glory! And---you know that in only a very few months, winter will come and Frost everything Dead!! The winds will blow black clouds and the snow WILL fall, covering everything in still deathlike silence, at ten degrees above zero Fahrenheit. Winter WILL win, as it always does every fall, in upstate new York. But you enjoy the summer, Freestone, do you not---knowing that this winter to come, in only five month, will win out over the life of summer's warmth??!! [frost can come in September, in upstate NY!!]..... You know that all of it will die. But you also know that there will be another spring and summer, next year! There will always be a summer nine months ahead, every fall of the year. So enjoy this one...While it lasts... You are supposed to, being this earth is a classroom to use for to grow your Soul in! High school art class may only last an hour a day, five days a week: use it to learn Art in. Summer only lasts four months every year, enjoy it! And if the earth were to die? Why there will be yet another "earth" in spirit for you to enjoy, after you die...The heaven worlds of spirit! And this one will have an EVERLASTING summer.... So use the earthly "summer" to train you to see the Real Eternal Summer, in heaven, after you die! And after all, even if the earth has no endtimes that the prophets warn of...YOU will have your very own personal endtime, some day soon----!! Your death! Thus the REAL question, here, is..."How can I go on living, knowing that I will die, someday, and all of my life's work will be gone, and all my life's future hopes and dreams will then be for not?!!" we all, each of us, have our personal endtimes, our very personal rapture!! Some people will end time before the endtimes!! There. A good answer! So go out and enjoy your senior year in high school, the art classes; even knowing that very soon the Graduation will occur and you WILL move off to College, across the Great River, never never, to come back to sit in the homeroom of High school #4444!! ==========================================

I thank tesmods for being there, I enjoyed it while it lasted. Now it will be time to move on to the next apple tree. Even someday the Forums will be gone, bethsoft will be out of business, and morrowind will be a "eBay item" only, and even then you will have to slow slow your 2020 computer way WAY down, so that you can play this fossil of a game called "Morrowind"!!

Life is to enjoy on the sunny days, make hay on the sun shine days.
sites too.

Many a modder has left, the three kids and the career await. Life calls and there is not one second left for anything else.

Those people who "are part of the problem" the anger filled flamers, they will have their lives too, they might be not so nice lives, according to old soul reckonings, but lives none the less. Even jail or
never-ending family fights could be in the future, but still a life: better to to Evil, if you cannot do Good, as a "ho-hum, dull" life will
not have a sweet OR sour taste to it, get you not in hell OR heaven, only a grey void awaits!

so the Drama goes on, I thank tesmods for being there, during the sunshine of its Hours.


Thursday, April 14, 2005

tallahassee democrat newspaper

Thu, Apr. 14, 2005

Fellow boomers, the future isn't pretty

By Maureen Dowd


Baby boomers' almost comic fear of aging reminds me of that silent-movie scene in which Harold Lloyd hangs precariously from the hand of a giant clock, literally pulling time from its moorings.

Despite the boomers' zealous attempts to stop time, with fitness and anti-aging products, with cosmetic enhancements by needle, laser and knife, time has caught up.

The deaths of iconic figures and the noisy debate over assisted suicide have brought boomers face to face with their nemesis. "Suddenly," The New Republic observed, "we are all speculating about the feeding tubes in our future." Boomers want to control mortality, so they're looking at living wills and legal and medical options.

I've visited the future, and it isn't pretty.

My mom fell and fractured her neck one night a couple of winters ago. She was sent to a nursing home to recuperate. It was the third circle of gloom. Residents sat around, zombie-like, or slowly maneuvered in wheelchairs or with walkers.

I suddenly understood why all of my mom's friends who had gone into nursing homes had become listless and died soon after. The facility was depressing, with bad food and impersonal attendants who seemed inured to their surroundings.

It seemed like the sort of place people checked into but not out of. My mom's hazel eyes were filled with dread, so I bought a sleeping bag at the nearest REI and slept on the floor beside her bed for four weeks.

There were blizzards outside and lethargy inside. All through the night, Alzheimer's patients would moan: "Help me! Why doesn't anyone come to help me?" They were unable to remember the last time an attendant stopped by.

After a while, there didn't seem much point in getting dressed. I put on one of my mom's extra-large flannel robes and some slippers and started shuffling around the nursing home. I felt like one of those cursed women in Grimm's fairy tales who turns into a crone in a blink. Soon the residents began acting as if I were one of them, just one with better mobility. They would call out for me to fix them tea in the microwave - "Just Sweet 'N Low," one woman ordered briskly.

One night an elderly woman asked if I would come into her room and dial her daughter's number for her. "I haven't heard from her in so long," she fretted. I called the number and left a message on the answering machine: "Your mother misses you."

As I hung up, the old woman looked up at me with big suspicious eyes. "What are you doing in my room?" she demanded in a hostile voice. She had forgotten me already.

Most nights, I watched two sweet-looking old ladies sneak down the hall to purloin supplies at the nurses' station - cat burglars heisting Depends.

In my old life, I read glossy catalogs from Bliss Spa and Bergdorf's. Now I sat in the drab community room reading Dr. Leonard's "America's Leading Discount Healthcare Catalogue," which promotes the notion of senior superheroes with vision-enhancing Eagle Eyes sunglasses; Sonic Earz, to amplify sounds up to 60 feet away; and Frankie Avalon's Zero Pain roll-on pain reliever.

It was upsetting to see how many body parts could go wrong. For $12.99, you could get "heel wraps," little slings to keep the cream on your heel cracks; for $4.99, a straightener for overlapping toes; for $12.99, a "control panty" to banish unflattering tummy bulge.

I told my mom about the control panty. She looked intrigued. "Who does it control?" she wanted to know.

Why was I fighting aging so hard? It would be so easy to succumb. I could stock up on everything I'd eventually need: extra-long easy-grip scissors to clip toenails; the "button helper," a wire loop to help reach buttons; Toppik, the "amazing 30-second hair transplant," which sprays the scalp with color-matched hair fibers; a "Remember Me" poem and photo mat to commemorate departed relatives, friends and pets; and the best seller "Natural Cures 'They' Don't Want You to Know About."

Dr. Leonard's assumes seniors have a healthy interest in sex. It offers a device called an Eroscillator for women, with a guide from Dr. Ruth. And for men, there's an aerobics video featuring "totally nude" young women: "Because you can see the naked, well-toned bodies of the female instructors, you can follow each exercise and see exactly how to achieve the precise muscle extension and position." Right.

Once Mom was sprung, I quickly went back to fending off mortality, ordering the latest age-delaying moisture complexes from the Bliss catalog.

But I know Dr. Leonard's is out there, waiting patiently for me. Not an Appointment in Samarra, but an Appointment with the Eroscillator.


I, myself, live in a senior residence, a nice one. there are many many men, especially, who "are" their careers, they were more or less a "one trick horse"! that is....they worked all of their lives and did little else, and never developed anything else for a hobby. Nor did they excercise their imagination.
Now, they more or less sit around bored and wait to die! there is little interest in the internet, or of much of the "modern age". many look at the modern age as "sinful living
just awaiting for the new great depression to take all of it away, serves them right", as these old men grew up in the 1929 Depression and then WW II!
the ladies seem to have it better, as they have families and relatives. the men often had no feeling life, no social bonding skills.

recently, a man moved in, he stayed in his room for three days, then he died of a heart attack! probably the stress of the new envirnment did him in!
[I knew of a 40 year in the Air force sargent who was told to retire after his maximum time in the service. he was found dead a week later of a heart attack, in his tent that he pitched in the woods just across the road from the air base!
I ponder this even yet, as i was stationed on this air base, in Myrtle beach South carolina, in the 1960s, here was Mrytle beach city only a few miles away, full of apartments. he would still even have base privilages, for the bx and the medical care! and the Club to see all of his buddies. but no....
No, he did not, his life was over, even at that high retirment pay, there was nothing that interested him anymore....]

*this* is your future, baby boomers, face to face with that Tombstone, and the only *REAL* question that will remain, is....Is that tombstone a dead end or a door?!
Counts for all, this Exam Question! Counts for all, actually, for all of your life NOW, years before you die! If the Heat Death of the universe will turn every sun and planet into a clinker of a dead rock, then anything that you do, now, really is just of an inchworm that is climbing up the wall of a descending elevator, why plant
your garden tomatoes just a couple of weeks before the first frost of winter?!
[this is probably why many college intellectual professors are so so cynical!]

if the tombstone is a door, then anything that you do, think, or feel, even right up to the very end moments, will prepare you for heaven's eternal life of the soul!
As...Rudolf Steiner wrote, "for every window that you open, to life, here on earth, in your life, there is a corresponding window that opens in your heavenly mansion, onto a different vista of heaven"!


Monday, April 11, 2005

Hi all....

I cut my computer gaming teeth on the game MYST. A very impressive game for its day.

was only years later that I read where some spiritual person or in-spirit Guide wrote, "often the very first of some art-production has Embedded
collective spirit-given material in it; advice for the present or for the future"!

...And it was even later that there was something very very strange about that game!
The first thing was that in the planetarium, there are three dates, one of which is sathya sai baba's birthday!
November 23, 1926, even though the number in the game, for the year, is different.
The Core number solutions, for the game, are "59' and "724".
In one of the major "ages" there is a ruined city with only the clock tower
standing, with a clockhands frozen at 2:00, 2 o-clock.

Satya wrote or spoke...."That I have now all of me here now incarnated, now I am ready to begin my mission" [my words]
He spoke of this in 1941

simple math follows.....
59 + 1941 = 2000
74 + 1926 =2000
Amazing: those two core numbers add to the year the clock stopped, the end of an age....

there are three endings to the game.

There are actually four endings to this game. The previous section described
the successful ending, but there are three other scenarios that happen when
you fail. Each is worth seeing once you have completed the game properly.
They occur when you do one of the following:

1.) Bring the final Blue Page to Achenar
2.) Bring the final Red Page to Sirrus
3.) Return to Dunny (D'Ni) without the White Page

In both the first two scenarios, you return the page to the book, then find
yourself looking up at the library, with the brother looking back. It
doesn't take long to realize that you are now trapped in the book and they
are free. The brothers laugh in delight in either scenario. Sirrus makes
note to call you a fool, while Achenar giggles with giddiness. Both brothers
then start ripping pages from the books, and the signal grows less and less
clear. Finally, after half a dozen pages are removed, the screen fades to
black. You are now trapped inside the books forever...

The third possible ending occurs if you return to (or enter) Dunny without
the White Page. You can enter it at any point by clicking the picture, so
you must be careful when talking to Atrus. When you approach Atrus without
the page, he is shocked at first, then slams his fist down and calls you a
fool, wondering why you did not heed his warnings. He then relaxes and tells
you: "You and I will live here... forever." You can pick up and see the Myst
linking book, but it does not work. Atrus goes back to writing and will not
speak with you again. All you can now is wander about Dunny[the spirit world], passing the
remainder of eternity.

I post this ending possibilities in detail, as even as I once completed the successful ending, the Game told me to..."Now that you have completed the mast, feel free to wander about the main island, visit the library...Etc..Etc..."
I had considered that that was all.


there was yet ANOTHER ending to this game, an ending that they took out before that game was released!!

Once, in a gamestore, I was browsing the game "cheat", walkthough, gameguides, and I found one for that Myst game. As I had finished the game already, I read the end. In addition to the endings, above, the guide listed yet another ending that one could do! When one wandered about the island, after the game end, one could go to the gearbox on top of the rock and then enter a code that would cause all the volcanoes to erupt and then the world of Myst will be destroyed! I asked the counter
salesclerk about this Guide, and he told me that the game *had* that possible ending, but just before release, but after this book had gone to print, they took that ending out, then released the game!
Thus, it no longer exists in the game, no "myst endtimes"!

s-o-m-e-t-h-i-n-g tells me......

the Hidden message, encoded in the game, to me, seems to be both simple and to be Profound: that Sai baba, or others, had encoded that
the year 2000 was to be a very very important "score line", an important marker of the turn of the ages, and that at that point, the previous age
*could* be destroyed! Physically destroyed! All of the "action" of the New Age would be only in the Spirit worlds, with no earth civilization, or even many people, below on the material earth; maybe NO people left on the material earth!

Other possibilities were...

1...sai baba, the Christ, the masters, and us, fail to have this new age
Activated, so that all of the masters sit alone in the new world of spirit, still the old world of spirit, the old heavens; no changes on earth,
humanity remains the same, and the "new heavens" do not change either!
2...One, or both, of the brothers get Activated, but not Humanity: negativity WINS, maybe a terrible WW III results, as if all of the demons
rush to enter the earthsphere UNSAVED, and just as they demonicly still are, in their evils, along with all of the fallen human souls, to flood the material world with their arrival and of their 25,000 year collective hatreds and evils!
3...The new age is activated, any lost soul that enters from the hellworlds, is healed, all of us go on to the next spirit level, and the earthsphere
is not ruined, life, more or maybe a bit less, goes on, and then the next
"earthclass" of souls can have a good connection to the spirit worlds, better than of the pre-2000 year times.

But I am impressed how, using this MYST-analogy metaphor, that the utter destruction of that Myst island was programmed into the game
but was taken out. But by then, the guidebooks were already written.

get my drift, Prophecy readers?!!
Guides and walkthroughs, for the age roll-over, have already been written, long before that 2000 date-point arrives:they are called "PROPHECIES"! Then the actual "gameplan" is altered, but the manuals and guides already exist here on earth, many of which were written years and years ago.

also, if there is a "psychological" message to my Myst metaphor, I can add yet this: that in any personal changes, like of dying to go to heaven, or even to just move to another city or to another job, I could say that one
should accept the new place, without bringing over to this new place any of the old negativities from the old environments! Too, one should not have "bad feelings" directed to the old place just left, as these negative feelings will poison the new place also!

but again: I am really impressed over this "myst thing"! I wonder how many old "nostradomic" prophecies, like of the Edgar cayce earthchanges
ones, were written in spirit *as* a reality, as a real event-to-be, in at least as a possibility, but were Removed from the "game", as the "game"
began to play out, so that now these prophecies are seen by us all to be "wrong". No. Not wrong, just now a guidebook on a dusty shelf, where the "realtime" events have had a ?? "Hand" change the outcomes; but of course these older prophecies still are written, set in stone, in a "printed page" fashion, as one cannot "uncreate" a physical object, like of a book about Edgar Cayce prophecies! But the event foreseen no longer exists!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

old age.

I live in a senior residence, I am 63 years old and there are maybe 160 people in the Complex. Most are about 70 to even 90 years old.

Sometimes I find the talk with these people a bit discouraging. I have found that for many older people, "body maintenance" consumes most of their attention!
I listened to several older ladies, at supper, last night, talk about the various medical procedures of the week. It appears that for many people, they see their doctors about once every couple of days.

I know of two people, here, that take 20 pills each and every morning: that is just the morning's pills!

There is a retired railroad man who gives me a hard stare from the table next to me at supper, if I talk about anything "imaginative"! Seems that for him everything is
as "hard" as those rails he worked with, "hard" as in "facts" and "real"!
[I wonder how he approaches death and the afterlife?!]

I have seen and talked with "little old ladies [and men] on the bus too, they seem a bit "fragile". I do not mean "body-fragile", I mean a kind of fragileness in their minds! They Are Afraid. Of everything! And talk about it. And worry a lot about it.

I also note that at my Residence, there are a few "younger men" who are about my age of 62...65, who look a bit more like "modern professional" types. They do not
spend much social time at the residence, perhaps they have a rich outside life. I hardly ever see them, they do not come down for supper or other events.

Tis becoming apparent to me, that seeing these younger men gives to me a clue! These younger men, from the "post 1960 age", have more imagination and soul creativeness than of the generation that grew up, in lived, during the great depression and ww II and the Korean war times. Back before 1958, or so, "imagination and creativeness" was seen as dangerous to one's life and stability.

so in a sense, these somewhat dour and body symptom describing people, have let
all of their imagination "boil off", from non-use; now they are somewhat like a old near-dead tree with few leaves or young branches.

In a sense, too, they ALWAYS were like that, always very literal and always factual.
reminds me of another railroad engineer retiree, living in my upstate hometown, all of his life he worked in the rail yards of Rochester. Now, he lives alone in his house, and visits his ?brother? across town, so that I would often talk with him on the street. Very literal and factual. Very smart in a technical way.
He also was very depressed, he carried this aura with him everywheres. But I could
never bring this depression up for talk, as I knew that it would not do any good, as probably he did not know that he was even depressed! Nor if he did, would he even know a better state to be in, or EVEN if that "better state" would even be better: no
self examining here sports fans!
---I remember that 1955 day that my father came back from a counseling [over a poor marriage]. He told his wife about his amazing discovery that he actually had a subconscious mind!
I do not think that either of the two "railroad men", above, have any idea that
Freud has a idea called "psychology", let alone Adler, or Jung, or even Jesus for that matter!! "psychology" does not run a railroad engine, and never will!

Now, all that they see, is the dead log next to them, knowing that their own Tree is on the verge of becoming like this, as they read the obituary of someone that they knew. They have no Tools, in their engineer toolbox, to Deal with Death, let alone the afterlife, where Imagination will count for all!!

I would probably shudder to know what percentage of seniors are on anti-depression medications!

So this railroad man, at my residence, could well "rule his roost" in his clique of people, brooking no intrusions or interruptions, for sure, from someone who talks
"high-fluttin" philosophytalk....Rule till he finally meets the Man-with-the-scythe, and he may well deny *his* reality too!!
become "earthbound" after death, stay near his earthly "haunts", as that is something that he KNOWS, after all.....

Saturday, April 02, 2005

www.yahoo.com news.....

Obesity Danger May Have Been Overstated

2 minutes ago Health - AP

By CARLA K. JOHNSON, Associated Press Writer

CHICAGO - Being overweight is nowhere near as big a killer as the government thought, ranking No. 7 instead of No. 2 among the nation's leading preventable causes of death, according to a startling new calculation from the CDC.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated Tuesday that packing on too many pounds accounts for 25,814 deaths a year in the United States. As recently as January, the CDC came up with an estimate 14 times higher: 365,000 deaths.

The new analysis found that obesity being extremely overweight is indisputably lethal. But like several recent smaller studies, it found that people who are modestly overweight actually have a lower risk of death than those of normal weight.

"it found that people who are modestly overweight actually have a lower risk of death than those of normal weight."
---be sure to burn this sentence into your brain NOW!
[the diet industry does NOT want you to know this!!]

there is a man who lives in my senior residence who is 84 and weighs maybe 250 lbs
and he eats anything that he wants to, all the forbidden stuff!

I read a report, once, from Finnland, a doctor found that a retiree has to weigh 30 to 50 lbs overweight before the death rate began to climb. but if you were even a little bit underweight, your death rate goes up IMMEDIATELY!! heaven help you if you are a woman, your death rate is 30% higher if underweight!

no reserves. no body fat to fight pnumonia and other conditions!

and WORSE, if you lose and gain it back and diet again, your deaqth rate is higher yet!

my motto: weigh 250 lbs if ya want to, but try to be fat from GOOD food, real good stuff like home made deserts...no junk!

Interesting discussion at my Autism support group today!

we all talked about how "cliques" form, from any random forming of a group of people.
At first, the group is vibrant with Ideas and discourse. later, the group forms a kind of "clique" where no outsiders are really permitted to join! soon it is "us against them". no new ideas are then permitted, the group slowly dies, as nothing new is talked about, they would rather die than accept a new person or a new idea!

this seems to hold for companies, groups, countries, mailing lists, and bullitan boards!

the Autistic person, as he never learned, really, the social signals, is really
at risk here, as he will very easy offend everyone, in talk or in writings, as
he will ALWAYS say or write the "wrong thing" no matter how carefully he words his words! he will trample upon the "rights and sensibilities" of others as he really is clueless: can the color-blind person see all the colors?! NO!

I once joined a autism aspergers list and i introduced myself as..."a single 63 year old man who thinks in picture images and is right brained. no one replyed, no one welcomed me. *then* i got a private messege that says that this writer, who gives the private messege is the only picture person there on this large list! "the moderator, and most of the group utterly DISLIKES non-verbal autistic people", he wrote to me to warn me! And that this here group was supposed to promote tolerance of autistic people *as* autistic people, without them being "cured"!! I guess what they really really wanted was a castle with a no-tresspassing sign on the gate, a locked gate!

I have had a number of these "private messeges" over the months, from all my lists, warning me about "so and so...."!

then, in my own weblog[s], i often get flamed as i inadvertly tread on someone's toes. I have often been told that i am INSANE! "you need a therapist, NOW"!
"become saved in the glory of jesus christ"!

no tolerance!

I figure that i will end up stepping on many many toes, as i continue to live. in these days, on can get flamed or even killed, just by writing, saying, something that someone else does not like!

I knew someone who became a vegetarian, and her relatives gave to her a bit of static. then she chose to go back to eating meat because of her health and her expewctant baby. Boy! she got a royal shock as the vegetarian "friends" that she had made, in the meantime, were very VERY Ugly to her! I have found this too...a "revolutinary against the revolutionaries", gets hit upon the hardest!


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