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Monday, January 31, 2005

A post to a political interest yahoo listgroup!

hi all...

I usually post in the 'earthchange" section, but after yet another hearing about and yet another reading about....The liberal left
yet again bashing Bush, I got to wonder....

seems the liberal left is mostly concerned with "taking down the old
structures", I sense.

Bulldozers might be needed to remove an old building, but bulldozers make poor construction Tools for to build something new with!

I was also wandering, too, just what positive actions that the Left has for our Earth, our ecology, the resources.

in my Adult autism, I think in pictures, I cannot understand "politics" too well, but I see in my mind the "Naked Emperor", which is that I sense the collective leftist groups
do not have a positive program! Tic obvious to me that most of the
posters on the college bulletin boards, here at Florida state and Cornell university [called the Berkeley of the east, not only because of the hills!] post in thick black ink, with angry block characters; these people are aaaaa...nnnngry and want to tear down the old conservativeness Now! Angry fists raised to the sky, raised against nearly everything that is of "Commerce"...Capitalism...Imperialists....Religion...
[in a liberal Methodist church, next to SIU southern Illinois university, there was a room, a library, called by some the "RED ROOM"
["red"...As in 'communist pinko"!]. Full of socialist books. One day I was walking by it and I got to talk for a minute to someone in this room, he was SO angry about all of the capitalist system, anger more than oozing out of every word pronounced. I left quick!

ex....CUSE me, sports fans! This is not a positive Policy to live by!
you cannot grow your garden by "watering" the plants with a flamethrower!

I would like to know what positive philosophies the liberal left would have us Americans to live by, in our daily lives day by day, year by year?!

remove fascist Bush, they say...
but what should we all vote for to have in his place? I voted for Kerry, but that vote was "lukewarm" as I felt that there was no real platform there! The Democrats, in general, seem more interested in taking down the "monster", than in having a good "carrot on a stick" for us all to follow, or of a Platform to have us live by!

so what would the liberal left want us all to have as a way to live, if they got "elected"?!!
???...The way of Peter Singer perhaps?

basically I have trouble imaging, imagining, how we all would live, in America, if the liberal left were in power, let alone the Democrats!

---an example!

by Paul Levy

Psychologically speaking, Mr. George W. Bush is what is called a
?malignant narcissist.? A "
--end of example.

this might be true, but then what, if He were to be removed?!

If there are no positive platforms, by the liberal left, something that I, an Autistic, can visualize, then removing a "Bush" might be like removing Cuba's Batistia, only to have a Castro replace him!!

this Question almost might seem to be "troll bait", as I have often read vague positive actions scattered here and there, so why do I ask this?
...It is that I just want to read of some positive Left philosophy, in one place, or of a link to such a place, a place where there are NO "angry fists" about "overcoming' or 'tearing down"
ie...A faded bumper sticker, from Cornell-ic Ithaca NY, in the middle 90s, when I lived near there in my hometown, a faded sticker from some long-ago campaign.


just what, sports fans, would and could be the REPLACEMENT for these carols?!

any positive platforms, please, posters?!!


Friday, January 28, 2005

an incredibly pretty winter day, for them, maybe all of 5 degrees fareinheight in that bright sun!

well, well, well....
my dream that I had around the end of 2004, where I saw the memo dated 26th or the 27th of January, has it now where that Date has Passed!
2....The second dream I wandered through the empty halls and rooms. I eventually got to what looked to be a small "private" library of one of the Administrators there. In my "vague dream state" I could not go read the books on the shelves on the wall! But there was a round table with a book on it and that book I could look at. The title seemed to infer that it was a "calendar planning book" that executives use to plan the days ahead, for the year.
the name of the book???
"Satya Sai baba's planning book"!
[why that man was Sai baba!]
----so here was his personal memo book for the year ahead!!! I have and had no idea *where* this book was directed to! Was it for the school's astral "year"?! Was it
for the earth plane where he Needs to have a "reminder' as to what will occur there?!
probably BOTH!
I glanced through it, noting even in the dream that I have often in my life found Obscure and amazing books that were "left" on library tables by other patrons, over the years!
each page had a day, with a large blank section for "what to do". Most were blank, except for the date. When I came to about January 25th or 28th [2005], I found some writing, probably by Sai baba himself!
so what did it say, sports fans?? I probably did not write down the exact sentence, when I woke up, but here it is, the Memo!

Jan 25th [26,27,28th...Somewhere around here!]-----The day of the Great change when one Age rolls over to the next Age"!

that is all there was!! I have no idea as to if this "event" occurs only in the spirit world, or on earth on in both! Neither do I know if this is just a "silent"
event, symbolistic-only, or does it have to have "fireworks" and "volcanoes" in attendance!! Maybe no a single thing will happen on that day, as far as the earth goes, maybe this is a spirit-only event.

I am not surprised, sports fans! tis appears that this Sai baba left that memo there just for me to read it, and the date is symbolic in some way only to me, IF I can figure it out! It could indeed be my very own death oncoming, very *very*
coded in subtle symbolisms, the "age rolls over" all right, I go to heaven!
maybe there IS some message about the collective Passing of the Age, from Pisces into Aquarius. Again: very coded in symbols, clear to this baba, but not to me, yet, anyway.

Here, I note, as I read through several of the Yahoo Lists, lists that center around prophecies and earthchanges, I see a lot of visions and prophecies posted. I also suspect that many of these dreams are really psychological dreams only! Dreams of earthquakes sometimes infer some currant "quaking' change in their lives. Sometimes this event is indeed a spirit-given prophecy, but only in symbolism, where in a few years this dreamer might experience some personal event that is "earthchanging": the High Self is preparing the person for this in advance!
however, in these Times of great change and great upheavals, it is all too too easy to get a bit overwrought about people's visions that might only be personal in nature. If one, say, were to be living in Los Angeles and have a dream of a great earthquake totaling everything around the person, that person may very well wonder if the whole city will soon be devastated into a complete ruin! However, for my example, say this person takes the daily commuter train, and this train is on the line where that terrible accident occurred, 11 killed, this dream is indeed a prophecy, but for him! But it sounds SO "collective"...Wreckage everywhere, the floor beneath the feet going funny in a 9.5 Richter quake! [the train crashes].
Then...We all who read this, get all upset about LA being totaled! Then he takes that train on That Day of the wreck! Might as well have a 9.5 Richter, for HIM!

I have read dreams, on these lists, that do indeed, to me, read as if that person had a dream of inner turmoil over life-events, the inner self is dream-reflecting
that bad relationship that is currant, or whatever, in her life.

Pick up that paper and read the news. Always there are disasters. Go back 50 years in the archives, disasters too. But of course, there are disasters and then there are Disasters and then there are Critical Racial Events!! I would want the Goal, of these Lists, to be where one is aware that many dreams and visions only reflect the chaos around the dreamer and in his or her life, presently and in the FUTURE for that person. But buried in these personal-only dreams are indeed Real Visions
of Prophecy, visions of things that *might* happen!

"Might happen"....As I feel that many prophecies are given to warn people. The old testament is full of Visions given to warn the people of Israel, to have everyone make amends or to change a course of action. Thus some of the "real" prophetic
stuff dreamed, channeled, or inspired given, are to warn us so that we all can change something!

*then* there are those dreams that warn of an event that is "set in stone", the
Prophecy cannot be changed and is given, in the first place, so that we all can Accept the fate and then to adopt to it, in advance, so that the effects of the change can be better personally handled. Again, the "owner's manual", the Bible, gives examples of visions that "are from the Lord, unalterable"! Often a dream of impending death, of oneself, or of a relative, falls into this category.

in the weblogs, in the forums, in the lists, the reader must be able to somewhat discern prophecies as to how "collective" they really are, and to what extant this warning is "fated' or not!


Monday, January 24, 2005

cornell live camera

I rewrite my Vision where I was taken to see the history of the human race, and our future history too!!

about ten years ago, I had this here dream. The dream began when I "awoke" to see
that I was surrounded by several aristrocratic-looking bearded men in white robes: Guides of some sort, in the spirit worlds.
they wanted to take me to see the history of the human race!
We all then floated in the air over an ocean of water and we approached the beach.
I could see a straight line of a beach with a narrow band of sandy beach behind the wavefront shoreline, then about 50 feet back from this shoreline I could see a small
embankment about three feet high, then the land leveled off above this embankment and thus slowly climbed upwards, inland. The "standard" beachfront and land!
it was "inferred" to me, by Them, that the water represented the outer consciousness, the shoreline was the counsciuosness itself, and the flat sandy beach represented the inner accessible subconscious. The rise of the embankment represented the normally inaccessible unconsciousness. [the race memories are there]
Also, I was "inferred' that this whole scene was not for any ONE's personal memories, this whole scene was a representation of the collective important events in mankind's history.
we hovered about ten feet off of the ground looking inwards and over what would normally be a path that would have been right next to this embankment. There was no road or path. I could furthermore see that this embankment had little "embayments" in it! As if they were for "exhibits" of something, in a museum!
then one of these masters began to tell me about how we all were over the area of the deep past, thousands of years ago. He showed me, then, how to our left, down the beach, was the past, and that to our right, the sea at our backs, the inner land to our faces, that the right was the future. "future" from that vantagepoint, thousands of years ago. The whole of that beachfront was like a long long "hall" in a museum, where there would be a timeline, and the exhibits are in niches in the left wall, as we all walked along the northwards facing hall. We began long long ago. Unfortunately I cannot remember the exhibits of long ago!! Each one represented an important milestone in the development of the human race, collectively.
we came to what He says is "1 BC...30 AD" I could see on the embankment the three crosses of Christianity. The guide mentions the life of Jesus. Soon we came up to the only other remembered exhibit: an object with a Nazi swastika on it. This represented the Nazi period of the 1930s...40s. [i was born in 1941]
we all still hovered about three feet off of the ground, over what would have been the path, the "hall", next to the exhibits. I turned, then, around to look out over the sea. Then I saw a very VERY strange Object that looked to be a small tower about ten feet tall and it had "funny" looking objects on the top of it, about 12 of them. This tower was on the shoreline, half way in the water and half on the land.
they did not tell me what this object is, it took me until NOW to sense what this object is....The only such object on and in this whole scene.
the "clock hands" of course! This is "now", Jan 2005! This object is the "wavefront" of "now", and I moves along the beach, northwards, keeping Time, so that any "exhibit" to its behind is in the past.
to our North, thusly, is the FUTURE, I turned to look North, into the future.
I could, of course, see nothing out of the ordinary except a long beachfront and a long shoreline/embankment, stretching far far far off into the distance: the "exhibit
niches" were empty, as the future has not been lived yet!!

but there WAS one thing seen of note! A HUUUUUGE thing of note, sports fans!
[probably why they brought me here to see this all in the first place, as it seemed to be utterly unimportant to them that I could not remember any of the past's exhibits!]
About 20 to 50 feet futher North, further into the future, I could see a canal-like
stream coming down from the highlands and into the sea. A ten foot wide creek. There was no delta or such, just the stream making right angle corner with the sea as it entered. I could also see that this creek had small embankments along each side of it and also a small ten foot wide beach for each side too!
I suddenly KNEW that this creek is not to be Crossed! No one can cross it, wade through it: might as well have been a canyon a mile deep!
I have tried to imagine just how far this creek is, ahead of 2005! As this dream is now ten years old, the "now" in this dream must have been about 1994.
As I compare, in my memory, sitting at the computer typing this, that looking back in memory to the image of the Nazi object and then comparing that distance to the creek, where the "now clock-tower is next to me...Why this creek is about 15 to 30 years upline, north, of 1994. Five to 30 years from now, maybe less...

the dream ends; message received!!

now *this* is where many prophets err! They make an interpretation *about* their received vision and it looks like, to the reader, that this interpretation is part of the prophecy! Thus the vision is True but the outcome is mis-interpreted, thus the whole prophecy is then discarded!

thus now, from now on, in my article, I have to say out right that anything that I will write about, is only my ego interpretation!

what IS this creek?! First off, it is not for me alone. This is a collective thing, all must walk the history hall!
the creek?
this is where the whole human race turns Inwards, where all EARTH history stops! All of humanity's future lies in a spirit world level, one or more levels ABOVE the physical, in vibration! Everyone will turn left and follow that beach up the creek, up the hillside, up the mountain, until the very Spiritual SpringSource has been reached, in racial progressions, at the base of God's mountain. But there are many many "plateaus" to live on, in the ages and ages to come.
the other side of this creek?! This is for the New Race to come from, as they come "down" the mountain to incarnate, collectively, onto the earth, to collectively begin THEIR "history nich-fillings" as they all travel up north along the beach, as that clocktower moves onwards to the north.

think: the graduation of the high school class of Public School 666, all the kids assemble in the auditorium for their diplomas, soon off to College! But in another auditorium, the welcoming orientation is being given to the NEW CLASS of the next school year, which begins on the same day that the graduation class leaves!

racial graduation to the spirit world, perhaps no more Incarnations ever ever again back to earth. Collective ascending! ie..."The Rapture"....The rapture in slow motion, taking 60 years!

---there is not one single mention, by the guides, or by any inferences in the geology of this "creek", or of any "niches that infer by exhibit"....That there would be any "end time earth changes"!! I stress this, sports fans! After all,
if this Graduation takes 60 years, or so, to take place, we all will die by DEATH!
not by earthchanges! By old age, sickness, accidents...etc.
[but of course, "as above so below" might infer such "instant graduation"
as needed by earthchanges! I could not tell, from this dream!]

while this creek would be a very very good model for *A* person's personal
graduation [death], ascending to spirit, then getting a new reincarnational assignment, then coming back to earth on the other, north, side of this creek; this whole geological scene is TOLD to me to be "the history of the Race", not of just for me, or for you, or for an individual person. Thus the creek is 'collective".

again: in 5 to 30 years, we all turn left, and then enter the racial unconscious and climb upwards: the next level. We all will live in "a new heaven", and that heaven will be our "physical" world, having spiritual laws, not natural laws, as its underPinnings!

---furthermore...This is probably why we all have been "urged" to grow and to change, live ten years per one year, in our stress filled Times, as the more windows opened in this life means that more windows will be opened onto heaven possibilities from our heavenly house, upon arrival. The more Tickets of soul punched, now, means that our tickets will then admit us to a heavenly temple for each hole punched, like of the temple of Music..Poetry, mind...Etc.

"final judgment" in a better term, might be then..."pyscho-social assessments" to evaluate our talents and then what could they be then put to use for, in this new World of spirit.

there. I give permission to quote or send, any of this article...
freestone Wilson

Thursday, January 20, 2005

live camera.

the Cornell live cam shows a arctic cold scene, of snow and 20 degrees with maybe a 20 mph wind, and maybe 5 inches of snow. Might warm up to 10 degrees tomorrow, they say!

---I found a site, a forum, a Christian forum, where there are *only* people's visions and dreams and prophecies on the end times and earth changes!


My message board is to provide prophetic dreamers a place to post their dreams and for those interested in these dreams to ask questions. Please limit posts to the subject of prophetic dreams! I reserve the right to block anyone who repeatedly disregards this, uses profanity or otherwise disrupts this board.

Search Messages:
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and many many many more!

even though this forum is a "fundamentalist Christian" forum, the posters post psychic-type dreams, many of what I read come from psychic people: not just "end time bible rants" are given here!

go read About Winter, now!!


Friday, January 14, 2005

Well today I am going to dredge out of my memory a visiondream that I had tossed out of my files years ago, as I sensed that this vision was overwritten by spirit, but now I am not so sure anymore, so I will offer it here for anyone to comment upon.

Somewheres about 1996, perhaps, I had this dream.

I was aware that I was out of body, floating in a white void. Off in the distance I could see what looked to be a white robed figure, perhaps the one who brought me out of body, a "guide". He then asked me..."Do you want to see the Ruined earth"?
I must have given assent as then we both began to move somehow as then the scene became the blackness of outer space, as this is where we were. The earth was below, maybe we two were about 200 miles above the earth, anyway, the earth nearly filled my whole vision, below me. I could see other figures near me, and I could see that they all had white robes except one figure who seemed to be about to give a lecture.
Turns out he was to give a lecture to this group of souls. This oranged robed lecturer had curly black hair and he was short and a bit fat: he looked *just* like
Sathya Sai baba! He probably was! [I would give this guy being baba to be about 95%!]
I listened to him speak about the ruined earth as I looked below. All was grey. There were no clouds, no land, as if the whole earth was enveloped in a grey featureless fog! All except a HOLE! The hole was large, maybe about 200 miles across and elliptical.
I could not hear all of baba's speech, he spoke of how this hole was over Arizona, new Mexico, and part of very northern Mexico. Babe then seemed to have "slides" where pictures were projected out in front of the other people, to perhaps illustrate the lecture. I saw a picture of the land near of a city, only rubble and a corner of a foundation could I see, and there was one raggy survivor picking through the fallen bricks! I sensed that the whole of the planet was like this, at least in the West, not being able to see the rest of the planet.
Baba then said....."The lord and I are maintaining this safe zone, to protect the survivors for the new race to come."
I then saw what seemed to be a picture of underground cities, two of them, under what would be the Colorado rocky mountains [military underground bases].
I then saw something, sports fans, that scared me a bit, as I then saw babe get ANGRY! [when a Master gets angry, that is very very significant!]
I watched baba ball his fist into the palm of one of his hands, as he could barely physically contain his anger. He then pointed to the projected image and shook his fist in anger, saying DARKLY...."Those people in those two cities have *GOT* to be gotten at, as if they survive and come out of their cities, their attitudes will
POISON these safe zone survivors with the ways of the materialistic old way of life"!!
---baba then went on to say how there are "actually 6 or 7 radio stations there in the safe zone". [I am not sure about the numbers of station, I think that there is a clue here!]

end of dream!

I could write ten pages on trying to ascertain this one, sports fans!
here is a Master, at least a Master, a living master, out of his body, showing a group of probably resident Guides and other masters, something about the ruined earth. I have NO idea how the earth was ruined! Or when. Or how. Or if this vision was only of a "probability", a probability that now I *hope*
has been overwritten! "branching paths", possibilities.
But is this still in our future?
when I got out of the air force, in California, I drove across country. I drove across this area and low and behold the clouds had a bank like of a wall, to the north, at JUST the spot that the north wall of the safe zone is!
date: 1967! As in..."6 or 7 radio stations"!
was 1967 the date that this WAS supposed to have been? Nuclear war would have been the Do-er of this event, then. But what overwrote this? What Grace happened?
if Grace stopped this, then just how many OTHER FUTURE earthchanges could be also
overwritten? Or even CAUSED, by spirit, depending perhaps upon US, our collective
spiritual life, as we each live our lives.
thus a Difference could be made, by each and all of us, for our futures.

too too many unsolved mysteries, for me to really say much if this event is past or future. This little dream, to me, goes right to the very Heart of Probabilities and
possible scripted futures!
I, myself, have had at least TWO periods in my life where the dreamvisions gave to me
*very* definite indications that I would have only months to get ready to die, and then the event was overwritten! In one event, I was told this: "overwritten"!
now I do not "trust" any such visions ever again! Even if the Guides get very
"stern" about my time to die getting near, I have to deny the very Guides and go on Living my worldly life, as any message will probably be overwitten!
I mean: what do ya do when a India master tells me, in a dream, that when he was alive on earth, he would go into astral travel and look at the life records of souls...somewheres around the late 1930s. He thus had access to all these records, now, and he came to my dream because he had MINE in his list and that the Record indicated that I had one year to live! May 13th of 2002, this was given in the dream.
when a India master *and* the life records are WRONG, then all goes downhill from there, for believability!! I might live till I am 95, unless some collective earthchanges takes me out along with a zillion others!

thus, if in my life, the Probabilities change, then this could well Hold for the collective Warnings of earthchanges/end times too!!

Thursday, January 13, 2005


the last two nights have given to me two dreams of interest.
two heaven worlds!
I had gone to visit for an extended stay, two different afterlife realms, where there is a definite theme to the world.

first one.
yeas ago, my father, a year deceased, came to me in dream to tell me that he lives
in a world called "upstate new York Victorian farm world"! I also saw a scene where I could tell that my father's grandparents lived in one of the farmhouses there.
Of late, during the last few years, I often visit what I think is that world. All of the farmhouses have peeling paint, or faded white drab paint. Some of the barns look old and decrepit. I finally realized that these houses were copies of "1910 paint styles", where whitewash or even MILK was used to paint houses and barns with! All of the houses and barns looked "old" of course.
During the last year or so, I had also noted a profound difference to this Region: new houses and barns! As the population of the farmlands, in, say, 1890, even while having a higher proportion of residents compared to today, the overall population, then, was far far smaller. The influx of arriving souls, who died only a few years ago, brings new styles of buildings!
So, I my dream I must have visited, or walked by, ten to thirty houses and barns.
I noted old barns with new additions on them, or next to them where the 1890 barn had a 1980 addition to it. And many many additions to many of the houses and barns!
the air was soft and clear, the view was clear way way off to the horizon: think..."A clear day in summer in the country with cool air from the northlands"!
There were many "new age" types of houses too. Each group of buildings were like of a "compound", but with a feeling that there was no "castle mentality"; paths went from one house to another. There were no roads. No pavement. No cars. Only footpaths. Endless countryside, with trees and fields and woods.

second dream night.
the "Appalachian mountain land"! I was introduced to this Land, when my sister died and too, I lived with her a year, just near Asheville, north Carolina, in the mountains. This land too has not only mountain people cabins from the 1930s, there is an ever-increasing number of newcomers too, of the new age people, who died ten or so years ago. Here too, there are paths between the houses, but no roads.
the scenery was amazing! Forested small mountains to the horizon, with hills covered with fields and cabins, as far as I could see into the horizon!

In both realms, I visited a few houses. There were 'extended families" in all of them, that is...Several people lived together, in each house, not necessarily a family member. Something akin perhaps to the "commune" concept.

for those who read this article and can see the picture, the picture gives an idea as to how the air and countryside looks.

I suspect that when I die, there will be a farmhouse/cabin in one or both of these worlds for me to live in!

Monday, January 10, 2005

Will the world end in 2012??!

Author: Patrick Geryl
---The Orion Prophecy: Will the World Be Destroyed in 2012 by Patrick Geryl & Gino Ratinckx.

7 years, 11 months, 2 weeks and 2 days until the End of the World?

what will happen in 2012?
The Maya believed that their world would end on Dec 21, 2012. Of all the dates put forth by prophets and cultures for a doomsday, this is one with an authentic almost eerie feel to it. But what will happen? A global cataclysm is one possibility. Presented here is enough information to help you decide - be you an expert or a beginner.
Why the North Becomes South
Years ago I started my quest, intending to discover why pole shifts take place. I found answers that put my imaginative powers heavily to the test. But through my persistent search, I found evidences for it, telling of a highly advanced civilization that was exposed to three catastrophes. Each time, the movement of the earth?s axis was severely disrupted and the whole earth was subjected to a gigantic cataclysm.

From this we can state the following: The graph of human evolution does not appear as a straight line. Towards the end it draws steeply upwards, but after every disaster it slips tremendously quickly downwards. Priests and scientists knew this, and intertwined their knowledge with religion in order to make everybody fully aware of it. But with the passage of time, the knowledge was lost. Fourteen thousand years ago the priests knew how to decipher the secrets of polar reversals.

At present nothing is left of it, and there isn?t a single scientist now in possession of this knowledge; a catastrophic downfall in the pre-primeval age. Hopefully as many people as possible will hear my echo before it is too late. Or will they neglect the messages from our distant past?

Review of his book, the Orion Prophecy...By
Review by Geoff Stray 30/1/2002

Review of The Orion Prophecy

Part 1 : The upside

After months of waiting, The Orion Prophecy by Patrick Geryl and Gino Ratinckx was finally published in December 2001, by Adventures Unlimited. Patrick had kindly sent me the manuscript to read, about 3 months before publication, and we corresponded regarding certain aspects of the book. I decided to wait until the final version was published before reviewing the book, and I'm glad I did, because in the final version, the translation from Belgian to English had been tidied up. Also the inclusion of pictures made the text much easier to understand.

I had high hopes that this book might shed some new light on the 2012 Mayan end-point, but when the most fascinating part turned out to be a mistake, (the retrograde loops of Venus "code"), and the next most interesting item - the discovery (by overlaying sky maps onto a map of Egypt) that the "astronomical Labyrinth" (the Hyades) corresponds to the already known position of the Labyrinth building - also turned out to be wrong; that only left a French translation of the Egyptian Book of the Dead (or Chapter 17 of it, anyway), that has been partly translated into English (by a Belgian), and may contain codes about a catastrophe.

On the plus side, the book gives us access to part of a rare translation of Chapter 17 of the Egyptian Book of the Dead, encoding 3 catastrophes, (for which, as I said above, David Pratt has found corroboration in the Dendera zodiac). On the negative side, there is alot of misinformation in the book, but at least it does not add much to any anxiety we might have about the World ending soon.

When we're ready for another brilliant game, Geryl promises us (p.171), that when we read his "unbelievably accurate" decoding of the Dresden codex, in his next book, that we "will be almost shocked to death". I look forward to it.

I spent much of Sunday noon, at the Border's bookstore, thoughly browsing this book.
Sobering!! If he is right, 99%...PLUS of humanity will be dead, by the time that this event is over with!
*if* he, Patrick Geryl, is right!
----the Review that I also link to, go read all of it....Says he is wrong in his math.

My take on this, sports fans?!
...That there is some "event" of some sort, concerned with the Mayan/aztec/toltec 2012 date! But not necessarily with the exact 2012 date!
[I recall a very out of print book that I read around the 70s when the "carlos casstenada" books were out; I read, in this book, about how a older student, visiting Mexico, was introduced, and INITIATED into the mayan mysteries, by a
Shaman and his friends. They are the currant "keepers" of the Tradition of the Mayans/Aztec/toltecs. They too, I read, have a Time of the change and the Chief Shaman told this student that..."The records are true, but that the white man has the date to be slightly WRONG! The Change event is earlier than that 2012 date"!
I wish that I could remember what that date is, that the shaman told of!!
this date was a few years before 2011/12 and even as early as 2005!! I cannot even recall the title of this book, 30 years later!]


while I agree in a sort of "principle' with Geryl, I find fault with his math *and*
of the Tone of the book. The "Tone" that I read, is...."The righteous Payback for all of the western man's mis-use of the land, the ecology, the world"!
in a word..."puritanism"! "ye have Sinned and now it is time to pay the piper"!

I do not believe that. I do not feel that we all are to be "punished", if such a earth change is to take place!

there is yet another critique that I can add, to most of these books that study ancient civilizations, finding patterns that infer the end times are coming:
They study the ancient ways in a MATERIALIST approach! They do not sense that there is a Spirit reality, in addition to the physical reality! Even if they do think that the spirit world exists, they may think that the spirit planes have nothing to do with the physical plane, that is...That the spirit plane cannot "interact" with the physical earth, and change, affect, and alter it!
Anyone who studies the native American traditions of the "gods not being pleased with the ways of the villagers not keeping the Ancient ways, thus bringing a sickness, or Tidal wave [tsunami], will sense how the Gods interact with the earth and mankind! One can only go back to Greece and "Mt Olympus" to sense this Gods/man interaction! All old cultures Know this: that the Spirits [gods] and man are interrelating, and that the Spirits can affect the outcome of a "earthchange"!
*most* of these researchers seem to ignore this Tradition! Be like of a
material engineer studying magnets, as a "physical object only"; but not magnetism!
our "superstitions" about how our Lord and Jesus could be displeased with our sins, ala "sodom and Gomorra", and Do Something Terrible to us, in Karmic retribution, come from this tradition!
thus *if* this tradition has any validity, for anyone who believes this "interaction of the spirits[gods], and mankind", they should begin to look at the Recent tsunami in SE Asia, in this light": *could* there be a Spirit counterpart at work, in the Causes of this catastrophe?!

But I feel that any "earth changes", in "2012", or whenever, have more to do with the
"end of the School Year" for mankind: GRADUATION....Then of any "judgment" for sins committed! Our "mis-used" earth, is just a tired classroom, near the end of the School Year, when all of the supplies are nearly used up, and the floor is dirty and the paint is flaking on the walls. While a "reconstruction" may be needed between one school year and another [the new race to come, the next Cycle of the 25,000 Zodiac], this is NOT "punishment", it is merely a Rest for the planet earth!
we all will have then "Ascended" into the next level of Racial school: on to Collage in the Spirit worlds!

Thursday, January 06, 2005

---in response to a mailing list that infers that the tidal wave was done by the Lord as a punishment for our collective Sins!

I have often read articles that say...."oh you overeat and are FAT, you deserve to die young of suffering, as you have sinned!"
"God punishes the wicked".
"rightious revenge sayeth the Lord"!
"cleansing must be done"
"we are having fun, the weather is warm and sunny. the Payment is Due, one cannot have fun without paying the price, a record breaking cold wave will freeze everything dead soon"!
I see life as in my article from my yahoo site, below. we all are learning how to draw and thus we have to make mistakes, *must* make mistakes...[read:SIN!]. the only way to learn how to live or to paint is to have it open to make mistakes at any moment! the "judgement" is only in the corrective learning action, that has us to know that "such a line in that drawing is not so good, and maybe the next time i will do it better"!
life SHOULD be rich and full as that is the vibrations of heaven, the higher the heaven the better the vibes and the richer the Life-in-spirit! thus it should be a "no-brainer" that the better I incalcate, internalize, this high vibrational reality into my daily life of what i feel, think, do, the better my life will become, in my future, and in my heaven-future! thus the more "art poetry, music, beauty, understanding, goodness, love" that i have in my soul, when i die, the better will be my afterlife!
"judgement" to me really means..."evaluation"! thus a kind of social-work jargon for this would be "psycho-social evaluation"!
a POSITIVE judement is then posible, where that terrible sounding
word "judgement" loses that awful coloration that seems to be a halmark of Dogmatic religions! thus one can be judged, at the afterlife judgement seat, to be found to be "successful in the life earth missions, growth of soul...etc, and then have a judgement of having a rich variety of heavenly opportunities then
become open for you, after death.
as the Geia people might infer that the earth is a living Being, if this is so, then the earth itself is under this karmic law, of growth! the counsciouness of the earth is growing and needs to make mistakes and to learn from them too!
sometimes, i think, people who judge in the "old way", by saying...
"you did so-and-so, you DESERVE to have a hurricane wipe out your house", what they sometimes really mean, i think, is this:..."you
have a better house than i have and you got it through one half the work that i did to get mine [you did not SUFFER like i did!], thus I envey your "ill-gotten" house, so you deserve to have it ruined as you do not deserve it as you did not suffer like i did to get mine"!
anyway...here is a copy of some of my article...

kids draw

I live in a very small Upstate New York town. Very
The Grade school playground looks out onto the corn
fields...pine trees
flank one side of it.
I often walk out to this playground, after supper;
there, i can see the
open sky and smell
the fresh air.
Here it was September...school had been in session
only a week or so.
The tennis court had just been paved with nice fresh
tar only a week ago,
and none of the lines or
netting had been replaced yet. I walked over to
it...i could see how nice
and pure black it was.
But on this evening's walk, i could see some markings
upon the tar.
I could see, as i came near ...chaulk drawings on it.
I took a closer look..
Yes------some very creative second grade teacher had
just that afternoon,
taken her class
outdoors, on this nice day----and she marked off
six-foot squares, in
chaulk. Then she gave
each kid a handfull of colored chaulk....and then
assigned them all to the
fresh black pavement.
One square per kid; to draw a drawing and sign their
Now, here, i came across the 7 pm result, of this
Drawings.i could see---- maybe thirty colored
drawings. One per student.
MY!...what a difference between them! Some were drawn
with great care
and of great talent...some were done in haste...and
some drawings were only
of a cuss-word or two, and maybe some sharp angry
jagged lines. A social
might call these angry kids "dysfunctional"!
And----i recognized most of the last names. These
were the Children of
all the
townspeople...people that i grew up with.
As i stood admiring a couple of Very talented
drawings...done by some
of my relative's children....
---A Spiritual inspiration came to me!!
---As if these children were the SOULS of the
townspeople, and what was
drawn out, was an
_expression of the Quality of these Souls! ---as if
the whole of their years
of living their lives,
were summerized, somehow, in these drawings!
I took this analogy further....
In second grade, one is learning how to draw...after
all, kids are
kids!----half-ripe fruit can only
HINT at the fullness of the taste, of its
ripeness-to-come, in time.
They WILL make mistakes!
Ya learn art..or life....by doing.
One earns how to Draw..by the very act of drawing.
Same as with life!
No one will "go to Hell'..for their sins or mistakes.
We are Artists....on
the lower levels of
spirit..Learning How To Draw. Someday..we all will
to becoming , I guess..what the Bible says..."to
become Co-creators, with
God...in his
heaven celestial, with Him"!!
But right now....we are just beginning.
We must be free to try anything!
Do anything!
It is "OK"!! It is ok to make mistakes and to "mess
up" the drawings! If
feedback-from-life, is
needed---life will, in due time, supply this------as
Soul reality
follows laws and rules--Spiritual laws and rules.
Many call these rules..."KARMA"!....or, "dharma.
Thus, if mistakes are made..life, itself, will give
to us some feedback.
So---we all ought to become as creative as
must be the very at the very heart of what constitutes
"one's Soul"!
So i salute all you Creative people out there..trying
New..Something Different---not
afraid of Censure by others or of failure. This
time...in the late
must be of a "Golden Age"...of Trying Something New"!
..to Enrich the collective Oversoul of Mankind,
through all this diversity
of Creations.
As i surf the net...i see many very creative posts
and sites...I am
utterly amazed!.
In my little room, on Main Street.....Interlaken..pop
---I have a window upon things that were not even
DARED to be thought
alone tried...in the 1950s!!!
the highest highs..the lowest lows...are of a mouse
click away!
But who but Spirit can say what is "good" art...or of
"bad" art!
"White and Black needs to be next to each
other"---even just to show these
sentences of PRINT!!
"We all need a Pole Star, to align our Compasses by:
if the compass is held
closely to our
Iron belt-buckle,......this compass will only point to
I do not sense a "earth judgement" there!!
why even if the age rolls over, our collective death is NOT required to happen all at once!!
"rapture in slow motion" is what i call this, sports fans!!
if we all have been living in the times of the Change, 1960...2004, like that window program that says..."change will not take effect until you re-boot, do you wish to reboot now: yes? no?"
...then each of us can go on living, til 70 or 90 years old, even, then when death takes us to the new heaven, the Changes will take effect!
thus a "collective ascention" , at one time, is not needed!
each of us could then arrive by death, not by "earthchanges"!
this is why i do not hold to the "rightious judgement" idea!
have a good day....

Monday, January 03, 2005

Well hello everyone. It is now the 3rd of January, and on my walk to this library from the 7 am coffee shop the newspaper boxes on the corner still gave the news-aftershocks, of the Quake.
"140,000 dead"
"it will takes years and years, if EVER, for the people to heal"!


well last night I went and got my dream journal out and I found some *REAL* unsettling news, sports fans!
for one, I mis-read the entries and then posted dream writings *on* what I thought was the real entries and thus got it all wrong: now I have to repost, rewrite everything that I said before, reposing in all the email lists, all over again!
I really want to set the record straight, on this.
plus...I found even MORE interesting stuff, stuff that I cannot validate, but it is surely very *very* interesting.

the MAY 9TH 2004 dream!!
---in my dream I sat with a psychic! Yes once in awhile I do this, in my dreams, once I had my tarot cards read in my dreams where I sat with a lady. In all of these dreams, all five or so of them, over the years, anything that is "revealed" in them, to me, I had BETTER pay attention and to accept the "reading" as it is very very "true" for me, either in prediction for me, or of some advice that I *must* follow for my future!
I sat down in a room and she told that that I will have this reading. She gave it then, by sort of going into a "channeling trance' and then she spoke.
1...She told me what I looked like, as I would visit the astral, spirit, worlds! She showed to me a picture of my self as I looked to the 'residents" there.
[frazzy white hair, short...Not like "me" at all, the earth me]
2...She said..."By this time [may 9th] next year you will be living in a place that is now way way beyond anything that you can now possibly imagine"
3...In the year to come, there will be a MAJOR earth ecological disaster, a huge one.

SECOND: the dream of going to the school.
---this dream was a week later, around the middle of may of 2004. This is that dream where I went to a astral school of some sort. It looked SO much like of my high school that at first I thought that it was my high school, a "psychological' dream! During that month of may, I seemed to be going to this school several times a week, thus there were several entries in my journal over this school. I eventually noted, in these dreams, that the school had huge windows out onto a Land of beauty and clear skies and then the walls and rooms looked a bit "new age" in looks: I realized that this school was/is a school for Souls, in the spirit lands.
I never saw a classroom of students though! The halls and rooms were all empty, as if this school really is set up for the future incoming souls!
I recall only two dreams, that I wrote up.
1.....I wandered the halls until I came to a corner where a man came up to me to tell me something, the first person that I have seen here. A short man in a orange robe. One might think "he" was a woman, or of the Afro race!
he says....Any anger that you have over politics and worldly things
[as you walk about the streets] means nothing, do not indulge.....Words to that effect! ?????-who is he??
probably a man called Sathya Sai Baba!!
2....The second dream I wandered through the empty halls and rooms. I eventually got to what looked to be a small "private" library of one of the Administrators there. In my "vague dream state" I could not go read the books on the shelves on the wall! But there was a round table with a book on it and that book I could look at. The title seemed to infer that it was a "calendar planning book" that executives use to plan the days ahead, for the year.
the name of the book???
"Satya Sai baba's planning book"!
[why that man was Sai baba!]
----so here was his personal memo book for the year ahead!!! I have and had no idea *where* this book was directed to! Was it for the school's astral "year"?! Was it
for the earth plane where he Needs to have a "reminder' as to what will occur there?!
probably BOTH!
I glanced through it, noting even in the dream that I have often in my life found Obscure and amazing books that were "left" on library tables by other patrons, over the years!
each page had a day, with a large blank section for "what to do". Most were blank, except for the date. When I came to about January 25th or 28th [2005], I found some writing, probably by Sai baba himself!
so what did it say, sports fans?? I probably did not write down the exact sentence, when I woke up, but here it is, the Memo!

Jan 25th [26,27,28th...Somewhere around here!]-----The [day of] day of the Great change when one Age rolls over to the next Age"!

that is all there was!! I have no idea as to if this "event" occurs only in the spirit world, or on earth on in both! Neither do I know if this is just a "silent"
event, symbolistic-only, or does it have to have "fireworks" and "volcanoes" in attendance!! Maybe no a single thing will happen on that day, as far as the earth goes, maybe this is a spirit-only event.
But, sports fans...This one sentence is worth about a million tons of dynamite, let alone a A-bomb, worth of "News", to those who follow the "rollover of the ages"
this low key thing *would* be how a Master might state it! For him, deaths of 40 billion people might be of an "slight inconvenience" as there is no death!! Thus no
"six inch headlines"! But again, maybe not even one bird will even trill a song, on that moment, on the earthplane, a quiet changing of the guard of Time.

maybe this is what this school is for!! The "after" souls. After the Change.
but the earthly concern, by you the reader of this, sports fans, is that
a...Is Sai baba "real", and is he who he says/they say he is??
b...Will their be "reflections" on the earth, on that date[s]?

so this Memo "stands"....Maybe someone here who reads this article could post or comment or reply or mail me, about this, if he/she has anything to add or to comment!

jan 3 2005

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