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Tuesday, November 30, 2004



BLOOZ world wide blog

my goodness a search engine that works for blogs!!
here is a search for "occult", in english, and one can search in other and all languages too!!

Bloogz has searched " occult " in english order by relevance. Found 85 results.

1. Autor adrian warnock -- haloween
At halloween i can sometimes feel my meanest "halloween is a celebration of evil, and evil really exists. halloween has become a celebration for impressionable kids " and because of views like that, i tend to either ignore the door or open it and say something weak like 'sorry i don't do haloween'. is it mean to impressionable kids who don't know what they are doing? or is it an attempt to ensure that at least at my door they won't associate that which i see as evil with a sweet? i know some p...

Date of post 2003-11-01 00:03:05 - Post

2. Autor carling (majickal_mu -- majickal_muse: there's gotta be more to life...
Than writing endlessly and aimlessly on livejournal. but i've yet to find it. i just wrote about 10 minutes ago and here i am again! hello. so...here's a survey type thing: . the . boring . stuff . [ . 1 . ] name: carling [ . 2 . ] age... earth years only please: 16...and yesterday was my half brithday. oh the thrills [ . 3 . ] hometown: thunder bay [ . 4 . ] nickname(s): car, car car, car to the ling and...that's pretty much it [ . 5 . ] gimme three random facts about you...

Date of post 2003-11-02 05:16:57 - Post

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then add *your* weblog to their list of urls!!



Monday, November 29, 2004

I had my thanksgiving dinner at the Georgia belle apts. There were about 40
seniors, those who did not go out to family. A dish to pass, the table was 20 feet long, with all kinds of good stuff, all homemade!

there was a bit of a "dark' side to that day! A friend called me to invite me out to eat with him and his family *just* before I sat down to eat, which led to
[rambling thought about another friend up north, not important to write 400 words about]

a dark side about those people who live alone on 'retirement' and are "free" of the "obligations" of family and kids and jobs.
these "free" people are often envied and disliked by those who "have to pay the price" for their 6 kids, inlaws, and the job that is of 90 hours a week!

stabbed in the back *and* in the chest even!!

I am often actually disliked by those who see me as Not having To Pay My Dues!
I never ever married, no kids at all. That alone gets me in real trouble sometimes as there are several of my friends who have 3 or 5 kids with even a older relative
living with them: they are consumed all of the time by the busyness of it all, and they see me as being "free".

I knew a friend from high school who was CONSUMED by his farm! Eaten alive. He began it with 200 acres, then it slowly grew to be more like 1500 acres!
it took every single second of every single day just to keep up. As I walked around the Mile and walked by his farm, seeing him out in the fields with his tractor, I got Bad Feelings! Feelings that I was NOT liked! Eventually he shook his fist at me...
my other Sin was being on welfare. He was "radical right" and this is a no-no!
I was no paying my dues.

another friend infers that "one cannot really being the spiritual path unless one first marries and has a family."
guess I either go to Hell, or cease to exist when I die, according to his Path that he is on.

oh I must wear that Teflon back armor, I guess....

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

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----looks interesting, i think that i will sign up.

I just signed up and got my three weblogs listed. I am Impressed!!
This is a relatively new site and seems to be growing fast. i like the idea that there is a real search engine here, for their weblogs in their directory. Thumbnail photos of each weblog too!
the directory....."Welcome to the Blog Explosion Member Directory. All members of Blog Explosion automatically have their blogs listed here. Click on any of the categories below to check out all the neat blogs out there. "
....seems to have about 4700 weblogs in it, each one is findible in that search engine.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Yes I like living here in Tallahassee, the photo above is from McClay gardens, a
park that was once a plantation garden. Looks subtropical all right; airplants on top of airplants and 63 inches of rain a year, and sometimes 80 degrees in November!

My dream life seems to be even more stranger then this garden!
Most of my dreams, of late, seems to have an Astral locale, but no one dream seems to stand tall to be described

---what about the dream that I had a couple of nights ago?!
I seemed to be with a family in a city, the husband seemed to infer, as I followed him about the city, that he was a "clerk" of high standing in the "state"!
I followed him about the city, a dark sky city with snow on the ground. Many of the buildings looked old and drab, and there were some buildings that had
construction that looked "other than American"! A onion skin dome, on top of some buildings.
everyone wore heavy clothes and huge hats, very cold here.
"here"??? I heard the word "Moskva" spoken.
---but who? What? And for what purpose??
no clue.

but these types of dreams intrigue me greatly as all of them where I "follow" someone, it is as if I am using another person's memories to create a dream with!
I can well enough accept the "standard" interpretation of dreams: that one creates a dream from the "brain processing" of one's days before the sleep, but what about using other people's memories?! People from all over the earth, no less, not just someone I meet with once a week in Starbucks!
is this a "OBE/astral travel"? Not in the standard sense, I feel, as all is required for these dreams is for me to just use another person's memory images
as material for my dream, thus I would "first person" these experiences, of course, a bit as if I were that person.

there have been a number of these where that person
but that the dream continued onwards as I now dreamed some of his afterlife experiences!!

just like that photo of the garden at the top of the post; I got it from the web and then I made a reference link to the URL where it came from and then I uploaded the image to the blogger ftp site and then re-downloaded it to this posting page on my blog. Using another person's image.
They could be using mine, anyone else.
[momentary "shudder": just how many of my own life experiences have it where one to three hundred other people use my experiences as their own, in their dreams??!!]
"private" is a word that I cannot ever ever use anymore!
nor can I ever say..."I would never ever do that, and anyone who does is sinful", as I often have done *just* that in my dreams, as another person, using his images and life experiences. From gay orgies to murder, from China to Japan and then Iraq, no place is not accessible.

I have Interesting dreams. Maybe most other people do too, if they would pay more attention to them, and to *NOT* just assume that their dreams are only "psychological" in origin!

Friday, November 19, 2004

I got to thinking today, after signing up with some site that has near death experiences on it, that my experiences are Unique in that they are "dreams" rather than actual "ndes". in fact most nde sites will not allow mine to be used in the "case histories" as my experiences are "only" dreams!

only dreams. ah what little people know about their dreams. betcha many many people go to heaven all the time and they think that it is a dream, and a dream, as everyone knows, from "psychology 101" is only that; a dream.


the biggest "rednecks" in this country are the Intellectual academics of the liberal left: wanna find out just how "touchy" they are, just whisper in the break room, the faculty lounge, the words..."psychic"..."esp"..."the afterlife": better duck for cover or wear Ebony armor plate "A D and D "heavy" "ac +9", on your back as when you turn around.......

---I wonder what they dream at night??

Most of my dreams are not really suitible for publication as they are only partly recalled or that there is so much mix-up with the daily psychology of my life. i have a few that i have yet to write out, some of them i hope to soon.

In a way, i have not, during the last 20 years, actually dwelt upon them as much as i could have, partly as there are really no people that i could tell them to!
One, no interest.
two, it would take more than an hour to really do justice in telling just one of them and if you cannot spit it out in 10 seconds or less, these days: my listener will get a cell phone call, or be interupted by something, or lose my train of
so there is no one that i can tell, as if these dreams seem only for to be for ME!

eventually i will die, there was a time that i thought this would occur very very soon, but due to the other things and the fact that "time" is different in the spirit world....i may have a year to three or four more years yet, according to the drift of my interpetations of my own prophetic dreams. if in "three years", then i can Go On Living on a kind of "Grace". Grace to do something a bit more, like "Toot my Horn" more about my experiences.
write up more, share more, tell more people.

so in the coming months and hopefully years, i will try to get somewhat away from "rants" and deal more with my daily life observations in the light of all of my dreams!
as what my site is supposed to be about!!

stay tuned......

Thursday, November 18, 2004

I just wrote this letter to a rpg game newsgroup usenet group.

Hi all....

I was in best Buy the other day and there was the new box
of half life 2, there on the shelf. at $50, still too too much, but i looked at the box to see if i could play it.

I spied the words..."internet connection required"!

"Oh NO!!", i said to myself, as i recalled the Neverwinter nights mod thing with
Bioware, there they are going to release several good looking mods by internet downloads, but that you not only have to have your password, but
[if i understand it right: please oh please correct me if i am wrong]
if i have this right, you have to Connect to the internet to "authenticate" the mod

Now i see something like this for Half life 2! well maybe you only have to
validate you purchase only once, by connecting to the internet and giving to them the data code on the box, but what if you have to do this each and every time that you play??

well i do not have an internet connection, thank you!!
well i do not play half life 2 then!
[my disibility pension is so small and i am not home much, thus $360.00 a year
for a phone and $250 a year for the internet is also too too much: just look at the games i can buy, or the Upgrades/repairs that i could make with $600 a year!!

But i see a Bigger Issue with this!!

are *ALL* games soon to be like this??

will it soon be that you *also* have to sign up for multiplayer even if you only play the single player game, at $10 to$40 a month??
Thus, in some way, you may end up having to be connected each and every time that you play!

the Liberals talk about the "President Bush Dictatorship", but what about what i consider to be a much *Much* bigger threat:

corporate dictatorship!!

Here is a small "big brother", in the name of anti-piracry, to have such stringent validation codes, that they cull out game players for it!
they would rather lose 20% of their buyers, with a "secure" pirate system, then to think that they could lose more than that with these pirates!

makes me want to click on a pirate site!!

yes, surely there are bugs in this sytem too, i have not followed the news, the lists, on half life 2, but surely there are bugs and more bugs.

I still shake my head over that Bioware neverwinter premium mod thing!
to half to connect to the internet each and every time that you play the mod!

good thing I have a bunch of old games and a way to download more of them!
hooray for the www.the-underdogs.org!
I may in a year or two, may never buy a new game ever again!
not be able too!

lets not get started over file sharing/downloading of music and movies!


Monday, November 15, 2004

---that ole "getting up from a bad dream" kind of feeling!
It *WAS* a very bad dream!!

It began when I woke up to see that I was in some huge city, and there was some poor lost soul wandering the streets, utterly clueless about anything at all. No car, no
possessions, as if he just materialized there out of the air!
in a way, I see, he DID just that, in a sense as the scenery, as this dream unfolds, appears to be not of any city on this earthplane!!
I could tell that by the "magical" way that machines operate, the "fluidness" of how the scenery changes....


but this was no cartoon! A "real world". Full of people too, and the streets stretched off to the horizon, endlessly.

I followed this guy as he stumbled from one "reality neighborhood" to another, areas of the city that seemed to have a specialty. There was a section of square miles that looked like a "ghetto" and everyone there, all 10,000+ people, where doing drugs.
in fact every single shop sells drugs of one kind or another, out in the open as if everything were utterly legal! Between the shops were many many bars and and pubs and dance places. The streets were packed with people all high on something.
then there was the Zone where there were hundreds and hundreds of rug shops and stalls where only oriental rugs were sold. All of the people there looked "middle eastern".
then there was a area of blocks and blocks of nothing but bookstores and open bookstalls as if there never ever was rain there. Packed with people of course.
the Industrial zone was next, miles and miles of foundries and pipes.
Somehow he got with a band of motorcyclists who got him out into a kind of countryside, a countryside that seemed not to obey the rules of nature and of the earth! Funny skies and roads to nowhere and to everywheres!

[poor guy. He must have died and he must have been one of the residents of my, or another, senior resident place. Maybe 80 years old and very very conservative, stuck in the 1950s in mindset and then 'against" everything of the modern age.
Not a Christian of course, no soul life at all. Perhaps a retired engineer or maybe a business person. Now he died and went to a Low Place in the afterlife, and the Guides will let him COOK in this astral hell for a bit of time! There might not have been a bit of any kind of "preparation" for the afterlife, and he might have "gone down hard" at the end of his life, a bitter old man, seeing how the 2000s
are nothing but bad..Angry and obstinate!]

so here is now is, near the end of this dream. Standing next to yet *another*
neiborhood of thousands and thousands of people who share a mindset. Lost. Bewildered. Not even knowing the name of the place that he stands in and no one to help him, to be the Authority for His Choices, like when he was alive!
[in WW II, one Obeyed authority, you could die in 10 seconds on the battlefield if you thought for yourself! In the 1944 civilian life, you placed your family, your town, your country first and you came utterly last! So as this generation grows older, they would like a leader-figure to make all of the choices in life for them, let others do the thinkings for them.
lost, utterly lost, no way to find a leader here. Everything that he denies in life seems to be all that there is, here, with a cast of 200,000!

well....He finds out soon enough what *this* neiborhood is all about!
Homo men! Hundreds of shops and hundreds of partybars and Clubs. The streets are packed body to body with thousands of homo men and mostly naked.
Suddenly, a whole block or two or three, of the gay residents, see him standing just outside of this area! They rush up to him.
As this dream ends, I see that he is mobbed by thousands of homo men, his hetrosexuality will very very soon be gone, against his will, as 3000 gay men de-flower him and make him one of their own, probably for years and years....A never-ending

ah Zitch!
there *are* hells, after all, new agers: this is not the first one that I have been to, over the years. when I astral travel to the afterlife, some of the places are NOT nice

Sunday, November 14, 2004

when i came into my Senior residence where i live, Georgia Belle Apartments, today, i stopped at the front desk to say hello to the desk-lady, and she was talking to another resident. This other resident was getting ready to leave and then she said as a "parting aside"...

"If it were not for Walmart, i would not know what to do!"

---suddenly, sports fans, a small "epipimeny" occurred to me!!

Here at GB, many many residents go to walmart to shop and quite a few buy *everything* there. most, here, are on Pensions and small savings and HUD Housing.
a weekly busvan goes to there dedicatedly, for those without cars.

my Realization?--that if the Democratic party wants to get in touch with the common person, they should UTTERLY support and be for Walmart! get walkmart into each town all over the country!
for this is where the Poor and the old people shop. everything is "one world international" there, mostly from China and the east, right up the alley of all the liberal left! and cheap and inexpensive. yes, Walmart would put all the home owned businnesses out of business as what they, the local hardware store, say, could buy wholesale is more expensive than what they could buy at Walmart retail for!
[a hardware store owner told me that once, how the hammer that he buys wholesale is more expensive than the hammer that sells for retail at walmart outside of town. then he closed shop, for obvious reasons!]
"but yes" you say, "the quality of much of the merchandise is "cheap", cheap plastic"!
well...what is better for the poor working person, a cheap plastic mixing bowl
or NO bowl at all?!

seems the "republican" people of the Right probably shop at the Quality stores as they have much of this country's money.

Once, while living with my sister with NO income and no car, i would ride into the city with her, to help her with her business and then she would give to me some money for a Treat at MacDonalds, a cheeseburger. She subscribed to i think the magizine..."Country Living" where the liberal left new age people wrote most of the articles. one man wrote how we all should shop and eat at Organic markets and produce and food, even though the prices are higher, as a POLITICAL STATEMENT!
I wrote a letter to the editor telling them about my "treat", the treat for the poor man: Macdonalds! no way that i could ever ever afford something from that new age bakery down the street!
He wrote a reply to my editorial, the man who wrote the article. he more or less says that one should real STILL try to eat at organic food places!!

democrats. listen up! be FOR the poor, not the new age! think "Walmart" and all the stuff that is inferred!
it is spelled..."economic survival"!!
high priced organics and new age Boutique stores are not survival-on-min-wage stores!!

--no wonder Walmart sells 20% of the food sold in stores in Mexico, as well as in Canada!!

thus if the Democratic party wants to help the poor, they should not "indentify" with the "hippie new age Yuppie Preppy people!
their next Candidate, in 2008, should be "of the people and for the people", the people who make up 80& of the world's population but have only 20% of the buying power! BE one of them.

support Walmart today!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

well I thought that I would remind everyone that all of my dreamvisions
that I have written up, are stored in the files section of
Yahoo Groups...freestonefiles

in the "Files" section; the link is to the left of the Introductional "homepage".

there are other files there too, like.....

The Files subfolders contain------
[1] My Dreams and Visits to Heaven.

[2]WORLD TRADE CENTER....Other people's visions and
channelings, about the "how" and the "why", of this event.

[2B] my writings about AUTISM and what it is like for me
to be "autistic".

[3] my alien abduction experiences:
I was taken to see some of the scenes
of alien worlds and even had the UFO implant experience!

[4] MY OWN visions of the endtimes and Earthchanges!

earthchange visions that I have on file from other people,
channeled or envisioned!

[5] my writings upon my
observations about life.

I have now written up about 30 or more of these dreams that I have had since about 1970, and I will add yet more, as I have had over 100, since 1970.
Now, about three times a week, I have dreams that are really visits to the astral heavenly worlds!!
So, please go there to read them, if you are interested. You may share these with others without my permission, but if you QUOTE them somewheres, please send to me the URL so that I can also see that site and the quote! I might be interested in bookmarking that site in

Once you are there, at my yahoogroups freestonefiles, as this "site" is also a yahoogroups mailing list, you can sign up
to receive any new postings that I add to my files there.
[there is an option in the configuration, to set the mails so that none come to your mailbox, you come to the site to read the files!]
you might also have to "sign up" for free, to become a member of yahoo, but then again if you also subscribe to anything of Yahoo, like the mailbox or the messenger service, you already are a member of the yahoo groups!!
[check out the zillion other mailing list too, surely there are others that you might like!]

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

from http://www.cornell.edu
live camera.

lets take a bit of winter on this post election rant. I find that I interpret better than to forecast, and I feel that my political allegiances are now Set from what I read like of this lady Kathleen Parker, what she says, puts it all in a nutshell for me!
I quote all of it, and I will comment yet more after the end of it.



They put the wrong values, the wrong faces before the voters, Kathleen Parker says.

Color the Democrats totally clueless

Kathleen Parker
Orlando Sentinel
November 6, 2004

As stunned Democrats scratch the dry earth for signs and glance heavenward for clues to the strange universe that re-elected George W. Bush, it seems unduly cruel to withhold what Ordinary Americans have known all along.

Herewith a few hints: Michael Moore, Bruce Springsteen, P. Diddy, Paris Hilton, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, Barbra Streisand, Jon Bon Jovi, Uma Thurman, Kirsten Dunst, Leonardo DiCaprio, Teresa Heinz Kerry, Ron Reagan, MoveOn.org, Dan Rather, the French ? and everyone else who would be speaking German today if not for the bravery and sacrifice of Ordinary Americans who are today held in such contempt by all of the above.

It's the elitism, mes freres.

Here's another clue: When courting voters in flyover states, one does not say: "I love you, stupid redneck morons." Especially not when sporting biking tights and straddling an $8,000 two-wheeler ? a dollar amount, incidentally, that many Ordinary Americans consider a life's savings.

Not that John F. Kerry ever said such, but he didn't have to. Preening in luxury and surrounded by celebrity friends contemptuous of the values ordinary Americans hold dear, he might as well have waltzed down Beale Street whistling Dixie.

Never has a politician been so out of touch with the voters whose goals he purportedly shares. Nor a party so out of tune with the nation's defining song: "God Bless America."

The folks who re-elected Bush not only voted for the man they felt best represents their interests, but also against a culture they see as alien and hostile. The Bush vote was equally a protest against Hollywood, an increasingly untrustworthy medium and the puerile Michael Moore contingent.

What those three cultural entities have in common as viewed from America's heartland is an attitude of effete superiority that isn't just untenable, but despised. In Thursday's New York Times, cosmopolitan New Yorkers grappling with Kerry's unthinkable defeat, told the story.

Beverly Camhe, a film producer; Zito Joseph, a retired psychiatrist; and Roberta Kimmel Cohn, an art dealer, elite New Yorkers all, were stunned. In Joseph's words, Bush voters are "obtuse," "short-sighted," "redneck," "shoot-from-the-hip" religious literalists.

"New Yorkers are more sophisticated and at a level of consciousness where we realize we have to think of globalization, of one mankind, that what's going to injure masses of people is not good for us," said Joseph, as he shared coffee and cigarettes with Cohn at an outdoor cafi.

The two-America divide isn't fiction after all. And the division, as nearly everyone has noted, is about values. But what the Democrats got wrong, and what the New York Times subjects seem to be missing, is that traditional values and sophistication are not mutually exclusive. Nor does sophistication equate to intelligence, we hasten to add.

People who believe in heterosexual marriage because the traditional family model best serves children and therefore society are not ipso facto homophobic. Americans vexed about our casual disregard for human life are not necessarily Stepford-Neanderthals. And, those people who believe in some power greater than themselves are not always rubes.

In small towns across the nation, especially in the Deep South, one can find plenty of well-traveled, multilingual, latte-loving, Ivy-educated Ph.D.s, if that's your measure of sophistication. But they're not snobs, nor do they sneer at people who pay more than lip service to traditional values. In fact, they often share those very values in quiet, thoughtful, deliberative ways.

The Democratic Party is now entering the post-election navel-gazing stage of self-recrimination and analysis. How did it lose the very people who are supposed to be its target constituents? The puzzle is not that the Democrats lost, but that they can't see how. Let me make it simple:

When Michael Moore, the unkempt, perennially juvenile propagandist is the face of your party, you lose the grown-ups. When a gum-smacking Ben Affleck is your most articulate celebrity spokesman, you lose regular folks too busy with bills and children to (a) give a rip what Ben Affleck thinks; (b) figure out who he is.

When the news media position, inflate or distort news to advance their political agenda, you lose fair-minded Americans who would rather go with an ordinary man who shares their values than with the pampered darling of the New York bistro set. In a nutshell.

Getting back to real America won't be an easy trip for many of those now seeking answers. As any of those evangelical Christians who voted Bush will tell you, you have to believe before you can see.

my comments:
---yes, for me, says it all...
Once upon a time the democrats and the liberal left were for the "common man", the working man. Think: "the labor unions and the factory workers."
Now it seems that the Left belongs to the intelligentsia/academia.
the Media too.
all have been very very busy, of the last 20+ years, to tear all the old "stuff" down!
thus they have no "Platform" of positive Plans for tomorrow as they work to remove *all* our morals, our traditions, etc!

bulldozer operators and wrecking crews do not make good house construction people!!

the democrats Lose Big!
I wonder what happens when WINTER approaches these Liberals: when they face Mr Death
as their old age gives to them maybe a heart condition, and they know that they only have maybe five more years to live.
They say that there are no Atheists on the battlefield!
yes, when these liberals get Old and the Question of the afterlife Looms before them, what good help will their liberal-left philosophy do for them then?
[I suppose they, if they believed then in heaven, they would have to have it their way: no morals and ethics pleeeeease! There is ALREADY a place like this, and I have seen a bit of it in some of my astral, out of body, travels, it is called
"the Hell worlds"!!]

It would seem that the very existence of "morals and values and ethics", is somewhat alien to the Democrats these days: whatever happened to the Championed social values of the common man....Read: "redneck", the guy in south
Georgia making near minimum wage with a house trailer and three kids and he works at the meat packing plant in poor working conditions?! Today, they might tell him to "become a vegetarian"!
I voted for Mr Kerry only because I *liked* the ideas of "intelligence" and
"sophisticated modern way of life, free of old bias and bigotries, but NOW I "retract" my vote, UTTERLY, as the Body Hath No Head: there are no morals and ethics here!
a quote: "the very worst incarnate Demon, is a Demon with a very high Intelligence but with no heart and compassion or mercy"!
*this* is what I now see, in all of this mess.

Democrats: get back to your Roots, champion the very "rednecks" that you now despise!
Back the common man, work for the lower middle class and the poor. Support the homeless and the retirees. "Dress" in old bluejeans and dirty clothes, castoffs
from the Goodwill Store!
then for Baseline first action: get religion real strongly! Become feeling and even emotional, become
"PENTECOSTAL" in your religion, as the Republicans tend to be "fundamentalists" where "laws and dogma" come first!
you, democrats, need to take up the "charasmatic" approach to political ways...Whether in religion or of the support of social issues!! The Charismatic people do things from their emotions and from their HEARTS! Get off of this Irory Tower, where you all have been living and mingle with the people from the
Pentecostal churches and the Mississippi Delta Blues Country!

Thursday, November 04, 2004

well well well, sports fans, I had a *very* interesting experience yesterday at my Georgia belle senior residence.
The voting machines were inside. There are about 160 residents there, plus the other people in the surrounding apartments, thus this senior residence was the only "public" building, thus it was the voting place for the section of town.

I voted real early, I voted for Kerry only because I wanted "new blood" in office, my "vote-o-meter" read 51/49 Kerry.

when I came back to the center yesterday, the lady at the evening desk, who was one of the voting officials at the voting tables, told me of a very
incident that occurred on vote day! Seems that there were a group of Democrats that stood outside of the front doors and harassed the incoming voters real severely! One man, harassed on the way in, was harassed on the way out and harassed SO much that he came back in to complain!
this lady, a saved Christian, says to me this...."The man at the top's negativity goes all the way down to the ranks"! She called Kerry an evil man with bad vibes.
---a long long conversation then ensured. I told her that I wished that I knew this before I voted as I was unaware to a degree, I just wanted some new blood in office.

A bit of a "long walk" them did I take! Finally all of the "pieces" fall into place, and my own "vote" is cast: profound this is, and in the twilight of my years and in my postings in the future of these weblogs, I will write with this
"slant". That soul, heart, and spirit...Are way way ahead of "mind"!

while the Mind is "higher' than the emotions, the heart is higher than the mind: the new agers who are "political" have no heart and soul whatsoever!
no spirit. Thus any "justice' that they want, in politic-actions, and in life, is
not also coming with MERCY!
Here these people, I see them every day, here they are, IQ of maybe 130 to 140+
and they have no Spirit in their life. Tis not only would a "southern Baptist
preacher say that they are UNSAVED in Jesus", it is even that the native Americans and the blacks would say that they have no Soul!

harass the Seniors. The ends justify the means. I accuse these democrats and these liberal leftys of this, and I fear for the future when the baby boomers get more into power as then Humanism will rule and all the Soul and spirit will be gone!
someday the Kerrys, or the other democratic candidates, will win; supported by all these liberal leftist intellectuals.

I have a suspicion that if I were to go to talk to college professors about the afterlfe, Jesus, and the life of the spiritual way, my life would be soon in danger, or at least my character would be assassinated behind my back!

too, last night the one very liberal left resident, the Georgia belle, was seen walking out of the building with a very *very* angry expression on his face, that Christian lady at the counselor/guard desk called this expression "evil"!

when ya go to a cafe to eat, the morale of the whole place can be ascertained in talking to just one server!
I am not happy with the intelligentsia of the Left! They have no soul, no spirit!

what is going to happen to this liberal resident when he gets older than his 62 years and Mr death begins to come near him with his Palm computer on to check to see who is next for Delivery to heaven and then this here guy would wonder if he is next?! He probably does not even believe *IN* a afterlife! Who is going to hold his hands after he arrives?
what heavenly Intake counselors are going to "pet the porcupines" when a lot of these liberal intellectuals leftist people die of death and arrive in heaven, with their most undeveloped functions, heart and soul, now being "asked"
to be the only way to live, in the first heaven!! Where their greatly developed minds are now useless.

so my original first impression of Kerry stands, the day that I first heard and saw him on TV:

my vote-o-meter now is.....95/05 Bush!


Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Well I voted today and I voted for


and the democratic party for all of the small city offices.

In a sense, there is a "confrontation" within my own inner life, as I
vacillated between one candidate and the other.

I grew up in a very conservative times, the late 1940s and 50s. Small town eastern Midwest, upstate new York new England farmer land.
staunch stanch republican, and I grew up in this like of a sponge in water.
my aunt, as of today, near has a heart attack whenever abortion is mentioned, she is the pillar of her church. A kind of a place where if you cooked your own meals for yourself that *MEANS* that you are worthless as you have to do it alone and there is no one to love you and live with you! Better to marry the town alcoholic, if there are no other men, as it IS a marriage, after all! And the guy?
why to get a job in the pesticide factory cleaning out the vats, if that is the only job in town, as it IS a job!

Most of the residents of my senior tower vote for Bush, naturally.

Probably "democratic socialism" might be best for us all.
get religion out of our public lives, validate all "homo" life and relationships, give abortion the utter green light for anyone anytime.

the idea of "intelligent capitalism", perhaps that the bush crowd might like, has its great problems, not so much with bush, perhaps, but with the "real" governments of the world, the CORPORATIONS!!
[I read just today that walmart is our largest employer]
these big $$$$ lobbyists sway the government too too much!

of course well all should leave Iraq, and let Iraq free fall into whatever...Probably a civil war bloodbath, where the death rate is about 50,000+, then another dictator will brutally arise, and rule.
like Cuba.
ah.....You say, we should intervene in the name of "democracy" and niceness"

ah, then in the name of "niceness and democratic rule" then all homos/lesbos should become straight immediately and give up their sinful ways and the lady never ever can have her abortion and then we all should all take 10 pills a day as
someone who does not will Burden society with the heart and diabetics condition.
then we ALL go on a diet too, by LAW!!

ya cannot have your "meddle" just one way, just like you pick up one end of a stick and the other end comes with it!!!

but at a Cost, to leave Iraq: lots and lots of war. A bloodbath, actually. You will have to face death face to face without a single Blink! All other critters
Know what the Culling Of the Herd means!!

so Kerry and his wife: we all will have a very very interesting future, now....


Monday, November 01, 2004


On the fence.
Bush or Kerry. Either/or!

----I was born in June of 1941, a classmate once told me that "the people born at that time were the baby-busters; fewest people born per year, ever, during the prewar years." so I feel Alone, in age, either the people in the Georgia belle old folks home are older than I, and very very conservative, or else the people in my city who are younger than I are liberal leftist; the baby boomers!

do I want a Bush who is religious and of the old guard, or do I want an unreligious person who is Intelligent but obnoxious!

My Gardijeffian spiritual path friend sees me as too too "emotionally immature"! I can sense that as all my inner astrological planets are in cancer sign! Everything else in water signs or in the 12th house, and no planets in the "outer world' part of my chart!
unevolved feelings come across as EMOTIONS, I think. One way to evolve emotions is through "THINKINGS". However the FEELINGS transcend the mind.
only trouble is, with me, is that there are no Teachers in this society that teach one how to feel! Thus my growth of soul is

profoundly retarded!

thus I am 'stuck' on emotions, and have been since I was about four years old, and there are no classes for feelings in my high school or college!
thus I can only Deal with my soul through


I guess.....
and...Remain about four years old, in feelings, till I die of old age! The only feelings that are really valdated, in our culture, seem to be the "woman's feelings": how women feel. Thus me, why I feel more than most women do, and choose choices like of a woman.

so in "politics" seemingly I might vote for fellow cancer Bush, but I sense that we all need MIND to rule this country, obnoxious or not.

...I saw when I came to the south, in 1960, that it was the Yankees emigrants from big cities up north, who made everything work and run on time, here!
Often these people were "Damm Yankees", were Told You What To Do, their way, in unpolite ways, and in un-romantic, factual, ways too. But the job gets done right!

Probably there should be NO trace of religion in the presidential office and no religion in the schools or public life either!
[remember sports fans: Jesus was *NOT* a Christian]
and we all should validate gay marriage and the right for abortions.

my 80 year old Christian aunt in upstate new York, the Old Guard, she is one of the "pillars of her church", the choir director and organist. Her path is "service" and she, egotistically, comes last, in any choices having to do with other people versus her own life-choices....In fact she wrote a book called "GROWING UP IN THE GREAT DEPRESSION OF 1929"! Her childhood. In those times, one's country, family, town, came first in life. One married for life, like it or not and if a girl was raped, and a child was born, why of course she raised this child and even married the rapist! After all, it WAS a marriage!
[one adapted TO life as it was given to you!]

needless to say, I can Guess who she is going to Vote For!!

I probably will vote for Kerry!

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