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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

well happy bithday to ME!

all of 63 years old, as of yesterday. a day like any other day. Here I am 63, play computer games, post to weblogs....

tis also amazing just how bored many of the residents of Gerogia belle are! many of these complainers can walk, even drive, the Complex is four long blocks to a large library. there is a internet computer in the Lab on the 12th floor, 56k dialup, it sits there all day long with about
two users per day! on and on....

there might indeed be a "thing" about the generation that grew up in the 20s...30s...40s.
Live was supposed to do it to you, and you "became' your job! so after the Retirement, one would be that puppet without strings, sit around bored all day, not knowing that you have to do all the work.

same with many kids today: television is such that you sit there and it does it to you!!

so what if i am 63 and play morrowind! I heard the other day that there is someone, here in my city, that is 80 and he plays computer games!

Saturday, June 26, 2004

lots of pictures on this site!

The Wakulla river, Wakulla county, near tallahassee.
a picture is worth 500 words at least.

Thursday, June 24, 2004



click on this puppy and you will get a Blogger homepage.
that is....good old www.blogger.com.

---it is "the carbon copy", the "twin"....the Clone.


O que não faltam são blogs de jornalistas, desenhistas, fotógrafos, escritores e webmasters. Êpa! Aonde foram parar os execelentíssimos blogueiros engravatados? Data venia, o Blogs Direito estabelece a ordem no tribunal trazendo um informativo útil a universitários e advogados. E você? Conhece seus direitos?
– BloggerMan [23.6.04]


who knows how many there are, 90% in Portugese, but photos are in any language! I will spend much browering time here, sports fans!!


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Wednesday, June 23, 2004


well, I found this site,


An interesting site on "Chaos Magik", and I quoted some of one of the pages, on "joining", and the orders.

The History of The Illuminati
The ORDo I:.I:.
are the next generation of Chaos magickians.

Toltec Shamanism
Egyptian Hermeticism, Tantra and Taoism
Gnosticism, Sufism
The Knights Templar, Alchemy and The Medieval Goetia,
Rosicrucianism, Freemasonry and John Dee,
Bavarian Illuminati, The OTO and The Golden Dawn
St Aleister Crowley & The A:.A:.
Austin o Spare & Zos Kia,
The IOT, St Robert Anton Wison & The Discordian Society
and St Timothy Leary and The LSD
Click picture to join the ORDO I:.I:.

The Structure of The Invisible Illuminati
The I:.I:. operates on a non hierachy, filing
system. Each "grade" is considerd as an excursion
into a particular type of magic.
There is no ladder to climb, you ARE
the ladder, and are able to choose for
yourself which steps you want to explore.

1 - 10 = Hermetic and Thelemic techniques

1 Neo
2 Zelator
3 Theoricus
4 Practicus
5 Philosphus
6 Adept
7 Magus
8 Field Magus
9 Dark Magus
10 Illuminatus Apprentice

11 - 13 = NeuroLogick and Chaos Magic

Minimum age is 16, and membership can be
requested by e mailing Frater...........

Please state why you would like to join, where you are based,
your age, and any formal or non formal magickal training.

Heisenberg principle that you create all
realities.Therefore you're responsible for
everything that you experience. This identification
of yourself as a quantum entity
certainly dissolves most of the
identification chords to your former culture, your
former nation, your former religion, or
any other external structure, even to your

While i have not read the whole site yet, I would imagine
that someone might think that this site is about "black magic"!
Or, maybe someone might like what is here and goes and reads and joins up
and becomes an initiate.
Yes, to magically affect the world around you. Bend the world to your wants,
occultly. This here site is just an example of this "school' that one can join.
[I am not putting down this site, I am "Sympathetic"!!]

Somewheres, in the Real training, that is given, in these schools, there is a great
focus on "self-control"! Not only in a traditional sense, but in how that if one gets Occult Powers, the whole person gets these powers!
The whole subconscious gets these powers, and awaaaay we go, the
every unworked-out-childhood crud, gets the power too!!

oh BOY: bull in a china shop, what damage can ye do, to all around you!

so, sports fans, I have used up a lot of words to get down to my rant of the day, yet another experience in my Senior residence!
Tis not of one person, so much, but a association with someone that I knew in Ithaca, new York, long ago, when I lived there. She was a very *very* powerful person, and while she had no "formal"
occult training, she, to my perception, had much Training in the Occults arts in a previous lifetime!
so...in *this* lifetime, she has a level of Magik advancement, though uncouscious, as high or higher than many of the "upper grades" of advancement, in that list on that site, above!!

Oh she had a *real* shitty childhood, she had lots of anger, lots of negativity to express!

what she did not know, is that all of her anger and depressions and her "put downs"
bled out into the environment! As if she were to go to a new age restaurant and order a chocolate brownie and of *COURSE* this brownie is stale!
She tells me that, with bitterness, the next day, she puts down this natural food place real good, with Acid barbed Tongue, etching deep into the heart, with that aaaaawfull Tone..
"Life's a Bitch"!

she does not Know....

know that her intended coming to this "....wood restaurant" sent vibes out ahead of her. The maker of brownies, an hour before "mistakedly", when yesterdays bronwnies were
tossed out for being stale, over the weekend, she "accidently" dropped one of them into the NEW
brownie tray! And..of course that one cake is what this lady got!
Lesson: her negativity "drew" this cake to her! By unconscious "occult means"!

Next week, she goes again, to this place, and low and behold "everything goes bad"...The food is cold...An apple has a rot spot in it...Etc..Etc...
Like a magnet drawing like to like, her negativity draws the EXPECTED crap to her!!!
The Screw Tightens, as the more "negative" Ithaca becomes to her, the more bitter and angry she gets! Then she is even the MORE effectual in drawing
yet more of this back to her!

----there was a warning on the back of the box of 22-caliber bullets, that I used back in childhood; hunting squirrels..
I can say the same for this lady's feeling and emotions too; especially if occultly accented!!
"like attracts like"....An old Magik-training Dictum!!

Yes, the school, in the site above, and the other Real Schools
of Magik, have ways to train the inituate to learn Disipline and self-control and
then this pupil must "self-examine" a bit, so to learn about the inner workings of the mind and soul: this helps prevent
the lower being, the lower Chackras, from getting the magik power/knowledge TOO!

this Ithaca lady has had no such Trainings!! In fact, she would tell *you*
just how real all the negativity is around her, and would want you to bond with her agreement, saying..."it is their problem, not mine"!

"!!" indeed!

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

6 pm.
the 12th floor top of the tower, computer room, overlooking tallahassee and about ten distant thunderheads, after my supper.
Monsoon season, either dry, sprinkle, or drench, nothing in between.

supper with the seniors, my table had the usual two ladies, in their late 70s. they laugh a lot. tell stories stories from the Old South, from the farm days when life was harder, but in some ways far more richer.

I talked a bit about the "worst sounding word in the english language"!
yes, the pronounciation of this word, to me, sounds *exactly* like
there were chicken bones in the garbage as you put it down the sink garbage disposal, or perhaps what a few stones might make a meatgrinder sound like, or the rocks that are picked up by the vacuum cleaner!

the word???

"Blended families"!!

kissing cousin to this, is that "Terrible" moment, the three hours, perhaps, that i would see nearly every weekend in DeWitt park in Ithaca, ny, a few years ago, when i lived in the city.
I would see a middle aged man with a boy about 6 to 12. the whole air just REEKED of...."this is the weekend that I have him, for three hours, for visitation rights"! betcha when he got him from his ex's house, and when they returned, the air, thick with Hostility, at the house-door was so thick that you could paint it with a brush and paint!!

so here i am at Georgia belle. at 62, one of the youngest here.

Monday, June 21, 2004

I heard a *real* disturbing ad on the 7 am radio station, this morning. On the "premier" radio station of FM Tallahassee.
A Los Angles type, maybe a new York type, of ad agency lady.... Gave what seemed to be a four minute ad, she talked all the time, and she talked up


*the* thing to do, to get ahead, rejuvenate...So simple, painless, and good to do to enhance one's self-image and to Get Ahead in life! Do it now and enjoy the benefits of enhancements and youth.

"disturbing", to me as I See The Future!
soon very soon medicade will pay for it and the insurance companies too. *then* oh then will it Come to where all this surgery will be


if one wants to be part of the Western way of life! A Job, a career will hang in the balance unless you look 30, at 50 and you *will* have to look like everyone else.


be homeless.
live in a cabin in South Dakota or Upstate new York: one of the "lone wolves" that renounce the American way of life.

anyone who does NOT have this procedures done, will look old at 50 and be so threatening to all those who did have their operations, that Laws Will be Passed to keep ya out of sight!!

jail. The cabin. Join with Ben Labin!


Thursday, June 17, 2004

....Autism, continued.......

so what is it like to be Autistic, an adult, 62 year old single man who is more than a bit "autistic"!

---a cold dreary day, the temperature must be all of 38 degrees F.
and the wind is blowing and cloudy all day and it is drizzling.
I step into a "starbucks' coffeeshop, and I walk up, shivering, and ask...For a

"I want, pleeeeeeaaase, a Niiiiiiice hot cup of Tea"!

I am irked when she brings to me that tea!!! I wanted coffee!!
there is a proFOUND feeeeling to that statement about that tea, that is utterly more "real" than asking for coffee!!
as in..."A nice cup of hot soup"!
warms your soul on a cold day!
I feel the Picture of my image, words come utterly utterly *LAST*!

---I never count my change at the cashier and I have to TRUST the grocery clerk to make it right, when I check out as I get overwhelmed by it all, and no thinking can be done!

---I see about 500 Naked Emperors!! At *least* 500 naked men on Thrones, or in the Parade, as everyone else sees them wearing clothes! I am nearly Immune to ads! Is it only me that would want to call "911" when I hear that OBNOXIOUS car ad on my radio, an Intruder into my home!! I can just imagine what I would do with my Guest, a real person, if he began such a tirade: police Do An Extraction: NOW!!

---likewise most of the diet articles I cut through like a hot knife through butter! My body lets me know what I want...I never figured out my sister who kept telling me to "stop eating by the clock" when on Sunday she moped around the house at 2 pm, missing her Sunday dinner with relatives that she neever ever had, a single woman, clueless that she was "supposed" to eat at 2pm on Sundays because it was Sunday!

---I cannot give directions to people: I sense their "need" to get the answer in .00002 seconds and I have to blank them out and imagine for ten minutes how to get there and it would take me 15 minutes for me to actually say it to him! Often I see him peel off in his car, maybe he will spend an hour asking...OBVIOUSLY, if I think of the images of the directions, I cannot at the same time tell him!! I "astral travel", as if I am there, floating all along the streets, in images, to where he asks me about where something is. *then* I have to l-a-b-o-r-i-o-s-l-y translate all of this into words. words that have no relation to what I see.
I have to hold both in mind at once, the image AND the word for it!
yuuuch! I hardly can do that.

--I like being "ten years old"! Then no one will shoulder their Burden upon me! I will no little respect, of people, they will not ask me Advice! If I gave that advice, I have found that I better have titanium-shieldarmor, on my backside, as often they do not want to hear this "advice"!

[hey! I have found a sure-fire way to buzz off someone who wants my ear to Unload their lives of Paaaaain upon! Just begin to tell them of my Visions of going to heaven to talk two-way conversations with all of my deceased relatives and friends!! They often leave in a second! If they DON'T, then maybe here is someone that I can Talk To!!

How to live with Autism as a ADVANTAGE! That is the trick, the clue, for me to live an incredible life with! As I am not part of the "social Lemmings-off-of-the-cliff" world, I do not have to Pay their price, so much! Like my Mother who put all of her art, music, poetry, into the attic, so that she could raise me and my sister: when she died, we found her college art sketches and her music, from college days, in 1923, in boxes in the attic, untouched until we opened them up in 1975!!
where I can SEE that 30% of the low-entry level min wage jobs out there have it so, that being "homeless', and living in the woods, or even a shelter, is far FAR healthier for the soul, mind and body, than that job!!

I love being ten years old!

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

so what is it like to "have" ADULT AUTISM?

---in the public library computer room there is a printer for 20 computers. sometimes six people print at once: easy to take someone's print job home with ya, if you do not look. i look very *very* carefully! when i get home i always find someone's print job mixed up in mine, and this person has lost his efforts! i have a choice: look veeerery carefully, of just walk out, the results are just the same!!

---I mispronounce a strange word, talking to someone. He coorects me and i try again. still ocmes out the "old way". try again. and again. Finally i tell him that i either have to think utterly upon the pronounciation, and not ever be able to speak that wod and need twenty minutes of utter silence as i concentrate, not even looking at him...or just go ahead and mis-pronounce it!
I find i cannot do both! one or the other, not both: that word will be mis-pronounced until i die of old age!

---I finish my coffee and then poke my finger into the cup to run it around the bottom to collect the sugar there. then i lik my finger, and when i do so, the professor at a near by table, i can hear the tone of his voice change! He is even younger than my 62 years, perhaps he does not like seeing "10 year old" behavoir in a 62 year old man!! But i am *ALL* ages, all at once, at one time! 3 year old...10 year old...16 year old.......
I will continue to lick my finger!

---as the roaring truck passes me by, on the sidewalk, i put my hands over my ears, and back up against a wall. but i see the other 15 people not even notice this truck, let alone even wince their ears!

---I never order my lunch by name, only the color or the shape of the food, do i ask for...As i eat food, not words....

---comes to find out that "my favorite job" of the last 40+ years....is when i spent months at a goverment office stapling papers togther, like in..."1000 sets of 6 pages each, to be stapled"!
no thinking required at all...SO peacefull!

---I talk what i see, to someone...if there is a "hurt", like he just found out that he has uncurible brain cancer, why i feel his feelings, as if that subject of his tumor and his death is the *only* thing that can be talked about, as i can sense that it is on his mind, even when he "small talks" otherwise.
[in the book PEOPLE OF THE LIE, by Peck, he says...."first you lie to yourself, then you begin to lie to others, until your whole life IS a lie"!]
Guess i would talking "nuthin else" to this cancer brain tumor guy, until he dies!

I am not a "CEO", at 62. Guess i am partly 10 years old.
and like it that way!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

ah the Upgrade, of "my brain and heart", my computer!

I also am doing my "twin", my old dos-friendly computer. new vid card for it. there is maybe four entries into the Registry files with it.

I took out my old soundcard, in my "new" computer, a year now since my last upgrade. I put in a Audigy2 ZS.
300megs. maybe 500 to 1200 registry entries!

I see that there are video cards, the new ones, that require TWO slots on the motherboard, and an extra plug-in to the power supply!!

I can sense why very very few Seniors at my georgia belle apts, senior tower, are "into" computers! too too daunting. but then what would they use it for maybe except email to relatives and to get mail from relatives?!
to explooooore?!!
to plaaaaay games?!

maybe some people who are 70 act like the sun is setting and time to come inside. I say" be young, play games"!

---there was a lady, young middle aged, who stormed into a software
store, last year. i was talking to the manager then: she runs up and dumps onto him how this here X*^C*$ computer store sold to her a used computer and the music and sound does not work! she storms out of the store. the manager then turns to me and tells me that she did no homework, maybe even the volume was turned down.
i told him that she thought that she bought a toaster! just plug the ole toster in and turn it on and it toasts!


--gotta do your homework. i told the manager that the computer will help her develop her mind a lot!

too, a lot of people watch tv like they were mashed potatoes with the gravey of tv being poured over them! they do nothing but sit there and soak it in: they do none of the work! then many of the kids grow up seeing Life that way: "it is supposed to activate YOU, the outer world does"!! thus such a person would just pout, just coming in with her parents, to the Resort next to the Michagan lake. she is uterly utterly BORED, as "nothing is happening"! she does not realize that she has to do 80% of the work, in enjoying life! even watching a movie is work, you have to do ALL of the Imaginings, with what you see upon the screen, or else that screen is just like watching clothes
being washed in a front loading, glass window-door, washing machine!
just colors swirling around!
you have to imagine, watching a movie, or tv, for that matter.

Friday, June 11, 2004

ahTime for *my* small eulogy! all week long and not a peep about the praise that I read!
a spirit guide, sometime years after he left office, wrote through a medium, something like of this:
"President reagan was one of the very very few presidents within this century that was an old, Spirtual soul. At least the oldest soul president in recent memory, compared to ????? in office now, and of all the others."
[I know of at least TWO people who went out of their body, astral travel, and met him! One man met, i think, both he and Kruskeif[sp], the Soviet prime minister then in power....met in a dream that was more than a dream.]


maybe not so "religious" as some presidents, but if this Guide is right, an old soul.
one of the oldest soul recent presidents.
Liberals will not like to hear of that, probably. They, the liberals, are still tossing out rancid bathwater, in bathtubs all over the place; a much much needed thing to do, alas, many babies get thrown out too!!

Thursday, June 10, 2004


And Values. "what IS real"?!

---I once stopped at a gas station near Orlando, fla, the kind of gas station that is for tuourists and it also has a section with groceries and oranges....AND i spied a
coffee pot in the rear, 4 pm, and I could use a cup of coffee. was not "self service", I had to ask the lady at the counter and she had to go back behind her to pour it for me. I could tell that this lady seemed to be the owner of the place, an older lady, a lady from nearby and from "the country", as this place was way way out in the country.

coffee looked dark and real OLD, i asked her "is that coffee fresh"?
"yes, made today, it is fresh" she says....

I got a cup of something that might be a good furniture stripper, or maybe something to etch glass with!
"hey....this coffee is old", i says....."I thought that you said that it was fresh "!!

Yes it is fresh because it is todays and when i close at 10PM, i always pour it out and when i open at 5am, i make a fresh pot and so that pot was made at 5am so it is today's and it is fresh!!"

I once went to a natural food store and bought some RAW wheat germ. a jar.
it was utterly stale. I returned it.
I read years later that when one grinds wheat into raw wheat germ, it goes stale in 20 MINUETS!! .Article says that anyone who likes raw wheat germ loves that spoiled taste, as that taste is the only taste that there is: that is why they roast it!

I once often stopped by a friend's house, on my walks, his lady offers me a cookie every time and this cookie is utterly stale stale stale. One day i came by when she was taking them out of the oven.
"aha"!---she says. "won't be stale NOW"!
---it was uterly utterly STALE, stale as stale could be, tasted like it was in the back of a car seat for a week!
"hot out of the oven" equals "fresh"....in her mind. never mind that the oats that sit over the sink, have sat there for six months, and now it is august in tallahassee, fla. : the unairconditioned apartment has the feel of a house in Brazil or Borneo or Sumatra! betcha lots of protein in those oats too, from the worms!
but "fresh" *IS* what they are just they came hot out of the oven!!!

I see this all the time. funny when it happens like this: makes a good story to tell. NOT so funny, though, when this kind of thinking is done for ya, by the newspapers and the "experts"! even yopur priest/minister can think like this!!
your Mother too!
I try to purge such thinkings from myself!!

That article that i read in the New Scientist, the other day, deeee-pressed me! Scientists, in England, found that the "sudden death symdrome" for oak trees has come to england big time and in, the fungus, about ten genetic variations!

"no hope"!

I foresee that in ten to twenty years, MOST of the temperate zone trees will be gone! Bushes too.

drives home to me that old adage..."everything has its season in the sun"
dinasaurs.....dodo birds...even mankind!

I wonder what the Spirit stewards of the earth think of 100 kinds of fungus killing off 90% of the species of hardwoods, in the next ten to fourty years?! will thy stop it?
maybe they CAUSED it!
Then today....I found buired in my mailbox a link to a Bible code site: no good news there!


The picture, from all sources, is this: The first year of real troubles is 2006 - year 5766 of the hebrew calendar, which actually begins September 2005. I think this will be the year of the 'Armageddon' war. The Essene Book of Revelation gives quite a clear description of a bitter war that continues dispite the background of natural disasters and chaos. Isaiah provides a description of the nuclear destruction of Jerusalem (Ariel) and Israel's counterstrike (Isaiah 29:1-7). The Bible Codes provide a message "the 9th of Av is the day of the third" - this is the hebrew date that is infamous for being the date on which Jerusalem has twice been destroyed, once by the Babylonians and once by the Romans. It could be 2005 and it could be 2010 but I think it will most likely be 3rd August 2006 and the asteroid impact (see the wormwood code also) will be soon afterwards.

if you believe in the Codes, won't matter if you even sign your Will, there will be no one around to Collect your stuff!

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

---the Appalachia river, near the coast, a subtropic place indeed!

That Dream that I had, maybe two months ago, where I was shown that I would remain in the "lower heavens", helping people go onwards towards the higher heavens, but I remain behind for a while, some ruminations.

I would probably enjoy this. Hidden in what might be a somewhat "down" meaning...."For a long time", is the message that
---there *is* such a thing as "heaven" , an afterlife"!!
---that there is/are "higher heavens"! Life *as* journey! A Poet wrote, about Ulysses crossing the bridge to Ithaca...."That is NOT the last bridge to cross, after leaving the earth, crossing the river, there are many MANY more bridges to cross before one ever gets to Ithaca!!"
---I see, by that large temple-complex being "bulldozed", that there are Changes in the lower levels over time. The lower heavens can alter, perhaps only the very highest do not.

inference: that one should try to live, here now, like one is in heaven now, Knowing that "ideals, love, beauty, goodness, truth, understanding" are Real and Abiding, and will be more in evidence There!

Monday, June 07, 2004

---Is there one honest person?!

A recent article in the ny times sunday mag, had for me a very interesting artcle.

a man owned a bagel delivery service to about 200 businesses in the washington DC area. He would deliver to a table with a "honor system box" for people to deposit money for each bagel taken. he had this business for over 20 years.
Come to find out he was sort of an "econonics CEO, before this: he was in a very special position to see what percentage of the office CEOs
and middle managers, of these 200 places, were HONEST.
He found that the "honesty ratio" was about 90%!

thus...he found that basicly most people paid for their bagels and donuts. Only the huge "impersonal" companies with bad morale, had a lower rate of honesty.

*this* encourages me, sports fans, to read this!! I was raised up in a cold dark place in upstate new york. oh the people were nice, mostly, and honest, but in a land of september frosts and May snow storms and 200+ cloudy days a year, the *TONE* of everyone is to be Pessimistic! "expect the worst"...."you will pay for any sunshine, with two weeks of rain and gloom"!...gotta get them before they git you"!....oh poor poor me"!...on and on, and *not* limited to upstate ny either: tis in the very air, and it culminates in, these sayings..."life's a bitch then you die"! In India, it is..."life's a bitch then you die...life's a bitch then you die...life's a bitch then you die...life's a bitch then you die...life's a bitch then you die...life's a bitch then you die...[REINCARNATION!]

So I was glad to read this: usually the *real* important news is on "page 23" anyway, like this one was....

Thursday, June 03, 2004

my dreams are getting very intense, of late.
take last night's dream. I can only remember what i would call upon awakening, the "encounter"! This event was a meeting with someone, a "someone" of very great Importance, in the Spirit world! At least i had that impression upon awakening!
This personage Told me things about my relatives and somethings about heaven, only dimly now recalled. But, in this dream i was lucid enough to be able to choose to ask questions of him, after he had finished with what he wanted to tell me.

tis difficult to describe the Tone of his teachings. as if what was shown came from "behind' him, from higher up, in spirit, some higher heaven. a feeling of awe and reverence, here, as he "channeled" or spoke.

I remember asking him what i looked like, in heaven, when i came there to visit! Then i saw a picture of "me"! surprise! looked like my face but fatter and there was a fringe of curly hair around my bald temple of a head, i am bald now, here, in life, but not a single curl to be seen! I must look like this, out of body, to anyone in spirit who sees me.
I then asked him about mu life, my future, what i could do yet while alive, that would be of Spirit and growth of soul. I was shown...
"Nothing"! Just like Sai Baba told me, in that spirit school that i visited..."It does not matter any more what you say or do"!

---that there was nothing to do, nothing LEFT to do, it does not matter what i do or think or feel, for the remainder of my life. For that Communication infered that the "Book was written", the path has been trod to the finish line, and the curtain has fallen upon my stage.

Guess i will play Morrowind and Neverwinter nights, on some of my evenings! try to laugh and smile all the time, not only to others, but also to myself. No wandering or worrying about the monarch butterfly, of my last post....

I DID post a copy of what i wrote about the butterfly, to a Liberal left earthchange mailing list on yahoogroups.
i only got one reply...."become a vegetarian and become an activist"!
I beg your parden: good vague advice, maybe, but Sai baba would say..."does it matter, now, freestone, what you eat?!

so my dream of early May says....where another woman, in the Spirit realms, told me, in very
"profound" tones....."by this time, freestone, next year, you will have
been living in a place that is way *WAY* beyond anything that you can now imagine"!

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Here is part of an article from today's new york times!



June 2, 2004
Where Butterflies Rest, Damage Runs Rampant

AN LUIS, Mexico - The illegal loggers smeared mud on their faces to hide their identities. Then they smashed a camera they feared would expose their pillaging.

The evidence, however, was everywhere. Two trucks rumbled down the mountain with illegally cut wood. The mud-smeared loggers had fresh blood under their fingernails from loading. In a federally protected forest that is a winter haven for the monarch butterfly, the landscape was as barren as the moon.

This is Mexico's most famous national park, a 10,000-year-old evergreen forest set aside by presidential decree and supported by millions of dollars in international aid for colonies of orange and gold butterflies that migrate annually from the United States and Canada, in clouds that look like fire in the sky.

But when the butterflies leave each spring, and the hundreds of thousands of tourists go home, this reserve stretching west from the suburbs of Mexico City to the mountains of Michoacán becomes a symbol of the rapid destruction of all the nation's forests, and is overtaken by organized crime and mob justice. Heavily armed mafias chop down the trees at an alarming rate - about 70 mature trees each day, or a small forest a week, Mexican authorities say.

The mobs ambush the police and terrorize village leaders who threaten to stop them. Left alone to defend their property, some beleaguered villages take the law into their own hands to fight back against the loggers, often using the same violent tactics. Most villages surrender and sell their trees.

The illegal logging, peasant leaders say, is driven by a surging demand for wood; by the crushing poverty of the Indians who live in communal cooperatives, called "ejidos"; and by the lingering resentment over the government's decision 18 years ago to turn the precious forests into a reserve for insects that their people refer to as "worms."

Indeed, the mud-smeared men of San Luis spoke with contempt for a society they say cares more about the butterflies than about their families. This land belongs to them, they said, and they would not surrender their rights to a presidential decree, much less forsake the needs of their children for bugs.

"Everyone worries about the butterflies," said one illegal logger, the brim of his baseball cap pulled to his nose to hide his face. "What about us?"

Then the loggers lashed out against a group of journalists. They smashed a photographer's camera, punched a radio reporter in the face, and threatened to hold the group hostage, accusing the journalists of being government spies.

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sports fans, for ME, this article is


for how i see our collective future! Taken with the stories about how the only way the starving 1,000,000+ peasents of Haiti
can earn a bowl of rice, is to cut wood to make and to sell charcoal...cut their trees to the last one and they *all* know that barren slopes will bring mud slides but they are hungry

Yes the only way 500,000 mexican people can exist is to sell all the trees immediately, the "worm", the Monarch, only gets in the way of a full stomach!
gotta go!!

tipping point.
I see the only way out is this: a choice made to the guides of the earth...
1...accept that most animal and plant species have had "their Time Upon the Stage" and it is time to go: mass Extinction in 5 to 30 years....no more Lions, monarchs, seafish. Only man's domestacated animals to be left!


2... See that the Time is NOW for this class of humanity, in the school of earth, to graduate en-masse...a earthchange[s] that have a 95% "kill rate", and have maybe 200,000, or less, people on the earth for about 2000 to 5000 years!!

one OR the other....

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