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Wednesday, April 30, 2003


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I have some of my DreamVisions of being taken by Guides to experience heaven... written up, here, for you to read.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2003

An OBE dream last night!

----It began where i met a group of "guides". we all went to houses, certain houses that were "along" the shores of a lake.

[as if there were a row of cottages by a lakeshore: we going along the access road, choosing only a few houses, here and there, according to a list that they had with them!]

yes, a list that these guides had with them. they awoke each person, on their list and that person came with us. Soon, we all....guides, the people, and I, entered a large room in a house. there might have been maybe ten people who were so "invited".
There were perhaps about another ten people in the room, awaiting us all.

["on the shores of a lake"......In my symbols, this means that these people on Living! "Living" on earth, and not "Dead"!
The Guides are Spirits, are "dead". The people who were already in the house, they probably are spirits, souls who live in this heavenworld. The meetinghouse was further back from that lakeshore, not on the shore, so this means that this house, this place of "meeting" was in a spiritworld.
The invitees were taken from their bodies too! All were invited by the guides to Come, come to meet in heaven, for some reason known only to the guides.]

Now all twenty, or so, of us were gathered in this large room. ME. The Guides. the residents. The Visitors, OBEd from the earthplane.
Then someone at the table, certainly a resident or one of the guides, began to speak, to give a talk.

[probably WHY all were invited! this is a "astral teaching class" for earthly souls, who come up to Learn, in their sleep!
I have often read of such classes, from reading of spirit-guides write of this, through mediums. i have often been a part of such classes, in the past. Most of the pupils will not "consciously" recall the dream...if they DO recall it, many will think it was "only a dream"!

the Teacher began his discourse....[partly remembered]
He talked about the Seth material a bit [Jane Roberts/Seth], he talked about the material in respect to a small truth that he wanted to talk about...
...that most souls, in the spirit, afterlife worlds, "work' or belong, in a group. Perhaps the group is working on a "group project".
There are from only a couple...to maybe a dozen or so....souls in such a group.
that Speaker called such a group, "the family". "one's spiritual family"
not ALL of such a group is "dead' either!! often one or two members incarnate on earth, with the rest of the family remaining in spirit, acting as sort of Guides for those on earth.

One thus is never ALONE on earth!

when one dies, one rejoins the other members.
....this was the topic. it was not presented as a "formal" lesson: just a talk around a table with the rest of the people sitting on the floor, around this low table.

Monday, April 28, 2003

[lets see how this works in Mozilla!]

I may Live another 11 years!!!!!

[1] dream, a dream way back in 1994. a very cold snowy winter, in upstate ny. was now February, a few months after i got out of the hospital. I took near-daily walks out of my small hometown of 600 people, out into the countryside. i walked along Bassette road, often, that family settled along the road, in the early 1800s, owning every house and farm: they are my relatives. there was a "favorite' barn that i admired, and old barn that looked to be built about 1900, a huge huge barn.
Near the end of February, i had a dream about this barn. i stood before it, and noted that i could see a bright light shining through all the cracks in the many many boards that were of the "siding" of this barn.
[the settlers always made their barns with wide cracks between the boards so that air could circulate and dry the hay]. it was as if there were a glowing heavenly light inside of this barn.
i walked under the cellar, under the barn.
instead of beam-pillars supporting the barn, there were GRANDFATHER CLOCKS! and they were not in good condition! i could see 'that the clock's own time was run out, and that when a bit more of decay would occur, that barn will collapse.

the next day, i took my walk along the bassette road. i looked at the barn.
it had COLLAPSED!! snow load got it, the barn was no more!
ouch! dream and "reality" were now the same!
the *next* night, i had another dream about this here barn, the one in my dreams, that dream-barn that was the dream-copy of the now-collapsed barn. above this barn, way way up in the air, floating, was
Sathya Sai baba!! there was an "indication", in the dream, that baba was too too high up for any contact with the "boards" in the barn, the boards that were such that each board was a deceased bassette soul! *now* this here barn had a much much more Importance: an India Living Master is involved!
["whenever you dream of Me, it is Objective, you see Me, "really", and I create it FOR you, the dream"....Baba]

I now know what this all means!
each barnboard is a deceased bassette relative, who died, who was not, in the Christian sense 'saved", or in the Spirit-sense, "connected"!! thus there was not a Direct link to Spirit, for a "unsaved" bassette. The "way" of such souls, maybe 80% of us, 80% of the bassettes, after death, is to slowly slowly Progress upwards in Heavenly levels, but needing the energy and "support" of Living bassette relatives who were still living, on earth. each 'clock" is such an OLD SOUL living bassette relative. in a sense each bassette deceased-soul uses the living life-force, of the living bassettes, to keep awake and to use "him" as a kind of "ladder", a "support" to continue to "live", there in the lower heavens.
ALL families are like this, ALL recently deceased, not-Spirit-connected, people seem, i feel, to need this! this is why prayers to the recently deceased are so good to do!
See, sports fans... "sai baba", to me, Represents the Christ-energy! in my dream, the Christ is 'too high" for the bassettes to reach, and Baba-jesus cannot come down to their level as the souls cannot see the christ, the vibrational difference is too too much! thus a Living-on-earth, bassette who is "christed" is a "link" between christ and these souls: thus he is a clock! a "clock' that supports the barn, supports all the souls of the ancestors who YET cannot reach up to "grab' the hand of Jesus! as the old soul "bassette", has a vibrational presence on all the lower levels of the heavens, up to the christ level of the Celestial, the bassette souls can reach upwards to 'grab' the hand of Jesus, while standing upon the "materiality" of the old-soul living bassette!

I watched this with my 1986 sister, who died in 1986. for the first year, i noted how sometimes she would be "near me", could sense the physical world through me. Dreams, as the years went by, had her climb upwards to higher heaven-levels, but still needing "me".
it was as if i were a ladder, each rung that she was on, as the months and years went by, was a higher level of heaven. but the Ladder, itself, was ME! grounded. but extending up to the level of Christ, himself! if my "ladder' had ceased to be, like i die, then her rungs would cease to be, also, thus she would have taken *much* much longer to get to the Celestial levels!

in 500 years, betcha there are many bassettes! gotta include all the inlaws, the friends, the cousins and nephews and all of that!
100s? 1000s, probably!
[there is another Vision where i SAW them: there *were* thousands and thousands, all in the vicinity of that bassette road!
the telling of *that* experience takes another 4000 words!]

a year later, after my two dreams, the last bassette living on bassette road, went into the nursing home. she died a year or so later: there was a Grand bassette Reunion. It was now Known that no more bassettes will live on bassette road.
no more clocks! that same year, the 'famious" bassette farm, in florida, was sold....
in the vision experience, yet to be written up, i was shown that
I AM TO BE THE CLOCK! the only one left!
as each bassette generation had a cycle of 19 years, since 1907, including my OWN life-cycles, i have a Good Guess as to my Options! i could pray for a life-extension, to make sure that i LIVE the years from my Encounter with the thousands of bassette souls, in 1995, a year after that barn dream. 19 years from 1995. 2014. i will be 73. same as my bassette father and his father lived.

yes, a year later, i was walking along bassette road and i *saw* all these relatives! saw with my Inner Vision, them all, gathered around the last house with a living bassette, on that road: she was due to enter the nursing home in weeks. i actually could HEAR some of them, with "clairaudient" hearing!
..."please oh please help us get free from the material physical world"! [QUOTE!!]

so today i prayed to Spirit to ask for at least 11 more years to live!!

Sunday, April 27, 2003

well well well!
I now have blogger pro. I intend to write much much more now: a new resolution.
the extra $$$ seems to be worth it, tis a faster page upload and there are a few more services. too, i feel that i "am a part of the blogger comunity, more now"!

hey it works!!

I have PRO, now, maybe i can even begin to get back to writing much more!!



it is here!
---the page loads faster, that is my first impression! and el-neato changes in the postwindow! anyway, i am still alive and kicking!!
now off to make changes in my weblogs!

Saturday, April 26, 2003


it is here!
---the page loads faster, that is my first impression! and el-neato changes in the postwindow! anyway, i am still alive and kicking!!
now off to make changes in my weblogs!


Friday, April 25, 2003

when WILL i get PRO?! the money order people tell me that my check has not yet been cashed!
so i wrote to about four email address, of pyra's, to see: maybe the letter is under all the other papers in his office.

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Interesting morning, Police at my computer terminal!

so here i was, about an hour ago, at the computer on the quiet second flor of the University Library. two police ladies came up to me to "check me out", check my ID and all of that. later....i went to talk to a librarian i know, here. he tells me that the new Director wants to 'kick out" any and all people who
"do not belong here"! the librarian tells me that he thinks her actions probably are not even legal: but i have seen this STRUGGLE in the librarian world, now, for years!

"serve the public"
"protect the books"!

many libraians that i have met must have all 10 planets, in their astrological chart, in VIRGO!!

I see, though, The Writing On the Wall, in this here post 9-11 times:
Insitutions getting very very CLOSED to any outsiders who are "not suppoosed to be there"!
meaning ME!

so here i am without a phone...they cost the earth, on a disibility pension, and if you add the internet provider's cost, plus the modem that i will need....well........

the Senior center has a computer center too, can i use them?
well....classes all the morning long and they are TOO also "protective"! but since i am a senior in age, i suppose i could go there!

the free wheeling days of the hippie may be well over! everyone becomes CARDED and only people who Have Reasons, can enter!
and you, and everyone else, *WANT* it that way.....why the reasons why i left the basement of the library in the first place was that for six months about ten homeless men would come to use the computers and all they click on is
The very chairs were saturated with an aura of "grunge"..."darkness' even if they were not there!
I WOULD...if i were the Librarian, i might even see if i could kick them out!!!
[they arrested, in CHAINS and drug him out in handcuffs, a man, a month ago, from the library, i saw it; they had him on the floor spread flat, sitting on him...a SEX OFFENDER arrest, perhaps sitting in the woman's bathroom stall so that he could take a peek, or maybe

so i would have to accept that this Librarian should check me out, and even kick me out, as i have to look at her Position from HER EYES!! I would have to agree with her!

....so what does this mean to my weblogging? the day may come when i will not post so often THEN there is that mystery about why blogger has YET to tell me that i have a "blogger pro"!!
i sent the check to them two weeks ago! in a couple of weeks, or so, i probably will go to my bank and have them "collect" on their money order; claiming it is lost! probably *IS*, if they had not cleared the check by then, as they might only be waiting for the check to clear first before telling me about my upgrade. but my letter could be buried under a mountain of chaotic mail, in their office, never never to be read by any of them....so i could just ending up getting my $35+ back! i should take my receipt in to
the teller office to see if it has been cashed yet, if NOT...well.....

moral of my rant today: the day may indeed come when me getting to a computer will be "iffy" on a day by day basis: might be a good thing NOT to have PRO!

Monday, April 21, 2003

I went to a interesting world-realm, the other night!

looked like the physical world: but i could tell that it was a spirit counterpart! looked "old Russian" to me. *was* "old russian"!

"old Moscow" in fact! i talked to people and walked around the squares and businesses of what looked to be a mixture of
....the physical Moscow...the memories of people who once lived there, but are now in the Spirit world...and the spirit world counterpart
to moscow, in the spirit world.

I cannot recall too too much, of what i saw, except the very last experience.

This was when I saw a large, heaveyset, man, with a beard....walk into a parklike setting and he began to sing! i could tell that he was, or IS [perhaps he came out-of-body too!] an Opera singer of great Fame and talant, now or recent, in the Moscow area, of Russia.
he walked into this park so that he could sing a
LAMENT for the great sufferings of the Russian peoples, over the years and years. Ilistened to this great oupouring Lament, this great feeling of Soul, for all the russian peoples. very powerfull and touching.

Oh the sufferings!
the Cold.
the communist party.
the Change-over to "currant day Russia"!
...and of the daily lives of all the people!

Saturday, April 19, 2003


I will now see, when my weblog is in the "new posted"...whether it is "blogger-pro"! I see no indication in the weblog itself, whatsoever: pyra might be holding the check till it clears, or ELSE the letter is covered by 492 other sheets of paper, on a desk, never never ever to be seen again!
in a month or so, i will submit to the bank to retrieve my $$$, i guess!

Friday, April 18, 2003

I got a letter from my aunt yesterday.

she asked me about her friend who had a dream. "what does this dream mean, freestone?", she asked!

---the friend dreamed that she died! then she ascended to heaven and saw places there!

I tried to "advise" my aunt: interesting, perhaps, what i wrote, perhaps you all may find it of interest, my re-collections of what i wrote!
.....Of course she may have this dream to be "only" of a psychological nature, i cannot tell from 1200 miles away! or, perhaps of aJungian nature where the soul-problem is such that the SYMBOL and the event are the same, but this symbol of a Change brings up a death-experience.
However....there is yet another reason!
Take my mother who somehow saw, or was shown, her life records.
A master told her, showed to her, that several years before her birth, while her soul was still in the spirit world, it was Set up so that she would die on a certain date. thus the Master told her," in ten years". her husband, my father, also was indicated, by this master, in my mother's vision...."but Dudley will live until he is 72"!
this set up, in the records, must have been in about 1905, on earth-time.
mother dreams this about 1965. in 1975, she dies: Apointment *is* kept!
Dudley, in the fall of 1986,two months into his 72nd year, is now in the hospital in intensive care: third heart attack in two months!
only*THEN* did i hear of my mother's dream! she never told hardly anyone but husband, i guess.
after mom's death, dudley turned against me. but a few years before he turned 72, he had a profound Spiritual Experience of some kind [i really wanted to know about it but all his short term memory was GONE, after the 3rd heart attack and the many many strokes Dementia-ated him!]. NOW, in the intensive care unit, he told my aunt, his sister, that he wanted to see me! [same aunt who wrote to me the letter!]. we two had a wonderfull reunion, i visited him, in the Home, for nearly a year. he died on xmas day, two months into his 73rd year! [the Gift-day: a year of grace!!]
was mom "wrong"?!
it was set up, in 1905, or so, that dudley would die at 72 years of age, in the fall of 1986. set up long long before 1986. AH! a major change was made, in "midcourse"! dudley's Conversion Experience
OVERWROTE the "set-up"!

so maybe the same for this lady. did she have some major recent change in her life recently, a change that might have overwritten her Life-Files?! Oh, but the ECHO of that set-up-death, would still occur, an echo that might show up in a dream, a dream of a death that was set up to have occurred today, but set up to have occurred in 2003... *then*, at that, maybe 1950 pre-birth time, but today this death is not to be.
...in my father's case, after about two months into my visiting, my aunt's mother-in-law died, on january 5th. she was bedridden for years and she could have died at the slightest cold, anytime!
THERORY: that the "fetchers", who were suppose to have come close to the earth, to help Dudley come to heaven, had arrived around the first of the 1987 year, now found that there was no "dudley to take to heaven"! so they looked around the relatives to see if anyone else was "ready to die"...."anytime"! that mother-in-law seeemed to be, so they took her.
and Dudleys funeral after Xmas of 1987?
NO ONE CAME!! a snowstorm kept even his friends away: my aunt was the Organist, and the undertaker, who had his office across the street [town of 500 people!], and the minister, were all that came...not even the pall-bearers showed up, i guess!!
I feel that since dudley was supposed to die a year ago, there was not a bit of "fore-plannings" for this funeral, as Dudley died "off the record": the Fetchers had taken the mother-in-law, the year before.
dudley was supposed to die in 1986 but Spirit gave him grace of another year, so that this funeral was in a state of "limbo": did not exist!
so life record setups CAN be altered.!!

---maybe even my own!!
your own!

...the "recent posts" are down!!

I still do not seem to have blogger pro yet!

either the check must clear first or my order got lost and in one month i will go to my bank and get my money order back as blogger could lose my letter under a stack of papers: betcha the office is really in disorder, as all creative offices ARE like that...means that there is "life" in it!!
....I will now go check to see if the "P" is by my blog, in the
recent posts...but surely my weblog would have some Indication upon it!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

well, if my Spirit Intuition is TRUE....that I will live another 11 years, well What next?! I , who am more than a bit Autistic and have such a "disibility" to chemical fumes that i may never work again....
what will i DO?!
[degression: my sister owned a business and her "right hand gal" was a wheel chair person. but this lady had more Access than my sister to public places, my sister *looked* healthey and "ok", but she had allergy to cigarrette smoke! she died of a lung condition soon after!]
so here i cannot be in rooms with smoke, perfumes, chemicals....
item: i cannot ever ever read the national geographic ever again: the *INK*!! the inksmell is so so strong, my eyes water, my lung condition is inflamed....no more of that S*#X@(!
same with
art shows
movie theaters
---you would *not* want to know how many times, in Piccidilily cafeteria, i have to get up in the middle of a meal and move, the lady who just sits down next to me has enough perfume such that she never has to ever worrey about being attacked by a rabid dog; all she has to do is to raise her arm up and that dog keels over at 50 yeards!!

...but Spirit will find something for me.

Sunday, April 13, 2003


the last few nights I have had many astral dreams where i go to the astral world and *become* other people! i spend from a moment to hours *as* someone, anyone: no one i know or knew here on earth.
different races, different places, all over the world.

well, sports fans, I prayed to spirit, trying to get a feel for "why"!
...was it to prepare me for my own heaven, soon: i *thought* so, as these expereinces have increased over the last few years!

SUDDENLY, in the middle of doing something else, when i was not thinking about this question, the Whole Answer came, as to "why"!

it was NOT for me, it was for them!

1 ---------------------
2 ---------------------
3 -------------------------
4 ------------------------

the person, the deceased soul, is on heaven level "3".
Spirit wants him to Bond with Teachings that vibrates at heavenlevel "2". Spirit is at "1".

but the Intituation will not "take" unless there is *ALSO* a vibration of the "cup" present: ...."1"!
THE EARTH! the earth that he was present in, once.
as he does no live on earth, and earth must be present, in him....I am Spirit-drafted to Be There.

then there was yet more Intuitions, all following at once: that i really "ought" to live longer here, JUST for this, as long as i am healthy and can sleep well so that i can ASTRAL DREAM, i can be of Service. so i prayed to be of such service.

there was yet MORE intuitions: that i might live till i am 73, like both my father and my grandfather did! 11 more years.

...means that i must live "very earthly": no high-falutin new age veganism for me! gotta be Mainstream and gotta be a Good Foundation, to be that CUP!

soon, probably as blogger gets my check and when that check is cleared, so that i get the BLOGGER-PRO, ACCOUNT, I will stop writing in the "one year to live" weblog, as their is a posting limit, to blogger pro. plus IF i live longer, the topic is not relavant. but i will NOT cancel the weblog, i will just let it sit here, as there are so so many webrings and search engine embedded links: i think that i subscribe to about 20 webrings! dont wanna break the chains!

so, soon, please come "over" to my "my life after near death experiences" weblog: i keep that one up every other day, or three!


Friday, April 11, 2003

...into the spirit world last night!

another dream, places and people, in various spirit worlds, afterdeath places.
I find it utterly hard to write about the experiences that i had, last night, there. so "not of this world"!!!
Scenes and places. "I" was not "I"!....i was someone else. I can see how and why, as in *this* series of Realms, everyone there did that: you did not meet someone: you *became* that someone!
got that, sports fans?!
if i were to meet you, say, there, i would become you. look at the world through your eyes. think your thoughts...feel your feels: *become* you! and i watched three or four people all merge into one person so that there was one person with four souls present!
then i woke up.
"woke up" as a "stranger" in his bedroom!! in vivid vivid lucid counsciuosness, i noted the walls, the window outlooking rural scenes. i then peered into the next room, the kitchen, where my wife and four kids were having breakfast. [i, frrestone, have no wife or kids!] i was someone else.
...then i woke up yet again, as "freestone"!!

------ seems that perhaps "individualism" has a whole different meaning, in at least some of the spirit worlds! perhaps if i were to meet an old deceased friend, there, upon my own arrival, he would not tell me of the 10 or so years that he has spent there! why, i would become him and just
REMEMBER what "I" had done during those years!!
ah, the Vaunted "i"! "counsciuosness" is counsciouness...does not matter who is being aware, i guess!

Thursday, April 10, 2003

well getting near when blogger will get my check!
then they may give to me "blogger pro!"!!
----this is sort of like..."either i am splurging, in my last few months"
"I will be here for awhile: be nice to help support the blogger community AND maybe have a better run weblog"!

tis now only about a month until my may 15th "one year to live", Vision, last year!
[even if true, may be months and months *after* may 15th...as long as it is shorter than "two years"!

that is...could even be march 15th of 2004!! as long as it is less than two years!

anytime after may 15, for the whole of the next 12 months!! i could die anyday, then!

but i will not chew my nails....not pay much attention, probably!!

I have the ever-increasing feeling that my "real" date to die was back there in the fall of 1998! dreams told me so, before and after....and after i was DreamTold that i was to live longer. so in a ever-increasing surety of knowingness...I am living, now, "beyond the end"!! the play is over and the audience has left and i am still on the Stage!
*will* be on the stage, until i am called or pushed off!

there was that [long story] affair with my mother, just before i left for college, in 1960. i was to go to Canada with my church minister
to go on a canoe trip: my going was to Particularly help him lead the younger boys! i would be "God's" "right hand man", in [heaven=Canada]...canada!
mother told me that i could not go because i had ten dental appointments; getting ready for fall college.
i told the miniter and he came down to talk my mother into letting me go.
she would not budge an inch!
I told the minister later....."yes even God could not talk my mother into letting me go"!!!

Perhaps, i see it now....Mother Wins here too! Spirit calls me to do some work, in heaven, but Spirit, ITSELF, cannot fetch me!
thus, in prayer, i tell Spirit to give my Position, of "helpingness", there in heaven, to other people who are Capible, in my place: i could INDEED stay here until my genes run out, or that i am
SARed away, or wared away or earthchanged away...or just
away! live another 30+ YEARS....

Interesting Possibility, this: that no death fetcher can retrieve me, no matter whom it is....
I am on the stage, alone, all my missions done with.

hmmmm....what can i DO?!
just what mischievious karma change can i make, with my karma?! what i can, and *will* do, in the next two years...twenty years...will surely affect what happens to me after i die, as when and if i ever get there, all of what was SUPPOSED to have been given to me, or what i could have done there, would be Gone! gone to others and all my friends, in spirit, awaiting me, would also have gone on!

a "brand new start" i guess.
"start on level one, square one", in heaven, after i get there, i guess!!

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

well soon i will have blogger pro. maybe in a week or a month

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

yesterday was a strange day for me! I went to the social security office to begin the Process of getting my social security at 62!
I spent an hour or more with a lady, filling out forms.
that night, i got my mail. in the box were three letters.
......the first letter was a letter from the social security office headquarters, telling me about how much i could get if i applied at different ages...62...63...64...65. this letter comes about three times a year; has NOTHING to do with my visit today.
.....next letter was from one of my two aunts, in upstate new york. she writes about my other aunt and her Husband. he fell out of bed and broke his nose...an old man of 80 or so. they took him to the hospital and they had to tie him to the bed and SEDATE him! he more or less , i sense, wants to continue to live as *if* he were 30, *OR* to die. [his 'death preparations" must be Zero!]
here is a man who lives only in the physical world and chooses all choices as if the tombstone were a dead end.
Period: "end of discussion" he would say!
........the third letter was from an Aquantance, from another city, who is about 68 and he works in a far off expensive city at minimium wage, living in his car. i wrote to him last week, telling him that..."all those years working as a very very high paid construction man, with the Union...your social security must be very very large...time to check it out!
his letter that i got says....more or less....I am a moth that flies around the light of life till it is over, then it IS over. [life is work, i will work till the end] the coffin eats....there is NO MORE! he writes how he will never never EVER check out the pensions and SS!! he hates the government!
[he is *very* "right of center"! feels a woman's place IS to cook and clean and STAY h_o_m_e!!!!!!!]
end of discussion, nothing more that i can say!

[betcha these two men are the tip of an iceburg that is about the size of Greenland or Anarctica! ...of all the men in this country!]

so what does this syncronism mean to ME?! ?????
...does it mean that my attempt to get SS is a fool's errand as *that* infers that i will live a few more years?!
....does it mean that "i am to 'work" for a long time: i will live to be 80 or so!?

? ? ?
be a while before i feel an answer to this one!

Saturday, April 05, 2003


yes another dream, sports fans, another dream where i went into the astral heavens, into the afterlife realms.....

I can recall, after i woke up, where I began to experience this Place. it was some kind of "testing center for newly arrived souls that had just come up from the earth, just after they died or maybe just after they had gotten past the "orientational phase" of the afterlife." it seemed to be where "psycho-social assesment" takes place---in the words of Social Work jargon. where souls are evaluated for where to go to next, in their heavenly progressions!
A Guide or guides took me on a kind of tour. I followed one soul, in his testings, i was told that ALL souls, here, go through the same routine. The person was first taken downstairs to a room. he had to walk down a few steps onto a "funny-looking' floor. "funny-looking" all right.....He ended up wading up to his waist in what looked like mud full of garbage, and WORSE! yuuuuch!
He was then told that this mud-stuff represented his Uncounsciuosness that was full of the "shit' of unworked-out life-stuff! [a christian might very very well call this stuff...."SIN-stuff"!]
all and any "unrepentant, unworked out, stuff", in the life spent on earth!!
Then he was taken to another room. there was a wall covered with what looked like ART PAPER , from the floor up to about eye-level. it *was* blank white drawing art paper, as this person was given a Palette with about ten colors of oil-paint and a brush. he was told to "paint just the colors of his choice, in smears, anywheres on the paper". when he did so, there were about four or six areas with a painted blotch: were not large as the paints on this palette only were small blobs of color. The Evaluation-team then pondered what he painted! i was then told that "where on the wall and what colors and anything else, there"....showed *utterly* to the counselors what stuff this soul was made of!! all spiritual Qualities Revealed!! then this souls went off to see a counselor to have his "next" heaven-level given to him, to go to, according to what was discovered from the "mud-room" and the colors.

I followed a number of souls, being evaluated. all of them had "mud" up to their waist and sometimes this mud had "unwholesome-looking stuff" floating in it!
then the guide turned to me and said....."while you are here and before you soon go back to your body, lets do YOU, to see where you stand, now"[!!]
...so down to that mud-room! this time I walked into that floor, not watching someone else.
...funny.....the "mud" was mud-colored, but it was only about 1/10th of an inch thick...like of a brown rug! then that painting wall....
I placed about five colors on the wall, but Interesting, in my dream-perception, i recall painting the blobs of color way up high, actually partway off of the paper, way up above head-level!
I could now sense that the guides were "shaking their heads"!!
they then told me that I was a very very old soul, such that I was even now "cleared"...[as in "security clearance"] to go, after death, to the Golden Celestial level, of heaven DIRECTLY, and that
..."when you are There, you can do *anything*"!! they gave to me a number..."72". [not my grade...some other...???? meaning!]

I awoke.
! ! ! ....??
my! what do i think of *that* dream, sports fans?! well after a day of thinking and Prayer, i have come to this: since i was told, in that may 13th 2002, dream, that i have one year to live, this dream probably has bearing upon that. only a month or three till may 13th!!
"do anything"...also infers..."gotta choose SOMETHING, as there will be no focus"!
so i meditated as to *what* i would DO, if told this, in heaven after i die! my first thought would be that I would be Estatic to be able to ascend to the Celestial Realm, now! the very immediate "next" feeling that i had, *would have*, would be that it would also be wonderfull if everyone that i knew would be able to come with me; sharing the Blessing with all. Wince! my soul-age, must be in the top 20% of the human race, and lots of people I know, and know of...would be of *much* younger soul-age! they could never be able to come with me unless they "evolved" their soul, greatly.
There are, however, vast vast "schools of progression" in the heavenRealms, so i read, and have experienced, in my visions....places where souls Learn, Grow, progress.

....a few years ago, Sathya Sai baba appeared, in a dream and he asked me..."do you, freestone, want to be a helper, to help progress millions of souls"?! [baba, and the Masters need all the help that they can enlist, no doubt: the need *IS* great!]

...so I made a prayer...."Father, I say "yes" to helping the Guides and Angels and Jesus, in this activity. helping souls "get up to speed' for the celestial.
so i asked, again...."where"?! " I could live longer, on earth, or come up in that few months ahead, so i ask you, Spirit, that YOU choose where: stay longer on earth...or die at the Time Given to me, according to WHERE I WOULD BE THE MOST OF "HELP"
to the "progressions of souls"!

there. *that* is the Ultimate, for me, "paper cover rock, rock break scissors"! this choice will decide all future acts: helping baba...Jesus...the masters, to progress millions of souls.

I let a few people's memorys-of-them, run through my mind: the people i met, over the years.
....."twinkle-toes", a man in 1992 Gainesville, who always seemed to
act like he missed his bus by three minutes, always a raincloud over his head!
.....a friend who i gave a copy of one of my Visions of heaven, dreams; and he wrote an e-mail to me..."we BOTH know, freestone, that YOU do not know what you are talking about"....and did not even sign the email!!!!
.....the 689,000 kids who listen to "anger-rap" music, and feel utterly *like* the music, each and every day all of the time!
....that bookstore person, last week, who is 78 years old and crying
all of the time...[death-denial]!
....the 3000+ tallahassee Homeless people.
.....the many CEOs and high-powered lawyers who made lots of $$$$ off of shareholders, making old people go back to work!
[I could fill 500 more pages of people!]

yes, what about *these* people? who is gonna hold their hands, when they arrive into a lower heaven?
can i do anything for them all, HERE, *now*, while still alive on earth, if only to just smile at them and say to them all a "kind word", when i meet them on the bus?!

so this is what is what, on April 5th!

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

there. i have Come to a resolution about the war, the Islamic Way....and Bush!! be my final article on the subject, as this short article will say it all!!

...first, a bit of "pity-partying"!!
I have Autism. i cannot think of more than one thing at a time! i cannot even eat with another person, as it is either eat OR talk: not both! i have whole meals on the table, after two hours of talking and listening, to my seatmate!
thus, i fail in "politics' as i can only hone in on a microscopic little one-sided-bit, of anything...at a time.

I had a Vision-Dream, once, where i was shown that Spirit gave this "dumming" condition to me, 'to make me suficently dumb"!! i talk about four times as slow as any other person and in any sports i am a secret agent for the other side as i fail utterly in co-ordinations!
...end of pity-party!

i feel bush could be making that mistake in invading, but i feel that he and his advisors have made a even GREATER mistake, a mistake that many writers do not pick up on! this mistake is that "the Iraqian people will welcome democrocy with open arms"!
NO!! they like the Islamic way of law and of life and
our not being Muslim is our problem, not theirs!

I have to go to the very Largest Picture, for this one!
here tis...

the AQUARIAN age rollover!! it is the end of the Pices age and the beginning of the Aq. age! Spirit tells me that many of the old souls, have finished the classes in "high school 666". Graduation is now! in this lifetime....when they eventually die, these old souls, they will never reincarnate again, here on the earth.
As they die, in the next 1 to 40 years, the ratio of "young souls' to "old souls", upon the earth, will change dramaticly! soon, as these old souls do not come back, there will be almost 100% of young souls incarnated upon the planet! in 20 years or less....
Most of the old soul guidence will thus be gone.
[a guide once wrote that when Jesus ascended, he took
many old souls with him, in similar fashion...that is why the dark Ages were so "dark"...no old souls left, in the west!!]
there will have to be, upon the earth, in the next 10 to 40 years, a Guidence system in place, for very young souls! at that 'age' of soul...probably a system of laws and morals and ethics has to be "external" to the innerness of this soul, as only old souls can readily internalize the Ethical ways, into their inner lives!
Young souls need that TRELIS or ARBOR, for their soulvine to climb up upon!
thus i feel that the Islamic way probably will be the very system for these souls! maybe the SUFI-way...for souls a bit older!
right now....the last thing the old souls are doing, before they die and ascend, is to be sure that they are INDIVIDUALIZED!
[how can one see God, face to face, after death, unless one first has a face!! that face cannot be..."your family's ways...your culture's ways...", it has to be YOU, as an individual! only a "you" can be saved....only a "you" can acheive "enlightenment"!!
Thus, there is a great Last Spasm, of individualisms, in the West, at this time!! naturally this is "rough' on the rest of the world!!
In about 20 to 40 years, as all the old souls die for good, "individualsim" will not anymore be....

this aquarian age cross-over, is, from what i read, *the* major 12,000, or 25,000 year major Graduation Point! this is why THIS time is so Radically stressfull...

we may all, us old souls, we may *NOT* have those "40 years"!! from my own Spirit Dreams and Visions...I see that from "9-11"....onwards, as the old souls die, Spirit may greatly accerate the harvest!

first there will be the
"Spirit Accererated Return [to] Spirit"
Spirit accerlated Return to Spirit. Hong Kong has over 600 cases now, and they find that some people sick can infect 40 or more people: they now fear that doorknobs and telephone hansets can carry the virus that has no cure! PANDEMIC! catchable as the common cold.
a cold that kills!!! and if you survive, you may take over a year to heal and a year before you work again, *if* you can work again!
what kind of economy will we all have if 60% of the workforce cannot work?!

Then there will be more wars. many of them!

then the 50 volcanoes will go off, the tidal waves spring into action, 200, or more, feet of water to every costal city in the world!
...by 2015....a 80% "kill rate" of the people of the earth....
then the Muslim way, or a similar system, will be established, to begin the new age on earth!

at the bookstore, yesterday, i ran into an older man, in the bookstacks. i see him at the coffee counter often on sundays. He laughed very nerviously and "self-put-down". I listened to him begin to "cry in slow motion". no tears, or bawlings...but a sadness near to tears! he was about 70 years old and in Profound


has has Zero come to terms with death, and he is standing right at the tombstone, on his "time's conveyor belt' of life! what could i tell him?? my mysticism?!
he is an "educated" professor, of the "liberal' type!
could i tell him of my visions of heaven?! no!!

there are many many older [and younger] people, out there, who are in death denials!
soon, death will be a companion for us all, all over the world, as things unravel, world-wide, in the next few years: time to Face that tombstone and get to KNOW that it is a door, not a dead end!!

I have had interesting dreams, over the years, sports fans...especially the last year!
i have gone to places, astrally, in the world. meet with people from all cultures, as we all are out of body, to meet, these people and I.
...there were a number of dreams over the last few months, and even last night...where i would go talk with a group of young men in white robes, white robes that they wear while alive, here on earth! the setting is in some Arab/islamic country, a country that is somewhat a desert, but not a desert, completely!
I know not the country. OR what we talk about! be amazing, [and sobering, for ME, if i were to find that these young men belong to the Taliban or to the Muslin
"resurrgence movements"!] we talk as equals, there is not a bit of "enemy-ness' to our talks. whatever it is they believe in...i also believe in it too! but i have no idea what this is, now!!

so that is my 500+ words, on this. Bush is doing a "last act' of the west's drama on "individualism! and of COURSE the "sin" of individualism, to a middle-aged soul, is to spread it to all other people around the world! Imagine; teaching algebra to 2nd graders! they may not be ready for it yet, in their souls!
[let us not ask if "invidualism" is really the right way, at all: too too many words would be needed, from me, to autisticly grapple that one!]
but Bush...and many of US, you and i, will soon be gone
from the west: SARed away, war awayed...or "earthchanges" awayed...and no more earthly incarnations
for us old souls!!



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