Friday, August 18, 2017

the rapture maybe explained.

Here an interesting piece (not recent, by the good channeler Paul
Shockley, who worked from 1963+), on how the 'good' people leaving
earth is part of the plan. Yes, I can imagine that. May take thousands
of years, but eventually the unpleasant humans would get sick of the
nastiness, and of having no innocent victims!

"Entities living in such a condition
are basically starting over, and may find that the only good in
their environment is whatever
good they can generate from
within themselves and attempts
to spread it among others in
their environment on this hostile
planet in order to have anything
of enjoyment available to them
in that new situation.
In other words, when the good
people of the earth have been
taken to a higher dimension and
only those of hostility remain,
then those of the hostility
attitudes will recognize what they have lost and may begin to
understand the value of higher ethical and spiritual principles and
they may then wish to start making changes within themselves to
produce spirituality and good in a very negative and hostile world. It
will be a kind of
a new start of spiritual evolution
beginning at the very bottom of
the spiritual evolution cycle.

There are many entities who
have a great disdain, in fact, a
hostility, a disrespect for entities
who are spiritual inclined or
entities who are basically good,
or entities who are loving in their
behavior. They see this as a
weakness, and they have
contempt for this. But when
these entities have to live in a
society wherein all people are
like themselves: equally hostile
toward any signs of goodness,
hostile toward any signs of
spiritual and human kindness as
qualities held by entities; when
they find there are no spiritual
people like themselves, and they
get no reaction from the good
people of earth, and only like
themselves are there to relate to;
they cannot shock each other in
the same way that they could
shock a good person.
They cannot frighten each other
in the same way with the same
results, that they might frighten a
good person, a loving person. All
they have is mirror images of
their own hostility among
everyone they meet.
Then such
entities will realize they are truly
in a kind of social hell and that
the behavior they have adopted
for their lifestyle is that which
gives them no satisfaction
whatsoever and the contempt
they have for the good people
of earth, for the loving people, is
unable to be expressed because
there is no one around like this,
no one is kind to exhibit or exert
your contempt for; then these
people will find themselves
isolated and there will be only
one thing for them to do besides
try to survive and stay alive.

There will only be one thing of
any value for them, and that is
to find something decent within
themselves, to nurture and to
cultivate. That if this can happen
for a few of these entities, then
the evolutionary cycle of spiritual
development on that planet will
begin afresh, and after
thousands or perhaps hundred
of thousands of years, that
planet will again grow into a
civilization in which many entities
are ready to be raptured and
move into a higher frequency, a
higher dimension.

This is the pattern of the
evolution of humanity as it
pertains to the earth in its
historical cycle. It has long been
a place where the dropped and
placed for learning how to cope
in an undisciplined environment
and the long period of evolution
has led the earth to a point in
which the good can be harvested
or raptured and taken to a new
planet on a higher dimension
and enjoy a greater peace than
has been available on this planet
heretofore; and those of a
negative nature will be left
behind as the planet spirals
downward in its vibration to
lower frequencies that are
emanating from those entities
who have little spiritual value."

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