Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Our civilization might be unraveling.

Our civilization is collapsing before our eyes!

The other day I was out walking and off in the far distance I heard a train whistle horn .    "Blah".   An industrial sounding horn with all of the romance of a gray freight elevator door closing, sound!
   Then I Realized, from that sound alone, our civilization is unwinding!
Once upon a time, years Ago, Amtrak, and other train lines, had a horn that warbled with several notes, ah such a mysterious evocative sound of mystery and exploration and wonder.  Made me Want to take a trip somewheres!
No more.  Not loud enough, the engineers said.  Away it goes.

Once upon a time the family took a trip by car.  Oh the mystery of riding along new roads, seeing farmers cutting hay, going through tiny towns and even stopping for lunch in Emma's cafe.  Local home made food.
No more.  Got to Get there quick?  The soul less interstate is taken.  You see nothing.  No one sees anything, all of the romance of that gray freight elevator!  You all ride for hours in that gray freight elevator!  You stop at a franchise fast food, just like the one you eat at near work, industrial food, quick fast and tasteless.
Fat free, sugar free, quick in and out, streamlining.  Kids even get bored in school as something with meaning will offend someone, so out it goes!  Thus the vacation is just as dull.

Ever so slowly, all of our Meanings, are being taken out of our lives.  Much of the time a "meaning" infers linking up with something greater than ourselves.  Ah no!  Must not travail our precious self and ego, must we!
Once God leaves, soon every single life meaning and purpose also Has To Go too!
Tasteless food, music, jobs, politics, etc.....soon follow.

Often if a person gets into this state of being, he gets angry and frustrated, often without knowing why!   There is no meaning to his life anymore!
She might now do drugs, or he becomes a sex driven man, trying to recapture something of meaning and purpose.
If driven to extremes, depending upon if he is a introvert or extrovert, he may commit suicide or if outgoing, he might take an assault rifle into a mall and bang...bang...bang!!  

Maybe this is one reason why we all voted the way we did, the issues of jobs and social stuff , is a mere cover for these deeper problems!
.....imagine someone now gobbling a pop tart for breakfast to run for that ten mile commute to a windowless office where the job is a paper pushers nightmare, then home again via traffic jam to a late dinner Alone, the kids are off to ballet lessons, and then some tv to soothe his addled brain.

A western civilization that has this problem, what is the Prognosis?!
Bad.....very very bad!
So many people angry and frustrated, why ww iii could be Evoked!  A super major "ah Muck it", to give the Middle finger to life and to go ballistic and nuke everyone back to 1880, where many of these meaning values once existed!  As if everyone grabbed that rifle and entered every mall! collectively, if turned inwards, this anger, to collectively "mind over matter" bring an asteroid to suicide us all, or to evoke eruptions of ten super volcanoes, to bring an end to this "life has no purpose or meaning" madness to an end!  Civilization suicide !   Why go on living, there is no meaning anymore to anything!


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