Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Ultimate authority figure that you cannot get away from!

Hi all.

Yes, how would one get away from these authority figures?

A couple of weeks ago, someone wrote to me a letter describing how she is moving to a Community of new age spiritual people.  The leader has been criticized, by some, as a cult leader.
I looked this leader, and his group, up.   I found first the website and right on the tin I saw a sentence that made my hair stand on end....he wrote, right on the introduction of the "about" page, this....
"Anyone who criticizes my leadership or our beliefs, even to themselves, why the backlash will come back onto fhem, with Gods wrath, to make the person have a very long period of negative experiences, as a reflective backlash "!

That saying was bad enough, but what I read in yet another book, also scares me.  Was a book that is a collection of channeled messages from very high up masters.  The highest of the high, masters that came through the theosophist society,s mediums.
One of them wrote...."if you criticize any of these masters works, even to your self, silently, and not even tell others, to criticize in words or feelings, the backlash will indeed come back to hurt you and your life!   Do not criticize our teachings, you will get a reflective backlash from it"!  


The ultimate authority escape.  If they are true, you have to BELIVE, or else, Very Bad Things will happen in your life!  

Perhaps the bible and fundamentalism is really the only way to go, if one wants a spiritual path!
Jesus never said something like this.  The fundamentalists say that EVERY channeled ,or medium given,  message, is really from Devils under Satan!  In fact my internet provider bans alternate religion sites, every one that is on their list, probably for a good reason!

When I die and if I find that the entire afterlife is filled with masters with this idea, I might very well find a tunnel  to go quickly down into hell!  I might be happy there.

Well, to join a group of people who follow such a master, is also dangerous for other reasons.  The sect,s beliefs often, like Christianity, comes with Baggage!  Like if you were to join this Community, they all might tell you to eat certain foods and if you do not, you will invoke the wrath of the leader!

But when so called high level masters give such warnings, I interest in new age ideas calls greatly!
These two quotes, in my words, has got to be the ultimate authority trip!
Even under an earthly dictator, one could think and feel one,s own thoughts. Here, you cannot !


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