Wednesday, August 10, 2016

My dream about how ww III will start!

Hi all.

I had a dream about world war three, last night, the 10th of August 
2016. it will begin.

, the dream was not all that long and I have noticed a pattern here.  
At the very end of the dream a Voice appears, as if an incursion from 
another reality down into my dream reality.
....oh I love those mis spelled words! I typed "another reality" but 
"anger reality" appeared instead. But there was no anger to his 
voice. ......
....then I typed it again and.....Nger....came up, as in ...Niger !
This reminded me of the middle segment, of the black man, I might 
have forgotten about this part if it were not for the mis spelled word!

Dream begins....I am standing on top of the Florida state 
meteorology building where the maps and observatory is. Only 
here, there was an outdoor area where I stood looking over the edge 
of the building to maybe six floors down and over the night time city.  
The guard rail edge was wide enough for a fish tank , a small 
aquarium , to sit on it. I looked into it and there was some sea 
creature in it and no water and a lot of doughnuts. Ugh....needs 
water badly...I took out the doughnuts and then I walked downstairs 
to find some water and a bucket.
On a floor below, I filled the bucket and went upstairs to the tank . I 
think now that critter was dead. Then someone came up the stairs, 
he saw me down below getting the water...
He told me...."we better get out of the building, NOW! We better 
leave the city now....he says the radio warns of ????

Scene changes to....I stand on a street looking at a two floor 
apartment building.
The wall in front is made of stone . Through the window I saw a 
black man leaning back against this wall, inside, he lives on first floor.  
I see it is night time.
As he leans, the wall begins to tip over, outwards! His eyes grow 
wide and he pulls away from the wall and he somehow stops it from 
tipping over.
The a light comes on upstairs and a white man in pajamas walks to 
the window to see what all of the commotion is about.

Scene changes to..

Me and that guy from the building are in a truck pulling a small 
caravan camper.
We drive along the night time road and up ahead I see a larger RV 
camper caravan parked Along the roadside and I see people fussing 
with the engine, the hood of the front was open. I 
guess...bonnet...for you.
We stopped to help.
As we all were talking, we stood besides the large camper and a 
window was open and then I heard what sounded like a radio. The 
very serious sounding announcer 
Sounded like one of those civil defense people giving instructions.  
But was far far more than this! This is that incursion I speak of.
He gave background as to what is really going on...

He says....

Ww iii happens in three stages.
One....Israel will launch an atomic missile into a nearby country. The 
nearby country then declares war, followed by every single Arab 
country then declaring 
war on Isreal .  
Two....Israel, being attacked by everyone around it, launches many 
missiles, and atomic bombs go off in most major Arab cities. the entire world is involved and missiles fly all over the 
world .
It's now ww iii and all of what this means......

The dream ends there.

Well, , that is my contribution for the morning. I can well imagine, like 
in my other such dreams, the Voice is first, then the rest of the dream 
is a reaction to the voice and its message. I cannot now interpret 
well those two first sections.
Maybe you all will have a better go at this.
A glass fish tank!? The critter inside was not a fish. Was some sea 
creature and not happy that there is no water. Someone had filled 
this tank with plain doughnuts, the kind that one can buy in cafes and 
shops, here in the USA.  
When I came back with water, I could smell death and decay and the 
creature was not now moving.

The apartment? The wall did not tip over.  

We all are fleeing the city. And why? The Voice says why...

So there you all are,. A ww iii dream

I find it amazing how there seems to be on prediction forums, several 
probabilities as to what happens to us all, for the years ahead.
Each probability seems to have its spirit advisors and guides!  

I did once read that someone had a prediction, years ago, that ww iii 
will be started by one of the two countries on earth with the greatest 
spiritual culture and history!! The predictors own choice of two 
countries were Isreal and India.
If ww iii IS in the cards, I would imagine that! That a country one 
might think would be last to begin such a war, would be first to begin 

Comments please....

Freestone wilson Shy

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