Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Maybe attention deficient people should be left to fidget and to move!

I read the headlines in today's Democrat.  While I only could read the front page, that article about
ADD , ATTENTION DEFICIT SYNDROME , caught my eye.  Seems the FSU research people think that the hyper ness of the constant moving is actually required for a good memory!
     I can see this! Activating the brain IS the same as moving!  The two processes are linked together as One, in a ADD person.  
    Quiet the kid, have him sit still, and he just cannot think!   In order for him to think and recall memories properly, he should Move, and move a lot, even twitching and fidgeting.  
   Just look at such a moving boy, does this movement, itself, mimic the brain,s processing?!  Of course it does.   Take him off those drugs NOW!