Wednesday, January 06, 2016

transgender movement and reincarnation, some thoughts.

this article for me has some VERY profound implications that none of the pro..transgender people have thought of.

Right now our community is in the awkward, liminal space where we move from past to future, from disempowerment to autonomy. We have endured decades of conflict. We have risen to the challenge of persecution and respect the countless martyrs who sacrificed to ensure we were no longer marginalized. Our struggles are finally showing signs of victory.

the radical idea, far far more radical , for me, is how reincarnation itself is being voided!

once upon a time, back near the early part of the century,  here is what rudolf Steiner thought about reincarnation and disease.


If you have a disease, you are meant to have it — its is what you need in this incarnation. Steiner did not rule out treating diseases any more than he ruled out charity to the poor. But “helping” the ill or the poor needs to be done with full consciousness of the possible karmic harm that may be inflicted. If a person needs to experience a certain illness in this life, we probably should not thwart this cosmic, karmic need. Trying to balance benign neglect with compassion gets complicated, of course.

Little or nothing happens entirely by accident

and  here is more.


One consequence of Steiner’s medical doctrines is that Anthroposophical doctors generally avoid giving inoculations. Steiner taught that because a disease may result from karma, interfering with the illness may simply postpone the inevitable: the patient will be forced to compensate, by having the same or a similar illness, in a future life. Addressing a group of doctors, Steiner said “If we destroy the susceptibility to smallpox, we are concentrating only on the external side of karmic activity.” [3] If karma is not fulfilled in one life, it must be fulfilled in another. Moreover, Steiner warned, there are conspiracies afoot that seek to trick people into taking medicines that destroy the soul. Black magicians and other evildoers work to create medicines that deaden people to all things spiritual: “Endeavors to achieve this will be made by bringing out remedies to be administered by inoculation...only these inoculations will influence the human body in a way that will make it refuse to give a home to the spiritual inclinations of the soul

In Anthroposophical belief, children need to undergo certain diseases. The illnesses that are generally associated with childhood play a special role in a young person's development, Anthroposophists believe. Children endure particular diseases as they attempt, unconsciously, to overcome the deleterious genetic characteristics they have received from their parents. Children need to gain mastery over these traces of inheritance so that their unique spiritual egos (their "I's") can gain proper expression. Thus, boys and girls should be allowed to undergo childhood illnesses — and vaccination should generally be rejected, since it can hamper this process.

the old idea of reincarnation seems to have a lot of ideas that infer that one should just accept one,s condition as karma and if you meddled with it, you would have to then redo the same lesson in another lifetime.

one of the touchy points, here, is where I have read, over and over, how if one incarnates "too much" as one sex, one has to reincarnate as the other sex, finally.  however just like a  bouncing basketball keeps bouncing,  if say a man of 20 lives in a row incarnates as a woman, he is still a man in soul!  thus lesbos!   the same with homo men.  the old ideas of reincarnation infer one should just accept the Role given and to learn to be a man.

ALSO, and this is very important, that behind reincarnation is an entire government system, in the afterlife, that helps one incarnate and yes, to ENFORCE the rules too!!
a whole system surely governed from a very high level in heaven.

what I am seeing here is a kind  of collective uncounscious that is rebelling against this and Taking Charge of their own destiny, subverting even the Angels and Guides, dictates for that incarnation!    more and more people taking charge, and not only in sexual preferences!

reincarnation as has been known, is probably going onto the scrap heap!
many many life plans are now being tossed into the garbage bin.   each of us now can create our own destiny, more, both here on earth and in the afterlife worlds!