Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Our civilization might be unraveling.

Our civilization is collapsing before our eyes!

The other day I was out walking and off in the far distance I heard a train whistle horn .    "Blah".   An industrial sounding horn with all of the romance of a gray freight elevator door closing, sound!
   Then I Realized, from that sound alone, our civilization is unwinding!
Once upon a time, years Ago, Amtrak, and other train lines, had a horn that warbled with several notes, ah such a mysterious evocative sound of mystery and exploration and wonder.  Made me Want to take a trip somewheres!
No more.  Not loud enough, the engineers said.  Away it goes.

Once upon a time the family took a trip by car.  Oh the mystery of riding along new roads, seeing farmers cutting hay, going through tiny towns and even stopping for lunch in Emma's cafe.  Local home made food.
No more.  Got to Get there quick?  The soul less interstate is taken.  You see nothing.  No one sees anything, all of the romance of that gray freight elevator!  You all ride for hours in that gray freight elevator!  You stop at a franchise fast food, just like the one you eat at near work, industrial food, quick fast and tasteless.
Fat free, sugar free, quick in and out, streamlining.  Kids even get bored in school as something with meaning will offend someone, so out it goes!  Thus the vacation is just as dull.

Ever so slowly, all of our Meanings, are being taken out of our lives.  Much of the time a "meaning" infers linking up with something greater than ourselves.  Ah no!  Must not travail our precious self and ego, must we!
Once God leaves, soon every single life meaning and purpose also Has To Go too!
Tasteless food, music, jobs, politics, etc.....soon follow.

Often if a person gets into this state of being, he gets angry and frustrated, often without knowing why!   There is no meaning to his life anymore!
She might now do drugs, or he becomes a sex driven man, trying to recapture something of meaning and purpose.
If driven to extremes, depending upon if he is a introvert or extrovert, he may commit suicide or if outgoing, he might take an assault rifle into a mall and bang...bang...bang!!  

Maybe this is one reason why we all voted the way we did, the issues of jobs and social stuff , is a mere cover for these deeper problems!
.....imagine someone now gobbling a pop tart for breakfast to run for that ten mile commute to a windowless office where the job is a paper pushers nightmare, then home again via traffic jam to a late dinner Alone, the kids are off to ballet lessons, and then some tv to soothe his addled brain.

A western civilization that has this problem, what is the Prognosis?!
Bad.....very very bad!
So many people angry and frustrated, why ww iii could be Evoked!  A super major "ah Muck it", to give the Middle finger to life and to go ballistic and nuke everyone back to 1880, where many of these meaning values once existed!  As if everyone grabbed that rifle and entered every mall! collectively, if turned inwards, this anger, to collectively "mind over matter" bring an asteroid to suicide us all, or to evoke eruptions of ten super volcanoes, to bring an end to this "life has no purpose or meaning" madness to an end!  Civilization suicide !   Why go on living, there is no meaning anymore to anything!


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Monday, September 12, 2016

Tallahassee trees.

Yes, choices.  When thousands of trees cuts off power for up to a week, choices will have to be made!

...from the tallahassee democrat newspaper.....http://
....."While more than 70,000 city utilities customers lost power with Hermine, service was restored to 90 percent within three days. The final customer in the dark wasn't powered up until Sunday afternoon, according to the city's power outage map.

“On the trees, I have to say it’s going to be, I suspect, a pretty aggressive conversation that will have to take place in our community,” Gillum said during a Tallahassee Democrat virtual town hall meeting last week. “My guess is we have to make some important decisions in the coming several months of what we are going to do about our tree situation.”

I can remember when I was about ten years old, they cut a half mile of healthy maple trees down, along the road, so that snow drifts would not block the roads.  I cried.   
   But now there will be choices.  What will happen if tallahassee sees a 110 mph storm?!   Probably you go crash with relatives in Atlanta for six months and you hope that after those six months when power is restored your house has not been looted or water damaged inside!
FSU the colleges closed for a year, while you are at it, find a job there in Atlanta as your place of employment is also blown away!  Then live there in Atlanta!

At least, how about burying the power lines underground, along the canopy roads.
At most, maybe It Is Time to cut down the canopy road trees and make these roads four lane.
If you have trees, they will fall upon your house, sooner or later!

I had a nephew, once, experience that along the New York  state road , they were very aggressively removing trees and removing hedgerows.  This road runs along the lake , for the most  part and has a bit milder winter.  Many people live along this road for that reason, easier to get to work.  
   First off, they removed a heritage purple raspberry patch.  Then next day, a walnut tree, on his front lawn, was removed, without them asking him!  Tree was on the road right of way!  Eminent  domain...
Months later, he got a very good job at Cornell university!   He discovered WHY they removed these trees and plants!  To stop the snow drifts from blocking the road at 7 am, when he and the other hundreds of people drove to work!  He "voted", thusly, for road clearances!
In a way, one now is supposed to buy your raspberries at the big grocery store, raspberries from maybe Central America.  That is what NAFTA is for, the trade agreement.  There are now more important things in life than heritage raspberries!  If these berries are so important, you would have to change all of your life, completely, to embrace them!    No commutes, wife stay at home to raise the kids, you and she spend over half hour time with food raising and preparing and no media entertainment.

I grit my teeth when ever I hear a chainsaw.  Another tree bites the dust.   But I see the Proper House.
Only grass, not even a tree or bush along the property lines.  No bushes along the house, they shade the walls and cause rot and mold.
Just grass.    Bury your power lines .  Harden your house against winds.  
There are probably many Midwest communities where the sign at the town limits might as well say...." Welcome to windy hill, pop. 4,700, Certified Tree Free"!  The next town over was killed by a of those town killers.

Friday, September 09, 2016

Talking too much?!

My last nights dream was not nice, though.  The nurse woke me up at the end of it, a not nice dream.

It was a play on my standard.....going back and forth, Interlaken, to Tallahassee....etc...etc...
Only this dream was where I returned from Tallahassee  and went to childhood home and found father living there alone. The house seemed also to be my aunt Betty,s house next door too, this brings a "spiritual" vector into the dream, objectively true, too, in some manner.
Father was out back chopping down dead trees into firewood.  All of the trees are dead.  The sky was dark gray, the atmosphere was oppressive.  The farmhouse felt like one of those horror stories you read of, a reclusive old man living in a run down farmhouse in poverty and filth. He lives alone, dies at 90 years old, then rhe relatives or the county find out how messy his house is!  
Filth, dirt, overflowing toilets, half eaten food sitting there for months .....

I wished I could just turn around and go back to Tallahassee!  Alas, I have now no money, having spent it all.  No money for gas, for rents.  I am stuck here.
Inside, father was baking some kind of black biscuits.  More like cakes.  Hundreds of them, in several pans.   As the nurse comes in, I resigned my self to helping him, gritty accepting my dreary future.....

After the nurse left, I lay back and dreamed a few more minutes.  Here now I was Told, Shown, by a faceless Someone, that I should take a pan of these cakes and go to the local school and go to the first grade and distribute them to the children in that first grade.  As this segment ends, I was doing just that. soul giving me a solution to my dream problem!

When i, went to breakfast, I came into somethings strange but very very telling.  I have trouble swallowing if I talk and eat.  Often I just want to sit there and think, not talk, while eating, or to enjoy my food, as it is food OR talk...or think!
  My 93 year old seatmate  , the only other person at my table so far, asked me if I were angry with him for some reason!  I  Then he have SUCH interesting stories and life experiences and while I have had these too, like of walking across part of Europe in ww ii, your tales and stories, of your life experiences, I find so interesting that I want to hear more and of late I have seen that you have stopped telling them to me and not talking with me!

I then told him about my chewing and swallowing problems and then I said...." You know, R....., in a way, I have had the distinct feeling, here at the health center, that as most people cannot respond to conversations, but that they can hear me, and that they want to pay attention to life and the living, that I really OUGHT to give hours of constant discourse, endless talking, even if about the weather, so to give Comfort to all of these wheelchair, often dementia, people!


So I told him some stories....I mentioned too how my talking often got me in trouble, like at Suannas mountain home, down the road a couple moved to a cabin on a mountain top and I would often see them at the store.  He fought her here from the big city.   I was told, just as I was packing up Suanna,s stuff to move, told that he really disliked me!  Why?  My talking to his wife, got her to pine for her urban days and now she wants to leave him to return to the big city.  He being a controlling type of man, I can sense trouble coming!

Ah, the dream!   The dreary house and surroundings is the health center, people's and the cakes are me bringing them to first grade as most residents here are in spiritual first grade.  

I guess I should talk more.....sigh...and maybe to begin to talk more like a preacher, a minister, that good old time religion.  That is ADVANCED STUFF , that fundamentalist religion!  It's way way way above most people,s spiritual development!     
Most people here cannot understand a thing, of course, often not their fault at all as the monkey on their backs, eating memory for food, the dementia  ....
Thus maybe just to .Talk.   Minutes upon minutes of just talking and maybe asking questions to get them to open up a bit to answer me.  

I am not good at giving discourses!

Some people have criticized me for talking too much!  I guess I really should talk far far more!  But more about the person that I am talking with!  But I can see this coming now...that I really "should" give discourses to all of the people waiting in line for mealtime, for instance, much like some India Guru giving discourse to his devotees!   They , here, tend to be lonely, and want stimulation and companionship, even if one sided.   Like that lady who cries like a baby, often, crying for her daughter to come to see her.  But she was just here yesterday!  Alas, five minutes after she left, the short term memory is now GONE!  Thus she never visits.  The only "solution" is to have that daughter be here with her every single second of every single hour, all day, week, months, long!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Fluoride in water causes diabetes and dementia? What?!

Ah, here is another amazing internet article.  The study has now appeared in many journals.

"The new study examined the links between water fluoridation and Type 2 diabetes, which has reached epidemic proportion in the United States. The numbers of people with the disease have almost quadrupled in the last three decades and are still rising. The study, which was published in the Journal of Water and Health, found that fluoridation with sodium fluoride could be contributing to the rise in diabetes."

Either one of two things are at work here!

One...finally someone has found a link between fluoride, added to water, and future health problems and those Cult like anti-fluoride have been right all along and that we all should pay deep attention to ALL of these conspiracy rants, they are right and the experts are wrong.  What next?  Vaccinations cause autism?  The US government blew up the trade center?  Contrails from airplanes do make us all ill?   Global warning is really being caused by the sun heating up?  Nicotine is the most life support compound known , light up a cig today!!


Two...finally the anti-fluoride people, after years of trying, have found something to justify their rants!
And THIS means something even WORSE!  That anything can be proven true and false.  ANYTHING!  Global warming, trump or Clinton, every news article, every study, every expert, has a bias and an agenda and no one can ever be bias free!   And every rant person can prove his or her point, just ask them, they will spend four hours talking non stop and that you will believe!  

Here is a more profound study about fluoride and diabetes and dementia!

"Fluoride consumption linked to diabetes using mathematical models
Regression analyses suggest association between increases in consumption of fluoridated water and type 2 diabetes

August 17, 2016
Case Western Reserve University

A recent study examined links between water fluoridation and diabetes"

Neurosurgeon Dr. Blaylock, author of The Blaylock Wellness Report, has warned of the dangers of fluoridated water for years, and believes it can cause a wide range of diseases. "Degenerative brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s are possibly linked to drinking fluoridated water," he

The Ultimate authority figure that you cannot get away from!

Hi all.

Yes, how would one get away from these authority figures?

A couple of weeks ago, someone wrote to me a letter describing how she is moving to a Community of new age spiritual people.  The leader has been criticized, by some, as a cult leader.
I looked this leader, and his group, up.   I found first the website and right on the tin I saw a sentence that made my hair stand on end....he wrote, right on the introduction of the "about" page, this....
"Anyone who criticizes my leadership or our beliefs, even to themselves, why the backlash will come back onto fhem, with Gods wrath, to make the person have a very long period of negative experiences, as a reflective backlash "!

That saying was bad enough, but what I read in yet another book, also scares me.  Was a book that is a collection of channeled messages from very high up masters.  The highest of the high, masters that came through the theosophist society,s mediums.
One of them wrote...."if you criticize any of these masters works, even to your self, silently, and not even tell others, to criticize in words or feelings, the backlash will indeed come back to hurt you and your life!   Do not criticize our teachings, you will get a reflective backlash from it"!  


The ultimate authority escape.  If they are true, you have to BELIVE, or else, Very Bad Things will happen in your life!  

Perhaps the bible and fundamentalism is really the only way to go, if one wants a spiritual path!
Jesus never said something like this.  The fundamentalists say that EVERY channeled ,or medium given,  message, is really from Devils under Satan!  In fact my internet provider bans alternate religion sites, every one that is on their list, probably for a good reason!

When I die and if I find that the entire afterlife is filled with masters with this idea, I might very well find a tunnel  to go quickly down into hell!  I might be happy there.

Well, to join a group of people who follow such a master, is also dangerous for other reasons.  The sect,s beliefs often, like Christianity, comes with Baggage!  Like if you were to join this Community, they all might tell you to eat certain foods and if you do not, you will invoke the wrath of the leader!

But when so called high level masters give such warnings, I interest in new age ideas calls greatly!
These two quotes, in my words, has got to be the ultimate authority trip!
Even under an earthly dictator, one could think and feel one,s own thoughts. Here, you cannot !


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

My dream about how ww III will start!

Hi all.

I had a dream about world war three, last night, the 10th of August 
2016. it will begin.

, the dream was not all that long and I have noticed a pattern here.  
At the very end of the dream a Voice appears, as if an incursion from 
another reality down into my dream reality.
....oh I love those mis spelled words! I typed "another reality" but 
"anger reality" appeared instead. But there was no anger to his 
voice. ......
....then I typed it again and.....Nger....came up, as in ...Niger !
This reminded me of the middle segment, of the black man, I might 
have forgotten about this part if it were not for the mis spelled word!

Dream begins....I am standing on top of the Florida state 
meteorology building where the maps and observatory is. Only 
here, there was an outdoor area where I stood looking over the edge 
of the building to maybe six floors down and over the night time city.  
The guard rail edge was wide enough for a fish tank , a small 
aquarium , to sit on it. I looked into it and there was some sea 
creature in it and no water and a lot of doughnuts. Ugh....needs 
water badly...I took out the doughnuts and then I walked downstairs 
to find some water and a bucket.
On a floor below, I filled the bucket and went upstairs to the tank . I 
think now that critter was dead. Then someone came up the stairs, 
he saw me down below getting the water...
He told me...."we better get out of the building, NOW! We better 
leave the city now....he says the radio warns of ????

Scene changes to....I stand on a street looking at a two floor 
apartment building.
The wall in front is made of stone . Through the window I saw a 
black man leaning back against this wall, inside, he lives on first floor.  
I see it is night time.
As he leans, the wall begins to tip over, outwards! His eyes grow 
wide and he pulls away from the wall and he somehow stops it from 
tipping over.
The a light comes on upstairs and a white man in pajamas walks to 
the window to see what all of the commotion is about.

Scene changes to..

Me and that guy from the building are in a truck pulling a small 
caravan camper.
We drive along the night time road and up ahead I see a larger RV 
camper caravan parked Along the roadside and I see people fussing 
with the engine, the hood of the front was open. I 
guess...bonnet...for you.
We stopped to help.
As we all were talking, we stood besides the large camper and a 
window was open and then I heard what sounded like a radio. The 
very serious sounding announcer 
Sounded like one of those civil defense people giving instructions.  
But was far far more than this! This is that incursion I speak of.
He gave background as to what is really going on...

He says....

Ww iii happens in three stages.
One....Israel will launch an atomic missile into a nearby country. The 
nearby country then declares war, followed by every single Arab 
country then declaring 
war on Isreal .  
Two....Israel, being attacked by everyone around it, launches many 
missiles, and atomic bombs go off in most major Arab cities. the entire world is involved and missiles fly all over the 
world .
It's now ww iii and all of what this means......

The dream ends there.

Well, , that is my contribution for the morning. I can well imagine, like 
in my other such dreams, the Voice is first, then the rest of the dream 
is a reaction to the voice and its message. I cannot now interpret 
well those two first sections.
Maybe you all will have a better go at this.
A glass fish tank!? The critter inside was not a fish. Was some sea 
creature and not happy that there is no water. Someone had filled 
this tank with plain doughnuts, the kind that one can buy in cafes and 
shops, here in the USA.  
When I came back with water, I could smell death and decay and the 
creature was not now moving.

The apartment? The wall did not tip over.  

We all are fleeing the city. And why? The Voice says why...

So there you all are,. A ww iii dream

I find it amazing how there seems to be on prediction forums, several 
probabilities as to what happens to us all, for the years ahead.
Each probability seems to have its spirit advisors and guides!  

I did once read that someone had a prediction, years ago, that ww iii 
will be started by one of the two countries on earth with the greatest 
spiritual culture and history!! The predictors own choice of two 
countries were Isreal and India.
If ww iii IS in the cards, I would imagine that! That a country one 
might think would be last to begin such a war, would be first to begin 

Comments please....

Freestone wilson Shy

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Why we all are becoming more crazy! End times is ahead!! My two dreams.

Here are two dreams that are almost certainly about the end times of humanity, if not civilization!
Such visions I cannot take lightly.  These two dreams will explain WHY the world is becoming crazy, and soon, even more crazy.  According to my second dream, partly down the page, I was given an explainarion as to why there is so much craziness now.  The explainarion, given by Spirit, infers a grand finish to humanity, within a few years from now...the Christian rapture, maybe.  Or ww iii, or an asteroid .
I do not know how all will end.

Here the two dreams are, for your "enjoyment"!  

......June 28th, 2016, my birthday, no less.....this is not good, such a dream on my birthday!

And I have a REAL nasty dream for you all.  Wince....and at
breakfast I interpreted it.
Really really nasty and rhe symbols interpreted are beyond nasty

....I spend many dream hours with my sister  Suanna .   Most not recalled.
But there is a lucid place in time.  I am riding in her car she
drives.  Out in the countryside and I have no idea where we are going.
I take a deep sigh, as the awareness apace becomes very very lucid and
focused and as if there is a much higher plane coming into this
moment, and I begin to tell her something, something
like....."I want to get your attention, Suanna"
Suddenly the air becomes VERY quiet!   I feel here like my
Pronouncement to the board of mayor people in purgatory when I
pronounced that the skies are clearing as now purgatory is to become
part of heaven!
Very quiet.
Then I gravidly and somberly made a pronouncement.  The kind of tone
of a hammer hitting an anvil.   Then I added to this statement another

I took another breath, slowly, then made another statement....
......often in dreams a number like 40 is really 4.   Thus the next four or five years is maybe indicated.....

The dream suddenly changed....
Two scenes one after another.

One...I am a looker on a street facing a woman's homeless shelter building.
There are homeless ladies on the sidewalk.  Out of the front entrance
come two ladies and they began a knockdown scratching, kicking,
punching fight!
No holds barred.

This fades out to the next scene...

Same type of street, but here I face a man,s homeless shelter.
I see the men on the sidewalk.  I see a white man facing the entrance,
about twenty feet from the sidewalk.  Out of the entrance comes a very
fat black man.  This black man is full of rage and lunges to attack
the white guy.  The white guy whips out a gun and begins to shoot many
rounds into the face of the black man.  Blood and brain water fly
everywhere.  The black man waddles forwards and the white man
Backs up still shooting.  The white man backs up to bushes and he
cannot back up anymore and the black guy still comes up to him and
collapses into him so that now both fall over, the white many falling
backwards with the other guy on top of him.

Woman's shelter....the uncounscious of mankind is at war within
itself.  More likely, the personal uncounscious in everyone burst
forth, the rages, hates, etc....

The mans shelter is the outward expression of this.  The black is the
uncounscious and it attacks the reason of the awake mind.  It bursts
forth, ala the door and attacks the counscious man....blood and water
flow....the astral and etheric ...etc...
  The counscious rational mind is trapped, is overwhelmed by the uncounscious.
The white man falls down , the uncounscious sort of dies upon him,
both fall, and the rational mind, the everyday life, collapses too!

The two scenes are, of course, deriving from my Pronouncement.

But are not we each and all sort of crazy now?    Well, we are mellow
and tranquil, now, compared to the REAL insanity coming!


And now for the interpretation !


Yes, sounds like something that comes from outside of me.   From My soul, from the meeting, from somewhere beyond me.

There is one little problem with the dating, !
"Begins next year".   I assumed, stupid me, that next year is January of 2017.
Do not tell this to an accountant, though, on June 15th !   HIS next year is July first , the beginning of the next fiscal year!  Then as the meeting window is maybe June 18 to June 25 or even June 28,  the determination that generates this message, then, happens in June.  Next year, depends upon the person giving the message, for some people, next year is after the summer solstice !   July first!

The Clue is in the word "NOW"!  
The word now, has another meaning than "right this minute", at least in America.
A very subtle turn of word, here.   "Now", here, means "a change of state, of being". 

The summer is here and now the temperature will rise to 80 or more every single day and this will begin next week.

The Christmas holidays are approaching and now the ads and themes of Christmas are to be upon us and all of this will begin after Halloween, next week.

Now it is supper time, so I will run to the kitchen and now throw something together, so sit down at the table time is 30 minutes from right this minute.

Now is the time for all good men to enlist in the army, and the requiring offices will be open on Monday.

The summer sale at Macy,s department store, is now on.  The doors open at eight am Monday advertisement in the Sunday New York Times newspaper.

.  Thus there is an inherent delay between now and next year.
Now is the time for craziness and it begins next year.

Ah, but is not we all crazy right now?!  Well, yes, 
But as the normal anger angst is maybe 5 to 15, fifteen years ago, year by year:   right now , today, the anger angst level might be 90 units.      But perhaps, by sometime the middle of next year the anger level angst might be 34,000 !!
Thus the 90 is really a nothing compared to what will be.

And this goes on for  40....50 years!  Or four or five years, Yipes!

Another clue .  The sheer lucidness of this one moment.  I can recall now from memory some of the dream.  Obviously it is hard to describe the feeling of lucidness.
Here in the dream, it is like one is in a daze after an operation and you awake in the hospital and yes as the doctors will awake in bed but it will take days for the anesthesia to wear off there you are, in bed, very groggy.  The doctor comes in and gives to you a shot with a needle.  You suddenly are now VERY awake.
The doctor now says that I give to you a jolting substance to awaken you temporarily 
So that I can tell you about the success of the operation and then you can recall my words later.  So you are now very awake and hear the words of the surgeon.  Then you fall back to being very groggy, again!  Only for a moment you are awake!
   So it is thus, here.    This lucidness is the Moment of Truth and probably there is not a trace of Any symbolism in the words.  Straight on literal  .   No symbolism in the numbers. 40...50 years do not have another meaning!  

Then the two scenes ....amplify the message.
Both are the same scene.  Almost the same scene.  But the sex roles are different.

.....not just no home, these are people, thinking right or wrong that they hold a short end of life,s stick, !   Like those poor residents being more or less told to just leave that part of Berlin so that the upper crust rich can have this place to live.
Or a black man who hates police as the police for 300 years are the tools of the white man to keep them in line and repressed !   The abused woman.  The sexed child, from the bbc comedy child program star!   All of the poor people.  All of 
Thieves who want everything that you own and it is  their RIGHT by golly that they get it!!   The child sex person knows it it in his bones, his genes, and never cured.  He DEMANDS his life, his rights, his way of living.
"If you can change me to normal, then I have the perfect right to change you to the joy of child sex"!!

In many ways, every single human on the planet is homeless in some way, in their lives.    
Very soon each such homeless person will come out of that shelter with a ak- 16 assault rifle or a atomic missile and file away at the Oppressing forces that are withering his life!  That is.....all of us.  Each of us is Angry about something!

....the two homeless shelters...

Two ladies fighting.    I suppose
This is the inner.   One repressing ideology against another, inwardly.

The men?   The black man is attacking, the man defends , but the black guy just keeps coming and then falls upon the white man at the edge of the street,  tiny detail recall, at the very end, says that they fall into the bushes on the back side of the street, the white guy shoots the gun over and over as the black comes down the steps and across the sidewalk and then across the street. Eventually the now dead, dying, black man falls on toP of rhe white guy and they both go down.  Down not only into the bushes , but I sensed a hill behind these bushes where there is a sort of cliff and both fall down....down...down...both are now ruined. 

There is a telling tiny detail about these shelters.
The woman's shelter has the two fighting ladies come, both, out of the building.
This again reinforces my idea of internal conflict within the inner, the subconscious.

The mans shelter, why an anger black man charges out of the building looking for a target and he sees an innocent side walk walking white man, and fixes his anger on him!   Here, the eruption comes FROM the subconscious, TO the outer life, the world!  the two ladies, comes out and then ravishes the intellect, over powers the self discipline,  the life of someone, who has this happens, goes down, over whelmed.   Rage wins.  The man or woman so over whelmed, then does things nasty, beyond what they might once only thought of doing!


Acts out.

50,000 years of oppressions now get their due, get their time for revenge...
Tito death and Yugoslavia, I am looking at you!!

The pot boils over....

There will be no winners.
Everyone goes down.
Everyone will be guilty .
There will be no soul survivors, the feeling is that there will be no innocent people, by the end of those many years!   

Obviously there will be old old souls and awake starseeds and the like, who will transcend this, but for the rest of us, not many will not be in this Arena!

That is, my feeling, from this dream, taken FROM the dream, Alone....

There is no indication here if ww iii is part of this, or not.

Tis also the very same lucidness where I was told, or said, avout the war upon war, waves of wars, then in great lucidness telling that one man stranger on the road that this IS the end times and that one can now warn everyone, then I run on down the road.....


A few days later I had another dream.   A dream that explains why the anger will be increasing!

July 13. 2016

Hi all

One holly crap end time dream!  

Freestone takes a deep breath.   He can dream little nothing's, twitches of brain nerves, for days.  Then suddenly a dream that lights up the sky like fireworks.

Freestone stops a moment and takes another deep breath.

Some of my dreams seem unreal.  Some are nearly not describable .   
This one, is mostly Tone and feeling, the images are all blurry and scrambled together.   The written messages are only dimly read, I will try to put what they say, into words that were on the sheets:  not my own words i might use!  But I will fail, of course, to be completely objective in using the words on the sheets!

The dream begins.  Sort of.   Hours it seems of Trudging.  Walking where the sky is dark, the kind of sky that is cloudy and sun is just about to go down.  I seem to be walking in a town.  The air is thick and dark, if I could smell, I imagine that I would either be smelling chemical fumes or an open sewer.   I can barely see 100 feet.
Foggy too.   
In addition, the ground seems covered here and there with black goo.
There seems to be no plants alive.   There are street lights but they are useless.
Also the air is thick with Something Else!   I sense more than see, blobs of light floating about.  Like as if it is standing room only, here, the entities are here shoulder to shoulder .   Mostly in the subtle regions.

I trudge along streets.  The buildings would never make magazine covers.  Dark, drab.
I finally enter a house.   

Sync alert!

When I was proofreading that area about me entering a house, another confused dementia lady wheel chaired herself into my room!  The nurses had to come to get her out as she was stuck there in the doorway after trying to back out!

Ooooh, bad news!
Junk all over.  Like who ever lived here was a messy .   Worse, there is black goo here and there on the floor and this stuff looks like shit.  Then add some piss to it, also.  How about some not so dried blood!   Then mold on the walls and peeling wall paper and hardly any light.   There is a desk or table with a lamp.    The atmosphere is utterly stifling, and more than just no open windows!   Again I see sparks of light and flickering blobs of light floating about.

Fortunately I cannot smell,    Nor can I hear, I would imagine the curses, yells, screams, moans....would wake me up!

I walk over to the desk.
A large long table of a desk, with the lamp.  
As if I was dream drawn to this house, this room, this desk!

On the desk were two sheets of paper.  One was a open newspaper, a large newspaper in sheet size.  Next to it was a pure white sheet of paper that had a masthead on it that looked to be something from a government department.

First, I looked closely at the newspaper.  The paper was drab and here and there was moist and dirty.  I could read the words well, though.
I cannot recall most of the exact words, forgive me.  But the tone was clear and so here attempt.

....the sheet was a open two page article.  The article was about WHY everything out there and in the house was the way that it is.  The writer wrote about demons and 
Hell.  There, there are demons and fallen sinful humans. Above hell are the purgatory planes and then above them are the astral planes.  He wrote some about the subtle areas of the etheric also, the back plane to the physical earth plane.
   It's the Time of the gathering!  Just at the rapture of everyone, all of the demons, the lost souls, the sinful hell dwellers, the unsaved purgatory dwellers, the normal unsaved spirit dwellers, all come together into one area.  And all of these entities bleed into the etheric and the physical plane earth, as well.   As the Christ energy came to earth, in addition, EACH of the entities listed, above, also is in contact with the physical earth as well and in fact the Gathering happens ON the earth, such that the entirety of hell and purgatory will erupt onto the earth all at one time!!
   Everyone will then be Taken into spirit for the final judgement.  The day of the lord is now here!   All at once , all the demons, lost souls, etc...will be judged and Placed.
But that they all  have to appear on earth, first.  Thus purgatory and hell must level up to the earth plane and appear there!  Empty out INTO the earth plane!

There was also something about how the reason there are now so many negative entities coming up or..and..down to earth is not because mankind has sinned, so much, that the reason for this Influx is due to that 

It Is Time

For this event to happen, within the context of the history of mankind!  
For when mankind all comes together for a kind of rapture experience, at the end of the age, ALL of the parts of mankind comes together, each and every soul, Saint or sinner, comes to be One, in the light of the Christ, deserving or not.  Only those who will pass the test of the final judgement, though, will go on to His worlds!
So demons, sinners, the unrepentant, etc...all shamble to the one meeting place, the earth plane.  They all will face the Singularity of the moment of time and space...time will end, space will end, for earthly dwellers....for when it ends for the earth, it will also end for them!!
This meeting must occur, no matter how pure the civilizations...100,000 plus years have generated many lost souls, human enabled demons, etc...etc...and they all must come home to earth where they once begAn their incarnation journeys.
The circle must come around to start point.

I stood there trying to understand.   Dizzying.   I could not read all of this paper.
To describe what was written, I fear, already, that I have added some of my own words and ideas to my descriptions!

My attention was then directed to the letter, a standard letter sized sheet with writing on it.  I was struck,  by this sheet.  Was very white, almost like it was lit up from inside of the sheet.  The sheet was also untouched by any of the dirt that exists in this house.   Like it fluttered down from heaven itself!   Was clean and spotless.

I looked at the masthead.    Was from the United States Air Force!

The letter sheet , on the masthead, below the originating address, was a notice that this letter is directed to go to freestone wilson, for him to read.  The introductory paragraph below this indicated that this letter is actually a Order, like an order assignment to me.  Not an order to move Anywhere, though,  it was a statement of clarification .    

Then there was the Order itself, below that paragraph.

The order says that there are articles written, in newspapers, about what is really going on today, in the world, from a spiritual context.   One such article was sent to your address.

.....the one on the desk.....

Regarding this article, and the reality of the conditions, today, 
It is official from us, at headquarters, USAF, that everything in this article is absolutely true!  We want you to Know what is really going on....
Thus that now you Know, you will Understand better what is going on and also not to judge poorly humans for being negative not judge them for being sinners, as this gathering has nothing to do with how sinful humanity is.


Fin de sickle. 
The Hamlet outcome.

I wonder....?!

How will the singularity hour play out?   
I gather that maybe 90 percent of this will play out in the astral planes, the etheric areas.  But for us all here on earth, does not look very good!

Stamped Official, this dream is.   This is really what is going on!

So now, in this long read, I have given to you all two dreams, the second explains the first.

I predict that from now on, tuning on BBC, Fox News, or CNN , first thing in the morning, could be hazardly to your mental health!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Why do relatives shun dementia relatives?

   I discovered something Important about why many relatives of dementia patients do not come to see them or even to send cards or money, they often let one caregiver do it all!

All comes from where my social work lady told me how she knew of several ladies, in a circle of friends, once she had symptoms of dementia her friends dropped her like a rock!

I have noted several cases where a caregiver of an alzeimers relative does it all.  While the others live far away, they do not call, do not help, do not visit very much.

Recently I talked with someone who caregivers and none of her relatives seem to do very much in the way of caregiving.
I told her that it is not that they are lazy and self centered, letting her do all the work of caregiving, it is that the dementia mother reminds them of THEIR vulnerability to dementia!  The genetics alone is scary!  Runs in families.  So they do not want to hear, know, anything about dementia and to stay away is best to not face their possible futures!      
But these people, are all high level professionals and naturalists and professors!  Should they not be more educated and understanding?!
NO!  They more intelligence one has, the more one stands to lose.....!!
Imagine a. College professor , now, in the nursing home, now a baby again, being dependent upon everyone for everything.  Imagine that he cannot now tell time, nor the date or even to know where he is!     To be reduced to a Nothing....
Since there is, often, in these cases, no spiritual life, there is nothing.

Tis a bit like a root canal dentist appointment scheduled for four months away.  Ah...safely four months away.  You do not even look at that calander month, on the schedule calander on your wall.   Only when that month appears do you see it.
Out of sight is out of mind, thus the relatives stay away and even to send a card or donate money REMINDS them!
So I can understand now why there are "uncaring" relatives!   One often has to deny, repress, just in order to be able to live!   Imagine being 45 years old, in a family where every lady gets early onset alzeimers at 50 years old!  A daughter,  being this age, if she always Knew, she might be so paralyzed with fear that she might have a nervous breakdown.   She she represses in order to be able to continue to function.
    Perhaps the only way to embrace such a future and to continue to live well, is to also accept death and to know that there is an afterlife.  To live a spiritual life, In Other words......

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Maybe attention deficient people should be left to fidget and to move!

I read the headlines in today's Democrat.  While I only could read the front page, that article about
ADD , ATTENTION DEFICIT SYNDROME , caught my eye.  Seems the FSU research people think that the hyper ness of the constant moving is actually required for a good memory!
     I can see this! Activating the brain IS the same as moving!  The two processes are linked together as One, in a ADD person.  
    Quiet the kid, have him sit still, and he just cannot think!   In order for him to think and recall memories properly, he should Move, and move a lot, even twitching and fidgeting.  
   Just look at such a moving boy, does this movement, itself, mimic the brain,s processing?!  Of course it does.   Take him off those drugs NOW!

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

transgender movement and reincarnation, some thoughts.

this article for me has some VERY profound implications that none of the pro..transgender people have thought of.

Right now our community is in the awkward, liminal space where we move from past to future, from disempowerment to autonomy. We have endured decades of conflict. We have risen to the challenge of persecution and respect the countless martyrs who sacrificed to ensure we were no longer marginalized. Our struggles are finally showing signs of victory.

the radical idea, far far more radical , for me, is how reincarnation itself is being voided!

once upon a time, back near the early part of the century,  here is what rudolf Steiner thought about reincarnation and disease.


If you have a disease, you are meant to have it — its is what you need in this incarnation. Steiner did not rule out treating diseases any more than he ruled out charity to the poor. But “helping” the ill or the poor needs to be done with full consciousness of the possible karmic harm that may be inflicted. If a person needs to experience a certain illness in this life, we probably should not thwart this cosmic, karmic need. Trying to balance benign neglect with compassion gets complicated, of course.

Little or nothing happens entirely by accident

and  here is more.


One consequence of Steiner’s medical doctrines is that Anthroposophical doctors generally avoid giving inoculations. Steiner taught that because a disease may result from karma, interfering with the illness may simply postpone the inevitable: the patient will be forced to compensate, by having the same or a similar illness, in a future life. Addressing a group of doctors, Steiner said “If we destroy the susceptibility to smallpox, we are concentrating only on the external side of karmic activity.” [3] If karma is not fulfilled in one life, it must be fulfilled in another. Moreover, Steiner warned, there are conspiracies afoot that seek to trick people into taking medicines that destroy the soul. Black magicians and other evildoers work to create medicines that deaden people to all things spiritual: “Endeavors to achieve this will be made by bringing out remedies to be administered by inoculation...only these inoculations will influence the human body in a way that will make it refuse to give a home to the spiritual inclinations of the soul

In Anthroposophical belief, children need to undergo certain diseases. The illnesses that are generally associated with childhood play a special role in a young person's development, Anthroposophists believe. Children endure particular diseases as they attempt, unconsciously, to overcome the deleterious genetic characteristics they have received from their parents. Children need to gain mastery over these traces of inheritance so that their unique spiritual egos (their "I's") can gain proper expression. Thus, boys and girls should be allowed to undergo childhood illnesses — and vaccination should generally be rejected, since it can hamper this process.

the old idea of reincarnation seems to have a lot of ideas that infer that one should just accept one,s condition as karma and if you meddled with it, you would have to then redo the same lesson in another lifetime.

one of the touchy points, here, is where I have read, over and over, how if one incarnates "too much" as one sex, one has to reincarnate as the other sex, finally.  however just like a  bouncing basketball keeps bouncing,  if say a man of 20 lives in a row incarnates as a woman, he is still a man in soul!  thus lesbos!   the same with homo men.  the old ideas of reincarnation infer one should just accept the Role given and to learn to be a man.

ALSO, and this is very important, that behind reincarnation is an entire government system, in the afterlife, that helps one incarnate and yes, to ENFORCE the rules too!!
a whole system surely governed from a very high level in heaven.

what I am seeing here is a kind  of collective uncounscious that is rebelling against this and Taking Charge of their own destiny, subverting even the Angels and Guides, dictates for that incarnation!    more and more people taking charge, and not only in sexual preferences!

reincarnation as has been known, is probably going onto the scrap heap!
many many life plans are now being tossed into the garbage bin.   each of us now can create our own destiny, more, both here on earth and in the afterlife worlds!