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a dark violent Labor Day dream vision!

oh dreams on Labor Day.......
one was prophetic.

mine was not good.  actually my dreams were TERRIBLE!!  beyond terrible.
the tone is Black with a tinge of red.   

there were several of these dreams, all with the same tone.  I suppose there is an order to these, but I cannot recall which came first in the order.  I suppose too, that I should begin with the Voice, the Voice that told me the labor day Message.  this voice dream was first, in time order of dreaming.

voice.....the human race is about to enter a time of violence which might be the greatest amount of violence for the entire history of the human race!!........

comment by me....my feeling is that while there might be some peace loving people who would want to just hide out from being raped, tortured, or killed, even the peaceful people will become violent too!  you too, ye people  who are old souls, might choose to kill, rape, pillage!

next dream.
.....I am standing on the road in front of my childhood home.  tis night and so black that I can barely see along the road.  the road goes down a slight hill and I see a slight car accident between two cars.  one of the drivers gets out and the other car has a man, woman, And child get out. the alone driver is enraged!  he looks to have a tire iron in his hand and he runs up and hits all three people very hard in quick succession!  they fall unconscious and he immediately pitches them into a nearby creek pool, to drown and die!  he then looks up and from far off, he sees me watching.  I duck and back up hoping he did not really see me and come running after me!

next dream.
I am driving At night, pitch black dark, on a two day trip.  I arrive in a valley at dawn and I notice that there is something really strange about the sunlight!  the air is white with a certain kind of white glow as if there is a high level mist in the air, up in the atmosphere.  the sky is white gray.
one more day to go.

comments.....nuclear or volcanic winter, anyone?!   I have maybe two years left of my life?!

last dream.
I am in the Air Force and up here on the second floor are my rooms that I work in, for my duty.
these rooms Are also in my high school, my home room is one of them.
        comments.....I have so many of these dreams, always means....my life from day to day year to year, my life of 74 years.
    tis late in the day and nearly time to quit.  workday is about over.  I leave the main room for a few minutes for some ??? errand.  I return a bit before five pm, quitting  time for my shift.
as I enter the hallway, I see that all of the lights are turned off. almost dark in here as near sunset.
I enter my workrooms to see that all of the lights are off except one small table lamp next to a computer.  no one is here!  they all left early and the rooms are now empty of people. even the trash has been emptied and the paperwork out...box is empty.  nothing here but dark dim seen furniture.  I then prepare to lock up the doors and to leave, as now everyone else has left, early.

comments......what ever fated time I have left on this earth, I might leave early.
but again, I live in a senior home with a number of Alzheimer's people, and this dream is also a good symbol of their currant state of life!  my room mate next door!  why he indeed is now just a small table lamp next to a computer.   

summation:  the Voice sets the tone for the dreams, all of the actual dreams to follow are kind of self reactions to this Message.  there might not be a shred of prophecy in these except for me alone.    

Sunday, September 06, 2015

evening rain clouds

evening rain clouds near Tallahassee. the rainy seasons is still sort of on.