Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Our children reflect us!

Yes, our children reflect us all. No, I do not mean two to fifteen year olds, I mean the ghetto people and many of the homeless. Black or white or red.
For what ever reason, many of these people cannot achieve what most of us seem to want in life and thus they take up our shadow selves!
   What kind of role models do we present to these People?  Look in the mirror as you drive down inner city ghetto street!  See yourselves reflected.
Do we all Adults teach goodness, ethics, truth, love?  Better yet, do we all Live with this teachings?!
Do we secretly admire the criminal?  Do we want to get ahead at all costs? Do we value Tthings and material goods as an end in themselves?

Who do we pay the most salary for?  Football players and top CEOs, perhaps. I, myself, think that schoolteachers and librarians and other teachers and healers should be paid better. These currant pay scales shows the Kids what is valued!
Spirit, soul, God, spirituality......these words and concepts often do not exist, for many people. Very little of these concepts trickle down to the front lines in the ghettos and on the streets.
  So maybe we have the man children that we deserve. They Want, just like we do. And they do not want Authority to stop them, like us!  They want it now, like us, as death can come at any time so do it now.  We muffle death and hide it, we think we have all the time in the world. We do not.
Of course there is very little said about an afterlife and a life review of the life that was lived.

First, we all must get our ethical moral house in order. Then institute a culture of love truth goodness. Then spend a Lot of effort to inspire these adult children how to live.

For now, many of these adult kids are having a temper tantrum, as they want everything we have and they want it now with no parent to stop them!