Thursday, August 14, 2014

Robin Williams is all of us, to be!

Robin Williams was 63 years old.   he was diagnosed with early signs of Parkinson's, I read.

 we live longer nowadays.  will soon live even longer.  thus these types of elder conditions will soon become the norm.
Parkinson's.  diabetes.  senility in one form or another. strokes.

his struggles are, or will be *OUR* struggles as each of us lives to be 70 to 110 years old!  cannot hear very well, cannot see very well, cannot walk around: there are people in my senior home like this and many of these people might have 10 to 30 years of life ahead of them yet.

your Second career Awaits: Medical management!  go to doctor three to four times a week. 10 to 20 pills a day, complete with side affects and Forbidden foods.  half the people in my building take anti-depressants and or sleeping pills!

so Williams is Us, and Us-to-be!

they have a problem, I read, in St Petersburg, Florida.  seniors seem to fall off of high rise rooftops!  somehow they get up there and *just fall off* the edge of the roof to the concrete parking lot 10 floors down!

you got to have a carrot on a stick to urge the Mule forwards!  got to have something to live for to get you up in the morning.  Spirituality, for one.  your soul is ageless and can grow and love life even at 90 years old, like of my Aunt in upstate new York!

freestone wilson