Tuesday, April 01, 2014

a reason why many seniors get angry, bitter, or depressed!

I just had, today, another insight as to why many seniors seem to get angry and complaining, a lot.  the old bitter man syndrome.
actually very simple:  as one gets older one becomes more set in their ways of self-concept.  thus the difference between their "I and not-I" becomes more and more evident.

Then anything "not I' becomes threatening to that self-concept of theirs.  this makes them hold on to their self even the closer.
   I listened, today, at lunch, my three seat-mates go on and on and on, for maybe 30 minutes, about how "so-and-so" does this stupid thing and how someone else is a jerk.  I soon found a way to get up and leave.
  also, as the times become ever the more "modern", the gap between one's self made up of 1970 stuff, gets more at odds with the modern 2014 stuff around them!
  some seniors do a "machine-gun" hold up their index finger and rant at and to God and to the world, if you were to plug this finger into an electric socet it might power the city for an hour or more!  other turn this inwards and sulk in Gloom and moroseness.

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  1. Hi, Thanks for your post. I sure agree with you. You have a choice everyday to be happy and positive or not.