Friday, March 28, 2014

everyone is right!

Yes, everyone is "right"!  I have found that even the most angry, "sinful",  outlaw-like, or "contrary-to-my-views", person, has something of a Truth in his or her beliefs!
--the old man who "breaks before he bends", never changes and is in your face for hours, talking at you about his fixed Opinions: you find out he was on the front lines of WW II and his Medals of Honor show that he helped saved civilization for you!  you do *NOT* bend or change, confronting the Nazi troops, if you hope to win out!
---the lady who embezzles thousands of $$$ from a charity she works for, "oh how awful"!  then you learn she was abused and battered all of her life and after her "evil" ex has left, she has to raise these six kids on a min wage job and they are after her house, her car,  even her wages! [to pay off debts]  do you wish her to be in prison for 20 years, will *you* take in her kids?!
---the *really* hateful anti-christian person;  you learn he was terribly abused by his priest, in school years, then had his marriage ruined by his wife becoming a fundamentalist. religion jammed down his throat all of that time, of childhood.  now he is vaccinated against Jesus, for the rest of his life, *real* good!

Every good thing has some badness;  every bad thing has a lot of goodness.  One must attempt to sort out which is which.


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