Friday, January 03, 2014

why is there so much negativities today?!

why is there so much negativity today, even as so many older souls are growing in spirit, knowledge, and goodness?!



one of the problems with a raised consciousness is that the dirt is ever more the seen!

sort of like the politic thing of..."the spread between the upper class and the lower class, is widening"!

old souls really growing versus now the last chance for baby and young souls to Get In and to get incarnated, last chance folks!

--the human race is shortly to advance to live only in higher dimensions!

of course many baby souls are given to old soul parents and they have to deal with a child-from-hell [maybe literally!] who wears tattoos on the tattoos and cusses out the policeman and has an arrest record an inch thick when he is 8 years old! and goes downhill from then!!

so it is an age of extremes. you got to make sure all pupils attend the school before it closes for good, this means getting the truants and the laggards to actually attend these last day classes! *get them in*!!

yes bring the monkeys to the conference of intellectuals, complete with machetes and an erect penis to rape the women attendees!

when Christ harvests the souls into 5D and reform spirit school.....well another analogy: the ball game now is about over and the score is like 40 to 5, the Team is winning really well. the Coach realizes that the Rules say this: that any player, on the bench, if he does not have field real game experiences, he cannot remain on the team, he has to come out to play at least once per college year. the Coach sees that there are ten members not yet having court experience! he wants them on the team.

he calls time out and he puts them on the court. oooh they are clumsy. the miss the basketball hoop entirely. the other team scores a few points. the game is over. score is 40 to 15. but the ten members are now *CERTIFIED* and are part of the Team for next year college!

scraping the bottom of the barrel.....

the barrel of 10,000+ years of human incarnations....

bring them in, the crack heads, the Congo rapiers, the terrorists bombers, the dysfunctional kids. they will be "irradiated" by the spiritual dispensation of this that Christ can bring all of Himself back with him to face God, some far off day, Christ would not, would he, want to leave behind any of his father's investments, when the human race lives now only in the spiritual dimensions.

---this is why there is so much violence and negativities during these times where there are lots of old souls growing and learning and taking advantage of our vastly increased communications of knowledge and spiritual truths!

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