Saturday, January 04, 2014

the Hat Americans now Need!

the Hat Americans now Need! by freestone
the Hat Americans now Need!, a photo by freestone on Flickr.

yes the Hat Americans now need; even in Florida where I live. -50 degrees Is Not Fun for the Northlands and even florida can sometimes see a 15 or even less temperature!! the new cussword for 2014, for me, is, "Global warming"!
no. as your thermometer tests to see what happens when the dial goes down to its lowest indication-setting, and the Winter Never Ends, even Miami people might like to get one of these!
--a Real Russia Army-type hat from Russia, came today with the Red Insignia. while families should get together to share, during these next cold four months, [this is jan 4th], "communism"! is not indicated here!
I will not add this badge. not yet, anyways.....

I like the culture and the peoples, of Russia, very mysterious. but now this here hat, while satisfying some Russian urges, is no very practical, in these days of Global Colding!

Surreal to now walk around with this on, surrounded by palm trees and air plants and Alligator habitat, my head will thank me, as I walk several times a week the four miles to Panaras, for my "exercise" at 8 am in the morning.



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