Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Our children reflect us!

Yes, our children reflect us all. No, I do not mean two to fifteen year olds, I mean the ghetto people and many of the homeless. Black or white or red.
For what ever reason, many of these people cannot achieve what most of us seem to want in life and thus they take up our shadow selves!
   What kind of role models do we present to these People?  Look in the mirror as you drive down inner city ghetto street!  See yourselves reflected.
Do we all Adults teach goodness, ethics, truth, love?  Better yet, do we all Live with this teachings?!
Do we secretly admire the criminal?  Do we want to get ahead at all costs? Do we value Tthings and material goods as an end in themselves?

Who do we pay the most salary for?  Football players and top CEOs, perhaps. I, myself, think that schoolteachers and librarians and other teachers and healers should be paid better. These currant pay scales shows the Kids what is valued!
Spirit, soul, God, spirituality......these words and concepts often do not exist, for many people. Very little of these concepts trickle down to the front lines in the ghettos and on the streets.
  So maybe we have the man children that we deserve. They Want, just like we do. And they do not want Authority to stop them, like us!  They want it now, like us, as death can come at any time so do it now.  We muffle death and hide it, we think we have all the time in the world. We do not.
Of course there is very little said about an afterlife and a life review of the life that was lived.

First, we all must get our ethical moral house in order. Then institute a culture of love truth goodness. Then spend a Lot of effort to inspire these adult children how to live.

For now, many of these adult kids are having a temper tantrum, as they want everything we have and they want it now with no parent to stop them!

Monday, October 06, 2014

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Robin Williams is all of us, to be!

Robin Williams was 63 years old.   he was diagnosed with early signs of Parkinson's, I read.

 we live longer nowadays.  will soon live even longer.  thus these types of elder conditions will soon become the norm.
Parkinson's.  diabetes.  senility in one form or another. strokes.

his struggles are, or will be *OUR* struggles as each of us lives to be 70 to 110 years old!  cannot hear very well, cannot see very well, cannot walk around: there are people in my senior home like this and many of these people might have 10 to 30 years of life ahead of them yet.

your Second career Awaits: Medical management!  go to doctor three to four times a week. 10 to 20 pills a day, complete with side affects and Forbidden foods.  half the people in my building take anti-depressants and or sleeping pills!

so Williams is Us, and Us-to-be!

they have a problem, I read, in St Petersburg, Florida.  seniors seem to fall off of high rise rooftops!  somehow they get up there and *just fall off* the edge of the roof to the concrete parking lot 10 floors down!

you got to have a carrot on a stick to urge the Mule forwards!  got to have something to live for to get you up in the morning.  Spirituality, for one.  your soul is ageless and can grow and love life even at 90 years old, like of my Aunt in upstate new York!

freestone wilson

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Unusual weather maybe caused by certain people!

Someone told me today in Ural mountains snow fell heavily most than 130 years. The person also said that perhaps a shamanistic powerful person lived there and attracted this type of weather. This location is also where of the meteorite fell maybe the meteorite falling there was caused by the vibrations of this same person.

To me, that is a sobering idea, that there are people who actually affect the weather around them! I once had a friend tell me that where ever he moves to, snow will fall, immediately! Yes, I saw this in action, in south Texas, no less! He better not have moved to Miami!!

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Away go the PC computers

Away go the PC computers? Not really, but I have discovered the wonders of an iPad Air! And trying out multiple to-blog posting apps. One posting app to rule them all, now if this Thing works, I can spend much more time actually writing and more than 140 characters instead of working my way through four blogs opening each one, one by one.

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Thursday, April 17, 2014


Trying the ipad blogger app.  Looks ok.  Sad now that Flickr does not share anymore with blogger.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

all that remains.

All That Remains.

yes, today at lunch, the lunch director saw a lady get up from her table and go to bathroom, then she saw another lady come over and pick up her food and place it in her walker box.
Later, as this lady always picks up the salt and peppers from the table, she walks all around behind me.
After I cleaned up and everyone is gone, I go back to my hat, on the back table, where I had set a desert on this hat.  the desert was gone.

I once read that 30% of all people who grew up in the great depression hoard food under their bed.  the Wound is Deep.

the director told me, on another day, that her own mother was like this, she would warp up *every* leftover meal scraps and put them in the refrigerator to Save.  One the night before a two weeks trip to a distant relative, after the chicken dinner she saw mom getting ready to save up every scrap.
"Honey:  we are going away for two weeks, it will spoil badly and stink up the fridge, do not do this, just toss it out.".
her reply, with Great emotion, "but I *HAVE* to do this"!
she did, every bit was saved.
I guess when you raise 5 kids, in the Great 30s depression followed by war rationings, you have this hoarding instinct go right down to the Bone. 
when you get older and a bit senile, ....

this might be all that remains!

for her, the food stealer, or the Mother, to change, might be near impossible.  the apartment and house might be littered with rotting food but any changes; not to save, are seen as deeply irrational, as one might need this stored food soon!

wanna know how this goes?   well have you ever looked in the want ads for a place to rent?  finally you find your Place after three weeks of daily paper-read.  *now*:  on the next day, at your new home, taking a break from unpacking, do you go immediately to the want ads?  aha!  I thought so.  betcha you go there for a week too!
and that is a *little* habit-addiction!
--how about 15 to 20 hungry years, with five kids, and you and kids often go to bed a bit hungry.
NOW this Thing has gone down to the quark particle level!

---in the afterlife, you might hoard until a barn is full, for years, until the rest of your soul Gets The News that it is ok not to save!

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

a reason why many seniors get angry, bitter, or depressed!

I just had, today, another insight as to why many seniors seem to get angry and complaining, a lot.  the old bitter man syndrome.
actually very simple:  as one gets older one becomes more set in their ways of self-concept.  thus the difference between their "I and not-I" becomes more and more evident.

Then anything "not I' becomes threatening to that self-concept of theirs.  this makes them hold on to their self even the closer.
   I listened, today, at lunch, my three seat-mates go on and on and on, for maybe 30 minutes, about how "so-and-so" does this stupid thing and how someone else is a jerk.  I soon found a way to get up and leave.
  also, as the times become ever the more "modern", the gap between one's self made up of 1970 stuff, gets more at odds with the modern 2014 stuff around them!
  some seniors do a "machine-gun" hold up their index finger and rant at and to God and to the world, if you were to plug this finger into an electric socet it might power the city for an hour or more!  other turn this inwards and sulk in Gloom and moroseness.

Friday, March 28, 2014

everyone is right!

Yes, everyone is "right"!  I have found that even the most angry, "sinful",  outlaw-like, or "contrary-to-my-views", person, has something of a Truth in his or her beliefs!
--the old man who "breaks before he bends", never changes and is in your face for hours, talking at you about his fixed Opinions: you find out he was on the front lines of WW II and his Medals of Honor show that he helped saved civilization for you!  you do *NOT* bend or change, confronting the Nazi troops, if you hope to win out!
---the lady who embezzles thousands of $$$ from a charity she works for, "oh how awful"!  then you learn she was abused and battered all of her life and after her "evil" ex has left, she has to raise these six kids on a min wage job and they are after her house, her car,  even her wages! [to pay off debts]  do you wish her to be in prison for 20 years, will *you* take in her kids?!
---the *really* hateful anti-christian person;  you learn he was terribly abused by his priest, in school years, then had his marriage ruined by his wife becoming a fundamentalist. religion jammed down his throat all of that time, of childhood.  now he is vaccinated against Jesus, for the rest of his life, *real* good!

Every good thing has some badness;  every bad thing has a lot of goodness.  One must attempt to sort out which is which.


Friday, March 21, 2014

my aunt's photo of my childhood home

my aunt's photo of my childhood home. one mile north of Interlaken new York. I lived there for 19 years and often stayed there until 1975, when my mother died. someone then bought the house and really really did a good job re-doing the house. I have not been back there since 1998.
this is the kind of countryside where the guy marries the lady next door and lives in the same house for 30 to 60-plus years! my mother and father did. two aunts also lived in their homes for 50 years. Imagine: the same telephone number for 60 years!
the house was built maybe in 1830s. was a stagecoach tavern. It has about 14 to 16 rooms. "greek revival" they call it. then new age added on.

Monday, March 17, 2014

daggerfall game

daggerfall game by freestone
daggerfall game, a photo by freestone on Flickr.

yes, daggerfall computer game. two minutes out of the starting dungeon. people still play this game. people bought entire new computer systems just to play this game. in its day, why 450 megs was HUGE! supposed to have a land mass coverage larger than great britian! and you can walk every bit of it.
play it on windows 7 too.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

foggy morning

foggy morning by freestone
foggy morning, a photo by freestone on Flickr.

a foggy morning here outside my Tallahassee window. the Live oak has lost its winter leaves. the air looks mysterious.

Saturday, March 08, 2014

a foggy morning in the hollow.

a foggy morning in the hollow, here in Tallahassee. the oak trees do not look good as this time of year they all drop their leaves at once. then immediately put out new leaves. lots of pollen too, one year the very air was yellow.
a nice mysterious morning.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

the Water

the Water by freestone
the Water, a photo by freestone on Flickr.

what the?! try to guess! it is a Real Object, not a "photo-college" made by software!

it is...drum roll....a bit of water from a spilled drink and flowing down a slightly sloping driveway and the white spot is a bit of foam. the yellow is the curb.

moral: there is a photo lurking in nearly every scene and if I wanted to Macro or chop this image up, probably there are 100+ photos embedded in this one image!

73 degrees!

73 degrees! by freestone
73 degrees!, a photo by freestone on Flickr.

this is what a photo can look like with a ipad mini retina! does not do dim light too well but golly. no wonder the point and shoot cameras are hurting!
I can well imagine some people would use this ipad as their main camera!

Monday, January 13, 2014

beauty in the simplest things

beauty in the simplest things. an apple. looks good enough to eat!
a Chinese-made hotplate that is a work of Art! I found this on the give-a-way table on Thursday share-table day, here in my senior home.
I first thought this brown was a canal. Now I see it is a road with stone walls. the hand-painted scene extends around the ends too.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

after the Storm

after the Storm by freestone
after the Storm, a photo by freestone on Flickr.

a sunset after the storm. looking to the south, the squall line is below the horizon . so pretty to see the setting sun shine onto these clouds.

a little rain

a little rain by freestone
a little rain, a photo by freestone on Flickr.

a little rain. here in Florida there is no such thing as "light rain". often the first sprinkle is 30 seconds away from "drench"! at the first sprinkle, *run* to shelter as an umbrella is but only a Gesture, here!
--and this is a "light" heavy rain! in a proper heavy rain, even these trees cannot be seen!

Saturday, January 04, 2014

the Hat Americans now Need!

the Hat Americans now Need! by freestone
the Hat Americans now Need!, a photo by freestone on Flickr.

yes the Hat Americans now need; even in Florida where I live. -50 degrees Is Not Fun for the Northlands and even florida can sometimes see a 15 or even less temperature!! the new cussword for 2014, for me, is, "Global warming"!
no. as your thermometer tests to see what happens when the dial goes down to its lowest indication-setting, and the Winter Never Ends, even Miami people might like to get one of these!
--a Real Russia Army-type hat from Russia, came today with the Red Insignia. while families should get together to share, during these next cold four months, [this is jan 4th], "communism"! is not indicated here!
I will not add this badge. not yet, anyways.....

I like the culture and the peoples, of Russia, very mysterious. but now this here hat, while satisfying some Russian urges, is no very practical, in these days of Global Colding!

Surreal to now walk around with this on, surrounded by palm trees and air plants and Alligator habitat, my head will thank me, as I walk several times a week the four miles to Panaras, for my "exercise" at 8 am in the morning.



Friday, January 03, 2014

my Christmas door

my Christmas door by freestone
my Christmas door, a photo by freestone on Flickr.

happy new year, all. before I take down the cards, I wanted this photo. they look so nice I might keep them for a few more days.

why is there so much negativities today?!

why is there so much negativity today, even as so many older souls are growing in spirit, knowledge, and goodness?!



one of the problems with a raised consciousness is that the dirt is ever more the seen!

sort of like the politic thing of..."the spread between the upper class and the lower class, is widening"!

old souls really growing versus now the last chance for baby and young souls to Get In and to get incarnated, last chance folks!

--the human race is shortly to advance to live only in higher dimensions!

of course many baby souls are given to old soul parents and they have to deal with a child-from-hell [maybe literally!] who wears tattoos on the tattoos and cusses out the policeman and has an arrest record an inch thick when he is 8 years old! and goes downhill from then!!

so it is an age of extremes. you got to make sure all pupils attend the school before it closes for good, this means getting the truants and the laggards to actually attend these last day classes! *get them in*!!

yes bring the monkeys to the conference of intellectuals, complete with machetes and an erect penis to rape the women attendees!

when Christ harvests the souls into 5D and reform spirit school.....well another analogy: the ball game now is about over and the score is like 40 to 5, the Team is winning really well. the Coach realizes that the Rules say this: that any player, on the bench, if he does not have field real game experiences, he cannot remain on the team, he has to come out to play at least once per college year. the Coach sees that there are ten members not yet having court experience! he wants them on the team.

he calls time out and he puts them on the court. oooh they are clumsy. the miss the basketball hoop entirely. the other team scores a few points. the game is over. score is 40 to 15. but the ten members are now *CERTIFIED* and are part of the Team for next year college!

scraping the bottom of the barrel.....

the barrel of 10,000+ years of human incarnations....

bring them in, the crack heads, the Congo rapiers, the terrorists bombers, the dysfunctional kids. they will be "irradiated" by the spiritual dispensation of this that Christ can bring all of Himself back with him to face God, some far off day, Christ would not, would he, want to leave behind any of his father's investments, when the human race lives now only in the spiritual dimensions.

---this is why there is so much violence and negativities during these times where there are lots of old souls growing and learning and taking advantage of our vastly increased communications of knowledge and spiritual truths!

Wednesday, January 01, 2014


phonegameUntitled by freestone
phonegameUntitled, a photo by freestone on Flickr.

From the award winning studio that brought you Ravensword: The Fallen King
and Aralon: Sword and Shadow, comes
a smartphone game brought to pc!

you can buy this on steam.

a screenshot.

Ravensword brings unprecedented visuals to the role playing and adventure
genre. Explore a vast and richly detailed world, gather powerful weapons, collect hundreds of items, increase your skills, and follow a deep storyline to solve the mysteries of the Kingdom of Tyreas.


Enormous 3d world to explore