Sunday, March 10, 2013

I once lived in a shared apt and a new roomer moved in. my friend asked when he was going to look for a job. he replies, "what IS the sweat?! I just sit down and meditate and the jobs come to me"! he goes into room and meditates. a few minutes later, a knock at the door. it was the ice cream shop owner who asks this guy if he wants to work for the store full time!

then this guy tells my friend, "Listen! i tire of people telling me to go out and work up a sweat about such stuff. all you have to do is to sit down and meditate and pray and it all comes to you. why a few years ago, i wanted to move from Ithaca, new york, to Portland, oregon. I sat and meditated. I then  tossed on my backpack and walked to edge of city limits and immdiately a car picked me up and he was driving non-stop to west Oregon!  and...  near my destination this guy tells me that he has to let me out on the corner as he is going up that dirt road but that this road is well traveled and tis only 20 more miles to Portland. ten minutes later an old battered truck with a landscape sign on it stops and he tells me he is going to portland and by the way i run this landscape business and i need a man, *now* to work full time for me"!  insta-job in portland!

"see"....he is SO easy and everyone does not know a thing about how to move or to get a job; my whole life is like this trip out west, it all Comes to me when asked. so *stop* all of your frenzy and just go to your quiet place and meditate and all will come to you"!

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