Sunday, March 10, 2013

A man sat next to me on the bus. he held out his hands as if to ask me for money. I got off the bus and he too, and he caught up with me. "a dollar" he asks. I shake my head no. he then asks if i am going to the bar to drink. then the light changes and i cross the street and he too and he goes off across the parking lot and he stops a car and gets some money. I hear him off in the distance getting more.

I feel his vibe is SO strong in "life is here to support me, completely" that everyone just gives him money. In tropical carribean or Africa, nature is benevolent, life Gives. probably he goes throught life this way.

And...if he "takes charge" and takes money away from people, he will land in jail and of course all of his needs are then taken care of for years! probably "freedom" takes a far far back seat to "I am provided for by everyone around me 24/7"!

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