Tuesday, February 12, 2013

the two Evil Brothers

have you all met the two "Evil Brothers", yet?

yes you have!

first one is, "Cutting back on services".
second brother is, "cheaping everything to death"!

these two are slowly reducing our lives to bite sized candy bars, thin toilet paper, and the like, as well as having no saturday mail soon and little social services.

who would pay $4 a roll for toilet paper?
$10 for a loaf of bread?
$200 for a particle board bookcase?
That *huge* tax increase to keep our social services afloat?

Soon, $80,000 a year will be the Poverty entry line.

many of the Young liberal left embrace socialism and you might see why!
"down with the evil big companies", they say.
they forget, though, that it is GREED that is the enemy!  Greed exists in socialism too.

probably the only solution is to have a society where everyone's greatest happiness is in trying to make all those people around them happier than they are!!
---at least try to put the Customer first.
the Church once called "usery" a sin!   "usery" is in making a profit!

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