Thursday, February 14, 2013

some repressions should stay repressions!

today at the eldercare lunch, where I help serve, in my senior home, I talked to the social work leader, of the eldercare lunch. she was lamenting over a certain man who moved here last year. a very depressed "crusty" army officer who is always depressed and not social, a "big ice cube"! she told me that she had long talks with him, over the last couple of months, and that he was thawing a bit and becoming warmer.
suddenly he bought a townhouse and moved out quickly to live alone!
So as i talked with her , i Realized.....realized that it was this talking with her that drove him out!! a thawing block of Ice will reveal all of the contents within!

as certain repressed things began to emerge, he could not deal with them so he moved in order to refreeze the ice cube! This is probably why that ice cube exists, to begin with!
"but he says he is in counseling" she says!
"no"!, I say, probably he is in counseling for only an hour a week or so, what he might really need is a live-in person and both spend 8 hours a day for months and months and months sharing that series of Pains, and the "counselor" had better be able to handle Deep Pain!
in a sense it probably is better just to let him live out his ten more years.
Moral: do not open a sealed box, or help another open their Sealed box, unless you can deal with the Contents of the box and to be able to help that person deal with it too!
maybe there are things that should be Sealed for Life!

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