Monday, January 30, 2012

Friday, January 27, 2012

I have met the face of the dregs of the collective unconscious!

I was sitting on the patio of the Black Dog Cafe coffeehouse, on Lake Ella, and I suddenly Saw the whole pain of the dregs of the collective unconsciousness.   There is such a thing.  it is probably 400,000+ years old.   This is Life without Goodness that comes from spirit.  This is life without Hope, without light, without love.
   We all Know this terrible face well, it is the True Sin Of Adam, passed down from generation to generation and we know it from our mother's knee, onwards.

here is some of its Unbeauty!
---whenever some thing good happens to you, something just as bad will immediately follow!
---when you get a check in the mail, the next letter will be a bill for the same amount.
---enjoy a bit of spring warmth? better enjoy it as the big freeze will come tomorrow!

---all strangers are not to be trusted.
---the blacks, nigers, are not to be living anywheres near me!
---homosexuality is a sin.
---immigrants go home!

---everything is going to hell in a handbasket!
---life's a bitch;  then you die.
---[in India] life's a bitch then you die.  life's a bitch then you die.  life's a bitch then you die.
life's a bitch then you die. life's a bitch then you die. life's a bitch then you die.

---the sun will burn into a black clinker of ash, some day, the universe will too, anything that you do is just like of an inchworm climbing up the wall of a descending elevator, why *do* anything?!
  [this version is epidemic amongst college professors!]

If you want a Pure Version of this "dregs", just go to any large city Bag lady and ask her about life.  Most of these ladies will tell ya for hours, in hydrochloric acid-tinged tones.  each lady must have ten shopping carts full of "chits" to present to God, after they arrive in the afterlife, chits, one for each bad thing that happened to them in their life!

a balloon keeps fully inflated by "positive pressure"  from within.  Lacking this Positive pressure, the balloon slowly deflates and then just sinks behind the living room davenport couch, only to vanish in a weak "poof", when the cat pounces on it!

One must have something of Soul and Spirit, within, to keep that life-fountain overflowing with Goodness.  Otherwise. like some of the residents here in my senior home, one could become that Bitter Old man or Woman!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

spring has come to visit.

spring has come to visit. by freestone
spring has come to visit., a photo by freestone on Flickr.

spring has come to visit.

spring has come to visit Tallaahassee, florida. we have 20 winters and 21 springs a year, as maybe next week the temperature might fall to 25 degrees, then a few days later will warm up to 70. Tis about 72 now.
I consider spring, here, to begin about now and will last until early May! Months and months of spring.

the birds Know: they are singing in overdrive!

so here in this city clutter, spring comes to visit.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

(90) Freestone Wilson

It is easier to extinguish the light within one's self, than to defeat all the darkness of the world.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

marines peeing on dead taliban

ah yes.     The papers are full of this thing, Our marines pissing upon dead enemy.

here are some of my thoughts, in no organized order.

Makes every green blooded new ager *just want to bring all the troops home*!

In  a way, the Taliban have it all over us:   they "ask" us all, "what would you die gladly for, what principle is worth this"?!    we would say "nothing"!     The taliban  would gladly blow themselves up to kill many innocents, this is their fast track to a wonderful eternal life.
But we Americans have nothing worth this sacrifice.

Ah yes, if we pull out, they will have full reign to eat up the world, to convert the world.
How about every Peaceful new ager woman then being veiled and to live with her Man to serve him and if she fails, by his estimations, he could kill her and no police will ever ever knock on his door!

Ah yes, we can through drugs and education and other things to "turn all of our boys into girls"!  then no more aggressions, no more violence.
Do not tell this to most policemen as they have seen who is by far the most violent fighters!

fighting women will scratch and claw without mercy.

Those troops did the Taliban, unfortunately, a HUGE favor by doing this!    but this is the Price of war.  war is not gentle.  all sides torture and maim.  violence speaks to violence.
"peace" often begets yet more violence.
[the abducted woman who submits to her captor is likely to be killed!]

I have read of some spiritual writer who wrote that if someone found a way to prevent all wars, God would instantly give to him a heart attack to kill him!  why?!
--because some souls NEED war to act out their life drama!  therefore there has to be Stages made, just for this.  the Trick eventually get souls spiritually educated enough so that war is not now anymore needed, in their lives.
Problem is, though, I feel brand new souls are coming into birth for their first incarnations, all of the time and even now.  *they* will need war and if they do not have it , why be like that child who misses a stage of life development, he will never ever catch up for the rest of his life!    :Honor, Valor, courage, and probably 50 other soul attributes, are only Forged during Battle.


Friday, January 13, 2012

I had to do it.

removed the webring rings!

for months now, if I scrolled down the sidebar of my blog early before all of my page loads, the page immediately switches to the currant webring page on a webring!
today when this happened, an audio advertisement came up to begin playing.

I went then to *look* at this "depressed thinkers" page only to find that apparently the "good people" have left the ring a looooong time ago.

I do not have the patience or time to check out each and every Ring, take me days.

so long, it was nice, once.

.......I now find that this blog page, as long as it is, loads INCREDIBLY faster without the webring code boxes!


Monday, January 09, 2012

oh to live in a world like this!

oh to live in a world like this!
oh yes. look at this place that is one no world map! One might think that this place might be found via your travel agency, but no, this place is the game
OBLIVION by bethsoft, the computer rpg game.
--not out of the box, of course, this is a game with 240 mods added to it, graphics mods, distance enhancers, like Qarls and others.
owncd and wac too, this place looks so peaceful but there are Things out there that will wipe my character away with just one hit.

yes, not a "photo" per se, but a demonstration of what computer games are like these days, witrh a little help from the wonderful modders.

oh them purrrdy clouds!

oh them purrrdy clouds! by freestone
oh them purrrdy clouds!, a photo by freestone on Flickr.

oh them purrrdy clouds!
late in the afternoon, here in Tallahassee, I took a picture of these clouds. so pretty. wispy Cirrus. temperature might be 65 degrees.