Saturday, December 29, 2012

what lies in store for us all post dec 21st

hi all again.

[I posted this on a prophecy forum.  most of the people there are angry that "nothing happened"  at dec 21st!  So I posted this, my own "reply" as to what I think is the real meaning of 2012 age-roll-over.
My post was *not* well received!   They want Real Tangible Results!
maybe many want Release from their troubled lives.
maybe they do not want to hear, "you have to do most of the work"!]


this here freestone sees all the meltdowns of True Believers. of course many melt down as they see the solution in earth terms, not spiritual terms.
"nothing happened" they say.

well today i created an image as to what lies in store for us all.

we arrive in heaven, either by earth changes, or old age or the usual suspects.
there will be a kind of HUGE mountain there, the "new" heaven.
someone "outside" of this huge mountain will see this place as a huge peaked pyramid
of a mountain. on its side and from bottom to top, are "steps", flat areas arranged in no particular order. each such step is a world. some worlds are
as large as a county, some might be as large as a continent! from bottom to top, the higher one goes, the higher the vibration. the "better" that heaven world.

christ and his angels and master guides are at the top, they are the Managers.

you will live on this mountain for keeps. no more reincarnation back to earth unless for a few, a special Spirit-given and Guided mission is undertaken via free will choice.
there *might* be a 'reincarnation" of sorts: one goes up and down the steps, maybe going to a low world to work out karma and then up to a higher place to heal, learn, live, then back down again. but these "reincarnations" are all in the Spirit realms with spiritual laws, not natural laws!

and just what determines what first heaven-step you arrive at?
well...your Life! what kind of life did you live?!
like attracts like.

change you; change your world-to-come!

but some of us *want* darkness and bitterness! we have worked hard for this all of our lives!
thus we will, at first, get the world of that vibration.
[ i shudder at sensing a whole country made up of bitter old men!!] imagine 100 bitter old men, in a hall.

i said "at first", and i do say that, and for this is one of the reasons of my post.

something has Been Going On that few few new agers have really sensed, as they are not really "Jesus people"!
[Jesus. too too much Baggage comes with this, "religious abuse" is a Real counseling term!]
the Christ, then.
He was Krishna, maybe mr Q....Quicacotol of the Toltecs, and the other Avatars of the human race.

see...i Feel that there was, for years, a great Dispensation given from on high. a kind of "Second Coming", then. this dispensation penetrated nearly to the heart of near all incarnated souls.
this is what THE HARVEST means.
He will call them all to the new heaven, all at once or over a longer time, "death" is patient, in 60 years, most will Come!
"at first" the low level souls will have their bad-homes, there near the base of this mountain. but then soon He, the Christ, will begin to "draw" them upwards. as He now is in such a "bad" person's soul, the very soul will "want" to better itself, from within.

so the apples are picked, ripe or not, at the end of the age. the unripe apples will have a Place to finish up their ripenings.


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