Tuesday, December 25, 2012

some people do not like xmas!

ah, christmas.

my own tales from the front?
well i had hoped for a nice dream this morning. oh i had many all right , some of the "worst" dreams of the type where i am dreaming someone else's memories and experiences.   I seemed to be any number of homeless people with no money, no shelter and NO LIFE! that is, the clothes on their backs and that is all their lives, no friends, no relatives, no money, no homes, no future, no hopes, no pictures on the walls, no items from amazing life-events displayed, no real past either!  I would dream of one person, then move on to another...on and on.

i dwell on this dreams series a bit as this was "i was someone else's, all of these people, all utterly void of any life meanings and goods and money!".

the senior home people, where I live, people with No One for christmas!! How many will not even come down to the lobby, today? they will maybe even just lie there in bed for much of the day and just COOK in their sufferings!! i will never see them.  I was picking up their vibes, a number of seniors just laying awake all night long, Cooking in their miseries.

Here there are many happy seniors, in my westminster gardens, happy people leaving to be with their family for the day. But for some seniors here, there is No one.

for these people, xmas is a Final Judgement.

 society is so steeped in xmas

and if no family, it is not even that "society makes you feel that you are a nothing", it is that the individuals themselves buy into this. and i see this is not avoidable!

for most people, clan and family is all.

that is one reason why christmas is so huge and all-encompassing, for three months of the year.

after death, i suspect that for most family-orientated people in heaven, their heaven world is about 10 acres in size: the family area where everyone lives.

we have come a long ways. for 200,000+ years, the clan was all. when someone died, they were added to the list on the family alter and the soul of that person would "hover" right next to this alter and wait until a baby was conceived so that they would incarnate immediately to it, as "earth" is all the reality there is. in fact these souls sleep until the first bit of food is set upon the alter each meal and when the family sits down to eat, before anyone eats, a bit of food is left there and its etheric essence is eaten by the deceased souls and they are awake now for a few minutes. I discovered this as when i eat something, at the very first bite someone rushes over to interrupt my first taste! the memory is Ancient. that first bite goes to the souls of the dead and everyone has been through that Loop many many many times. so my first bite really *DOES* belong to the interrupter more than it should belong to me!!

and the meaning of the incarnation of the christ.....to have him in your heart so to now live in his Memory and not have to reincarnate again, to avoid the second death.

about ten this morning i walked over to the episcopal church at the 10 am service time. i leaned up against the side door so that the perfumes, the colognes, the swinging censer, etc, would not get to me. I only stayed a few minutes as the fumes from the termite treatment began to bother me.

there was a nice hymn, a christmas carol. but the rest of the service was of a "Rote"! like most services. i am "Vaccinated" really good against church services as i was treated well, at my interlaken presbyterian church

[dutch reformed] with reverend Dykstra and his lectures on economy and yawn yawn....dry talks. he eventually quit to go to his true love: to be an accountant!

so i grew up with a LOT of dry dry churchology;  "no oil in the gearworks",

sermons and statements of faith and the like.

[i tend to like the pentecostal/charisma/ap mountain gospel music, there is life there!]

I do not take well to any speeches, i have found. in fact i am not a word person. Music and sounds is what moves me!!

so by 6 am or so, the poor seniors have finally slept and these dreams end.

this here freestone is treated like this a lot. many many of my dreams merely reflect the feelings of my residents. week in, week out.

take poor "Bill"! i sat with him at the lunch, he usually gobbles his food up in a minute and leaves before i sit down. but recently i talked with him for a few minutes.

his alcoholic father mistreated him. he has battle trauma from his military service. his son is also afgan battle shocked.

Bill talks in a depressed mono-tone.

I now sense more why. he has a right to be depressed!! in fact he nearly had to live in a mental institution due to this! if you were him, you would be depressed too!

I Felt him:

---a man is standing *precisely* at the South Pole. now tell him to walk a few yards but do NOT walk North!

ah....he cannot. every direction is north. this is like trying to help him out of his life-long depressions! *every* thought, every feeling, only leads "north"!

there IS a way out! it is to go Upwards from this south pole! this is where he has Jesus in his heart as a "mystical" experience, the Living Christ, the descent of the Dove and he is living in 24/7 partnership with the Christ.

[be aware there is no dogma or "baggage" with this Christ! one needs never to even enter a church!]

alas, he might need another ten incarnations or at least another 10 years, of just cooking in his depressions, first!

One can lead the horse to water but only the horse can reach for the water!

and then there are the families where a fist fight might break out, around the Christmas tree. some family members do not get along. period. you can sweeten them with all the christmas you want to, but your Sugar is nowheres sweet enough!


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