Saturday, December 15, 2012

school shooting: the 500 lb Gorilla

the school shooting:  the 500 lb Gorilla !

well today I was walking down a quiet tallahassee street and someone, just one man, in a car, mocked me with a yelling cussword, as he sped by at 40 mph!
   This reminded me of my 1994 Hometown in very rural upstate new york.  I used to walk the county and state roads, for a hike.  by he end of the third year, i figured that I would get one or two catcalls per *mile*, from passing motorists!  Why one man actually got out of his car and was going to attack me, but changed his mind!!

Violence against people.  Not just a 20 year old man shooting up 30 people either!  this is a "long hallway"!    at one end of this hallway are the people who commit mass murders of innocents.  near the middle are lessor crimes like rape or home invasions.  at the other far end, *still* in this hallway, are the bullyings, the tauntings, the wife batterings, the child sex, and verbal abuse of spouse, kids, elders!
  Taking away guns will not work: here in florida last week a social worker visited a known violent parolee, after the interview he came running out of the house with a meat cleaver and slashed her to bits!!

Most of us are Guilty, to some degree.
[Even some of my grade school 3rd...6th grade bullyers might even be reading this, on my facebook page!]

   have you put down gay people?   disliked blacks?  disliked whitey?
taunted a kid with buck teeth, in grade school?   a boss from hell? a bitter old man?    control freak of other people?
Guilty!     you belong to the Club, that assault rife, the school shooter used, is over the mantle of the fireplace!  You took out your Issues onto other people!!

So here we have this 500 pound Gorilla at the end of a teeter-totter board.
nothing on the other end.  500 to 0.
Seems obvious to me that even if we try, and i read that the liberal left wants to *really* turn all boys into Girls!  "no Agressions, no violence"
"consensus reality".    no one gets hurt.  soon dresses for men and hose for their bare legs!  play with dolls and be gentle and nurturing and nourishing.
[any policeman or school guard might tell you that two women fighting is "no holds barred", extremely the most violent!   nearly any janitor will tell you that the graffiti on the womans bathroom walls is much more cuss-wordy than the men's room wall next door!]

there would thus seem that even if we reduce the weight of this Gorilla to, say 100 pounds, it is still 100 to 0.

what we need is a Counterbalance!    something on the other end of the board to balance against this monster gorilla!

ethics.  morals. real spiritual teachings and experiences.
This beginning in school and in the home.  place these far above the "ABCs and math"!    a good SAT score is NOT a given for a civilized graduate!

in fact here I lay the blame on the Liberal left!
one of the basic beliefs of theirs, it seems: all ways are valid, all paths have heart.  no one belief is better than any other belief.
see where this leads, people?!  you Better!!   the school shooting guy is *JUST* as valid in his acted out beliefs as any other belief system and he had the guts to do it!!
---this is the result, as I see it, of this philosophy!

[this here freestone cringes as i say this, here it comes.....]:  what we all and each need is a sytem of *Absolutes* in the belief system department.
we should begin with the Greek/Roman Ideals.  The Renaissance too.
all underlined by the New testament statements and the ten commandments.
At the center should be Jesus and his teachings, and for the older souls, the mystic Christianity!
these teachings must begin in the homes and are the center-teachings in each school grade and in college too!
"broken families" should be avoided.
Real Asylums for the mental problem people too, many many of them, open campuses for healing, protection and learning.  there are many of us who cannot "help" our schizophrenic genes.  there should be safe homes for these people to live good lives in.

otherwise.....these sort of outbursts will continue and probably increase in number, in the years ahead.

so far, the "Gorilla" is the only game in town That Counts!
the more "gentle" Gorillas "merely" become CEOs that milk us all of money or factory Lords who mis-use their workers.  or college professors who put the individual learnings of the students, *last*!  politics and backstabbing of other professors come first!

soon all elephants will become extinct as 57,836 poachers get all the tusks.
yet MORE violence to life.  and to the liberal left's relativeness theory of morals, this act of non=morals is just as valid as any other act of morals.



  1. Dude, please don't play down what this shooter did, yes he had mental problems but to me it was obvious that he was getting revenge on his dead mother.

    Literally the guns were on the wall for him to take and use, and in how many more households in the US is a similar situation, probably more than we think.

    I believe disarming the american public will be a great start.

  2. I respectfully disagree with the above commenter. Guns were on the walls in all the homes in my northwest neighborhood in the 1950s when I grew up. None of us children would ever have taken them to commit violence on others. It did not happen. Schools were safe places. People are different now, not access to firearms. People are different for the very reasons Freestone delineates in his blog post. We do not come with an inbuilt code of ethics. Taking away guns is not going to stop the continued corrosion of human interaction. If you look at history, you will see how governments oppress their people, and how often the only recourse those people have against totalitarian governments is through firearms. You also see how making firearms illegal only means good people are unarmed - the criminals always find guns. There are too many guns in existence already to put a lid on this. The answer has to be early education in morals and ethics and the sense of greater purpose that religion gives to life.

  3. Aliandra, yes.

    "its not the gun but the lose nuts behind the trigger", it is said.

    I have now heard that his mother was keeping all of those guns so that she would be safer after december 21st, after the end times, and society goes insane.

    this brings up a *Huger Issue*: the proper "survival", I feel, is to have spirit in your heart and Grow in spirit. To merely "survive" amidst the ruins is not enough. better to die instantly in some tidal wave or ????.

    Boy had some exotic rare DNA condition: he could not feel any pain, ever! *this* tells me that his incarnation background is very strange. Probably his mother too.

    Husdand left two years ago, maybe who could blame him. now poor mother copes, alone. no wonder the liberal left wants the government to "take care of us all", as with so so many broken families and ruined kids, there are few precious whole familes anymore and fewer rural farms. no one in the extended family, now, to take some of the load!
    the gov. might HAVE to be now our extended family. alas, who is going to pay for this stuff?!

    no matter how straight the road, a car with a bent frame, cannot be driven straight. if the modern educators continue to try to remove *every* trace of ethics and morals from our schools, why should they complain if kids do not grow right!