Monday, December 24, 2012

I mis-spell

I notice that while trying to write out a notice to post on the elevator walls to tell people that a local cafe will be open for dinner on christmas day, in my trying to write out the message, i had to also talk to the desk man about his allergies and to also talk to the three other residents, of my senior home, i mis-spelled a word, i do not *do* multitasking well!.
   this got me to thinking.  I live in the deep south.  was not long ago that an 8th grade education was *quite* enough to get a nice job with.  the next county over, i read that the illiteracy rate is over fifty percent!
[they clap for joy when their schools are rated a "D" for this year !   "much better than the "F" of last year!]

Over there in that county, it is who you love and who loves you, that really Count!
[I once met a man here who did not know his left from his right, betcha there are many many more people, here,  who do not know!]
I have heard enough Northerners who run their soul-engines without Oil: no feelings!  all mind and little heart.  How many IQ 140 college professors, here at the local university, are bitter, cynical, sarcastic?!

so i mis-spelled a word.  so what?!  not here in the South, anyways.

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  1. Sounding a bit defensive I hope not, Freestone....