Thursday, November 08, 2012

view from my 4th floor window

view from my 4th floor window

here is a view from my livingroom table on the 4th floor at westminster gardens.
A nice place to live, a Independant living senior home.
There are now 7 vacancies in my building of 140 people.

Too too bad some of the new york city people cannot move here to retire, There are three to five new york city people living here already; here in this place in Tallahassee, florida. the temperature might reach 70 degrees today and today is a cold day. While this place is not central florida, one might see 10 to 15 days in January of 70 degrees or more.
Yes, these nice places do exist, but probably the retiring new yorkers would find it hard to uproot and come here Cold.
[one could call "westminster gardens", Tallahassee, florida, and get an application form sent by mail. The market rent might be like $600 for an efficiency apartment.].

So here is this live oak tree with Spanish moss, I see the squirrels climbing around in it, nearly every morning.

Only a few blocks from downtown.

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