Tuesday, September 18, 2012

my advice for survivalists!

One thing that you all must *NOT* do: same advice applies to the usa people too, is this: suppose 50,000 people fear the End. 
For years. 
Many of these people individually pour over maps and Indian tales and 
vacation travelers discorveries. 
"Ah..there IS the Good Place, "Hightop Mountain", someone thinks to himself, over 2 AM coffee. 
Another person sees this place on a map too. 

well....Come the Day of the Sirens blowing and that stern voiced radio announcer and "quick quick, to the cars", throw in the Packs and Lets Go...to Hightop mountain. 
So peaceful this place is, a square mile of high meadows with a tiny town of 700 people down in the valley and umpteen miles from anywheres important. 

trouble is.....26, 932 cars are descending upon the roads to hightop! when they arrive, 84,000+ people get out and stare at the other 80,000 within sight. 

the crying babies begin to wail. 
rain begins to fall. 
dusk is arriving. 
Tis bathroom trot time. 

the grocery store in this tiny town is about the size of your living room! 

choose a place that no one else will also find. Problem is, people being "social" and partly telepathic, *whatever* place that you find will risk being also found by 5,925 others too! 

In a sense this True Safe Place must be utterly uninhabitable in its normal state!! 

Be aware too, that even if you FIND such a place, and you live in say, Toronto or in the Industrial belt west of lake Ontario, there might be a six lane highway between your home and this safe place of yours, and 300,000 people might be *now* out on this road and just one car will make everyone make the highway their permanent safe spot as all cars stop in this Parking Lot. now the crying baby is in your car and the five other kids get fidgety and now all of them need to poo poo and the radioactive rain is beginning to fall and rains real hard so the only place to poo poo is In your car and this will be so for a week!! 

have an alternate plan "C..and "D" and "E" and "F"! 

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