Saturday, August 11, 2012

what would you live for?!

I got to thinking about some things, after I read about the guy who shot the people in the Sikh temple.
quote.     "
A former friend, Christopher Robillard, of Oregon, told CNN that Page would "talk about the racial holy war, like he wanted it to come".
Page was active in online, far-right forums, encouraging others to action.
He posted as many as 250 comments on one website between March 2010 and mid-2012.
"If you are wanting to meet people, get involved and become active," Page wrote last year, "stop hiding behind the computer or making excuses."

I read somewheres that Page said that many people talk about doing something and it is time someone *did* what they believed in!

I think a Taliban once wrote something to the effect, "we Taliban are very willing to die for what we believe in, what do *you*, Americans, believe in enough that you would die for that Cause"!
...probably, nothing!......
---Thus in a sense Page died for his beliefs.

But I, freestone, do not ask what you might die for!
I will ask, here, instead,

"what are you willing to live for"?!

If you, say, were Old and laying all day on your couch, waiting for the undertaker bus to come by to pick you up, *what* might motivate you to get up and get that dust out of your brain and the fat out of your muscles, to get out there and to DO something?!

Say, you are a Kid in the Ghetto and the only future that seems to exist is "career criminal";  what might get you to find something far happier than that, to do?!


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