Thursday, August 30, 2012

2012: are we all going to fail to ascend?!

Someone writes that incredibly few people are ready to go to Ascension spirit planes, after December 21st of this 2012 year, on a forum. She writes how we all have failed and that only a *very* few souls will go the the newly prepared 5-dimensional world, at the end of December 2012.

here is my reply to this "problem"!




I was thinking of this yesterday, when I walked to the University Library and read the today's new york times newspaper. the paper prints world news that is not so often seen in the local papers.

oh how brutal the small wars are! oh how barbarian the crimes are. I suspect even this minute there are over a hundred tribes, in Africa, who will go to war with their Ancient enemy, the next tribe over the hill, slashing with machetes and raping every woman they see.

just look at how many people think the internet is best for them to spam endless forums and comments with their advertisements.

my own "Soft Landing" for the ascension, my hopes, is that at about december 21st, and beyond, our daily lives will indeed have an Overlay of descending Spirit of some sort.

the Big Question and Point of my rambling here, is the Question: which comes first the chicken or the egg?!

in this case, the new heaven and the new earth.

which comes first? if the new earth, then there would be no new place for the dead to go to, if the new earth involves earthchanges! so the new heaven comes first, i feel.

[the new heaven must be readied before the new earth!]

so from my dreams, i can sense that the new heaven is being formed now. i would like to think that it will be one Huge Huge "reform school" for all the souls who would come during the earthchanges afterwards, as the earth moves into "new earth"!

there IS a concept of "summer school" in some Universities and colleges. this is where someone is accepted to enroll for the fall freshman year, but is told that maybe their "English" or "math" is not quite up to standards, so to Officially be eligible for fall freshman, they have to come to the college for three summer months to take special courses to "catch up", after they graduate from their high school!

thus....this new heaven would have a vast area where souls could "catch up" to what the 5D and the *real* new heavens have to offer. for many , many, this Place would maybe be a Reform school or even a Russian kind of Gulag!

now...lets talk about the new earth age-rollover.

*will* it come with earthchanges and end times disasters? could be 100%, could be "only" 60%.

here, in my post, lets consider the "worst" case:

NO end times!! that is, little real collective end times, oh maybe finally California gets its 8.8 quake next to san fran or L. A., or that a supervolcano erupts, but perhaps most of us go on living without disruptions .

so if "zero" earth changes, all of us who have lived during these 1960 to 2012 times, might have been "spirit-tized" enough, by the Outpouring of spirit down upon us all, such that when each of us dies by death, 40...60...95 years old, we each will then go to the new heaven and enter a better or worse Place in the reform school. then on to the 5D Real heaven, where no reincarnations will be made from ever again unless of a volunteering for a Spiritual mission!

*if* this is so, the months and years after 2012 will then be Much more interesting to live in! the "astralization" of the earth plane will have a kind of "perpetual judgment" being done to each of us, day by day, as anything that we feel, think, or do, will have IMMEDIATE feedback from the outer world!

Thus for those people "left" here after 2012, the opportunity for spiritual growth will then be immense.


or "damnation", if you persist in negative ways!!

---it will be up to you which path to go down....

So i can sense that our 1960s to 2012 school is over, and like someone says says, we all might have to wait until the end of the school day when the Curriculum Director lets us all go Home. His Office door is locked. there is no messages coming out from him.

[she believes that our spiritual  work is done, but the hours of the schoolroom is not yet over so that all the kids have to remain in school until the Hour of Ending!]

Some of the fervent end times believers might never come out of thir hidy-hole, after december 21st comes and goes and they are still here, unraptured! some of you all might lie in bed all depressed all day long, depressed over the failure of the ascension.

Jesus is supposed to have said, on the Cross, "oh Lord, why have you Forsaken me"! the timing of the Lord is not our timing.

so if the "worst case" way is Chosen by Spirit: no end times, we all die by old age and accidental death, then one should get back out of one's bed and use the outer world as the "other player on the Tennis Court of life", as living and growing in spirit is a Verb and the growth is the Ball and the game of Tennis is played by the ball going from one side of the court to the other.

take up a new craft, new things, get involved in music or politics, Make a Difference in people's lives.

improve your own.

in short: grow your soul.

but if End Times *is* on tap, then the hour of your Deliverance is at hand. Off to a new heaven, even if not quite "5D" world.

But the Tone of this summer school is "Progression and deliverance" even for the Gulag dwellers.

consider this for a moment. in your family, your town, your apartment complex, there are problem people. People who are "porcupines" and bristle their quills if touched. the drug and alcoholics people, the mother in law from hell, the crazies, the guy who would steal from his own mother.

these people.

the "women of the well of Samaria" people, who Jesus considered Worthy of Salvation.

These people will be there in this summer school with you. you might get to know them much better and they might be "helped" better by you or the other more advanced souls. thus even *They* might soon become "your best friend" in that eventual 5D world of the real heaven!!


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