Wednesday, July 11, 2012

71 years old and still here


I just turned 71 years old and I am still Here.    Years ago, I thought 70 years old is an "old man"!    well, here in this senior home, a nice one, there are happy, active, people who are in their late 70s.  There are at least two ladies in their 90s.

I read a recent article describing how at least 20% of seniors, of the Baby Boomers, will have mental and drugs problems!  Oh dear.
   I live on the Frontier of Death, the ambulance comes for someone several times a month and everyone here knows someday it might come for them!   while most come back quickly, others are never ever seen again.

One of the biggest problem that i see with people "getting older" is how they miss the good things of their youth and then have nothing to replace them with.  What about a cave explorer who must hobble along with a walker and just to step out into the Home's garden is now *quite* an achievement!
What happens to the One-Trick-Horse, when his trick runs out?!

Got to have other interests.


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