Tuesday, July 31, 2012

bigger than your head.

bigger than your head. by freestone
bigger than your head., a photo by freestone on Flickr.

bigger than your head.

yes a mushroom. bigger than your head. the steam is only about three inches high so it sits right on the grass. big as a dinner plate.
I guess here in Tallahassee, the 5 to 8 inches of rain a month, grow these things.

Mass murder and mental illness: The Interplay of stigma, culture and disease - Yahoo! News

Mass murder and mental illness: The Interplay of stigma, culture and disease - Yahoo! News

After a review by an academic committee, during which her formerly trusted professors said they saw no chance that she would ever succeed, N was dismissed from her program. She broke down:

Me: Everything I have ever been told was a lie. My one way out — of poverty, desperation, madness — was never more than an illusion. And then disbelief. And then, how will I ever explain this to anyone, to family, to old mentors? And then betrayal. No language this time, no thoughts; crying, crying for hours. Alcohol, unconsciousness, unbidden dreams. Even there: repeating their words, over and over and over again. Isolation so intense, there is no way I will ever bridge it. I am lost. Days go by, weeks.


I fixated on a single vision, me, sometimes hanging, sometimes with gun in hand and a pool of blood on the floor, outside [her former adviser's] office. Suicide, yes, obviously, but also something more: revenge.

a story so terrible that maybe now we all could think that the best way to help mental ill people is for all of us to quit our lives and devote ALL our time to helping these people, our whole gross national economy for this.  Like:  in a 30 kid classroom, all 29 kids spend all of their time helping that one kid get up to learning speed!

Friday, July 27, 2012

a pair of morning thunderheads.

a pair of morning thunderheads.

a pair of morning thunderheads. Looking west from my window, early in the morning, there are two small thunderheads.
Tallahassee, florida, usa.

Amazing what can be seen just from my bedroom window.

In a moment, the vista changes, in minutes these clouds might be gone.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

screening 9 year old children for cholesterol

screening 9 year old children for cholesterol

And from what I have read, elsewheres, many of the researchers had ties to the drug industry!
I can see how this is going. everyone from 5 years old, onwards, takes ten pills a day, never mind the side effects!

Some of this *can* be fixed, but probably it would take a 100% overhaul of our civilization to do this and nothing will be the same again and it would take a Dictator with an Iron hand, to makes these changes!

Just *how* radical a change?!!
[not in any order....]
---ban all corn syrup in foods.
---no artifical sweeteners. period.
---all food must be "real", no additives of any kind.   all baked goods must be "homemade, no antibiotics or hormones in meats.
--no "calorie-dense" hydrogenated oil foods.
---one third of class time must be "exercise". outdoors if possible.
--another third of class time should be in learning "values".
--ban desks and chairs in workplaces, back years ago, everyone worked standing up, at their clerk jobs.
--encourage family farms of 40 acres each and make it economically feasible to make a living on this land, my grandfather put two girls through college on a 30 acre fruit farm, in 1920s!
--women stay home and raise the kids.
---allow seniors to "Leave", if they want to, if they feel their life is over.
---ban all nursing homes and assisted living places, tax benefits for those who have a senior living with them at home.

Radical, all right!


Researchers are debating the merits of recent guidelines that recommend all children aged 9 through 11 be screened for high cholesterol levels, along with certain groups of younger children and teenagers.
The guidelines were written by a panel convened by the U.S. National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics and published in the journal Pediatrics last November.
But now doctors publishing in the current issue of Pediatrics say the guidelines are too aggressive and not based solidly on evidence. The paper is joined by a rebuttal from the authors of the guidelines.
The critics of the guidelines make many arguments, including that the guidelines were based more on expert opinion than on solid evidence and that many authors of the guidelines reported industry disclosures.

Friday, July 20, 2012

bit of a rainbow

bit of a rainbow by freestone
bit of a rainbow, a photo by freestone on Flickr.

bit of a rainbow

rainbow in the morning, looking out of my west window.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

large thunderstorm in the evening

large thunderstorm in the evening

a large thunderstorm to the west, about 7 PM. tallahassee, florida.
80 to 90 storm days a year here. 120 thunderstorms a year. for the last month there has been White Mountains all day long, somewheres nearby.
Note how if you look carefully you can see the Thunderhead going way up above the dark cloud base.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

71 years old and still here


I just turned 71 years old and I am still Here.    Years ago, I thought 70 years old is an "old man"!    well, here in this senior home, a nice one, there are happy, active, people who are in their late 70s.  There are at least two ladies in their 90s.

I read a recent article describing how at least 20% of seniors, of the Baby Boomers, will have mental and drugs problems!  Oh dear.
   I live on the Frontier of Death, the ambulance comes for someone several times a month and everyone here knows someday it might come for them!   while most come back quickly, others are never ever seen again.

One of the biggest problem that i see with people "getting older" is how they miss the good things of their youth and then have nothing to replace them with.  What about a cave explorer who must hobble along with a walker and just to step out into the Home's garden is now *quite* an achievement!
What happens to the One-Trick-Horse, when his trick runs out?!

Got to have other interests.


Monday, July 09, 2012

a developing thunderstorm

a developing thunderstorm by freestone
a developing thunderstorm, a photo by freestone on Flickr.

a developing thunderstorm

near sunset, a stormcloud is ready to drop some rain. the bark was far worse than the bite. here in tallahassee, can rain on one side of the street and not the other side. four inches can fall *here* and none, over *there* 1000 feet away. rain falls so hard, here in Tallahasseem;

so hard that Umbrellas are only a gesture!

One Dramatic cloud shot!

One Dramatic cloud shot! by freestone
One Dramatic cloud shot!, a photo by freestone on Flickr.

One Dramatic cloud shot!

here is a dramatic shot of clouds that are on-the-way to becoming thundershowers! near sunset, tallahassee, florida, looking west.
In a rainy summer year, this city can have over 80 thunderstorm days a year, or 100 to 140 thunderstorms a year! or MORE!

Sure makes for pretty clouds!

Monday, July 02, 2012

my new hat

my new hat by freestone
my new hat, a photo by freestone on Flickr.

my new hat

I seem to find strange and wonderful hats. I will wear it until it turns raggy then "bronze" it up on a shelf. Oh, i can play golf, i might score 120 though!