Monday, February 27, 2012

I was talking to the order lady at the St. John's cafe, today.
[imagine a cafe in a church building; they do it right.]

I was talking about the group of seniors who, at the senior Apartment complex where I live, these several little old ladies got up enough Intent to try this lunch room place out, after I had told them over and over how good this place was to eat.  Probably took them all over an hour to get ready to go.  too too far to walk and besides, that five lane main street, for them to walk across, is where the other side is "mars"!  for a senior to cross a six lane street with buzzing cars is for *you* to cross the grand canyon: there is a reason why many seniors say, "my side of the street", as it is FAR too dangerous for them to cross over!

they came.

the cafe was closed!
---one of those days the church held some very special program in the auditorium and the notice was on the door for over a week.
they never came to try this place again.

well...I thought about this.  many many seniors, and younger people too, say things like, "if today is sunny, tomorrow will be cold".
"a check in the mail, today, will be followed by a bill, tomorrow, for the exact same amount"
the Law: "every good thing will be followed by an equally bad thing, the better the thing, the worse will then be the "payment"!
["everything is bad, there is no good to anything new"]

these laws, i see, jinxed these ladies!  why of *course* they picked the one day that the cafe was closed for the month!  they believed  this law of negativeness and so they had to choose the one day the cafe was closed!  *must* choose it!   far better to keep one's beliefs to come out 100%, right?!
so they succeeded in their mission: now again they are re-affirmed, that "life's a bitch then you die"!
they won!


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