Monday, January 09, 2012

oh to live in a world like this!

oh to live in a world like this!
oh yes. look at this place that is one no world map! One might think that this place might be found via your travel agency, but no, this place is the game
OBLIVION by bethsoft, the computer rpg game.
--not out of the box, of course, this is a game with 240 mods added to it, graphics mods, distance enhancers, like Qarls and others.
owncd and wac too, this place looks so peaceful but there are Things out there that will wipe my character away with just one hit.

yes, not a "photo" per se, but a demonstration of what computer games are like these days, witrh a little help from the wonderful modders.

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  1. And Heaven/New Jerusalem is just a 1500 mile long,gem covered cube! (Revelation 21:16). Christ is handed the "Book of Life" because He simply earned it. (Revelation chapter 5.) And time-space circles because of General Relativity so what is built in the future can already exist! And we are the Body of Christ! (1 Corinthians 12:27) and all Carpenters use their bodies to build things! I believe Heaven is a virtual environment similar to this game scene except nothing there is going to shoot you. Quite the contrary. It is more like Second Life or where the scenery is pretty but people just interact with one another peacefully.