Saturday, January 14, 2012

marines peeing on dead taliban

ah yes.     The papers are full of this thing, Our marines pissing upon dead enemy.

here are some of my thoughts, in no organized order.

Makes every green blooded new ager *just want to bring all the troops home*!

In  a way, the Taliban have it all over us:   they "ask" us all, "what would you die gladly for, what principle is worth this"?!    we would say "nothing"!     The taliban  would gladly blow themselves up to kill many innocents, this is their fast track to a wonderful eternal life.
But we Americans have nothing worth this sacrifice.

Ah yes, if we pull out, they will have full reign to eat up the world, to convert the world.
How about every Peaceful new ager woman then being veiled and to live with her Man to serve him and if she fails, by his estimations, he could kill her and no police will ever ever knock on his door!

Ah yes, we can through drugs and education and other things to "turn all of our boys into girls"!  then no more aggressions, no more violence.
Do not tell this to most policemen as they have seen who is by far the most violent fighters!

fighting women will scratch and claw without mercy.

Those troops did the Taliban, unfortunately, a HUGE favor by doing this!    but this is the Price of war.  war is not gentle.  all sides torture and maim.  violence speaks to violence.
"peace" often begets yet more violence.
[the abducted woman who submits to her captor is likely to be killed!]

I have read of some spiritual writer who wrote that if someone found a way to prevent all wars, God would instantly give to him a heart attack to kill him!  why?!
--because some souls NEED war to act out their life drama!  therefore there has to be Stages made, just for this.  the Trick eventually get souls spiritually educated enough so that war is not now anymore needed, in their lives.
Problem is, though, I feel brand new souls are coming into birth for their first incarnations, all of the time and even now.  *they* will need war and if they do not have it , why be like that child who misses a stage of life development, he will never ever catch up for the rest of his life!    :Honor, Valor, courage, and probably 50 other soul attributes, are only Forged during Battle.


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