Monday, October 31, 2011

more about Demonstrators and morals!

hi all.

Today in the local tallahassee democrat newspaper there was an article about

how a young person, in an attempt to rob a cabdriver, he shot and killed this cabdriver. Then the police found what he wrote in his facebook page, afterwards. And this TERRIBLE little snippet will stick with me for life, probably!

I cannot recall the words, they were in "street talk" and very coarse and cruel.

--something to the effect of..."I popped off his head, tra la la....he got his dues, got His for resisting me"...or something like that.

[paper must be paid subscribed to, thus i cannot get the exact words!]

I saw in my minds eye a young black kid with no real parents and I read the statistics about how the county next door has it where 80% of the ladies with babies are unwed and under the age of 22!

babies raising babies and no father present.

I had a black man get enraged at me, called me a racist when I told him, "the poor black race, i feel them them all, they are vehicles for young souls coming in"!

young souls.

we are eradicating many many of the primitive societies and thus fewer and fewer possibilities for baby and young souls to incarnate. thus they tend to incarnate into the poor people families.

for many of these souls the calculus, to me, is utterly simple.

They have.

I do not have.

I *want*!

and that is what counts in getting it.

a demonstration against the machine?

yes yes, i am against the machine, they say, as it has stuff and i do not have stuff so lets crash and burn them all so that I can get mine!!

young souls probably need a level of Discipline that is not acceptable in any way to us "liberated" older souls! to have *every* path and choice set up for them. to think only in black and white absolutes. "a man is a man and a woman is a woman" and no inbetweens!!

...stuff like this.

so how are we to "teach" these street gangstas that there is spirit and soul and self worth?! no hi-falutin" 12th grade words, than you....!!!


there are many young souls enclaves, in the world, where a man's life is worth about $2.00 as that, i read, is the going price for a hit contract upon someone's life, in barios of Brazil, and in the barros of Brazil, the gangs and the police are the same.

millions of these souls Want, and they see a few thousand with the Stuff Wanted. should not take a registered social worker to see what can drive a riot or demonstration!!

there once was a man who devised a economic system where the wealth

of the world is divided up equally between all people. but he did not notice that if, say, one cane worker in Brazil were to buy a pack of ciggarettes at the commisary for $2.00, he will be $2 poorer and the owner of the commesary will be $2 richer!


when the body dies, the cells go their own way, the stomach begins to digest itself, the hair keeps growing, all central control is gone.

same with a country that has lost its meaning for directional life to a good spiritual goal! then the citizens begin to tear at each other and then begin to tear the country apart, each person wanting what was promised them at the beginning and now is out of reach!

[image of a 1000 people invading a walmart and looting everything right down to the very shelves and light fixtures!]

for the USA *has* lost its head and there is No one Home!

the "head" is Spirit, a God-centered government with the personal afterlife in heaven as seen as the Goal of all.

Now that this is gone, what else *IS THERE* but making money and making more than your neighbor?! if the tombstone is a door that leads to a "nothing", then the amount of power over others, the "cred" you have, the $$$$ you are worth, your sex drive, the house full of expensive goods, on the hill, with Guards in attendance, Count For All!!

[ten cookies on the ground, 100 crows: there is not enough Material to go around, thus there will be "tooth and claw" to get it! and validated as the highest morality too!!]

...this is the message of the guy who shot this cabdriver, kid won, cabbie lost, kid comes out on top and oooh he is going to have a good story to tell his fellow inmates in prison too, his Hit *and* his facebook post, will be seen by all there, in prison, as a royal good Portfolio addition to his Cred, there in prison!

[he really wins, amongst his fellow street people, the cabbie just is a loser!]

the killing will only enhance his future criminal career!]

how can we change this?

IF we all cannot institute a True christian Solution, maybe the old Roman way would be best: to have the Coliseum and the outlaws will be gladiators with the rest of the people with the same morals, to be the spectators! to encourage these people to get violent conflicts out of their system, in a non-christian way.

I have little solutions except that there are many many young souls amidst us and they have to be taught to live in good young soul ways. you cannot teach 3rd graders algebra or calculus, the "greek-roman" humanities requires older souls to appreciate these truths! and there are very VERY few old souls here today! Thus we have to have ways to educate the infant and baby souls that are here amidst us.

or else crash and burn will probably be our collective fates!


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Why I think Occupy Wall street is misguided

hi all.

why do I think that the "occupy wall street movement is a bit misguided?

Tis Good to vent frustration, but I feel the arrows are going to the wrong target!

I think that the positions of Banker, top CEO, Big Boy in the capitalistic system, all get to the top by having *certain* talents.

Guess what talents are the ones that get you there the best?!

ruthlessness, elbow to the top, money is all, power, ego. selfishness.

These talents are the highest development of the materialistic system. people with these attributes are rewarded. notice i said "materialistic system", not "communism, socialism"!

All three systems are equally materialistic.

Yo Got To get behind the stalk to pull out the root. the root of all of this is that the materialistic system will only see these types of people win!

Do you all want more "Enrons"? multilevel ponzi schemes? you *will*!

Got to get back to a spiritual system where God and Jesus are brought inspiredly into every activity of the economic system, and yes, this means prayers in schools with a huge huge focus on Morals and Ethics and with the entire government being Spiritually focused.

You then would live with Ethics and Morals as upper most thoughts, in your heads.

and hopefully live by them. And live with more Love in your hearts for your fellow men and women. And learn to do discern direct Inspiration from your soul and your Spirit, Inspiration from the Angels and from Jesus himself.

the "liberal left", by removing all traces of spirit from governments, schools, and in daily life too, I feel they are actually ENABLING $$$ materialism $$$ as that is the only thing left to get one out of bed in the morning!!

So as long as materialism is the only way to live, you will have endless repeats of Big Boys at the Top, having it all and ruining the little man! what else would they live for, all else has been taken away?! Thus these demonstrations end up just being some materialists talking to other materialists! *Got* to get beyond the idea that the physical world is all there is to existence! You will live forever, best to try to live, a bit, like you are in heaven, already.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

the Burning clouds.

the Burning clouds. by freestone
the Burning clouds., a photo by freestone on Flickr.

the Burning clouds.

Oh the sunset, here from the 9th floor landing. One cloud looks to be on Orange fire.
Tallahassee, Florida.

Friday, October 07, 2011

a Very Small thunderhead!

a Very Small thunderhead! by freestone
a Very Small thunderhead!, a photo by freestone on Flickr.

a Very Small thunderhead!

maybe one of the world's smallest rainshowers! rain area might be only 1000 feet wide.
Florida sure has the strangest thunderhead clouds, the most common clouds here for most of the year.
tallahassee, florida. 4th floor looking west, sunset.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

end of the rainy season

end of the rainy season by freestone
end of the rainy season, a photo by freestone on Flickr.

end of the rainy season

Yes, the end of the rainy season for this city, Tallahassee. A short season this year, over before the end of september and I have seen it go until end of October. Seems to be ending earlier every year! I have read, in fact, that for the southeast United States, the falls have been cooling for nearly 20 years! Was five degrees below the record of 55 for a low, sometime in mid september too. An all time record. Today, october 4th, was 50 in the morning. Was 45 the morning before.
Hot summers, due to dry, then cold winters.
If those sunspot people are right, those who feel that after the 2012 maximum that there might be *no* sunspots for 20 to 60 years, or more; then "the little ice age" could begin, one could walk across the Thames every winter, in London.
...the new bumper sticker for 2015: "burn soft coal today, keep the next ice age away"!!