Wednesday, April 27, 2011


me., originally uploaded by freestone.

the near-70 year old me, freestone. with white long hair, close up.

I took this so to have something that I might use for my avatar in facebook or somewheres.
a bit "too" close, perhaps, you can see every wrinkle, wart, and hair!

the old shed getting ever more rotten

the old shed getting ever more rotten
the old shed getting ever more rotten. please, termites, Do not let go off each other's mandibles!
Maybe it is the trees that hold this building up.
anyway, a study in old decaying buildings. Here in this humid subtropical climate, this does not take long.

this shed is only a few blocks from the center of downtown!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

sai baba did die in 2021!!

hi all.

a momentious calander discovery about sathya Sai baba and his stated death date, that he would die in 2021 or 2022.


Swami was 96 years according to the telegu calendar, telegu calendar is 11 years ahead of western calendar add 11 to 85= 96, if you go into Google it will confirm the telegu calendar shows 2021 and add 1 year which swami says you spend in a mothers womb you get 2022. I think Prashanti Nilayam knew about it and didn’t want to create panic and stampede. Very soon - you will realise that in you Neti Neti - No No to every sight your outward vision sees, there is another way - every material, animal or human - is saturated with Divine force, so now you look at the wall - it is impermenant - now but it has the Divine Force in every particle of sand or cement - relate to that Divine Force - with the Divine that you find in your self. Close your eyes - you will see Baba. Maybe the first time or maybe the 100th time, but you will see Baba - That is His Permenant Form - start loving that and start loving each of his teaching in our lives - Sathya ~ Truth - we will stick to Sathya come w

By Shanti

4/26/2011 2:22:00 PM
I checked the Telegu calender.   yes.  April 24th is 2021.
baba came for India, mostly.   Carl Jung wrote that no westerner could ever experience India for what it is, as he would carry a bubble of the western ways around with him, everwhere he goes, if he visits India!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

sathya sai baba dies.

Revered Hindu guru Sathya Sai Baba dies at age 86

 .By AIJAZ RAHI, Associated Press Aijaz Rahi, Associated Press – 1 hr 40 mins ago

PUTTAPARTI, India – Hindu guru Sathya Sai Baba, revered by millions worldwide, died Sunday after nearly a month of hospital treatment near his southern Indian ashram. He was 86.

The news brought an outpouring of grief from his followers, including high Indian officials, who remembered him as a pious person who worked selflessly to help others with the billions of dollars donated to his charitable trust.

Women selling marigold garlands broke down in tears outside the ashram, while devotees began flocking to the temple complex where the guru's body will lie through Tuesday.

The Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences, where Sai Baba spent the past weeks on breathing support and dialysis, appealed for calm. Police, heavily deployed since Sai Baba was hospitalized March 28, kept tight control over road traffic and crowds. Shops were told to close to limit the number of people in town.

RIP, baba.

Your path, baba, even if it has some virtue, seems to me made for the culture you lives in.

he has said, I have read, either he himself or from other people,
---"anyone who eats meat is not a devotee of mine"
---"one should eat....[the India way of eating]
---he says marriage is almost the most important thing in life. [i feel he is saying, like many Indians, an arranged marriage is best!]


lets not talk about the scandals, the sex things, the other slight of hand tricks that he is accused of.

millions worship him as a God.
a God who says he will live until he is 95 or 96 years old.
someone even dredged up a prediction that apparently he made around 2000 where is is supposed to have said that he will have a medical sickness and be unconscious for 40 days then awake and be better than ever....[something like may 8th, 40th day, give or take a few days.]

watch India begin to come apart as the infighting begins and his *perceived" aura of peace and love are not there anymore.  watch the bitter fight over his money.  will Pakistan now begin a nuclear war, soon?!

ah, another Notch carved on the tobacco pipes, of the critics.  And another Notch carved *for* putting down a guru figure for saying that  life has a  Meaning:  any meaning at all: kill it, see through it all, as anything of Meaning has clay feet.
just do not aim that laser beam, by mistake, at your own heads, critics!  I have seen all too too often,  old bitter men, men, and women, who see through it all and "life's a bitch then you die", and they go out to the grave  a black hole of anger bitterness, as the anger and cynicism makes them so "heavy" that light cannot now escape;  they fall utterly into themselves and thus think only of their own Needs.

--would i want utter "complete acceptance" of any philosophy of life or religion?
I follow the creed,  "Question Authority".    question anything.  like my sister at the super box store, she would literally pound it on the shelf, something she might buy, and if it did not break, she might then buy it!

if the religious people are right, the fundamentalists, they believe that these cult leaders will get you to sign up to a "hotel California" where once you sign up, you can walk out anytime but that you never ever can leave!  And...the streets of life are lined with these recruiting offices!  touch one of these and you might find yourself living after death in *their* afterlife world for a *VERY* long long time!!


sathys sai baba dies.

Puttaparthi, India, April 24, 2011 (AFP) - Sathya Sai Baba, one of India’s most famous gurus, died in hospital on Sunday, triggering a global outpouring of grief and tributes from devotees across politics, sport and entertainment.

He was 85 and finally succumbed to multiple organ failure after being in a critical condition for more than three weeks, his doctors said.

Read more:

Friday, April 22, 2011

a tale of woe: not all seniors are "nice"!

Someone took her wheelchair!

I live in a senior facility for Independant living. There are about 150 people living here.

A few weeks ago someone left their wheelchair in the 5th floor laundry room, and then someone else took it. Now, today, she needs this chair and she cannot afford to buy another one.

so who would steal a wheelchair? I tried to put my head around that, to imagine the mindset of someone who would steal a wheelchair..
Could be....
1---a visiting relative who also has an old relative who needs a chair and this visitor has no scruples.
2----there are Hoarders in this building, just like there are everywhere, I read that up to 20%
of everyone hoards "Stuff"! I can imagine why someone would hoard a wheelchair even as they do not need one! Here in my senior Home, the ambulance comes for someone about once per week and everyone here just Knows that sooner or later it will come for them! Everyone here lives at the end of the conveyor belt and death Awaits us all, very soon and there is no way to ignore this fact, here! Thus this person might be "buffering" against death, as in, "the more stuff that might come in handy some day that you have, the more in control that you have over the coming of Mr death for you" For these people it is a matter of "survival" and survivors think of themselves first and sometimes only of self!
3---I once took my clothes to the 5th floor laundry room and when i got back, that lady, in there doing her wash, whom I never saw before or again, had left, but she took out my clothes from the dryer, hung up and ironed my shirts and then took my socks and underwear with her, never ever to be seen again!
When I asked around, i was told, "oh that must be *that* lady who never comes out of her room, she has Alzheimer's and she lost her husband a year ago and she probably thought that those clothes were his"!
A wheelchair? Some senile person might thing that the chair was her husbands as he needed a chair during the last few years. [he died three years ago!]
Anyone who care takes for an Alzheimer's person knows what i am talking about! the baby boomer's will see about a 80% increase in numbers of senile people as the wave of Boomers gets older. Soon, a senile person will not even know that she does not know, soon a senile man will ask his wife, when she comes to visit him in the memory home, "who are you"!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

a walk in the Jungle

a walk in the Jungle, originally uploaded by freestone.

a walk in the Jungle
Walking the Path, in the Jungle. This used to be a named street until it was known that it was too narrow for modern cars. So the plants were left to grow and here in 60 inches a year, 100 days a year of 90 degrees, Tallahassee, Florida, the plants Grew! This alley is about 400 feet long and maybe four blocks from downtown. Now it is used only for the back driveways of streeted houses.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

dream: the UFO landing in Russia!

a Dream of going to Russia to see something utterly mysterious, like of a UFO landing.

I began this dream where I awoke to it where I am standing on a road near a large field of wheat. woods off in the background. Some farmer man was also standing near the road and we talked for a few minutes about wheat.
"the soul of the people", or something like that, he tells me, of this wheat.
Suddenly off in the far distance there was a large flash of light like lightning, but the sky was clear. we turned to look at this place where the flash came from and what was there was a large cloud like fog that looked a bit like of a huge tornado, miles and miles wide and going from the high sky right down to the ground. Dimly seen, in this mass of bright lit fog were "shiplike" crafts, like UFOs and there were colored flashed of light too. my farmer guy yelled something about a jetliner crashing and then both of us began to run to it.
we soon came upon what looked to be a army camp-base or ranger detachment. there were about ten barracks and a few large windowless buildings where maybe supplies or trucks were kept. In front of the barracks were jeeplike trucks painted in one color.
there were letters on the side of each truck, in a language that does not use Roman alphabet letters. something like "MKP" or "KCP".
Suddenly a whole batch of men came running out of the barracks and they began to jump into these trucks and one of the men with officer-like emblems on his lapel, yelled to me, "Comrade! get on with us, we need all the help we can get"!
off we all went, arms sticking out of these vans holding cell phone radios a-waving, talking. Off in a cloud of dust.
Slowly we all got closer. I could dimly hear someone telling other military about how the Kremlin needs to know.....

I got out of the van, miles later. this Thing is huge. like a grey wall with lights flashing inside of it. I began to slowly walk into it, visibility became nearly nothing. Then there was utter silence, i could not hear the jeeps and vans nor the men yelling.

then I heard a deep Voice, in English, a Voice the was *COMMAND AUTHORITY*

At that point i woke up.



I had this dream about a month ago. Reminds me of the "roadside picnic"
science fiction story!

If I had gone another few feet, what would have I then seen?! I have the feeling, folks, that whatever this Knowledge is, that is contained within this Area of cloud, this knowledge would invalidate every single conspiracy theory out there! that there might be Indeed some knowledge that no human being should ever know!!


Saturday, April 16, 2011

a nice Florida house

a nice Florida house, originally uploaded by freestone.

a nice Florida house
a nice older small cracker house done up modern. I asked the owner if I could use this house of his. He has a business and lives in the house too.
There are a lot of these older southern homes hidden among the trees, here in Tallahassee, Florida, USA.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Sathya Sai Baba Deceptions Exposed

Sathya Sai Baba Deceptions Exposed

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sometimes you have to go to a devoted baba critic, to get real News about sathya sai baba's condition!

too too much coverups by the doctors and devotees: how *could* an incarnation of God be in such bad health?!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

a post to a forum about Safe Zones to move to in case of disasters

I have this terrible Imagination!
---that yes, the shit hits the fan and there are about ten large cities near some hills. I can see it now: 50,000 people a-heading for the Safe Zone! Look, See, Watch the lines of cars coming from Chicago, St Louis, Memphis, the Ozarks. Watch them all drive up to High Ridge, or Spring Branch. Spring Branch might be a valley three miles long with one country store and thirty houses. Welcome all ye 4,000 people! Listen to the yelling babies and the barking dogs and 1000 cars near out of gas.

*if* you have a safe zone to move to, be sure that this place is off of the radar from the "perceived" safe zones!
go to some place that few know about. A place where the lifeboat will not be overloaded.

this holds true, i fear, even for the places that you might be living in now: that quiet little cabin along Spring Branch. you got this place years ago, to get Away. But if the S hits the fan, those 4,000 people will *also* want to get Away!

and if you do not give those 4,000 people What They Want, some of them might turn on you!

so pick your Place carefully!!


a forum post about Damm yankees.


I originally came from a tiny rural town in upstate new York.

I moved to Tallahassee to attend college there at FSU. I soon discovered a term that southern people used, "DAMM YANKEE"! I also found out Who these disliked people were. they are *not* every person from the North.

a Damm Yankee is someone, usually from a large northern city, who is "in your face" obnoxious, and he will tell you how to live your life *his* way! Then try to force you to do it "for your own good", often quoting his university education versus your 9th grade education and your use of bad grammar and bad political attitudes!
Then he calls you a "redneck", with the Implication that you contribute nothing to anyone, that whatever you believe in is wrong and needs to Come Around to.....[usually his own belief system!]
these DYs are always in a hurry and get on ya if you do not also be in a hurry with them.

As the years went by and more and more Northern people moved to Tallahassee and long long after the blacks got their rights, here and there, i see these DYs.
Meet them. They make me feel like I am "an American Indian and they are the New White Man"!

[little feelings: they have no "oil" in their engine, everything is square on the corners and they have little "roundness" to them or in their souls. Thus they have no feel as to what their Policy will do to the village/classroom/employees, or to you personally.]

in college 1961, I had to ride back from the caving expedition, the 90 miles, with a Connecticut man who drove a Cadillac. He did not like the South. he pulled up behind an old pickup truck and then pulled sharply around it, cutting off the farmer with his two sons, in it. a couple of miles down the road this Conn. man pulls into a convenience store to buy something and as he came back to the car this pickup truck came slowly into the parking lot. the farmer slowly got out and walked up to the open window and began to sharply talk to the driver, "how could you pull around me like that; me with my two kids, do not do this again"! he drives off; i sunk down in my side of the seat. So what did this Conn. guy then do? for the next 80 miles he "machine gun mouthed" nonstop, putting down this stupid farmer and the South and all of the rednecks. every tree and post and house got his negative comments!!

I had as a college room mate who was from also a city in upstate new York. he and his other northern friends bullied and tormented me endlessly! And what was his major? psychology!! He was going to be a counselor of people's problems!!

the next county over from Tallahassee is very very rural. there, when the schools are yearly graded and they get a "D" grade, they clap for joy as now the school is doing much better than last year!!
But I know a Secret about these rural counties, people! What Counts for the Most, there, is how much you love others and how much others love you. I once saw a poster for the church fish fry, there, in the county seat.
It said, "fish fry. you all come"! This poster was on a power pole a mile from the church. there was no place, time, or date, given. These informations are not important here!
[infuriates a Yankee.]

the Bible speaks about how Love is greater than Mind. I agree.

lets not even write about the "war after the war", the Occupation, the carpet baggers! Thus Northern Occupation went on for years after the war.

--have you ever worked with a Boss from Up North who was from a huge city? many of these bosses are bosses from hell. some of them value Time, speed, money, pickyness, over all. For many of these people, the south is a territory in need of being Set Right!!

so there. I need not rant about blacks or the civil war, just have me describe some experiences with a Mindset
of some northerners.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

florida's 4 billion $$ mess.

well well well....

I see that in my last post I sounded a bit miffed at things.  

Just living in the tallahassee capital city makes me soak up the anger and the rages, of the politic wars over Scott's budget cuts.
there seems to be little "spirituality" here.  You have a business man govenor working with a business directed state, a state where big coporate business is the Way To Go!  Only the big boys can buy up, for instance, half counties to build their 50,000 homes!  big business is the soul of florida's economy.

so here is gov. Scott, he is walking down the row of Roman soldier legionaries, all standing at attention.  He holds his Razor, wanting to make his cuts on the beards of the soldiers but *each* soldier wants his beard!
Thus all Scott is getting is a row of legionaries holding up their shields to stop Scott from cutting *Him*!

"my program is vital to babies, are you out of your mind"?!
"do you really hate old people, govenour"?
"third rate colleges are not good for Florida"!
"you expect the disabled to walk"?!
"better not have your mansion catch fire, if you cut us firefighters"!
---on and on.......

Of course this state is a retirement state and the LAST thing any senior wants, especially today, is a school tax, a personal state income tax: they came from state so taxing that even property does not appreciate in value!

so where *is* he going to cut?!
WHO will he hurt and he will hurt someone for sure, and badly.

wait till that cat 5 hurricane takes out the city of .......... and *then* Scott will need 50 billion $$$$!


Sunday, April 10, 2011

oh skinny me!

oh skinny me!, originally uploaded by freestone.

oh skinny me!
setting sun makes my shadow SO long! I suppose if I stood on a mountain top, at just the right moment my shadow could be 20 miles long!

Saturday, April 02, 2011

the Florida government and the $4-billion deficit.

ah, someone on facebook is not happy with the Florida Governor, Scott's ideas on how to reduce this 4-billion dollar deficit.
I added my 3 cents worth, discovering again how facebook does not seem to treat spelling too well and if i want to make a new paragraph, facebook publishes my entry immediately instead of making that paragraph.

here are my comments to the facebook article.

.Freestone Wilson everyone is so excited about the clothes of the emperor, no one notices the naked emperor: the near 4-Billion deficit! how IS this sickness to be healed?! Maybe by Fasting. Or by having a different doctor.

4 minutes ago · LikeUnlike.Freestone Wilson or....why if i want to make a new paragraph, facebook thinks this is to POST my comment?!

4 minutes ago · LikeUnlike.Freestone Wilson oops. again! i love to make space lines, i guess you all will see many many comments lines then!

3 minutes ago · LikeUnlike.Freestone Wilson about Biting the Bullet?! doing what all the Northern dates will lots of people do, have a large state income tax, then a high sales tax, then add a very high property tax and a school tax, then add huge taxes on gas, alcohol, cigs. i betcha this shortfall will appear EVERY year, from now on, even if this 4-billion one is solved!

about a minute ago · LikeUnlike.Freestone Wilson seems facebook cannot spell either and NO "edit" function!
just *how* is this shortfall problem going to go away?  by itself?
radical surgery is needed and many people will be angered no matter who or how this is done!
how about going back to 1953!  reduce all social programs to 1953 level.
does not fly, does it?
any ideas of your own??