Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Why I think Occupy Wall street is misguided

hi all.

why do I think that the "occupy wall street movement is a bit misguided?

Tis Good to vent frustration, but I feel the arrows are going to the wrong target!

I think that the positions of Banker, top CEO, Big Boy in the capitalistic system, all get to the top by having *certain* talents.

Guess what talents are the ones that get you there the best?!

ruthlessness, elbow to the top, money is all, power, ego. selfishness.

These talents are the highest development of the materialistic system. people with these attributes are rewarded. notice i said "materialistic system", not "communism, socialism"!

All three systems are equally materialistic.

Yo Got To get behind the stalk to pull out the root. the root of all of this is that the materialistic system will only see these types of people win!

Do you all want more "Enrons"? multilevel ponzi schemes? you *will*!

Got to get back to a spiritual system where God and Jesus are brought inspiredly into every activity of the economic system, and yes, this means prayers in schools with a huge huge focus on Morals and Ethics and with the entire government being Spiritually focused.

You then would live with Ethics and Morals as upper most thoughts, in your heads.

and hopefully live by them. And live with more Love in your hearts for your fellow men and women. And learn to do discern direct Inspiration from your soul and your Spirit, Inspiration from the Angels and from Jesus himself.

the "liberal left", by removing all traces of spirit from governments, schools, and in daily life too, I feel they are actually ENABLING $$$ materialism $$$ as that is the only thing left to get one out of bed in the morning!!

So as long as materialism is the only way to live, you will have endless repeats of Big Boys at the Top, having it all and ruining the little man! what else would they live for, all else has been taken away?! Thus these demonstrations end up just being some materialists talking to other materialists! *Got* to get beyond the idea that the physical world is all there is to existence! You will live forever, best to try to live, a bit, like you are in heaven, already.


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